Why owning Physical Gold and Silver is so important today

Why owning Physical Gold and Silver is so important today

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 23rd March 2016 and we
are briefly explaining why it is important to own physical gold and silver.
Many of us in the gold and silver community are aware of the benefits of owning physical
gold and silver, here are 5 main reasons, though there are many more:
• You can protect your savings against the currency devaluations.
• They act as a hedge against inflation/hyperinflation • You can protect yourself should a severe
banking crisis occur and you cannot access your money, owning small denominations of
gold and silver will give you something to trade with.
• They generally are quite liquid and can easily be turned into cash.
• You have no counterparty risk with gold and silver (contrary to paper assets where
there is always a counterparty risk involved) Now this latter point is extremely important.
Here is a brief definition of counterparty risk: “Counterparty risk is the risk to
each party of a contract that the counterparty will not live up to its contractual obligations.”
So for example, you may hold your cash in the bank and should the bank fail and go bust,
you may not receive your money back. Similarly with company shares and bonds, should the
company fail or fraud occurs, these assets may indeed become worthless. Many derivative
type investments hold considerable counterparty risks, especially as there may be many parties
to such an asset. What struck us though as a more recent phenomenon,
where counterparty risk becomes even more tangible is the issue of cyber warfare or
just plain old computer hacking. For example it was reported back in September
2015 that a group of Russian hackers, most notably the Turla APT (Advanced Persistent
Threat) was hijacking commercial satellites to:
• Siphon sensitive data from government, military, diplomatic, research and educational
organisations in the United States and Europe. • Hide their command-and-control servers
from law enforcement agencies. If they can do this, hacking into banks and
stock market computers and feeds may indeed prove relatively easy. Just imagine the carnage
that can be caused here. According to CNBC back in July and August
of last year, a report appeared stating: “U.S. officials tell NBC News that Russia
launched a “sophisticated cyberattack” against the Pentagon’s Joint Staff unclassified email
system, which has been shut down and taken offline for nearly two weeks.”
It’s not just the Russians one has to be cautious of. According to Business Insider
in July 2015, More than 20 million people had their personal information stolen when
the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) servers were breached by Chinese hackers.
Even more recently, in fact just a few hours ago, it has been reported that Bangladesh
Bank (BB) – the country’s Central Bank- is considering filing a lawsuit against the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York after cyber hackers stole $81m from its account.
These are just some of the issues we know about. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility
that one can have ones bank account cleared of all funds; that stock market trades may
be forced to stop should hackers gain access to pricing mechanisms; chaos could occur if
cash machines are hacked and stop working and a whole plethora of other events which
may in fact occur. So the key message is simple, hold a manageable
level of cash reserves outside the banking system and also own physical gold and silver
and store them in a safe location that can be accessed with a degree of ease.
These considerations are important especially as more of our currency and wealth becomes
digitised. We hope you have found this video interesting
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of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. One of your best videos. I've been waiting to hear a video like this I been straddling the fence with you 😀 You are the real deal now in my book.

  2. Also in the event that if and when we go into negative interest rates coupled with an attempt to go to a cashless society , , , , , , , , ,further supports my belief in stockpiling in
    gold and silver ! !

    Thank you for your in sights . look forward to your next one.

  3. IS- I have been a loyal subscriber for years. YouTube change my status to you and several other channels and unsubscribed me. I re-subscribed but I thought you should be informed.

  4. I like how Illuminati Silver finally talks about the good points of having silver and gold. Now go into depth the the many other reasons for having physical gold and silver.

  5. A matter of trust is all that separates us from emptied bank accounts . personally ,I would and do not take the gamble of not being particularly trustful of the banking system metals are the remedy for lack of trust. 🙂

  6. i have a friend that has a young lad , i found its a great way to save some money for his future and to have assets in his hand he can enjoy. He has quite the beautiful silver collection we are working on . im very proud

  7. There's a lot of hate in the world right now. It gives me a very eerie feeling. Get your 15% metal, you never know what tomorrow holds…

  8. Agree with all 5 and there are even more such as "Bail ins". Canada snuck in this law in the 2013 Federal budget, few people are even aware. Every time that I make a purchase and exchange some ones and zeros for the real metal in my hands it feels like I have taken some exposure off the table. Just imagine that we go more and more digital and you say or do something that the powers that be dislike, well they just switch you off. Imagine for any reason the internet goes loopy or straight out shut down, well there's a pickle. Bitcoin will not be very useful at a time like that maybe not even your ATM. I do believe that holding some cash in hand could also be helpful at least in the initial phase of an economic crisis that affects digital money.

  9. With some cash at hand, some gold and silver safely hidden, and plenty of food in the cupboard, I sleep like a baby. Crisis tend to be short lived, but terrifying for those who are not prepared.

  10. As always, you tell the truth as you see it in real time, and times are changing very quickly. I wish my family, especially the executor of my father's estate would realize those points. The accountant is for some reason dragging his feet on the probate and dispersing of the estate's cash, and they all trust him but me, who happens to be the only one who is aware of the importance, and timing of acquiring PMs. I fear the cheap tickets will be gone, and have warned them to no avail, only scrutiny, there's a dip going on at this moment. 🙁

  11. First, I want to say, I have really enjoyed your perspective on silver being a great long term investment, 15, 20+ yrs. Based on that belief, I acquire silver modestly month by month. And I have enjoyed all of your video uploads. However, I am little puzzled by this video. It sounds lot like pumpers and dumpers (Mike Maloney, Chris Duane, Andy Hoffman..etc) would upload.

  12. I have come to the belief that one should hold as much gold as ones perception of the economic environment merits. The blanket 5% precious metals in a portfolio (of which most people just buy an ETF or mining stock to achieve) does not always apply long term, despite what a financial advisor would tell you. There are times when this number should be much higher. I believe the ongoing zero and negative interest rates have long changed the traditional environment to make now such a time as to hold a much higher percentage of ones wealth in precious metals, along side a reduced holding of the other traditional yield bearing assets and cash.

    That said, everyone should make their own judgement based on their own perception of the situation and allocate accordingly. Good video, you do a service to your subscribers.

  13. I am buying gold and silver for 1,5 year now but i stop that its pointless,i trust the media and the goverments who always tell me how good the econemy is going.

    I have something of value,infact today my money from Zimbabwe arrived i am now holder of 30 trillion zimbabwe dollars…
    So wtf i care what gold or silver is worth i have the cash and i am rich,30 trillion dollar i cant believe they are mine…

  14. Great video! Just as predicted by others, precious metals today (03/23), are getting "hammered". Fed's Bullard is out there jawboning that April is "live". The Fed is going to raise rates one more time. And when that occurs, either April or June, precious metals will be a HUGE bargain. The Fed truly has only ONE mandate…higher stock market. The market is now getting a little too exuberant, and thus the rate rise to cool it off. Meanwhile, the real economy is continuing to slowdown. I believe we are in recession, or very close to it. I work in government, and I can tell you for a fact that the economy is decelerating. Here in Ohio, sales tax receipts are down over 3% year to date from 2015.You can't manipulate sales tax receipts, LOL! With all that said, I believe by year end, the Fed will be back to ZIRP.

  15. I live in a town where just about no one else sees the value in gold and silver. Thus if I were to barter it I could not see myself doing very well, what are your thoughts on this?

  16. We live in unsure times with what was once thought as absurd is now status quo. The thing that concerns me most is as stated, the currency becoming  more and more digitized . Entirely  reliant on electricity to insure access. We all have heard how antiquated our power grid is.Once the power went out in my area for 2 days, you should have seen the panic. The big problem was fuel, everyone was looking for fuel to bring to stranded family members.  The area had to shut down, no power for cash registers or for that matter scanners for bar codes. No power to pump fuel even if you had cash, no way to process any transaction. That was a rare insight to what it would be like. I can only imagine how people would react if all they're funds disappeared. Another logical and informative video.

  17. If I may, I'd like to post a question. How many oz. of Silver should one own? Each month I buy Silver and set aside money for Real Estate. I do not participate in the Stock Market as I do not believe in holding paper assets. With that said, I just surpassed the 3,000 oz. mark of Silver assets. Should I unload some of this stock and purchase Gold?, and/or should I end my Silver purchases? Thanks again for your responses and the great videos.

  18. The problem with gold is that it may be possible to produce it in the laboratory in large quantities in the future. Land ownership significantly reduces counterparty risk.

  19. I was watching an episode of the 'Sweeney' on YT last night. The story revolved around a character who bought and sold PM's. The episode was made in 1975 and the character was selling Krugerrands for £96 each. I put £96 into an inflation converter website and it worked out at £910 in 2016. Chards, the bullion dealer, are currently selling them as of today for £896 each.

  20. haha i was going to buy silver bar anyway today .. nice drop , i love when that shit happens ..
    ps . i agreed , buy till 16.25 .. after 18.00 do as you may .. ill hold
    pss watch the ratio
    pps and the interest (people ,not fiat ) , is lower now we think 14 was bottom . i think silver is happy at 17. us fiat till the end of 2016.
    as a personal note: my daughter has come across a large amount of fiat ,
    wtf can i say but put it in the bank
    in canda she gets .75 % every 3 months + .75 if she doesnt withdraw the base
    all i see is she gave her money to factional recerve faud
    i wouldnt put dime fucking one in the bank , no more than buy a paper whatever
    i cant think of a graft beyond position and a time ,
    i have been lied to and i dont like it
    all fiat money is debt . created out of nothing ( now backed by nothing ) then lent at interest , that doesnt exist .
    its a fact , the people that it severs have the money . power . and will to try to keep it that way ,,

  21. Great video. very reassuring to hear your review of some of the positive aspects of owing gold and silver. You have always demonstrated through your videos an unbiased reasoned approach to owing them. Your opinion is extremely valuable to those of us that subscribe to your channel. Thanks.

  22. Id rather own :
    1. several hens that lay eggs
    2. rabbits
    3. a succesfull garden
    4. enough plot of land to support the above 3 things without worrying about close neighbors being intrusive.

  23. New subscriber from the US – and I really do like your video. I am new to silver and had a question, is it better to buy Rounds-Provident prospectors, Sunshine mint eagles etc, (more bang for the buck) or Coins (a little bit more to purchase) Kookaburras, Elephants, Pandas etc……during these uncertain times? Thanks for any suggestions. I am looking for some light and possible direction to start on.

  24. Also there are over 150 different types of malware designed specifically to steal Bitcoin off home computers, half of which aren't detected by antivirus. Once your BTC is gone there is no recourse. Israelis (Gery Shalon, Ziv Orenstein) are responsible for the largest financial hacking attacks against the US financial system in our history. And most recently someone tried to transact a $1 billion heist against Bangladesh’s central bank.

  25. I prefer accumulating small denomination gold coins as these are more liquid than the 1oz coins and can be used more readily in an emergency. Silver on the other hand, 1oz govt issue so as to better track the value of your holdings.

  26. the problem with rare metals is that they are only rare on our planet. The asteroid belt is teaming with gold, silver, titanium and other rare elements. I also heard that the USA is working on legislation concerning space mining exploitations. That usually means the technology and means to make that happen are already at their fingertips

  27. Where I live in the U.S. the average person doesn't have a clue about gold and silver. I feel bad that they will be hit hardest by an economic collapse. However, the warning signs are there, and I've been very open about the need for real tangible assets to protect themselves.

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