Why has the Gold Price Fallen Further? – by Illuminati Silver

Why has the Gold Price Fallen Further? – by Illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 4th August 2015 and we are
producing this video to attempt to answer the question, why are gold prices falling
further? In summary, Gold is down because recent events
have led to a reduction in risk aversion. The Greek crisis has been resolved, at least
for now and Iran has signed the nuclear deal with the US.
Fears of an interest rate rise by the US Fed have buoyed the dollar thereby dampening the
precious metal market price. Gold is the least preferred asset class right
now and sentiment is at a low ebb. The total gold holdings in SPDR Gold Trust, the largest
gold ETF in the world, has come down from 1,291 tonnes in 2012 to just 690 tonnes today,
a fall of 47%, reflecting this decline. China, the largest consumer of gold, has witnessed
large scale selling and the fall in user demand from China because
of their current economic condition has also influenced price.
In addition, Global consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS says “seasonal strength between April
and June saw India reclaim the top spot in regard to total gold consumption for the second
quarter of 2015. India was “easily the biggest consumer of
all gold products in the second quarter,” the report says, and please listen to this
carefully, despite seeing no sizeable change in either jewellery or gold investment demand
from a year earlier. China’s household demand fell 24% in contrast, with the drop split
across jewellery and investment. Frank Holmes CEO of US Global Investors and
a regular contributor to Kitco News summarises the position like this, and we quote: “Besides apparent price manipulation, other
factors are affecting gold’s behaviour right now, three in particular: 1. The strong US Dollar
2. Interest rates on the rise 3. Slowing Manufacturing Activity He adds: “China is the 800-pound commodity
gorilla, and its own PMI has remained below the important 50 threshold for the last three
months, indicating contraction. He said on Kitco yesterday: “that the metal
was acting more like a raw commodity than a safe-haven asset…. the key outside markets
are also in a bearish posture for gold and silver, as the U.S. dollar index is higher
and crude oil prices are lower. Incidentally, Copper and aluminium prices
also fell to six-year lows. There is concern of massive deflation after the downbeat economic
news coming out of China,”. As we are entering the Monsoon period in India,
the Holiday period in the UK and the west, and historically a ‘low demand’ period
for the precious metals over the next 2 or 3 months, we can only, at this time, envisage
even lower prices. We hope you like this video and found the
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Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. Thanks for the information Illuminati. " Acting like a raw commodity "  I have never heard gold described in that way.

  2. thanks for sharing this well informed anaylasis,i hope you see my coment and address this question,i agree that we are in deflationary stage of the economy, as a result i see gold prices will plumet to below the $900 per ounce,so when do you see inflation comming in ???and at that time whats your prediction of the gold and silver prices???? thsnks for your sincer and well thought anaylasis.

  3. Thanks for the info. I really enjoy your channel. I have to mention that the articles I'm reading show China gold demand really strong. Gold being sold through the Shanghai Gold Exchange, all the mined and imported gold has to be sold through the SGE, is up 33% from last year and on record pace. For the week ending July 24th, 73 tons were sold, the 3rd largest week ever.

  4. Just watched you last two vid's, and also the sound quality improvement, nice one.

    Well done on the 2k subs.


  5. My guess is deflation then watch out massive inflation.  just like every crisis we have had. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/inflation-cpi

  6. @Illuminati Silver what type of silver to your recommend us buying and why?

    Should we go with strict bullion?

    semi numismatics? ( the ones with very light premium, as lunar,kookaburras, koalas…)

    Or silver that is printed by the government, such as American Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs…?

    Could you please make a detailed video

    Thank you

    Silver Destiny

  7. Greetings. Thank you for the thought and effort you put into making these videos.

    I would be interested to hear your comments on the trustworthiness of the data upon which you've built your conclusions. I'm not trying to imply any lack of discernment on your part, but rather I am noting that recent years have taught us to be quite wary of the the truthfulness of many statements, statistics, and analysis emanating from the tall towers in Wall Street and the City of London. After all, the reason many have become interested in silver is less due to the price, and more due to our growing distrust of legal instruments to maintain any wealth or savings. As they say, if you don't hold it, you don't own it.

    Nevertheless we are all interested in the price; and I for one am delighted that it seems low and getting lower. So it is refreshing to hear your calm approach and reassurance that the markets are functioning properly, and are of accord with your analysis of the available data. It is a welcome contrast to the exuberant pushers, who simultaneously shout from the rooftops to buy, and buy from them. So again, thanks.

  8. Look this is all very very very very easy………..Whats been traded and by who?
    Paper is traded nothing fysical,maybe its me but i think the fysical demand is growing for silver and gold,the paper market is for people wo wanne make a quick buck on the stock exchange that booming vs the econemy it shut represent,and that scares me….What keeps going up will come down cause there is a golden rule what cant keep going forever will stop one day.

    I know mister Illuminatie doesnt like the metal promoters like Mike Maloney (and i dont like him either) but if u look fo Richard D wolff a economist who explains what happens on the planet he tells u one thing,the crash from 2007/2008 had a few reasons and those reasons arent fixed,we as the west keep making growing debts the richer get rich and the poor pay that price.

    I am not saying the world ends tomorrow or soon but i have the feeling fiat money has had it longest days without anything backing it up…I buy metals not to become rich or not invest in them in a short term but like 2007 we where very close to a bad situation,greece…China its stockmarket can be a nucliar device for the financial world,just as wallstreet is another one…Ones they do boom…U shut image 1929/1930/1931 and so on..In those days gold backed up the dollar now its just believe,but me as person see the euro (i am from the Netherlands) i see the value drop rapidly what u could buy 5 years back is now 30% more for the same item in most cases..

    In times of financial order and chaos metals are worth shit but ones the dust is settled they will gain value in the new system atleast more then euro notes and coints i guess..So i dont really care if they drop or rise at the end of the month whats left will be converted to metals.

    Its just weird a few people who handle with electronic gold and silver make the price for what i have in storage,,The fysical is growing apart from the paper,and thats scarey too…In my point of vieuw its scarey banks can make people slaves for 30 years or much longer by typing in a computer a few numbers and there u go….back back + INTREST monthly for 30 years,the do that out of thin air but ure labour will be real for 30 years…This monetary system is such a massive scam,if u know how it works with the FED and ECB who have the right to print money get intrest on something they created and that intrest can be converted to real goods and services…What a joke..

  9. IS – your videos seem to be based on intelligent analysis of technical factors. Do you also try to weigh the human herd mentality? So many people follow the lemmings over the cliff to buy or sell in a panic based on what someone else is doing and they don't even know why they do so. Of course, this gives the contrarians great opportunities to act in an unemotional manner to their (generally) best advantage. Unfortunately, the voice of reason is usually drowned out by mob mentality rants and raves. Thank you for the voice of reason. Best to you from the Pig.

  10. Despite your continuous attack on precious metals, there are up sides as well which you chose to neglect entirely. After all…they are the only real money that exists in this 100% fiat currency world. Your negativity is starting to turn me away from your videos. Most of your viewers and subscribers I would assume are precious metal buyers/collectors/stackers. How about some positive insight???? I do find your videos informative, however they are very bias and one sided. If you stay on this path, maybe you should change your name to illuminati anti-silver.

  11. Illuminati Silver, you have got my attention; I follow the Silver all the time but, from what you say makes more sense as  your testimony falls into place like pieces to a puzzle. Is it possible you have educational materials based on the effects the geo political world and other factors that effect the precious metals market? I I am making more sense of the precious metals market from what I learn from Illuminati Silver.

                                                           Thank you
                                                            Charles swank

  12. I would really like your insights about this "Global Currency Reset" which has been discussed widely amongst many who believe this is already taking place. Add in your thoughts about the proposed USD losing it's Global Reserve Currency status when the reset takes place.

  13. I have watched over half of your videos at this point. You make a lot of very intelligent points. I have noticed a pattern of not addressing the inevitability of a collapse of all of the major fiat currencies. Nor have I heard you address possible manipulation in the precious metals markets. Both of these points, if true, would need to be taken into account by anyone interested in investing in PMs.

    So far, I haven't heard you say anything that has been in favor of buying precious metals other than for long term(20-30year) investing. I do find that to be suspect since your channel is dedicated to them. History tells us that economic collapses happen very quickly. Where will your listeners be when our economy collapses…and it will collapse unless it is completely rebooted/reset, and I believe it will do so within just a few years. Will your listeners be thanking you for talking them out of their precious metals investing?

    When the price manipulation is finally ended either through default of delivery, or incredible demand due to the mentioned collapse of our current financial system, will your listeners be thankful for you directing their attention to "business as usual"?

    You may be genuine in what you share on your channel, but you seem too intelligent not to have addressed these issues if you are dedicated to the truth. You criticized mike Maloney, but these same issues are his central argument for "pumping" silver and gold. You have failed to address them clearly in that video as well. It is easy to dismiss someone before they are proved right, but your lack of focus on these subject shows either your indifference, ignorance, or intentional misdirection.

    If you are intentionally misleading people then you will most likely appear to be "right" right up until everything falls apart at which point it wont matter anymore…the damage will have already been done. Anyone who has a broad and clear perspective on world economics must take into account the fact that the whole system is failing, and the "fixes" our gov't and banks implement just make that eventual failure worse.

    I do not wish to be argumentative, but I can go to CNN if I want to be talked out of PMs. I invite you to address these issues more clearly so we can see if your expertise is relevant or sorely lacking in scope.
    Thank you

  14. What other investment  options do you offer most of your videos are about silver. Over time almost everything go's up in price food fuel housing . Their is only so much gold and silver in the ground that can be mined. Paper money can be printed anytime real estate can be built when needed or wanted. So please give us more choices.

  15. If this was not a disinfo channel, Illuminati Silver would have mentioned the massive drops of derivatives into the COMEX which immediately hammered down prices which GATA documented happened right around the announcement of the recent trouble in China. GATA identified the fraudulent derivatives helicopter drop down to seconds with screenshots of the action too. Gregory Mannarino also covers it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnrNHCYV1Bs

    Ignore this channel. They want you to dump your PM's so their own pals (and perhaps themselves ) can pick it up to cover the worthless paper they have issued.

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