Why You Should Be Stacking Silver Kilo Bars

Why You Should Be Stacking Silver Kilo Bars

Hey good morning YouTube world happy Thursday it’s Pete Olsson the Montana silver stacker WWF free silver and gold is happy happy Thursday today I want to talk to you guys about the advantages of silver kilo bars and you know most people even though you know if they’re not aware of investing in precious metals or they’re not familiar with the precious metals industry as a whole most are familiar with the fact that you can purchase silver in a lot of different sizes you know a lot of different shapes if you will so you have you know you can go from half ounce to one ounce the 5 ounce 10 ounce kilo hundred ounce etcetera etc the smaller amounts are usually are the ones that are suggested to the beginning investors bigger weights such as a as the kilo are typically done for more serious investors who are looking to acquire larger quantities of silver geison and you guys know who you are out there and and or someone that’s aspiring to to purchase a larger amount of silver and the great thing about 1 kilo silver bars is that one single bar constitutes a huge investment in silver which is fantastic right but the investment size is not so large that it’s difficult to store or keep track of right that makes sense but if you had 32 or 33 individual 1 ounce silver bars that’d be much more difficult to keep track of and store than a single kilogram bar of the of the you know of the silver medal right it’s just either having one of these versus 32 rounds in my opinion I think rounds are great too don’t get me wrong that is just one of the differences though or benefits I should say of having kilos or investing in silver kilo bars versus you know a lot of the other choices you have I mean there are benefits to all of them but the kilos is right up there with you know one of the best advantages if you will one of the best ways to put your money into silver there’s not anything incredibly specific that you have to know with the with the one kilogram silver bars and I’ll put this one up here so you can see this by the way is our by our MC guys okay you know if you have experience with handling and storing you know any other size of silver bars you’ll have no problem dealing with these one kilo bars they’re heavy but not that heavy they’re produced by a wide variety of companies I mean a lot I’ve got I’ve got few buy RMC I’ve got another one right here by Ohio precious metals these are this is hand pours beautiful but keep in mind though that unlike some silver bars kilobars they don’t come protected by any casing or anything of that sort as you see in so many of the different silver metals so but obviously because of the responsibility to keep your bars and they shape falls on you and only you right perhaps more important than any other aspect of the ownership of one-kilo silver bars is the ability to keep the bar and fine shape and free from you know markings and scratchings and chips and so on and so forth but you know like any other weight the pricing in one kilo bars varies from let me show you this other one from producer to producer from seller to seller to seller I’ll get out the Ohio precious metals and that it’s kind of a totally different look in it look at that really clean this is kind of more into the homemade you know hand poured both beautiful in their in their own right I think that you’ll find it is much more beneficial though to purchase a single kilo bar than it would be to purchase 30 plus one ounce bars or even you know six or seven five ounce bars and even on top of that purchasing single kilo bar will see incur a much lower premium right you get them cheaper then you would if you bought a kilogram of silver in a piecemeal type of fashion you know in other words 32 1 ounce rounds or 1 ounce bars or you know as I said 6 or 7 of the 5 ounce but despite the larger size here guys okay even though you have that there’s quite a few I guess you say a lot of different producers of the of the kilo silver bars it could come as a surprise but it only serves to make you search for the perfect one kilogram bar that is much easier and hassle-free there are bars that are produced as recently as this current year or bars that were produced decades ago there’s lots of silver bars that you can choose from in other words there’s a lot of variety right so the packaging as you can see this is a chi semi see see how different it is that the packaging of the one kilogram silver bar is that they’re they’re not encased any sort of protective case right they just they just come like this this this is what they’re shipped in right okay that gives you an idea they’re rather most of the purchase of one kilo silver bar see the bar is wrapped in bubble and secured for shipping from the bullying deal no other protective steps are taken as you just saw this is not always the case but it happens more often than not this is what I’ve seen guys it’s in bubble like this one came in and the plastic here would but with bubble okay lots of different as we mentioned a lot of different designs investors though that by the kilo bars they simply want to assure that the bar they are purchasing is in fact pure silver right as always we always want to make sure that that we know that right and then it weighs as much as the mark in the bar says it does well very few bars of the size feature intricate elaborate designs most I would say feature nothing more than a mint mark purity identification and weight indication this is a real clean look as we said it’s essentially the size of a small brick right but but it but depending upon how each individual one is made poured or pressed their exact emission dimensions may vary slightly as you can see the difference here okay guys I hope that gives you a kind of a the advantages of owning kilo silver bars I hope you really really enjoyed that take a look at my site WWE silver gold is to take an online tour of our company we have a phenomenal home-based business love for you to check it out I’ll personally get a hold of you and always love sharing them the metals with you guys thanks so much god bless you god bless our president god bless the United States talk to you real soon bye bye


  1. seems like silver is going to touch low, maybe 13.5, i knew there would be blood in the street before the manipulators finally relent

  2. I sincerely hope that your stack is secured where it is safe from theft, because there are a large number of people in this world who would suggest that copper lead and gunpowder are more valuable than silver. If all hell breaks loose, stacking silver is irrelevant if you cannot defend your stack.

  3. The new LME gold /silver and China gold /silver index will kill the comex manipulation !!

    it is already starting from yesterday , big upside potential for silver , it will never be this cheap again in our lifetime !

  4. No kilo for me on the off chance silver does go sky high I want to be able to sell without getting a 1099 so 10, 5 and 1 oz for me.

  5. Silver Shield MiniMintage sells cheap but gains value. . Every week a new design with a COA. Sells as little as $2+ Spot. Worth on average $16+ spot on eBay within a few weeks. Make Stacking Great Again!

  6. Fine. However, in a SHTF scenario, I'd prefer to have lots of different sized bars, so that I can trade easier. If silver runs up to 100 per ounce….hell,…you've got a $3500 chunk of metal. Much harder to negotiate for smaller items. ….I'm just looking at this from a different perspective. Also,….I like the shinier bar. Thanks.

  7. I just see silver being constantly manipulated. I'd rather buy low mintage government backed coins that will go up yearly.

  8. It's funny how nearly every video, no matter how un-controversial, has some thumbs down. I wonder if some bot doesn't do this automatically to every video with certain words in the title regardless of content.

  9. actually yea it makes sense to even stack 100 oz bars…because most people when they need money they need it NOW so they most likely will go to a buy gold and silver place and they typically pay you 95% of spot price and don't care if it's ASE with premium or not.

  10. Meh…. What's wrong with a selection of 1,5,10 and 100 Oz bars.
    I find it easier keeping track of Oz bars than metric.

  11. Purchasing a Silvertoken from the Megabox of one million Silvertokens is equivalent to purchasing physical silver, which in the Initial Offering stage, is a more sound investment than ideas and future prospects offered by other cryptocurrencies. After the ICO is completed, you may redeem your tokens for real silver.

  12. Check out my stack! Come by visit like and leave me a comment! Check out my @goldsilverblog on facebook. I stack Gold to Copper! Love it!

  13. If you don't want to pay for a sack of potatoes with a 1kg of silver, here is what you do: chip a bit off in front of the merchant, weight it, then trade. silver is silver, doesn't have to be in a nice shape.They can smelt it into whatever they like later.

  14. I only stack 100 oz bars and keep a dozen 1 oz coins around to play with, they are so shiny, quite fun to toss the coin around

  15. I have a question for you, I apologize for bothering you. I buy silver coins and wondered if you know of companies that would trade the coins for. 999 bars or .9999 silver bars.

  16. If it were molded into flatware, it is still the same value. I would want to cast it and paint it like garden gargoyles. Nobody would truly realize its not pewter, or lead, due to the paint.

  17. ty…i was thinking about storing my silver in air tight tupperware. is this a good or bad idea?
    i keep my rounds in their plastic sheeths they come in (Provident Metals is my go to) but the outer edges are just starting to get a little dark discoloration….i dont really touch them…any input here would be much appreciated as im a newby…and certainly going to look into kilo bars now…. just bought 20 more 1 oz rounds …ty guys n gals in advance

  18. I'm 36 years old and I remember when I had a lot of money at the time when gold was $300 an Oz. I wish I would of stocked up on gold around that time.

  19. What you have forgotten to mention, is the theft issue. It would be so much easier to steal 10 x 1kg bars, than to grab 320 ounces, especially if the coins were not in tubes, but free standing in 1 oz coins

  20. this is right if your investing, the more you buy the better deal, but if your stacking silver for a SHTF and you only have kilo bars and need to trade someone that only has a gallon of milk thats not a good trade. Nice bars man, I'm just saying i like to have all different sizes

  21. "There are many good reasons to buy the kilo. I wont tell you any of them but I will keep telling you that there are."

  22. Thank you for such a great video. I just started buying silver. I'm retired on a fixed income so I can only afford 4-5 1ozt bars. Should you have any further advice I would love to have it. Thanks again.

  23. You forgot to mention the most important thing about kilo bars.  They are BAD ASS.. Unassuming size, but just a killer weight.

  24. Never seen anyone complain about a kilo of gold so why complain about a kilo of silver ?
    If you understand silver someone will buy w.e you have in the future 😉
    PS: don’t forget you can’t melt it down into w.e you want

  25. as the price goes up so does the premium on those big bars 1 oz bars and coins end up having almost another ounce of money when you go to sell

  26. I prefer 1 oz size but will buy up to 5 oz. Need smaller weights because it gives you more options when trying to sell. If and when it goes up not everyone will be able to afford a kilo.

  27. I don't think it's a good idea to stack one size and that's it I like stacking various sizes kind of like it's smart to carry a variety of bills in your wallet

  28. I will continue to stack smaller quantities for ease of liquidity, beauty of coins and collecting as a hobby also. A giant slab of silver reminds me of my fence out back. And selling a giant slab could be more difficult at a coin shop if they don't need or want it. To each his own.

  29. in the end once SHTF you won't care how much you bought, nor how much they all cost neither. only that you acquired some before it was too late…

  30. I don't even have to watch this video to let everyone know that it's much better to buy 10 ounce bars in 1 ounce rounds then kilo bars I could get into it but just look it up yourself there are several reasons why buying kilo bars of worse especially when it comes to taxing and reselling

  31. Just 1 kilo bar then many other silver/gold coins. 1 kilo gold bar is $40,000. Holy BEEP. Can't wait to start collecting precious metals. They will be stored safely in a fort knox safe. 🙂 Can't wait to open the safe and see the glare from both gold and silver bars/coins. It will be epic.

  32. I don't agree with buying kill silver bars from a survivalist point of view. Buying a loaf of bread with a kilo of silver is a waste of money. A kilo bar is suitable for large transactions, not small ones.

  33. Kilos and the like are fine for paying smaller premiums. Selling them is a different story… Most people can't pay that much for silver and if they can, they buy several smaller size pieces. Most coin shops pay less for them as well because they are much harder to sell. Personally, i like having kilos and 100 oz bars, but i also know they are far less practical for 99% of other stackers.

  34. This is for true investors, not those speculators who want to make a fast buck. Premiums can kill you. You pay over spot to buy and sell under spot always. The larger bricks make sense then, unless you are a preper. If you want a currency that is good during crazy inflation then 90% junk or .999 rounds are the ticket because they will trade directly. Also, while silver is a great way to get into precious metals, gold is far easier to stash and to sell. Gold is roughly 100x the value of silver. Just keep that in mind. So would you prefer a 1 kilo silver bar or a 10 gram bar of gold? It's nice to have options. I sincerely hope the choice is not a matter of which would more easily hide in your rectum, but history tells us sometimes it is. That said, I have lots of Walking Liberty silver coins just in case, and no they would not fit in there.

  35. Kilo bars are more expensive than coins and when you come to selling them you got find someone that has the money we don't get tax free silver like you in usa

  36. Does it matter if they’re protected in mint shape? In the end when you need to use it for currency won’t the weight alone be enough?

  37. If having some silver around for SHTF, 1 oz. coins are going to be more useful. If you need a loaf of bread, it’s going to tough to get change for your kilo bar.

  38. But how about when you resell have you tried to sell a kilo bar — is ther a market and will they pay much over spot

  39. If your trying to move a large amount this is your best option..im my opinion most folks prefer 20oz and under ..but as far as relocating your stack a distance this is a better way..

  40. I have a 100 oz and a kilo bar. My strategy is that large bars are used to switch out for gold WHEN silver narrows the gap, 1 oz rounds and 10's for selling……

  41. People saying this is impractical for a SHTF scenario are the dumbest of people.

    1. You would use it for larger purchases such as cars, houses and guns.
    I would rather trade 3 1kilo bars then count 100 1ounce coins to buy a car

    2. You can melt it and cast it into smaller pieces if you had to reduce its size. This is actually a benefit as you can pick the size of each cast depending of the value of silver during the time

    3. Lower premiums on 1kg means you get the best value now! When you can sell it at it's most expensive.

    4. Easier to transport, I would rather carry 10 1kg bars then carry 320 coins or 13-16 tubes of 1ounce coins
    Or carry 450$ in face constitutional silver

  42. Didn't get into kilo buying til the Sunshine Minting kilos went below $600 and I made a killing 🙂 . I still think anything below $20/oz is a steal. I have found that microfiber sunglasses bags work great for storing the Sunshine minting kilos. You can pick those bags up for like $10 for 20 bags on amazon.

  43. Purity wise though, is there a difference? The 1oz are 9999 but the bar I’m interested in says 999. It’s called 1 Kilo PAMP Suisse. Thanks.

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