Why Its hard To Get Out of Silver – CS:GO

Why Its hard To Get Out of Silver – CS:GO

You ever wondered what’s up there? Hey everyone, its connor, this is Project luck a new gaming channel you know just decided to make but
something really inspired me to make this video now you might have some
questions like how can I be this good and like how can i play in this guy’s
channel and those are great questions but there’s also crappy questions like
why is he not have an intro or why is there gold on the sides Umm… there’s a… go for the ACE for the
ACE, you suck this guy sucks..Oh that’s awesome anyways so the main point
of today is to show you how mad i got and and i really don’t show it’s a recording of the old game I wasn’t recording the game at the time
so we don’t have any of the audio but i’ll give you general heads up so I’m playing competitive and
yeah I’m silver 2 stand proud because silver is very hard to get out it’s known as silver Hell because people make
Smurf account and so even when you are playing silver sometimes you’re not
really playing with silver people so it’s very hard to get out of silver
because you have a all range and a lot of people in there let me tell you a quick overview of this
game I didn’t record the actual game itself at the time I recorded the
playback so wasn’t sure how to get rid of everything because i am still new to
this but these two teams were just absolute garbage and they were like they
were worse than bots like this guy I told him I go it’s on A like I was
just there you were just there, there is only one guy left you were just there just planted these
little how do you know and playing and then he does this like
no dude you just lost so basically this game is going off for
everyone but me I’m whatever reason doing some pretty well my friends with
his game this is what I wanted best news i pad but there’s a reason
that it’s also the worst game I’ve ever had in this sort of sense so right here you can see top of the
leaderboard doing pretty well and this guy this is the start of it he trapped me in
a corner of the entire round like really dude any just stands there and somebody
was even like hey you’re blocking him oh yeah I know he’s just being yeah and you would never grow and the whole time just like what was that name oh my god the whole
time you just know you’re so bad you’re so
bad I can do better / just garbage the whole time now i’m pretty sure i end up
meeting him miss killer just got sick of it but he
captures doing getting in the way and this is a competitive match one that’s
kind of close and we must devoted to keep them 45 times but he clearly has a friend there’s the first time we tried to kill
him I don’t think his friend it definitely wasn’t green he was orange
I don’t think it was blue and it wasn’t purple so I think it’s the fifth guy but I’m
not a hundred percent sure could have been blue don’t think it was but so we can never kick up so you as
you can see he just keeps getting my life eventually get mad and killing because
this is competitive like don’t do this in competitive guys why would you even play the message of
the people I’ll show you just a little bit of game
play for a while yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah go perhaps this guy – yeah finally goes AFK so i get back at my
normal game don’t even know what the what what whatever and any back at it again
but so this is the final clip so mad I take one shot and I get kicked I’m trying to get a silver here’s the score even after a few games
they lost still in the top of the leaderboard still killing it I got kicked this is why I’m never
leaving silver


  1. I've never felt so much agreement for any other csgo video. Subed! I'm s2 steamrolling with a 30 bomb every other game still losing 14-16.

  2. That kind of guy made me loose a game and get a cooldown because i shot him out of madness. Hate all the people who always trolling other gamers.
    Silver – the rank of the people who were been unlucky and got matched with dumb-asses. This rank is very strage, the only way to rank up is to get matched against stupids and win. I'm in one day Drank and ranked-up, at the same day

  3. the type of player who needs to be reported is the player who intentionally ruins games and theres a reason they call it silver hell scrubs, smurfs, botters and trolls all have a place in silver hell

  4. Im in something called Nova master – MG2 hell. its where all the veteran smurfs decide to throw after going 10-5 in the first half.

  5. I posted this a while back. I think this could apply to your case a little. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/89mfbz/suggestion_to_improve_matchmaking_kick_feature/?st=JFUI87K4&sh=baee5514

  6. Sad but true ,i bought csgo at New year 2k14 i was s1 till last summer and now im s3 ,but im better than 90% of gold novas ….

  7. Basically I got promoted to silver elite master after 10 games, then went on to gold nova 3. I ended up stopping then got demoted to no rank and now i'm silver 3. Im not trying to brag or anything but I usually go 35/9 or even higher. I guess when you have had expirence with high ranks you know what to expect.

  8. Dude , I was silver for so long . Got new gear and skins , always queued up with 4 friends and in 2 months I was legendary eagle master , so ez

  9. Rule number 1 don’t play dust 2
    Rule number 2 change ur crosshair
    Rule number 3 play solo
    Rule number 4 at least just try hard

  10. I play this game since a month now and I'm silver elite. I already knew csgo before and I'm always in yip of the leaderboard. BUT I always have shit teams and the enemies are surfing

  11. This is a great example of some of the players in silver. I’m silver elite master and I still have these people preventing me from getting to gold nova and I’ve been in sem for a year 🙁

  12. I never has have any problems to rank up from silver. But all in all its more easy to defend a rank, then reach a higher rank. If you really much better then the other silvers you often get mvps. And then you rank up fast.

    If you really really unlucky and have always bad teams ( didnt belive that stories in the most cases) buy a new Version of the game and start it again.

  13. The reason no one can rank up in any rank is purely because of cheaters , u may not think that there are cheaters in prime but there are at least 5 out of 10 cheaters in prime , and at least 7/10 cheaters in non prime mm , even esea has at least 3/10 cheaters , face it With 4/10 . I know this because I cheat , now I’m gonna get hated for being a cheater but everyone does it , CSGO is dead , there’s no point in even playing legit , I’ve cheated blatantly killing people through smokes and walls etc , no banned with a 700$ inv , kverwqtch does nothing , vac does nothing , valve isn’t gonna make a better anti cheat , there not gonna buy battle eye or easy anti cheat , no , there gonna keep milking money off cheaters until everyone cheats

  14. Smurfs ruin silver rank. I played 1.4k hours and im still silver elite. And I cant carry myself enough because of teammates griefing. Good thing there is FACEIT.

  15. Play with friends.i was stuck in silver to but when i started to play with friends i ranked up from silver 3 to gold nova 1.good luck

  16. I did this to someone for the last 5 rounds because they had single digit kills and we have 2 smurfs, but all I did was stand on him while he was crouched. Now, I'm still silver, drop 30-40 kills, get called hacker or smurfs and still stuck because my teammates are trash or don't even speak English.

  17. people are smurfing or hacking or my team mates are bad or toxic, i had a ESEA Rank G in my game yesterday he stole all the kills and it sucked.

  18. Me trying to get out of silver:

    Get called hacker and smurf

    Gets called noob when top fragging

    Team mates thinker there better

    Team mates not listening

    Enemy’s/teammates being toxic

  19. I’ve been silver all 824 hours and I’m really good at the game but I just can’t get out of it. Either way I would like to progress with my rank but either I have fun when I play the game. The only way to get out of silver is to buy a new account but I don’t want to spend 20$ on a new account

  20. I guarantee if his name was lucymcginger that guy wouldn’t Have been fucking with him the entire game. Get a original name (not a meme or something stupid) and for a profile picture get a pic of a hot girls ass and boom. Ur respected

  21. The same exact shit happened to me just a day ago and I know I'm in silver hell because I play closed matches with my nova and some globe buddies and I'm killing them with ease but when I do matching that shit happens to me and I get so pissed. Plz valve fix rank and matchmaking

  22. I am s4 and people always think I smurf every game I get at least 70 points and have a win streak of around 15 and still haven’t ranked up like wtf

  23. i highly recommend headshot deathmatch, you will subconciously aim for headshots in normal games if you play it for long enough

  24. Well, i m silver 1 with 7 wins in a row and 1 tie and for some reason it doesnt ranks me up..Can somebody explain that cause i m really frustrated..?

  25. The Rank doesn’t say anything…
    I’m Master Guardian 2 and some players have the aim like Plastic 1 players…

  26. Sorry dude, you don’t play that well, rank isnt even that based on win loss cause I have ranked up even on consecutive losses when I have many MVPs

  27. Do NOT play dust 2.stick to mirage and cache to start.also,eventually stop using scoped weapons,expensive,and it could be used on more utility

  28. damn dude sucks to be you
    maybe if you weren't so awful at this game and didn't shoot your teammates you would be out of silver 🙂

  29. Was double AK before overwatch came out in 2016. Came back to CS:GO a few days ago and I can't get out of silver LOL…

    Dropping 25+ everygame… Got kicked twice and lagged out twice… I'm gonna be silver forever now…

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