Will Equities rise cause silver prices to fall?

Will Equities rise cause silver prices to fall?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 28th August 2018 and we are
producing a very short video today really as a taster for a more lengthy one later in
the week. On the weekend we stated that we would be
commenting early this week on FED’s Chair Jerome Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole last
Friday and its potential impact for gold and silver prices.
We have already noticed one consequence of that speech since then. Today the Dow Jones
has again breached the 26,000 level, standing at 26,064 as we prepare this video, the S&P
500 is just shy of 2,900 and the Nasdaq has risen to 8,030
What is also interesting is that analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch have gone
on the record stating that ‘this bull market’s journey may not be over yet’ -something
we have been stating for some considerable time. The U.S. market’s relative strength
against the rest of the world is another point in its favour with the daily global advance-decline
line of 73 country indexes showing signs of topping out. In previous incidences, when
global breadth weakened, the U.S. tended to outperform foreign markets.
Fundamentally, U.S. stocks may have robust financial performance to thank for their fortitude.
With 86% of S&P 500 companies having reported quarterly results, second-quarter earnings
are up more than 24% year-over-year while sales grew more than 9%.
With gold down today by $9 to $1,201 and silver by 18 cents to $14.71 any further strengthening
of these markets will again attract investors to stocks as opposed to precious metal commodities.
For those who believe the bull market is over for equities had better think again and we
shall be laying out our argument and views on Thursday. In addition, some of President
Trump’s negotiations are beginning to pay off in some quarters, so don’t as yet head
for the hills with your sacks of gold and silver as we may have a little time for further
prepping ahead. Also, announced today, U.S. consumer confidence
surged to near an 18-year high in August, as households remained upbeat on the labour
market, pointing to strong consumer spending that should help to sustain the economy for
the remainder of the year. All of this adds to the good news and therefore excitement
in the city – we think it may be a sign of concern but not for a couple of months.
So please look out for our video on Thursday we are desperately trying not to make it too
technical but to at least put forward a strong argument while we believe there is a further
leg down for precious metal prices soon and a further leg up for the equity markets.
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Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. im gona say dow gets to around 34k december to march then drops like a rock. just a gut feeling 🙂 if im right somebody give me a cookie 😛

  2. All the stackers fear economic collapse in one way or another but never talk about the repercussions of a strong market versus precious metals. It would suck to be stacking for years upon years and plan on getting out sooner than later but at what cost?

  3. A strong market is the time to buy PM's a shitty market is the time to hold PM's and purchase physical assets at a HUGE discount

  4. Stacking is beneficial the best way to save a asset.. I wouldn’t care if never goes up just knowing I’m not broke is enough for me !!!!

  5. The speaker is so suitable for narrating audiobooks by Roald Dahl. Have you heard his rant the other day? That sounded scary. One minute later his voice is smooth as silk, and you hold your breath for what`s next.

  6. I don't think you should be overly concerned about making your presentation too technical. Viewers who prefer a simpler emotionally based approach would tend to gravitate towards those channels hosted by hyperactive "experts" who wave their arms around and shout unfounded superlatives while repeatedly fondling their bars and rounds. At least do us the favor of providing a few specific technical details so we may more easily verify your observations and better understand the theories behind them.

  7. At least here the Ponzi scheme theme isn't pushed to the max… Trying to scare people into buying from the YouTubers online store or supplier for a kickback..
    I think the world financial markets aren't totally doomed and we won't be ending up in a post apocalyptic great depression type world living in shacks and eating dirt..

  8. ●●●●●■■■■■●●●●■■■■Please,Please,Please, Do a Diddy on Black Swans……yes I'm begging, but, Your groups analysis seem so sensible and looks deep and detailed. I am a former cold war Intelligence Analyst and I know good thinking when I see it. Either way Thank You All for what you do give us…..

  9. Silver price is probably already at production cost, any more smacking down and no miner would be willing to produce at a loss; so what then, can the industries use paper silver instead?

  10. This ‘euphoria’ in equities will quickly reverse should a military conflict break out in Syria and the Mediterranean. Should this come to pass, capital flight would be to the dollar, as opposed to PM’s.

  11. I have peace in precious metals, not in the stock market. Feels like a panicky energy even going up. I guess I am afraid of heights when I don't feel much support below me.

  12. What is your opinion on Palladium coins? Would you purchase your country's Mint coin Illuminati Silver? I'd really like to hear another interview with Greg. It's been a long time not hearing from him.

  13. Been stacking gold & silver past 8 yrs n given me nothing but grief! Paper losses abt 50-60% with no daylight in sight. Listening to these retards & morons in YouTube still predicting $10,000 gold & $100 silver sicken me more & more now. Truly the circle jerk of corruption by socalled gurus who's all full of crap. Now even the dealers won't buy the metals back at spot,even wanting to profit from my losses!,idiots, shitheads, scums!!! Stop spreading all yr bloody lies

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