Why Gold/Silver Miners are a Major BUY now — WWD Ep. 12 (Weekly Wealth Digest)

Why Gold/Silver Miners are a Major BUY now — WWD Ep. 12 (Weekly Wealth Digest)

 Gold is a major buy right now. By now you
already know that it is being sold for less than the cost to mine it, which makes for
a good value investment. However, you have to see these charts below to understand why
buying certain gold assets right now will give you the chance to see some BIG returns
in 2014.  
First off, gold speculation is at a RECORD LOW! You just can’t beat this, gold is hated
right now, everyone has thrown in the towel, yet the fundamentals couldn’t be better.
  When I look back at my best investments, the
ones that became net worth game changers, they have always been ones where it took both
courage and the willingness to go it alone.   When it comes to the gold supply pipeline,
the juniors have been absolutely decimated. In fact, this last drop in gold was a clean
decapitation strike for what was left of the gold exploration sector.
What you will see here is shocking! This is absolutely beautiful, out of the 1,286
mining companies listed on the TSX-V, the home exchange for the juniors, 70% have market
caps of less than $5 million.  
73% have a share price of less than 10 cents!  
If you recall our coverage a few months ago in San Francisco, the November Metals and
Minerals show saw a collapse of attendance from both investors and public companies.
  This is the kind of investment that changes
people’s lives. If you ever wanted to have that story where you turned $10,000 into something
in the 7 figures, this is it, this is your opportunity.
  If this isn’t blood in the streets then I
don’t know what is… Now if you’re looking for protection, insurance
or a little exposure; I recommend physical gold. But if you’re looking for a net worth
game changer, you need to seriously look at some of these junior mining companies right
now. That’s where the big money is; these things have been left for ead and absolutely


  1. You have a typo in your last card there, Daniel: Junior Minng Companies.

    But I completely agree with what you're saying. My mining stocks are up over 40% this year already. The smart money is moving in.

  2. If you can't be bothered to do tons of research to find the best ones, buy the royalty companies like Sandstorm Gold and Franco Nevada; they're leveraged to the price but don't own huge politically risky cash eating capital intensive assets. They invest in several startup mines and make a bit of money off their production for the life of the mine, where the amount they make goes up massively if the gold price takes off, and where if it drops like a rock the worst they can do is not have more money coming in, but not really suffer any big losses.

    Sandstorm for example has like 13 employees, if the gold price dropped to $0 they could sustain their business for a decade easily, but if it goes up to $2000 they're gonna make a killing.

  3. Yeah! If you don't hold it in your hands, you don't own it.
    If the juniors go sky high during a panic session, I'm afraid I may never get my "money" from my broker. I dunno. Maybe I'll buy 500 shares at 15 cents each and let the dogs run a while. No?

  4. Hi, I need some help. Does anyone know of  there are any Gold juniors that use ethical mining practices? . i.e commit to protect/clean up the environment/, respect the needs of local populations etc? I know there is probably no such thing, but putting it out there anyway just in case. Thanks

  5. I am interested in finally getting into the mining stocks at this point.  However what do you think about the increased margin debt in the overall stock market?  Should that see a collapse, wouldnt all stocks fall, meaning that sitting on the sidelines for now until that comes down a bit could be a prudent choice? 
    Or does that really only apply to the general stock market, and not individual stocks?

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