Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?


  1. Why did he seem hesitant about giving $5-10 she asked for. If she needs it just give it to her

    Edit: He gave $20, makes sense why he felt hesitant lol

  2. 3.he wanted to help but its hard to give 20 bucks to a random girl who could scam him

    Its not really a gold digger more like his gf is ugly and the other girl beautiful

  3. Let’s just ignore the fact that’s he’s driving and doing something totally different than paying attention to the road 2:01 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  4. Bro that’s only 5 dollers fucking cheap ass is she walked up to me for gas money I’ll be like”I’ll add a couple hundred and you can add sum else aswell”😂

  5. Wow! Ryan just walked into a strangers apartment? That is crazy dumb. 22:25 Head drop. The guy felt bad but the penis wins again 😩

  6. If i would date someone that mean i loved him that mean i can't see anyone better than him .. How the hell other people think about love !

  7. tbh i think some of couples would've been better off without the test because Madeline was pretty intimidating when she tried on the costumes, if she didn't try on the costumes he would've pasted but then again it IS his fault for even being thrown off by another women's beauty.

  8. boys comments are 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 .. so if you men can't say no for a pretty girl .. we can't say no for rich guys too 🙄

  9. This was kinda rude man. Look at how apologetic the man was, and most importantly, who gave Carla the right to push him? Is he a toy or something? You can't just push someone like that. Although he did say yes and made a mistake, look at how guilty he was. Y'all obnoxious.

  10. How men go for women with better looks is just the same as how some women go for guys with more money because it was more appealing to them

  11. For every guys saying he failed because the other girl was hotter think about that when your girl leaves you for a guy because he was hotter

  12. I would fail 😂😂😂 and I’m not even a dude or a gold digger….. I can see because a young guy would fail more than an older one

    Mind you I’m 43 and don’t even know how this came on my recommendation list but I’m lmao 😂

  13. Nice content, I felt being cheated and abused but i needed to make sure my instincts were true until i was referred to a hacking company who took care of the hack job. They hacked him, I’m glad i had a proven truth that he was cheating. Contact them if you need any of their services on @brandhackers1 on Instagram or chat them up on WhatsApp +19163042321

  14. its funny how they give the guys way more slack than girls….the min he agreed to seeing some strange girl he never met in her home… alone? and a lil show?… should of ended the relationship then

  15. My friend has a boyfriend and I don't trust him he hit on me but I told him I don't like him like that because my friend likes him so like yea now they are a thing SO IDK I think he just wants a GF

  16. Carla just take him back he seems sweet! He’s those guy who you’d want to give a 2nd chance to because he’d change but some guys don’t deserve 2nd chances because they won’t change but I’d have given Ryan a chance cause he seems mutually sorry!

  17. Tbh this was less about him being gold digger and more about those exotic outfits he was tempted with by a super hot girl…

  18. Legit every comment is about how hot the girl was, and I cant admit that she did. The thing is, the reason why they chose a more… "prettier" girl than the girlfriend is that what if this was a real situation? A hot girl showing off he body to a guy who's taken. It's obvious what would happen and that guys like these are loyal. Even if the girl was hotter, they shouldve kept faithful to their girl. This includes if it were the other way round, the girl and a hotter boy.

  19. i feel bad for karla😔😔1198273648490183746464793010128746545291002763638010172635353839101266364839302871626738394083726254253894940018263738940473625514252674904057625151553748484494040499494563652515389440476226626 slaps for ryan😡😡😡😡

  20. Ok tbh he was chill asf and i dont think the "KEEP DIGGING RYAN" was actually needed but ey man he did fail however he seemed really guilty and when told to get out he obeyed and left..

    But he failed so i guess its cheating… shit happens..

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