Why I strip almost all copper wire I get

Why I strip almost all copper wire I get

Hey scrappers! Jeff here from RBF Products The other day I was asked if I strip all the wires I get even like Christmas light wires and my answer for the most part was yes a, there are a couple of exceptions but a….. I put together a demo here to explain why. As you can see I got 2 boxes here Each one of these has got the volume of a 1 gallon container. The reason I did that is because I usually haul in 5 gallon containers at a time. Ahh…..that way I can just calculate what we got here and multiply by 5 to give you some numbers What I got here is a container full of Christmas tree er, Christmas light wires Now that’s gonna go for low grade insulated wire at about 20 cents a pound. Now that box there weighs a little over 2.3 pounds Sooooo, if I take in a 5 gallon bucket of that at 20 cents a pound I’m only gonna get around $2.30 Now here is the same 1 gallon container with bare bright Now that weighs 5.485 pounds and using September, 2014 numbers for 5 gallons I’m gonna get around $71.30 for 5 gallons of bare bright So as you can see, I mean hauling 5 gallon buckets at a time I’m not going to drive to the scrap yard for $2.30 but, now I will drive to the scrap yard for $70.00 it’s just more economical that way I don’t do this as a full-time job. I usually do scrapping in between or filler work so to me it’s just alot more economical to just go to the scrap yard everytime I have increments of 5 gallon buckets of a material to turn in If you liked that video, Go ahead and click the LIKE icon, comment on the comment section Subscribe to my channel I’ll get you updates on all my new videos and updates on all my old videos See ya!


  1. Do you know what slag is??????

    All scrap yards are scammers. There is no difference in #1 or #2 copper. It's a hoax on you. When the scrap yard ships the copper to the recycling plant to be recycled they ship #1 and #2 copper in THE SAME CONTAINER. And they sale it for the same price.
    Scrap yards are ROBBER BARONS that are owned by jews/masons/jesuits.

  2. nice vid mate!
    but i assume you gonna get a lot of comments about 'dont waste your time' and 'get a real job' and stuff like that.
    i get negative comments from non scrappers frequently….. so thanks for the detailed explanation. a great help.

    next time i get an awkward comment, i will point them to this video. very educational and informative.
    cheers from Australia

  3. Hey boss I seen this video and I notice you will strip and your copper and I wanted to tell you that we pay higher prices more than any scrap yard for that even non-strip Pay by dollars a pound cash provide pick up if you get a chance to see this comment give me a phone call 510-282-4258 companies name is J&C liquidators

  4. hold all your copper stop getting ripped off the yards are laughing at you if we all hold are copper the prices will go up hold it what could it hurt. More money

  5. Your workings are retarded, you need to work out the copper yield out of say 10 kg of cable and then compare how much that is worth to 10kg of cable

  6. the comparison makes no sense….the "5 gallon" box of Christmas lights after stripping would not have even put a dent in the amount of bare bright you have in the other box…in other words; a sack full of 1 dollar bills vs a sack of $100 bills.

  7. defunct Lumberjack had about 1000 pieces of 1" x 10ft heavy wall copper tubing that had turned dark from being in the weather. They had it priced for $1 a stick.. I kick myself for not buying it 20 years ago.

  8. Here's a tip – buy a newspaper, take it with you to the scrap yard. show them the current price. and for the love of Buddha "Stop making videos"!

  9. I am with you brother, I also strip all the wire I get, and use 5gal buckets to separate it. yes it takes some time, however I am disabled cause of back and leg problems, so this is something I can do to make a little bit of mad money..

  10. Any place that buys copper around me the price between stripped and dirty is only 10 cents a pound so I just burn everything

  11. By the time you strip the 2lbs of insulated wire, you’ll probably end up with maybe 1/4lb of wire. Just not worth the time.

  12. Hey brother I do agree on the amount to save before taking in to the recycling yard, I am a scrapper as well. I don't only scrap copper aluminum and steel , I also scrap all electronic circuit boards as well. I you are interested I have a video on my channel on electronic recycling. Have a good one, Happy Scrapping!

  13. What a crap comparison,you can’t compare 2 pounds with 5 pounds, you should say 2 pounds of unstripped wire is x and 2 pounds of bare copper wire is y

  14. Learned last nite mix water and ketchup together handfull of rocks maybe 2 handfulls that crap they put on brass to make it dull comes wright off turns it shinny fill bucket with brass wire throw rocks in and a healthy dose of ketchip make sure bucket has lid lay on the ground and roll that sucker push with your foot let it set and do it again after a couple of hours and after a day or 2 check it you doubled your money it comes out clean

  15. Question for you sir, your first box is Christmas lights, that second box you say is bare bright. Is that the Christmas lights stripped? And your saying it's worth more stripped?

  16. anyone around me in illinois that scraps, i have lots of leftover circuit board etching solution that will shine your copper up with a quick dip. i make it with a 1:1 ratio of hydrochloric acid : hydrogen peroxide. have all you want of it!

  17. Been stripping all winter long. Going in later this Month or in April. Looking for a good return on our efforts, with copper prices good, early here in 2018. I regret the many times I brought lots of unstripped wire. Never again. Will strip it all, if at all possible! I now obsess over every little piece, and we keep little containers for the littlest pieces of copper, which add up over time! Precious metals! Let's not waste anything my fellow humans! Keep recycling just as long as we can!

  18. I do the same thing. I just do scrapping as something to do between other jobs, so the time I spend doing it is basically free time. It is worth it to me to spend the time stripping the smaller wire to get the higher price. I am actually working on stripping about a 55 gallon barrel of Christmas light wire and other smaller wire now

  19. You need to check the laws in your state before trying to sell copper that has been stripped. In Arizona, for instance, they won't accept it from you unless you have a business license. I'm guessing this is because of all the copper theft that has occurred for a decade or so now.

  20. good vid and ty for sharing , i know what your saying but some people can't see it is all ,If this Man has , example , 5 lb dirty copper (plastic ) coated wire total , then he strips the plastic off the wire then weighs the striped wire( say) 3.5 lbs then weighs the plastic 1.5 lbs to see the weight difference , so the 3.5 lbs is the total result of productivity say at $8 a lb (example only )

  21. ANY COPPER WIRE SMALLER THAN A PENCIL LEAD IS #2 WIRE. No wire smaller than a pencil lead will EVER be bare bright!

  22. cant believe that americans still use pounds and gallons and feet AS MEASUREMENTS! its like the most advanced nation in the world yet still living in the dark ages when it comes to measurements! LOL

  23. Rubbish, once stripped it doesn't weigh half what it weighed before it was stripped! 1lb turns into about 6-7 ounces, you do the maths. It doesn't pay as good as you make out.

  24. If you are going to strip it all down, you might as well take all of it and melt it down in a kiln, scrape the slag off and sell the solid lump that remains.

  25. hi 💲👁‍🗨👁‍🗨💬 i made a Huge Copper spider web & spider + fly & hung in my toilet in the 80s 🕸🕷
    1 week few hrs here there watching tv📺 beer music 🙂 🛰👬 done more satisfaction than the low price for scrap stripped copper i got $30 rofl
    shame i didnt give the web to local school library to open peoples idea.s up how to USE RECYCLED didnt think anyone wud be interested

  26. Dude? Of course you'll get more from stripped wire. You were able to include more wire. Do it this way. Record your beginning time. Take a box of un-stripped wire. Calculate the value. Strip just that box of wire, nothing else. Now calculate the vale of that stripped wire. Record your end time. Determine the difference between the 2 values. Divide the result by your time. This would be your hourly rate. Is it worth it? That depends on your wire stripping skills and tools used, among other factors that remain the same for both samples.

  27. I was given a bucket of stripped wire. Some small stuff and braided stuff. I assume its mixed 1 and 2. Will a yard take it?

  28. Should/weighed have shown the box before and after stripping to illustrate how much weight/volume is insulation. And include how much time it took you to strip. That is the factor for me TIME. If stripping only gains me $0.05 per hour I'm not going to do it. Versus stripping big cable that gains me $5/hr.

  29. Buddy, your singing to the choir.👍
    I'm across the pond from you and I used to work demolition. We used to call aaaall the non ferrous goodies architectural jewellery. You're there anyways,why not strip it? Pulling down some of the old factories bought us a lot of hangovers. Sometimes the boss/company even got a share.👍😜

  30. Greetings from northern Sweden and a fellow Scrapper.
    I don't strip all my wires, did the numbers on some different wire and it was better to turn in as is.
    I think it was Moose Scrapper that said,, if it bends, strip it.

  31. Your suppose to just toss them into the fire and then throw it against the cement floor, it still comes out bright and saves time.

  32. Some small wire just isn't worth the time it takes. Its always worth way more money though if you've got the patience. Burning, then knocking off the burnt plastic then shaking it off in water can sometimes get you bare bright #1 copper. Its almost always worth stripping though. Unless you got some speaker wire or something

  33. In our state, they don't care if u burn it. Now if u care about the environment, i wouldn't do that tho

  34. I tuned in to this video thinking I'd get some info on why it's good to strip almost ALL copper wire. That's the impression I got from the title of the video.
    Have to say I'm a little disappointed because that wasn't what I got.
    Thumbs down for this one.

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