Why M Maloney, Jim Sinclair, Rob Kirby, Eric Sprott & Greg Mannarino may be doing you a disservice

Why M Maloney, Jim Sinclair, Rob Kirby, Eric Sprott & Greg Mannarino may be doing you a disservice

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 19th October 2015 and we are
addressing the issue as to why Mike Maloney, Jim Sinclair, Rob Kirby, Eric Sprott, Gregory
Mannarino and other gold and silver pumpers may be doing you a disservice and could be
encouraging economic collapse to occur. Before we begin addressing this directly,
we wish to define what we regard as a ‘pumper’ and a ‘serious pumper’.
A pumper is an individual who embarks on attempting to persuade people or paint the picture that
precious metals, and especially gold and silver, have only one future price direction – and
that is up. Serious Pumpers in our view, take this a step
further, by claiming that these price rises will be of a magnitude greater than anyone
can imagine and that this leap in price is likely to happen ‘any day soon’.
Now in our view, there is nothing wrong with being bullish about precious metals. In fact,
we are bullish about gold and silver (especially gold in the medium term, with silver eventually
following). However a new ‘art form’ is being created
by the pumpers. They have set out to persuade you, and anyone who listens, that Global Financial
Collapse is imminent. They have set out to persuade you or anyone
who will listen, that hoarding gold and silver will protect you from that collapse.
They have set out to persuade you or anyone who will listen, that it does not matter what
price you pay now for this gold and silver, when the collapse occurs your cost price will
pale into insignificance when compared to the new price this metal will reach.
So how do these people, many of whom having created very elaborate and professional videos,
books and newsletters, do you and me a serious disservice?
Well the most obvious is that they frighten people to over-commit their resources into
just one asset class – which any competent financial adviser – will advise you not
to do. They may not say it directly, but the fear they engender both consciously and subconsciously
causes this result. The second is that they persuade or frighten
you to buy at any price, and as many have witnessed over the past 4 years, this has
resulted in a 30% – 60% reduction in one’s net worth. One can live with that, if there
is no need to sell, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be in that position.
The third and most important disservice is that they may ‘bring on’ the very collapse
that they have been forecasting, or at the very least, cause it to happen sooner than
it needs to. It is this third point we wish to elaborate
upon a little further. When someone invests in any asset or commodity,
they generally do so because they either expect the price to rise, or that they will derive
some form of earnings from that asset. This decision is based on confidence derived as
a result of hopefully good research, recommendation and future forecasting.
When someone sets up a new business they do so generally because they have the belief
and confidence that they can make a success of this new venture.
When a couple decide to have children, they have, whether consciously or subconsciously,
made the decision that they have confidence that they can bring up that child appropriately
and introduce it into a world which they would like that individual to grow up in – in
other words, they have confidence that the child will have a happy and creative life
– if the parents did not believe this, then the only word to express such a decision would
be ‘sadism’. When someone hands over or receives, a dollar,
or a pound, or a euro, they do so in the belief that the currency can be exchanged for something
of value to that person. In other words, they have confidence in that unit of exchange.
These four examples and the many actions which are taken daily are surrounded by or supported
by that critical word – ‘confidence’. Now when that ‘confidence is eroded’ decisions
and actions taken vary considerably from the original ones. If you believe that an asset
is going to fall in value, you either don’t invest, or pull out if you have already invested,
or you short it. If you believe that the business has no future, you either don’t start it,
or you close it down. If you believe that the world is about to be destroyed or nuclear
war or famine is about to occur, you delay or indefinitely put off having that child.
Finally if you have no confidence in the currency you are using, then you refuse to accept it
in exchange for goods and services. So where are we heading here? Well, anyone
who studies economics and world events know that we are currently in a world-wide economic
slowdown. A number of countries are in a state of recession and those that aren’t are experiencing
lower levels of growth. Europe, the USA and China certainly fall into that latter camp.
Now there are many reasons for this falling growth, too many to mention here, but suffice
to say that history has shown us,that growth only reappears or re-ignites, when confidence
in the future raises its head. Now whether we agree with the strategy or
not, Countries, Governments and Central Banks either believe in, or are experimenting with,
QE (Quantitative Easing), as a means of sparking growth in their economies and engender confidence
in its people to invest, to build and to embark in entrepreneurial activities. There is some
evidence that this is happening, but unfortunately it is happening to such a small extent, the
cost of the investment is greater than the benefits derived (in other words, the inputs
are greater than the outputs). This can only go on for a certain amount of time.
Now should we all prepare for this – well of course we should, but unless one has an
existing considerable financial resource, this will take some time to engineer. So whether
you are building shelters, storing food, buying precious metals, ammunition or whatever ‘prepper
activity’ you deem appropriate, very few people can do this on the ‘turn of a pin’
– it will take time. So the ‘pumpers’ who are crying ‘imminent
collapse’ from the roof tops or are shouting ‘China’s dumping the dollar – it will
soon be worthless’ – are deliberately attempting to create panic and undermine confidence in
the financial and economic system; and they may be doing so generally because they have
precious metals, books or reports to sell, – in other words to make profit from you.
As their eroding of your confidence takes hold, it does not take a genius to realise
that panic soon sets in, which in itself, causes the ‘final day of reckoning’ to
occur much faster than it would otherwise have done. Now ask yourself these two questions:
(1) if financial collapse is inevitable, so that I have time to prepare, would I prefer
it to happen now or later? (2) Who will actually benefit should economic collapse occur tomorrow?
Well those with wealth (however you may define it) who can then purchase the assets which
people can now no longer afford for cents on the dollar or pennies on the pound.
So when you see Mike Maloney, Gregory Mannarino, Eric Sprott, Rob Kirby, and Jim Sinclair and
people who are far worse ‘pumpers’ than them warning you that collapse is imminent;
we say BEWARE. Instead of doing you a service by pre-arming or pre-warning you, they are
in effect helping to cause this collapse to occur sooner. Rest assured, that if Gold and
Silver is the answer in such an environment, these guys already have enough resources today
not to worry should the collapse occur tomorrow – in fact, the sooner it happens for them
the better it is, for they already have that wealth to purchase your assets ‘on the cheap’.
There is a fine line between helping people to prepare and causing panic to undermine
confidence and whilst we have made up our minds as to where these guys sit, you can
only do that for yourself. We hope you have found this video helpful
and informative, and would appreciate it if you would give it a thumb up, comment and
if you haven’t already done so please subscribe. Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. Honest question here are the people on cnbc who are always recommending stocks and are always bullish on them are they pumpers.

  2. until Silver Illuminati goes the way of Chris Dwayne and starts "pumping"out(<–see i made a funny) thier own private mint coins.. then they joined the fear mongers.. if your dumb enough to buy a coin instead of paying your rent, mortgage, obligations then your the idiot not the "pumpers".. bad video "THUMBS DOWN"

  3. Well, who is it exactly we're supposed to have confidence in? Should I hold some lovely dollars that have lost 96% of their value in the last 100 years? "A great civilization is not destroyed from without until it destroys itself from within." If "Some guys on Youtube" are able to threaten the globalist system, it only means the globalist system is failing and dramatically. Confidence in never enough, because there's always the chicken and the egg question. Am I confident because conditions are good, but confidence alone does not make conditions good. Basically, you are telling me to be afraid of guys on youtube, while globalists screw my entire generation. I will take sooner rather than later.

  4. These guys could be the cause of the economic crash lol come on man that is really reaching. If the economy goes down it is not because of these small fish it's much bigger then these guys.

  5. so what are your predictions ? your videos are all about others. do gold and silver go up?do they do qe4 ?  do we go to war ? or is everything ok ? so as of oct 19 2015 what is going to happen by the end of the year in your honest opinion ????????

  6. "They may bring on the very collapse that they have been forecasting, or at the very least cause it to happen sooner than it needs to." Are you being serious? That's a pretty bold statement, how are you measuring it? I would have assumed that any of these people were insignificant in the scheme of things such that their combined activities will have no measurable impact on a collapse or indeed a collapse date.

  7. I see, well in that case Peter Schiff And Co must be responsible of the 2008 global melt down, since he was singing it out from the roof tops!  and I've seen Marc Faber talking about China's slowing economy way before many others (he pointed to Chinas lower month on month electricity consumption)…mmm… he obviously wants to bring them down as well. No no we must not have these individuals telling us alternative views, for gods sakes no, I want the mainstream media warning me a day after the collapse please

  8. The biggest problem is that, when giving future projections "in dollar terms" or "in Euro terms", it assumes that the crashed fiat debt instrument (we're all aware that it's not "money", nor has it been for a very long time–1967 in Canada, 1965 in the states, and I'm not sure about European currencies) retains any value, and is still in use.

    While you can't take the conspiracy theorists seriously in this area, as I don't see a "global currency" coming about any time soon, if this is indeed the case, any pricing in "previous currencies" will hold no relation to whatever currency is then being used. Even replacing "the dollar" with "a new dollar" is no guarantee of future value.

    As to Mike, I most appreciate his work explaining the history of money and how it is created, and the difference between "what we believe is money" and "money."

    I take pretty much everything with a grain of salt these days, and I'll continue picking up a few ounces here or there, as either prices dip, or as something new and different is released, or simply as the budget allows.

    Nobody knows when the next leg downward in fiat debt notes is going to occur, but I think that mathematically, you won't find anyone saying that it won't outside of what I like to call "the ass media." (Originally a typo….but I decided that it's a "Freudian typo", so I'm sticking with it.)

    The most difficult thing to reconcile is the fact that none of us have even the slightest clue what machinations are going on behind the scenes, since all of our irrespective governments "know that they're smarter than we are" so they're keeping us all in the dark about what THEY are planning FOR US.

    Are they working for us? We all know that is no longer the case.

    Are they working for the bankers? Also fairly obvious at this point.

    I think that, like every empire in human history, it has overstretched itself, and the people of the entire planet at this point, and must crash…it's just a matter of how many new mirrors they can put up in their fun house to keep us distracted from reality.

    Reality will end up becoming apparent to all at some point…that's when we'll know if we did the right thing for ourselves, or if we did enough. Most people, based on what I've seen will be doing absolutely nothing, and will be caught entirely unaware, and completely unprepared.

    As to "speeding the impending crash", I think that Ron Pal was correct, many years ago, when he said that we SHOULD HAVE don what was needed to do thirty years ago, and the fact that we didn't means that whever the crash does finally hit, it's going to be a lot worse, and last far longer than it would have needed to, had OUR EMPLOYEES done the right thing. You know…what we "believe" we pay them to do?

    At this point, since so few people are AT ALL prepared for anything adverse which might happen, I hope that the criminals can keep up their fraud a few years longer…in the hopes that more people will finally start to wake up, and start to care enough about what's going on to do ANYTHING to protect themselves, and their families.

    We also DESPERATELY need to revamp our educational systems…another story entirely…

  9. Thumb up mr Illuminati. Just to play the devils advocate. What pm pumpers may say is that many are unaware or do not keep track of pm prices. Indeed I have never brought up the subject without becoming aware of that glazed over look when the topic comes up. In all, if Silver jumped x ten, apart from the pm pumpers going into overdrive and foolish short sellers going under things would continue as usual I thinks. However I would draw your attention to the devastating effect of QE pumpers. You see in the UK 40% of all the QE since 2008 has been pumped into real estate by the banks and 50% pumped into financial markets 8% into other investments. What say you to this most gratuatus act sir. What say you to the children who will be unable to raise families in their communities due to houses built for three times salary now at twenty to fifty times salary. Last but not least, what say you to the one point four trillion debt created by banks of which is never payable and is the direct cause of our loss of sovereinty. (As with Greece) Silver pumpers it seems, have been driven into a kind of madness but be sure sir what is driving the madness is our beleaf in something for nothing and bankers exploiting that lie

  10. I was interested to see that Peter Schiff was not one of the main names mentioned.Is it possibly because he gives good information?

  11. In a way the people at the top of "the Pyramid" have screwed themselves. When the people at the bottom have less than those at the top there is no upward flow possible. It's like not feeding your slaves. You can beat them all you want but it just makes your arm tired. They don't do more work. Also policies like Obama Care do indeed force people to work less thus make less thus spend less. At the lower income levels you are given a choice. The law says get insurance or pay an ever increasing fine. So you either get a job that covers your current costs plus over priced insurance, but those jobs are taken and hard to come by, so you have the other option of staying below the income line that triggers paying for your own insurance and hiding income. You keep your money out of the banking system. You make deals for cash. You shift assets to trusted family or friends. 70 million Baby Boomers face the same choice before they retire to qualify for Social Security and other benefits. And now the banking Cabals have their sights set on eliminating cash for this reason. If you can't use cash its hard to hide income.

    If they go after Cash then you will see a huge move to gold and silver and other potential barter commodities.

    And then they will go after that.

    The Circle of life.

  12. There are plenty of other savvy commentators who are bullish about PMs who I wouldn't class as being pumpers. I'm thinking for example of Rick Rule, Mark Faber, Alasdair McLeod, Jim Rickards. When a lot of credible people are telling you the same thing, it is worth listening.

    Harry Dent thinks that a general deflation will take everything down including gold, but I think he is ignoring the response of the central banks. They will not stand idly by while this happens: they will take increasingly desperate actions to cause inflation so that debt can be inflated away, and any such actions will ultimately be positive for tangible assets, including PMs.

  13. Mike has a lot of very interesting charts and information. Does he present it in a manor that is advantageous for himself? Sure. But it is still great information. I agree to a great extent with you that these guys hype or "pump" the information. But that doesn't make them insidious. I believe a lot of them make "Too much of a good thing" into a bad thing.

    With that said, I don't think any of them would come and call you (IS) out for "persuading people to hold onto their FRNs and miss out on a scarce resource." (<—Imitating what they may say.) They just present their own message for their audience to either digest or reject. I think you (IS) should focus on the same. Let your logic stand on its own accord.

  14. Good vid IS , By now even newbies that even see maloneys videos they are their own worst enemy all they have is to look at the date …..that is the CONVICTION nothing they have said on the most panic laden pitches never played out it just trades mostly sideways up a little …back down a little were all still waiting for the next day when you won't even be able to buy it at any price just step back and its obvious non of it makes any historical sense so we have a good laugh at the long con…….

  15. Yes, your video is helpful and informative. I have to admit, I've never heard of any of these people, but I have run into others like them. I think there is cause for concern with the economy, but it's very frustrating that instead of helping someone decide on a reasonable way of incorporating food, or gold, etc, into asset allocation as a form of disaster insurance, their concerns are exploited by those who prey on fear. This is even done with food. I really think you're doing a great service to people to warn them about this.

  16. I realize that some people believe in going back to the gold standard one day. But I wonder if the mankind that kills each other for oil today world want to go back to the era of gold battles..? Gold and silver are a type of wealth you could rob from others and make them yours, meaning that there might appear some leaders who are tempted to do so – wars! The world is now smart enough not to dump what we learned from our histories.

    The prices of gold and silver had gone up with BRICS’, mostly China’s, rapid growths. The prices soared by the investing money which, I assume, could not estimate how much gold and silver were actually needed to the world so they had blindly kept coming in. I cannot convince myself that’d happen again in near future though. Rather it’ll keep falling unless vigorous BRICS’ growths happen once again. Maybe the prices in 2003 to 2006 sound fair to me..

  17. The value of gold can only be honestly assessed by measuring the amount of gold in the world compared to the amount of currency, or at least those currencies that currently are considered strong. Since the financial crisis of 2007/2008 there has been an increase in debt (i.e. currency) of approximately $60 trillion. An increase of 40%.That is why sooner or later, probably when it is discovered this debt cannot be repaid, that gold, and with it silver, will rise in value.

     Don't blame the gold bugs! Unlike yourself, at least they have names and are prepared to stand by and defend the comments they make. Have listeners (it's not a video, there are no moving pictures) noticed that you don't introduce yourself at the beginning of the video by name? Have they tried finding the illuminati silver website to ascertain exactly who you are and what you do? I have, and I can't find your website, and since you didn't tell us who you personally are, it's not possible to google search you. Why is it not posted in the details relating to this video(?) Maybe because you don't want us to know who you are, or what your business is.

    Non-British listeners will not have noticed that your accent is distinctly Eton/Oxbridge. That suggest to me you are a very senior British Government civil servant paid to espouse propaganda that contradicts the facts of the dire financial situation that Britain, USA, Europe and Japan are imminently facing, in the desperate hope of ameliorating the fears of that tiny community of those who listen to commentators such as Sinclair and Sprott etc. Such desperate measures (entirely shrouded in your anonimity!) would make Goebbels proud.

  18. unsubstantiated claim…….another….another….with nothing backing it up.

    This is just a bunch of statements that mean nothing.

  19. I love you man… thank you for your attempt… but I must admit.. I have tasted the koolaid… but I did it at 14.50. that I why I listen to the ones that have been around… you all being the newest kids on the block.. why are you helping people so late in the game? I really dont care why? just glad your here… but i must ask. I do hope you guys don't sell out when offered…and you will be offered within a year… are you weathy enough? nobody thinks so.. and this is why we are here. .. it's really getting weird out here! thank you again for trying… some of us know the intention… but hope being helpful nature is a value of yours to pay it forward.. and not just a temorary belief. I personally believe the first. Either way.. I apprecite the work you have done.. and I hope.. cintinue ti do.. keep up the good work! well done!

  20. Great points, but I think you give these people too much credit. I would not worry about them pushing metal prices up or causing a collapse in confidence – hypothetically, they could certainly contribute once it has already started, but it would take something much bigger to push large enough numbers of the herd away from the financial main stream and cause a collapse. I am sure these individuals would like to think they could be responsible for causing the loss of confidence that led to an economic collapse, but it is unlikely in my opinion.

    Also, I agree with the sentiment that people should not act on the warnings of imminent collapse from vested interests (Gold and silver dealers in this case). I would go further and say do not listen to anyone's opinion but your own when it comes to making financial decisions. Form your opinion from as many sources as possible. Do not give any more weight to 'competent financial advice' than you would to a biased vested interest. You won't get it right all the time, but you will at least be making rounded and informed decisions, thinking logically rather than with emotion, and should have less chance of following the herd off a cliff.

  21. History repeats, QE is just another name for printing a pile of money which debases any currency. Debt is the key. Whose in debt the most? USA… wow ! Interest rates are near zero and will stay there until the economic system resets. Gold and silver are the only hedge against this debasement. I don't prefer a colapse but am prepared in every way. All these pumpers you say are doing a disservice are just a small tip of the iceberg of the underlying class of people who know a collapse is inevitable.
    I have no faith in the US government and how it handles its fiscal policies. I'm just waiting patiently for the collapse and enjoying life along the way. I'm sure you think 911 was just a bunch of radicals that hijacked a plane. There in fact is way more to the entire financial system and who is behind it, how corrupt it is at the top, meaning way above the governments of the world.
    Smart people prepare for the worst. All I can say is …. it's a coming, it's a coming. Prepare with food, water, if you live in a cold climate get a wood stove. Have enough cash on hand to last for several months as banking will be limited just as it is in Greece. Don't hold much money in the bank because you get virtually nothing for it and realize that as soon as you put your money in there it is the banks property. Convert your savings that you have if any from the bank to physical gold or silver coins you can reasonably afford. In other words don't convert if you can't hang on long term. All the laws have changed very recently that banks can confiscate your money and give you a worthless piece of paper called an IOU essentially. Gold and silver will be the currency that eventually comes back in vogue and will be realized as the real money of the world once again. Only paper money of the world that is backed by gold or silver or other assets that are worthy such as raw materials of oil, natural gas, timber, water, minerals such as gold, silver, uranium, ores. etc. Oh and just for your info… your voice sounds like sinister and fits right in with whole illuminati shit.

  22. competent financial adviser…lol
    usa in 08 crash 8 trillion in the hole…usa now 20 trillion in the hole…do the math…u have not made a point here…pm is not an investment…its the oldest currency on the books…all others have failed…a storage of wealth…what piece of transferable currency would you suggest to hang onto….people in brazil are now paying 4 times more for gold then they did 5 years ago…there will no be confidence in the future until this ponzi fiat p

  23. I may be a bad judge but i don't think any of these men saw this drop in gold and silver coming or thinks it matters in the long run. I really think everyone of them actually thinks an economic collapse is coming. I have never heard one of them say take all your fiat currency and put it into gold and silver at any price. If you put too much fiat into precious metals when gold and silver was at the top you can only blame yourself. They have All recommended cost averaging. I don't think they are encouraging an economic collapse to occur or could influence one to occur. They may be wrong about the collapse but i believe all these men are confident one is coming. If one does come they didn't do you a disservice no matter what you paid.

  24. Well if economic collapse is eminent, then why sell the gold and silver you already have in stock? You would be far further ahead to sit on that resource and use it for purchasing assets. Its newly found purchasing power will be enormous, according to them. Fluff up or pump or whatever you would like to call it, it is all total poppy cock!

  25. WOW, this was relatively painful; last evening I, for no other reason than I am down to one TV channel, watched Ben Bernanke on CNN talking about how he saved the world from collapse, well that is to say i listened until I could switch the TV off. Bernanke a saviour……. interesting ……

    I find it interesting that the vast majority of people in the western world continue to believe this economic system has much life left as our countries fall to decay all around us. Danielle Arlington mentions the labor participation rate and Baby Boomers downsizing…….. where are they downsizing too and who is supposedly purchasing their assets such that they can fund their retirement? And what do you suppose the effect of all those assets hitting the market will be?

    Would any of you disagree the markets, all markets are in extreme bubble territory? I invest based on fundamentals primarily but fundamentals have not worked for many years now…… why is that do you suppose?

    And no offence SI but of the conversations I have had with bankers and former bankers they have clearly indicated an agenda every bit as nefarious as you charge these alleged Pumpers with. I listen to many but almost never buy from them, neither service nor book nor advice.

    The Dollar has lost in the order of 98 percent of its purchasing power in just over a century – and that is based on best case scenario which in no way accounts for the on balance sheet printing that has been admitted to by the FED let alone the off balance sheet witchery that has been supporting the EU/UK banking system. Is the unemployment rate in the PFIIGS countries also a figment of pumper exuberance ?

    I buy physical precious metals because in my view the fundamentals are favourable, unlike any other markets out there just now, mines shutting down, mining companies going out of business, low ore grades and increasingly, resource nationalization resulting in production collapse all of this under the umbrella of obvious price suppression – falling prices with increasing demand…….. or is that my imagination?

    You charge these men with being pumpers and claim they may hasten or bring on the collapse I look around me and see markets that have not been free trading for many many years, I see rampant corruption in all levels of government, I see banks charging negative interest rates and in some cases refusing to take deposits, I see what many have described as a war on cash, I see civil forfeiture robbing americans of tens of millions of dollars with little option for recourse, I see utter madness taking place in the middle east with a fundamental power shift in the offing, I see the USDs ONLY backing – Oil producing countries – slipping away ….. but you see these men as Pumpers???? In 15 years the national debt has exploded by more than 300 percent while interest rates have plummeted …… yeah …… These men have nothing to do with the coming financial devastation, we do,. We have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing our governments to destroy our economy and now our countries, ironically I have heard on more than a few occasions these guys make statements that when the mathematically inevitable happens people will blame them for causing this……. you want a fall guy look in the mirror.

    As one poster stated earlier, listen to all follow non…….. good advice, although I would add when someone is shouting at you that you are driving toward a cliff, prudence would suggest you get your head up, slow down and start paying closer attention……. all the evidence I see tells me there is very potentially a cliff hiding in the fog but you chose to stand by the side of the highway and tell everyone who will listen that there is probably nothing to worry about……. Bravo……

  26. I agree the pumpers are attempting to insight "riot" regarding the cries of collapse, but seriously, these characters do not reach a large enough audience to achieve their goal. What everyone should be wary of is the much more imminent move towards negative real interest rates at retail banking level, which is where our central banks seem to want to take us in an effort to deploy "real" QE into our respective economies. This is, in my view, a very serious threat to the banking system. If the people of England now refuse to pay 5p for a plastic bag at the supermarket, imagine what they'll do when mainstream media/news tells them the reality of negative rates! "You now have to pay the bank to keep your money there" will be the story and the result; citizens form queues like you've never seen at each high street bank and withdraw cash. We all know that based on fractional reserve, banks cannot honour deposit redemptions of such a scale. Conclusion – The pumpers may not be far from having their field day, but the central banks of the world won't have needed their help to deliver it!

  27. QE – printing money = SLV,GLD rise for sure to protect from inflation no brainier can see that.
    Problem is in market when will get bottom no one tell you it can be 5$-10$ why not.
    But with amount QE we are already in 5$-10$ from 2008 $.

  28. I agree with you, Theses guys have been pumping the metals because they are dealers of gold and silver, and by which is how they make there money, however I think having a little of each can't hurt you. Most economist's seem to think 10% is the key number to own, but I started listening about 2 and half years ago, and its all the same story. I don't know who to believe anymore! so for now on, I go by my inner feeling, and intuition. I don't trust anyone's opinion any more.

  29. There are paper pumpers "banks"and precious metal pumpers, I choose metal because my walls are covered in paper so it can't be worth much.

  30. We are all mind fucked into submission thinking the people with the printing presses should own us as slaves. The only thing that has to happen is for them to be hunted down like the very pigs they are, and throats slit and hung so they bleed out. And the only thing stopping the people is fear of the unknown of what's next. Instead we sit idol, and wait for more wars against the people of the world for not going along with their system. Look at the bright side, they can only kill us once, don't waste your life not trying to be the real change our earth needs so desperately.

  31. you give these pumpers more influence then they actually have. When possibly less then 1% of the USA population owns silver or gold how can these pumpers actually speed up a collapse? People buying silver and gold actually supports a market in retailing profits and jobs. Most of the population in this world do not own silver, gold, or stocks. Sorry but these people do not have the influence over the masses in such a way that they could possibly speed up a collapse. Our politicians and the world bankers are doing way more to speed up a collapse then the people mentioned in your video. Most people in our society are so oblivious to what is happening in the world that they could care less about a collapse. The idea that the government will take care of us mentality is rampant.

  32. Great points that needed to be said. Shared at Ushanka.us, where I also link to my March video where I show the rates of return for traditional investments vs. precious metals.

  33. you make some valid points worthy to be taken into consideration but if a collapse is to happen …the sooner the better. just think of it as if you were sick with the flu….you don't treat it…becomes bronchitis…you keep on going without treating it…you end up in hospital….so is with the fake markets…they must be treated asap or we will be in bigger ,..worse situation….it is how I see it

  34. Well you see that's the problem… They're helping excellerate the collapse, and when it does happen, you can either be on the band waggon with them, or be out in the cold with everybody else. Weather it happens now or later, it's eventually coming… and when it does, precious metal is going to be the best asset to have. Even now, it's far better to have gold and silver in you pocket, than cash in the bank, because QE and inflation are diluting the buying power of your currency day by day. And when hyper inflation happens, your saving will be worth absolutely squat. The problem with gold however, is that governments like to cease in times of strife, where as silver usually misses that boat. History doesn't lie, and people should be wise enough to heed it's warnings… Fiat currencies have a 100% fail rate, why does anybody think it's all of a sudden going to change…?

  35. There's much to ponder, I'm of the opinion that the paper PM market was created solely as a price setting tool, due to the small size and importance of the market. The confusion for me is with the geopolitical situation. The recent disclosure of some of the TPP agreement has made clear the power and intent of multinational corporations and the western banking system. Where it gets foggy is when you add the east and BRICS nations, there are differing camps on this theory. The lack of transparency makes it difficult to get a clear picture, on whether all banks and corporations are colluding to do the NWO agenda with the U.N. , sorry I left out governments, they seem to have less relevance these days:-)as far as policy goes, they are still very good enforcers. I can see both differences and similarities. To me that is the main question and the answer of importance to the pricing of PMs, If all the drama is real, then China or Russia could pull the plug on the dollar at any time sending prices who knows where, and winning a war without a shot being fired, so my guess is cooperation for now, and likely later too, but the show must go on. Now my curiousity is going to drive me to research the U.N., I.M.F. the World Bank, and learn things I don't care about, I just like puzzles

  36. You forget to mention that these people see the criminal charges being laid to the main players and they all realize that the game is rigged and is not sustainable so get out now. Quit pretending that it is all about confident.

  37. You are ignorant and foolishly blinded by the banksters and by not looking ahead of your nose and by not diving behind the surface. Study history of fiat currencies and their lifespans.

  38. Why do you care? Are you a ? Rothschild or a Morgan? Are you scared that your faith will be one like what is happening Iceland?

  39. The premise of Maloney, Sinclair, Kirby, and Sprott is to spread information about the fraudulent federal reserve, federal trust and government backed banking. Your constant use of the word "confidence" is the staple of what the Federal Reserve wishes people to have in a CURRENCY that has no value. All of the above said persons are pointing out the history and defamation of REAL MONEY, (gold, silver, platinum, physical materials) which has to meet a set list of qualities that ensure its value, regardless of passing time.

  40. Well a balanced view is always encouraged… let's talk about CON- fidence … the QE was supposed the back the country .. the promise the but the mortgage debt… 2 weeks after we are told buying bad debt is not a good idea … we now give it the banks …. so now congress asks were did the trillions go? the answer is wer'e not not saying …..why these guys are still alive I do not know… and no CONFIDENCE invested in the country the people …. US is delaying not stability .. but simply defaulting on payment .. what confidence can I have is all I hear is give me more time to pay…. if I got to eat maybe it is time to eat you……were did the trillions go? as we suspect … off the books converted into tangible assets … gold silver real estate …..this is theft ….the so called pumpers will gain from the calapse but shifting the blame to them is outrageous and they have encouraged us all not go all in suggesting a minimum of 20% ….however to ones of little means we can not spread our portfolio around between various assets and real estate ….what do you do if all can scrape together is 50K …..I have for years not suggested that families and friends should co-op together 10 to 20 party and by arable farmland .. build dwellings and invest in alternate energy…..20K each X 20K =400K … will get a lot of farmland … with 30K the go to a dwelling and shared equipment …. no do not go all in on gold and silver but what are we to do with out a plan….. so if the lying establishment has no confidence to invest is us …why should have confidence … yes it is all a con … I beleive the key to survival is to have a plan on a community level not as individuals …

  41. Well they might be creating a panic but what they say looks right. Perhaps even you know that Gold and Silver in physical form is an answer to protect ones wealth. The trouble is that when the collapse starts people may not have an opportunity to buy metals at today"s price. The collapse might happen all of a sudden.

  42. How then would you explain a "paper" gold to "real" gold ratio of about 300 to 1???? What happens if even one out of four or five paper holders divest and decide they want physical metal? And if gold is so unimportant, why does U.S. aggression against China increase with every ton of gold they purchase?? Last…SILVER is part of a vast number of our tech and medical products – both a value store AND commodity, which is why silver, not gold will break the camels back. Click those silver slippers together Dorothy, there's no place like home.

  43. ok so some points you make would be valid if it were not for the fact that the system is really teetering and nearly collapsed in 2008. Those trying to keep it afloat now had to admit that truth back in 08. It's crazy on the part of the masses to think all is well and to not prepare. That's where I think these guys he's kcriticizing are doing right because at least they are waking people up to the fact that we are not in a stable environment economically.

    On another note listening to this guy's voice gives a creepy feeling like being at an english boarding school classroom and being lectured to.

  44. actually the pumpers out there are not these guys either, I'd say look at a guy like Bo Polny, he is a pumper – every month that guy says the collapse is within a month and gives an incorrect price point up. He's a real pumper.

  45. if what this guy says is correct that these guys are undermining the system then I'd say good. The system is a corrupt theiving fraud.However, they aren't big enough to do that and for the speaker here to make an accusation like that just shows he's in support of the current chrony fake money system. I don't trust this guy's agenda.

  46. One of the points Mike Maloney makes clear is that our currency is being devalued in the extreme by the simple con of a massive increase of the currency base.
    Taking this message from Mike Maloney alone, to test his intentions, shows nothing but a hope that one of the most insane, deliberate acts of thievery on the people as a whole, will be understood and be brought into the cold light of day.
    This thievery of our time, of our life's blood, is a deliberate act, an act of world-wide parasitic slavery perpetrated by individuals who control (through the deliberate debt that they inflict) our governments, our politicians and our money supply.
    The imbecilic, simplistic reasoning and logic in this video is so pathetic and erroneous that it makes my head hurt.
    These Illumifarti are trying to deceive genuine inquiry towards an ignorant dead-end thought process.
    Makes one wonder about the look-away look-away motives of these Illumifarti jokers, but I tell you what, no scores of mercenaries will keep the hoards, the populace from literally tearing them apart when the mathematically destined collapse of the debt-based system that we have comes to pass.

  47. He left out Jim Willie.
    Anyway he makes good points. But these guys are not influential enough to cause collapse ,just panic buying at the margins.

    Ive met G/S bugs that claim to of never heard of these (MM,etc)

  48. I stack silver and gold but I never listen to them or would take any advice from anyone that sells silver or gold your right there just trying to get you to buy there product…

  49. plus I do stack for a Domesday collapse I don't believe in that .I only buy silver when its below 17$ and if it ever hits 30 I'm selling all I'm in this for money not to look at my silver and gold my whole life I'm not attached yo this stuff

  50. First off I enjoy your videos.

    Sorry to say but this one sounds a bit alarmist. Maintain your balance and let's not cheer or jeer for either side of the debate on price direction but rather seek the truth. In that way you serve the most good by letting the public decide for itself.

    Oh, and what happened to your QE discussion? I though that was supposed to continue.

  51. Checking some of your past videos here. I don't know much about these other people, but two of these people you mentioned, I subscribe to and not once have I heard either Mike Maloney or Gregory Mannarino advise investing 100% of savings into PM's! Gregory Mannarino is probably the most balanced since he does stock trades along with some PM investing. Mike sells metals and uses his proceeds to make very informative videos. I would expect those who believe in their own mantra to be heavily invested in it themselves, as I am sure Mike is. Wouldn't he be more of a hippocrite if he didn't? He sure beats a politician who votes for war and points everyone else in that direction while he stays away from it in comfort and safety. Now those are the kind of people to watch out for the most!

  52. Everybody should believe some anonymous "Illuminati"! Makes total sense: they know everything as they do it all themselves!
    Why not to tell what you think without all that pompous crap!

  53. I lost my confidence long before I subscribed to their channels. The insight that they provide us is well worth the the push of a button.

  54. The weakest part of all your videos is that you constantly refer to making money in Precious Metals . Gold and Silver Coin are the only true money on Earth, so your playing word games it is a cheap Parlor Trick. If you understand that Gold and Silver Coin are MONEY than making a profit in a FRAUD CURRENCY should be no ones reasoning for ownership. You simply own it because it is TRUE MONEY. The ups and downs in metals priced in currencies is a fraud and thats why the frame the argument in that fashion . The host is British , I assume and for that matter never reminds the audience in America to go and read Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution that clearly states ONLY GOLD AND SILVER COIN are MONEY !! So play your word games I know why I possess it !!

  55. Is this guy a relative of Vincent Price or Boris Karloff? Number 1; I've hedged against the fall of the dollar with p/m, number 2; all evidence points to the crash of fiat currency, now that doesn't mean p/m's will be of any value, but it's a safer bet then worthless paper. P/m's have always held value, the only thing to worry about is illegitimate, tyrannical governments seizing it or making illegal for citizens to use as a means of exchange. The choice is yours.

  56. I'm glad the authors posed this as a question, since VERY few people actually know. I personally take it a step further, in that I consider it possible that Maloney, et al are part of a Russia/China propaganda program to destroy the confidence of Westerners in their currency. (Key word is "possible").

    Example: Jim Rickards has called the US the world's greatest currency manipulator, says that the Currency Wars started in 2010. However, in his book, after explaining that countries see currency debasement as a positive for trade, he notes that China pegged the yuan "artificially low" to the dollar, Why wasn't that the start of the currency war? Why weren't the US manipulations actually a response to that? I don't have space to detail this, but as a serviceman during Viet Nam, I actually saw agitprop agents at work, had one approach me to join the American Serviceman's Union. If foreign powers had agents at that low level, let's be aware that they are capable of funding very talented higher-level agents and programs. Similarly, there were huge tie-ins between Civil Rights organizations and Soviet front operations.

    Bottom line, have some metals, have some food, plan, but don't sell everything and move.

  57. Unfortunately the arguments supporting an upcoming monetary crisis dwarf those supporting normalcy.

    John Kerry made a very interesting speech this week. He essentially said that when citizens believe that members of their government are corrupt and cannot be trusted, it is the most damaging thing that can happen to a country.

    I would reply to Kerry by saying, "When laws no longer apply to the 1%, THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. When citizens are demonized for speaking the truth, THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. When the US Supreme court refuses to rule upon government actions that clearly violate the US Constitution, THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT.

  58. Well that was dumb as fuck. Blaming the gold/silver dealers for causing "panic" is like blaming the weather man for rain. Would you prefer your weather man calm and chill before the most horrendous storm in history that is about to blow the houses of millions if not billions or would you like him to be a little anxious. What this audio also suggests is that these people have influence over a large number of people and can actually do something to cause it to happen earlier. No. Look at the numbers of video views it barely hits the low 50 000 if that at all. Nobody is watching this except people who are actually interested in hedging and they rarely give public interviews. In order for the collapse to happen sooner you need millions of people to actually wake up and start buying, which won't happen… They do make a profit and they would like it to happen earlier but they don't have a say in this game. They are just sign posts…

  59. I buy gold and silver because the value of the dollar against them has a history of 100+ years is a steady downward trend. Also, I get no interest if I keep my money in the bank. I don't buy gold and silver to get rich although about 5 years ago I made  crap load of money when it spiked by selling. An ounce of gold buys you a very nice tailored suit. Guess what, it did the same 100 years ago. It doesn't get you rich other than those rare times where it spikes.

  60. In the early 1970's gold was $35/ounce.
    You could buy a nice suit for $35 or an ounce of gold, in the early 1970's.
    Now, gold is around $1200/ounce.
    You can buy a nice suit for an ounce of gold, but $35 won't even buy
    you a nice tie.

  61. Since there are two sides to every silver coin, it is very healthy to see the opposite of precious metal pumping being presented from a somewhat objective viewpoint. There is a very dispassionate, detached, calm, logical methodology from which you view events in the metal markets and I truly appreciate your if P then Q approach rather than the doom and gloom, buy now before it's too late, you are going to need silver when the fiat system collapses approach you still hear people spewing to this very day. Keep up the good work! …and by the way I love the work you did in Vertigo, Marnie, Rope and Strangers on a Train 🙂

  62. When you say that you tell the truth about silver, you mean what you say. Your presentations are informative, insightful and most importantly honest. Your channel is the only silver channel I believe and trust. Thank you for your good work.

  63. Very plain, basic and old fashioned advice: DIVERSITY. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Throwing everything at PM's is sheer folly.

  64. funny that i know of plenty of hedge fund managers that go to where i buy gold and silver all the time, all the while telling their investors where to put their money in the stock market. plus recently a hedge dund in australia where i live gave back hundreds of millions back to their investors because fcthe imminent economic crisis. i think u know nothing mate i need to look past the shit mainstream spills

  65. Remove the paper contracts then. To testify, whether the pumper were speaking the truth.
    Interesting test wouldn't ya think?

  66. From the 1st through till 29th of August 2019. Silver has risen 16 % and gold 11.5% .
    But what it is really doing is reflection the weakening buying power of fiat money .

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