Why is curd not stored in copper containers? | #aumsum

Why is curd not stored in copper containers? | #aumsum

Topic: Metals and Acids. Why is curd not stored in copper containers? Hey, wait. What are you doing? Don’t eat that curd. It was stored in a copper container. Please listen. Fine, then bear the consequences. I had warned you. Do you know why this happened? This happened because curd contains lactic acid in it. When curd is stored in containers made up of metals like copper or brass. The lactic acid present in it, reacts with the metal and forms metallic salts. These metallic salts are harmful. They make the curd unfit for human consumption. Therefore, to prevent metals from reacting with acids present in food. The metal containers are coated with a thin layer of tin. Tin is also a metal. However, it does not react with acids as rapidly as other metals do, thus keeping the food in the container safe.


  1. I like ur channel….it is very much helpful for 9 n 10 std students….. Plzz will you put a video of "The functioning of human heart"…. I'll be thankful to u…

  2. Did you like the Video??

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  3. This is the reason why early Indians used containers made of red mud to store card so that it's cool and always good for consumption….

  4. The videos are great,informative, and have nice animation but the voice acting for the cartoon character got annoying really quickly.

  5. Hydrogen is more reactive then copper so cu would not displace hydrogen and hence would not react with acids so how can this happen

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