Why I Just Bought MORE Silver

Why I Just Bought MORE Silver

– Hey guys, I’m going
to tell you why I just doubled down last week
on position in silver. I’ll explain to you what
I think is gonna happen with precious metals
prices and commodity prices and even tell you why
they’re trading at the levels that they’re at right now. They’re a little bit depressed right now, but I think that this is the point where they’re closer to
the bottom than at top and that they’ve got their
best days ahead of them. (swoosh) (coins jingling) Last week, I bought
more SLV calls which is SLV is an ETF which
tracks the price of silver and if SLV increases
in price, then my calls will be profitable. If it decreases, they’ll lose value. I do believe, and I put my
money where my mouth is, I do believe that all
precious metals right now are incredibly unloved
and more importantly, they’re extremely misunderstood. There’s a lot of people
who trade in the markets that have not ever seen a
real aggressive bull market when it comes to precious metals. Or they’ve not seen how
precious metals can help protect against economical calamities. A lot of the people
who are trading stocks. Most stockbrokers, they’re so young now just like when you see
somebody driving a car and they’re a 16-year-old
kid and you look at first, you’re like, “Oh my God, there’s
a baby driving this car.” And you’re like, “Wait a minute, that’s… “When I was driving a car,
I was that age as well.” And so, the same thing
with a lot of stockbrokers, they don’t have the
experience, they’ve never seen a time where the market has
been really getting pounded and this is probably something
that’s going to happen in the near term, near future. And precious metals will respond to that. They might have a
deflationary impact at first for a while which will be
temporary where the prices come down just a bit when
everyone’s having trouble, they’re not looking to
buy anything, not assets, anything, they’re all driven
by fear rather than greed. But then, the precious
metals will increase in price and rebound and they’re
going to really react to a declining value of
the US dollar which is a matter of time until that happens. And as, since you buy
precious metals in US dollars, when the dollar decreases in
price, it takes more dollars to buy that same asset. That’s why it’s gonna be
represented by the fact that silver, gold, platinum, palladium, they’re all going to increase in price. Coffee, oil, everything as the
US dollar declines in value. As it has been doing, 95%, more than 95% since year 1900, it just
keeps declining in value because we produce and
print so much more money that there’s just more dollars out there. And in the last 10 years, we’ve quintupled the amount of dollars that are out there. That theoretically over
time, will increase the value everything by a factor of five and this is not really kicking in yet, but it’s about to start
and then you’re going to start seeing more
inflation here in America. But precious metals are
an incredibly unloved asset class right now. People are just throwing
it into their portfolio, about 5% of it just to say,
“Oh I’ve got some gold.” Or “I’ve got some silver.” And most of that is paper
contracts or companies which produce gold and
silver and so they feel that they’re secure and good. But there’s a big different
between physical silver and gold which you can hold in your hand,
and all these paper assets, paper gold where you’re
buying GLD, the ETF, that kind of thing. Having said that, I do own
a lot of physical metals and then I also am augmenting
that with the call options on SLV to bank on an increase
in price in silver prices. And this is Trading in Sympathy. They’re all going down together. So when you see a stock
that’s a silver mining company drop by 5%, you say, “Oh,
there must be something “wrong with the company.” But then you look at every
other silver mining company is also down 5% or 8% or 3%. And then you realize, no, this is just a decline of the entire asset class. It’s not anything to do with
the company-specific risks, these are market-specific risks. And so, you can take some
solace in the fact that maybe that 5% decline
doesn’t have anything to do with the company itself and
there’s nothing going wrong, it’s just there’s just
basically a big decline in the entire asset class. We’re certainly closer
to a bottom than a top especially for physical metals and I’ll explain exactly why. When there’s a company and
it’s just a biotech company, or even if it’s a silver
mining company, whatever, it can go to zero. The CEO can walk into the office one day and blow up a bomb. The CEO maybe is an alcoholic
or he embezzles money from the company and walks away and the whole company goes bankrupt. That can happen to any company. The same thing cannot
happen to a commodity. You can’t have a CEO or
one individual or even thousands of individuals take
down the price of something like platinum, palladium, gold because it’s an asset
class that’s a commodity. If the price of gold dropped to one penny, anybody, you, me, your neighbor, could buy everything single ounce of gold in the entire world
and they would do that. And it would be a great value. It will never go to zero,
it will possibly approach lower prices but those
prices do have a bottom, there is a floor. There is a value where no matter what, there will always be
buyers for a commodity. We do expect that the
price of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, is
all going to increase and relatively soon as well, going through the second of this year and
into the next year as well, it’ll keep on going even higher. And now our opinion, we
don’t always get it right but we are putting our
money where our mouth is. I personally have invested
a lot into silver, and gold, and platinum, and I’m
also doubling down with as I said last week, I
bought more silver SLV calls, expecting the price to increase by a lot. Platinum is historically
twice the price of gold. So if an ounce of gold is 1200
bucks, an ounce of platinum should be closer to $2,400. Now this connection has broken
down a bit where right now, platinum is actually cheaper than gold and I do expect that
things are going to return to their historical precedent
which is going to be higher prices for platinum than gold. So to get to that point,
you’re gonna see a big increase in the value of platinum relative to gold. So the gold to platinum ratio is going to return to normal and increase by a lot just like the silver
to gold ratio right now is close to 80, and historically, it’s more effective around 30 or so. We take 30 ounces of silver
to buy one ounce of gold. Right now, it takes 80
ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. That won’t last. The price of gold will
either decline or it will stay flat or increase. But in that time, the price
of silver will increase at a greater rate or
decline by less than gold and it will bring the gold
to silver ratio back in line, closer to 30. I should say the silver to
gold ratio back closer to 30. So this is what’s going to happen, this is part of the reason that we
think these prices lately have been absolutely ridiculous. And you’re seeing the
weakness of precious metals mainly because there’s so much strength in just about everything else. People were going crazy
for shares of Tesla, or for even the S&P 500
and they’re ignoring all the risks and the
setups and the problems that are happening with
the economy right now. And you don’t need to agree
with me but I’ll tell you that most people who disagree,
are actually people saying, “Well, it’s gone up from lower prices, “so it can’t be a ridiculous market.” Things are worth what they’re trading at and they keep on going
up and keep on going up. And I argue that this is not a sign that the market’s healthy, it’s a sign that the delusion is just gone that much further. And people say, “Well,
you’re gonna miss out “on the 10% increase from here to there.” And I’ll say, “Yes, I’ll
miss out on 10% as it keeps “getting even more and more delusional, “but I’m not gonna be standing
in front of this train “when the market’s come down 20 or 30% “and wipe out every gain you would’ve made “from this point until
that, and every gain “even going back several months.” I don’t wanna be a part
of that and right now, there’s way too many
headwinds, any of which could absolutely derail
the entire economy. I talked about a lot of
the problems and explained what’s gonna happen and why and when. And I explain this to
subscribers at peterleeds.com and the more I look into
it, the more analysis my team does on this,
the more frightened I get to be honest with you. It’s a little bit scary and like I said, I don’t need to make
the 3% or a 5% increase from here as the market
gets even more delusional. Don’t stand so close to the cliff. People are just reaching out
over the cliff and they’re leaning over the edge. Eventually somebody falls. I’m not gonna be around to help him, I’m not gonna be around to see it. I’m just preparing
myself to land on my feet when all of this is
over and that’s exactly what we’re doing. If you subscribe to the
channel, I will think about sending you $1,000. I won’t really send it,
but I will think about it. I will think about sending you $1,000.


  1. Hey Peter Silver is screaming to be bought yet the stampede is running towards stocks,bonds and real estate. Its running out and the most unloved asset at this moment in world history

  2. very nice video I do the physical silver eagles. …it's not an investment… it's just locking in personal wealth..
    silver market is totally manipulated by the derivatives market…
    if you divide the amount of silver into the amount of dollars in circulation. it's 800 dollars per oz. gold is 9900 per oz
    think about it….

  3. Hi Peter. Always a pleasure to listen to a rational level headed market comment. One often has the feeling that many sites others are tring to sell you something  when they tell you to go long silver eg "buy silver from us". The car market looks pretty bad in the USA and is equaly bad in the UK. In addition I recently met with some ECB bankers who are very cautious re the financial health of European banks.This will not end well for the masses.

  4. SLV is not Silver it is paper. The fractional ratio is 500 to 1 ish. It is also highly rigged as admitted in US and UK courts.

  5. The whole world currencies are base on fiat. U think they will allow PM to increase out of control? When that happens half of this world will be up in smoke stupid.

  6. since you thinking about it, then I will subscribe lol. I have been fallowing you for a while and I think this is the time.

  7. You will send $1000 to every one when fiat money collapses. If thats the case no thanks I got enough toilet paper to wipe my ass with.

  8. I know harry dent is a bear now saying the commodities cycle is over and were heading into deflation , Bernanke is saying stagflation I did buy a lot of silver in the early 90, s then sold it when it was hitting 45-50 an ounce then bought some real estate at the bottom 2012 . the biggest buying opportunity I see coming between now and next year is cars the discounting will be crazy .  if we get another round of quantative easing silver/gold will skyrocket for sure I think if silver tests 12 an ounce again its a buy . we will see a stock market correction soon my theory is all the companies that bought there stock back with zero interest will start dumping stocks due to sales going south then when the market sees this happening the big investors start dumping then mid way investors then the 401ks folks but that's a theory !!!!! I'm trying to read the tea leaves but opportunities are hard to see we are  20 trillion in debt baby boomers retiring and collecting looking for entitlements and not paying in anymore and at there savings peak and not spending . trading partners like Germany  and japan selling more adult diapers then baby diapers I'm thinking starting an assisted living home is the future . the local bank had huge signs we got money to lend the deal is you either don't qualify or don't need money nobody wants to do risky investments for little return who wants to start a business who wants to build a home to sale the risk is greater than the reward . these guys hoarding silver should have sold when it hit 49 bucks a few years back don't be afraid to take profits buy low sale high . I only buy on sale anymore unless its something to fix something with a necessity if you will .

  9. What would be very helpful Peter is to do a video on the options/calls your talking about….long, short, etc. Many people are confused when it comes to this type of investing also i personally would be interested in what calls you have purchased. Proud Member!!!!

  10. So will the purchasing power of the PMs increase dramatically as we go through the global financial reset? Will be able to buy more at the other side?

  11. I am going all in on silver. Everything I own will be converted to silver! I do believe that this coming crash will usher in the absolutely biggest wealthtransfer ever. Be rich on the flipside. Get silver!

  12. That's funny! "I will think about sending you $1000. I am not going to send you $1000, but I will think about it. LMAO. You're funny.

  13. gold to silver ratio, not silver to gold ratio. lol. and the range is between 30-100, so a healthy range is 50+, no what u mentioned it to be 30+

    Do better research, thank you

  14. Thank you for the information. I appreciate your presentation and explanations, as I only know the basics about economics; it;s easy to understand your points.

  15. I am small Day Trader, I have observed that when I buy they take away my funds immed, then when I sell they hold money forever, they don't even allow you to Trade, so my question is are they allowed to do so, although even when I buy or sell I cannot withdraw any amt. until they allow me, do you know Brokerage House that is more reasonable, it looks like you go to the store and buy you pay immed., and when you ask for a changeback they say come after 4 days.

  16. Platinum will go down more, as with the conversion to electric vehicles, catylytic converters, that is exhaust systems will not be required, greatly reducing demand.
    Silver stays low solely because a great proportion is obtained as a byproduct of other metals.
    Lower metals prices and higher extraction costs will force silver up, or a sudden huge demand to hold wealth outside the banking system with negative rates being implied by the powers that be.

  17. Hey Peter and thanks for the insight. Considering what we expect to happen with silver, what is your opinion on EXK? Also, the 6/9/15 pick has taken quite a dip recently and wanted to know your latest thoughts on it? Thanks for all that you and your team do. Digital beers on me lol.

  18. Thanks for your take on everything here, I enjoyed your information.
    What are your feelings on some mining co. stocks?

  19. Even though silver bullion sales have been at all time lows due to optimism of the Trump presidency I still bought 40 ounces of physical silver this week. The dollar is going to continue to get devalued and the only thing the central banks do during a financial crisis is to print more money.

  20. Hi Peter, enjoying the videos. Here is my 2 cents. I think that everyone should stay away from gold and silver. Been watching the market for some time now and I can see the banks are leveraging the shares to bursting point. a couple of years ago we were sitting at roughly 750:1 leveraged shares to ounce of gold and the goldman sachs have diluted the market way further than that (probably well over 1000:1 by now) and that's why the gold price will go nowhere (they are also doing this with silver). I watch the forex markets and banks always give forward guidance with their wording of statements. With the dumping of shares onto the market in the asia session that they continually did a few years ago (and could still do but because i see how much they have diluted the market I don't bother with it) one of the traders out there called Hubert Senters came out with the goodnight gold trade going short on gold overnight. They diluted the price so much this guy actually had a trade to capture profits, that's how bad it is. So previously they only did this on the asia session but recently they have done it clear as day during the US session to give everyone forward guidance that they are prepared to destroy the gold and silver prices indefinitely with their massive market orders to force the price down. here is the example of it from the 11-20-17: steemit.com/money/@marketreport/see-and-watch-today-s-paper-gold-and-silver-slam-down-by-gregory-mannarino
    So the only reason to ever buy gold or silver is if it starts getting traded on a different independent exchange somehow (but it won't be priced in US dollars), or the main banks in the US get their bankers sent to jail ie goldman sachs, and don't have the capacity to manipulate anymore. Old money stays old money and that's as sure as death & taxes. Use it/don't use it, but I'm not wrong. btw if you need more proof listen to jim rogers on his view on gold. He says that if gold goes below $1000 he hopes he's smart enough to buy more. This is bank speak. On the surface it sounds like he's going to be buy more when it goes below $1k, but pay attention to what he's saying. I'll spell it out for those that might not understand… he's not touching gold with a barge pole. He can see what the banks are up to and he does not lose money so when goldbugs interview him he words it just right to not offend.

    Good luck, big fan and will keep watching.


  21. How do u even trade metals there is like 10% difference from buying to selling to make any profit you have to wait for it to appreciate a long time.

  22. @Peter, I'd settle for a silver dollar! Just recently found your channel on Y T and I'm now backtracking since I have much to learn about the financial order of things. Thank you for invaluable information!

  23. I have a P.M. IRA..Now looking into investing into Gold mining stocks…Could you recomend a couple of strong companies to invest in?

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