Why You Should Never Buy Chips From The Dollar Store

Why You Should Never Buy Chips From The Dollar Store

When you stroll into a dollar store with a
wad of singles and everything on the shelf is a buck, it might seem like there’s no way
you can’t get a bargain. “It’s cheap, it’s convenient, it saves me
from going to Walmart.” Food is a huge part of the sales formula for
dollar stores, after all, and while they might not be what most people think of when they
picture a grocery store, they actually sell more food than Whole Foods — though, let’s
be honest, you can probably expect a lot less of it to be labeled “artisan.” “It’s cheaper, like here you can get all these
things for a dollar each.” A lot of what makes up dollar stores’ food
sales would fall under the snack category, but it turns out that grabbing chips from
the dollar store shelf may not be such a score after all. Here’s what you should know about dollar store
chips before your next snack attack. Money Crashers set out to see just how great
the deals were when it came to food at a typical dollar store and noticed pretty quickly that
customers weren’t getting all that much bang for their buck. That bag of Frito’s, Doritos, Lay’s, or some
other name brand chip just isn’t going to have much in it. On an ounce-by-ounce basis, the chips sold
at dollar stores for $1 don’t compare well with what you might pay at a grocery store. Basically, dollar store chips are just as
bad of a deal as buying chips at a gas station — which, by the way, isn’t a good deal on
your dollar either, according to Popular Mechanics. Need more proof that your dollar doesn’t go
too far when it comes to buying chips at a dollar store? Consider a bag of Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper
and Lime Chips. At Dollar Tree, a bag might only set you back
$1, but you’re only getting 3.2 ounces – barely a handful. At Walmart, a bag of the same flavored Takis
will cost you $2.68, but you’re getting 9.9 ounces. So Dollar Tree charges you 31 cents per ounce,
while Walmart only charges 27 cents per ounce — and depending on where you live, that
Walmart price might be as low as 20 cents per ounce, while the dollar store is still
charging $1, regardless of location. Price and quantity are only two factors one
has to consider when shopping for chips to snack on at the dollar store. There’s also the very important factor of
taste. Obviously there’s no reason to suspect that
your Doritos from Dollar General are going to taste any different than if you had bought
them from Publix — assuming the bag isn’t four years old and full of stale, sad tortilla
chips. You’ll notice pretty quickly strolling through
the snack section of a dollar store, though, that they also happen to carry chip brands
that you’ve probably never heard of. For example, Dollar Tree carries its own brand
of potato chips under the Home Style Select label. Dollar Tree didn’t get particularly creative
with the logo design, but then again, who really cares about a logo? How do these dollar store chips really taste? Well, the old saying “you get what you pay
for” happens to be true when it comes to potato chips, too. According to some potato chip critics, the
chips taste and feel like they’re more made of oil than potato. On the plus side, a bag of Home Style Select
chips does offer you a little more portion-wise than the Takis, since it comes in a 5-ounce
bag. Of course, Dollar Tree also sells 5.34-ounce
canisters of actual Lay’s Stax chips. This begs the question — why would you pay
a buck for the knockoff brand of chips when you could pay the same price and get more
of the name brand chips? When it comes down to it, buying chips from
the dollar store really doesn’t add up to be much of a good bargain when you factor
in price, quantity, and taste. Just something to think about next time you’re
searching for crumbs in the bottom of that bag of dollar store Takis. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. Or dont be retarded, and instead buy the off brand stuff? I've gotten bags of Onion Rings for $1 that are the size of Party Size Doritos lmao. You need to just do f*** math like a capable minded human being and compare the price per size. Buying a big bag of Dortios from anywhere will be more worth your money than buying a small bag from the same spot. It doesn't matter where you are.

  2. As someone who currently works at Dollar Tree (as of the time the video was posted at comment was made), nothing in there is a good value, at least none of the food, with the only single exception of the “Brims movie theater butter premium popcorn”, the 8 ounce bag only that is. On a side note, I don’t read books for anything, however I did find a good book but only at one location, it’s interesting the trends i see working there.

  3. Buying the smaller bags (if you’re not sharing) is often the better idea even if it costs more per ounce. A dollar bag that I can eat myself in one sitting beats saving most of the bag and the chips going stale


  5. You DO get more brand name chips for a buck than buying a "Big Grab" bag of the same brand for almost twice the price at a WalMart.

  6. make my chimichanga with Dinty Moore beef stew and with some cut up peppered beef sticks. Then coated with Granny Goose Cheese Nibbles crumbs and deep fried.

  7. Our dollar store has fresh chips coming in daily. There’s no reason for me to pay more for regular original flavor potato chips at another chain.

  8. Yeah. I'm going to drive ten miles just to save, 9 cents off a bag of chips because, they put a tad bit more chips in the bag. they are going to also taste the same as , Walmarts. Is this an ad to shop at Walmart? 😐 How much did they pay you for this video? 🤔

  9. Yes of course it's the absolute truth, because you choose to believe it. Please continue to go to Walmart and the grocery store because I don't want to wait in line behind you at the dollar store

  10. Ummm no, im sorry, but there is no difference.

    No, chips at the dollar store, are the same at any other store. Each bag is given a grievance of a few grams, but if it is a 10 oz bag, there is no difference between a 10oz bag at a regular supermarket, and a 10oz bag of the same brand at a dollar store. Now, quality, and best buy dates… That is the big reason why the 2 may seem different. You really just compared a 3oz bag of Taki's from a dollar store, to a 9.9oz bag at Walmart… OF COURSE THE PRICING IS DIFFERENT… price per ounce. A dollar store doesnt need to reduce a price on merchandise, just because its smaller… If anything, this covers their spread of discrepancy even better, as they can just slap a dollar cost onto an item, regardless of size, and call it a day. You know those fun size bags of chips you used to get as a kid? Yeah, why are those still a dollar at a Dollar Tree, and not discounted? Because the philosophy of a dollar tree is that, merchandise is a dollar, regardless of size and quantity. (Yes, there are items that are more than a dollar, but that is a seperate issue). The Dollar Tree company made 22 Billion last year and is a fortune 500 company that started 33 years ago… You dont become this successful by doing the practices everyone thinks Dollar companies do. Extreme discount retail stores… Most of them, have suprisingly high ethics, and core values… Unlike some big box retailers and giant chain supermarkets.

    This is a very opinionated and misleading video. Doesnt sound like they did their research, rather it sounds like a Mashed employee had a bad experience at a dollar store, and is bitter about it.

  11. its just way to fool people because dollar stores making good amount of money which doesn't sit well with wall mart

  12. I know I be ridding around smoking weed and hell the munchies aren't picky where the chips come from 😂😂😂😂😅😅

  13. Let's see…Walmart is the world's largest retailer…Dollar Tree isn't.

    It's all about something called allowances.

    This is silly. Look for sale prices where you can. Don't assume it's automatically cheaper at a dollar store.

  14. The homestyle shows a net weight of 6 oz and the lays show 5.34, but you want to say homestyle has less to make another video with your retarded voice.

  15. Stop trying to make us quit shopping at dollar tree. Nobody cares about who has more ounces than the other. If all you got is a $1 and youre mad hungry then you gone get what you can afford.

  16. I bought a friggin uhhhh honey bun at the dollar store that tasted like arsenic and then I had bought a uhhh like muffin thing at the dollar store that had green ass mold on it, dont buy pastries at the dollary store either my dudes

  17. Here's a good example….i was at a Jewel store they had the large bag of Lays 2 for 4.00 ….. So i was planning to go to Dollar General anyway, so i decided to buy chips there thinking they'd be cheaper…Nope ! The same chips were 3.49 ! So always think before spending at Dollar General…Dollar tree is much better for most items, even on grocery items and everything there is a dollar…Family dollar is not too bad overall…just depends which is closer

  18. Bathroom tissue at dollar stores are 1.00 for a 4 roll pack. BUT look how many sheets you get…200 sheets per roll…..sometimes they have Scott 1000 sheets for 1.00, but why pay 1.00 for 800 sheets? Even getting Scott for 1.49 at family dollar isnt too bad..but Walgreens out here their brand 1000 sheet roll is 10 for 5.00 ! 50 cents a roll for 1000 sheets ! And you can buy as few or as many as you want…and their 4 roll pack of 1000 sheets is 3.49, so single rolls are still better deal…..

  19. I don’t know about chips, but for a couple dollars I can get a crack rock. Seems like a better deal than half a bag of air and some stale chips.

  20. Dollar Store & Family Dollar is just a con, it’s not really a dollar store. Our dollar stores where I live is called Dollar Tree.

  21. I go to Dollar stores because I have limited mobility and you don't have to walk around a giant store to get what you want.

  22. Yeah yeah yeah. Same goes with Wal-Mart. I learned early on that I wasn’t getting a good deal at Walmart vs Target. Ice cream and deodorant are less at Walmart then at target. A closer look reveals the same thing in this video. Walmart gives you less for less. Pay a little more at Target and you get a little more. Wonder what the deal is with the name brand waters. I hope I’m not getting toilet water instead of geyser water. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  23. But a lot of people can't afford an extra $2 for the other chips you said that's why they go to the Dollar Store and get the smaller back we already know that we're not stupid

  24. Keeping in mind the bag of any chip product is essentially 4/5ths empty space (nitrogen) I'd say it doesn't matter where you buy your snacks.

  25. Does the same chip company that goes to Walmart stop at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and any other store? If so, the difference is the price and location of the stores.

  26. Except for don't shop at Walmart. That disgusting business isn't worth supporting. Not to mention, at least in my area, they've raised their prices so much you're not actually saving any money going there versus another grocery store.

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