Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

Okay, breathe easy a script in the world for description. Okay, you got this to the camera Madeline mone. Awesome. Here you go. Take one Hey, how’s it going? Oh nice to meet you, too. Yeah, I’m modeling Take two Hey, uh, hi, I’m so sorry to bother you. My name is Madeline. Nice. Yeah, nice to meet you Sorry cut a little too more Say hey, what’s up? How are you? Nice to meet you too me. How’s it going? It’s going good. How are you? It’s great. There you go. Say what’s up to you? Here we go, here we go. Here we go Being a gold digger is not a crime and it’s a company subjective term Therefore to avoid any defamation of character and emojis placed on Oliver targets. I’m really not trying to get sued guys Hey, I’m just calling because I am running a quick errand and I’m gonna be late to meet up with you, okay? Okay, but don’t fall asleep as soon as I’m done here. I’m gonna head straight to your apartment Okay, it’s pretty late at night and I have to head to my friend’s apartment complex Ask them a couple of questions before we pull this gold digger test But before I can do that I first have to run inside this store to run an errand and that errand is that I am buying ten $100 Amazon gift cards now I know you guys might be wondering am I really buying? $1,000 worth of gift cards in order to use them for the school tutor video And the answer is no I am buying these gift cards to give them away to you guys as a lot of you guys might Know a couple of weeks ago we partnered up with this app called playlists and we were able to give away to you guys 10 Beats headphones this time. We’re partnering up with them again and were given away Tanna $100 Amazon gift cards now. 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Well, it’s simple step one download playlists using the link in the description of this video You will automatically follow me and be signed up to win step two become one of my most active Followers in this month of November you’ll know that you’re super active by looking at the listening count on your playlist Profile whenever you listen to a song you’re listening count will go up So the higher that number is the higher the chances you have at winning and here’s a pro tip whenever you have other people listening to your songs You’re listening count will go up as well and finally step 3 log in constantly and just be on the lookout for the winners on My playlist profile because that’s where I will be announcing that I will not be announcing the winners here on YouTube and yeah guys That’s literally it just download the app make a playlist listening with friends listening with me and you guys can win one of these $100 Amazon gift cards. Alright, so now it’s time to exit the freeway and finally arrive at my friend’s house I’ve kept waiting long enough this is Carla and tomorrow her life will forever change because we will be testing her boyfriends to see if he will trade her for Another girl tonight. I just came to bugger to make sure that she actually still wants to go through with the test I literally just came in asking two questions number one. Are you sure you want to do this tomorrow? Yes Number two because you mentioned you don’t trust your boyfriend at all Are you sure you wouldn’t just rather talk to him as opposed to putting him through this test? Are you scared of talking – I’m not scared of talking him. Like that’s it’s just not that easy also I’m it’s more as I’m scared of like accusing him for no reason So Carla is seeking peace of mind and we’re hoping to give her that evidence and the proof that she wants to be able to trust her boyfriend or to break up with him once and for all on a scale of one to ten ten being that she really Trusts him and one being that she doesn’t Karla probably trust as her boyfriend like eight Three and I mean she has a reasons and everything and I’ll tell you guys about them right now when I gets home That way I don’t have to explain it and dry So Carla doesn’t want me sharing too much you’re going to into detail here So I’ll just give you guys a quick overview by the way, please excuse my drawings Okay, this is Carla and this is important Ryan and these people will be here just other random girls. Okay? So before Ryan and Carla met Carla says that Ryan used to talk to a lot of these other girls Like a lot which from a guy’s perspective I see that as being normal only because he was single at the time anyways Carla didn’t really see it that way because he says that he wouldn’t just talk to them He would take him out like out to places almost like he was dating them or that’s what it appeared to her Anyways, that’s why the day that Ryan asked Carla out. She was actually shocked and it wasn’t a shock like oh my god Thank you so much for choosing me. I’m so happy No, it was a more shock like whoa, like what the hell like you chose me like aren’t you a player? Anyways, despite this so she ends up giving him a chance But before they do end up actually going out she does talk to him about the concerns that she has and he himself Assures her that he and those other girls were never anything like they never even dated and again from a guy’s perspective I don’t know how much merit there is to that because again he was single but despite that she still gave him Jim but of course with her thinking all these things you can imagine how hard It must have been for her to really really trust them So that’s why she wants to use this test to finally get all those doubts out of her head Which is just give her the courage to end their relationship So yeah, that is a very brief overview on why Carla wants to pull this task So tomorrow I guess you can say we’re gonna find out if she’s right or if she’s just worrying for no reason Test day is here. And today we’re knocking out phase one of Ryan’s three-phase test Carla has asked him to hang out with her today at this park So we have less than an hour to prepare ourselves and set up our camp We’re gonna have our main camera in the car right there we’re gonna have our secondary camera hit it on this table over here around the sweater and je yo yo, yo, Yo, you guys remember Madeline right the girl auditioning at the beginning of this video? Well needless to say we hired her to play the part of our female decoy today. She’s a girl of many talents She models she acts and she even sings but she also has a very huge Personality, which is what I thought would really kill in this test So the stage is set and the show is now ready to begin We finished setting up and hiding the cameras and then begin to tell Carl on exactly how to leave Ryan on his own in order For Madeline to make her entrance with everyone now being prepped and knowing exactly what to do It is now time to have it to the car to await Ryan’s arrival All right, guys, this is this is literally gonna be our command center right here in a couple of minutes Madeline is going to walk off that way and prepare to make her entrance Ryan We don’t know when he’s gonna come, but he’s going to be coming soon And yeah me and you’re just gonna be chilling Karen so as time ticks on and we continue to wait patiently Let me explain to you guys the purpose of phase number one again this will be a three step test with each phase leading into the next to the end goal for the test is for Madeline to Ask Ryan out However, this will be tough because girls don’t usually hit on guys But that’s why we’re using phase number one for Madeline to just introduce herself to Ryan and to start breaking that ice So as we stow it in the car, we are unaware that something is actually about to go pretty wrong right now Did you guys notice that jolt right there? well That’s the camera actually Jolting because the wind is messing with and at the moment the wind has caused the sweater to completely cover and mess up our second Angle man, look at that. Look at that second camera angle That is good So again, we think the angle is good, but in reality, it’s all messed up So a couple more minutes tick by and then suddenly a car pulls and right next to us I’m gonna put this camera down because I don’t want to be like Okay, Ryan has finally arrived which means this test is about to begin And then now we finally realize the damage that the wind did to our second angle. Whatever to the camera. Oh My god, are you kidding me? Yes. Sorry guys. I totally missed that I totally missed that him walking back up to her. But the jacket blew off of our second angle. Oh My god, the camera is literally just exposed and I think that was a squirrel. No yolks. That was not a squirrel That was the wind that complete blew the jacket off the camera. At least the shot isn’t messed up anymore But still the camera is just sitting there. We are completely exposed. Luckily his back is towards the camera yeah, my biggest fear now is that someone’s gonna walk up to it and be like Oh free camera and seal it we’re gonna keep that second angle there as much as we possibly can But if we see a threat we gotta go get it man. You can’t leave it out there And if I threat I also mean Brian if he even turns around Notices walks up to or even questions the camera. We are going to have to blow our cover and go retrieve it But anyways, despite this and of texting Carla that she’s now gonna walk away and sure enough moments later She makes up an excuse to go use the restroom signaling to Madeline that she can now make her entrance So as Carla walks away from over here You can see Madeline walking in and unfortunately Carla won’t be listening in to this face from the restroom But that’s okay because there’s nothing to listen in for this will be a quick in-and-out five-minute face Alright guys, here we go visually starting phase number one. This is Madeline coming in. I Am so sorry to bother you So, this is the classic I’ll pay you back later technique Hopefully Madeline will be able to borrow five dollars from Ryan whether it’s cash or sent through the phone and then she’ll get his number In order to pay him back later right now guys what’s basically happening is Madeline is walking up to Ryan and he is just asking her for some gas for her car that Stopped a couple blocks away. That’s all that’s happening. Right now. We’re hoping that riding gives her some money So Madeline has asked for the money in Ryan sounds hesitant but heck I mean that’s kind of expected right which is why Beforehand we train Madeline’s and not take no for an answer and to keep on pushing for a yes. I always just so random I know you’re the only person that I found here I’ve been walking for a few blocks and I couldn’t find I know the gas stations like right over there if you want to come with me. Yeah I can’t So Madeleine just offered Ryan to go with her to pay for the gas himself if he didn’t trust her and his response should be noted He just brought up the fact that he has a girlfriend and that’s a really really good sign nonetheless though Madeleine does a great job herself and continues to push on despite Ryan’s hesitation I call me. So I’ll pay you back like I give you my word like I’m not I’m not being like And finally her efforts are paying off and the conversation begins to take a turning point Madeleine has convinced Ryan to let her place her a number into his phone so that he could trust her more I think Madeleine succeeded you think so, I think she did it looked like everything does indeed look good. However, Ryan is still skeptical My phone’s actually dead So it seems that Ryan doesn’t really trust that Madeleine one to paying him back because it sounds like he got a little freaked out When she mentioned to him that her phone was supposedly dead, but after she ends up giving him her snapchat It seems like he’s finally satisfied any ends up reaching into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet. Yeah. I’m trusting you He then ends up pulling out a bill from his wallet and then extends his hand over to Madeline we have succeeded, thank you So much Thank you we have now paved the perfect road to move on to phase number two where Madeleine will end up paying Ryan back but for now it’s time to let Carla know that she is good to come back from the restroom to hang out with Ryan for the rest of The day hey Carla, it’s heard you You’re gonna walk back Yeah, start walking back phase 1 is officially done Carla exits from the restroom that she’s been hiding in this whole time and moments Later, she makes her way back to Ryan. Ok looks like they’re leaving This car yeah, they’re coming to this car man. So I’m gonna put the camera down guys. Like I said just because I don’t We’re just chilling here in the car, you know while they’re walking back to Ryan’s car okay, you know just don’t look so ran and called it now head off which means we’re in the clear to step out of the Car and call it a day Ryan drives a Prius You know, it’s not a Tesla But he’s still saving the planet, you know The snapchat it’s game a lot like snapchat just like He was like, oh I know it was like well I can give you my Instagram I was like wait, I think it’s private and he’s like snapchat and I was like I have snapchat Okay, so he wanted it like what like a security security? You blow me up. He’s like blow you up over twenty bucks. I was like, oh she actually gave you $20 That’s nice of him how much us for five? Okay. So now it makes sense why Ryan hesitated so much it was because he wasn’t just handing over five dollars He was handing over twenty. He’s like just take the money and then pay me back. Whatever and I shook his head. I was like That’s actually pretty crazy guys. You don’t just can $20.00 to a random stranger You don’t know it tells me one of two things. Number one. Ryan is a really really good guy or number two He must have felt some sort of attraction towards Madeleine to have given her $20. Look at the camera. It’s a windy day So the jacket blew off of it. Damn Thank God no one stole her faith in humanity restored or work today here is done tomorrow Madeleine will be giving Ryan a call and we will be moving on to phase number two It is about that time guys now to move on to phase number two Madeleine has been keeping in touch with Ryan and he is currently on his way right now to take up his twenty dollars that she Owes him. We’re gonna give him a call and see how far he is. Are you ready for this? Day two is here, which means phase two has also arrived yesterday Ryan. Let Madeleine borrow $20 And she has texted a more address and to come pick them up right now Perfect with Ryan on his way means that everything is going that’s plan We’re actually in my apartment by the way, and originally we weren’t planning on filming here at all But here’s why we ended up deciding to film here So this mansion or this home or whatever you call this beautiful thing right here was supposed to be the house that we were going To be using for this video tomorrow however Yokes just texted me letting me know that he inserted the wrong dates or they got the wrong date mix-up or whatever It was that happened, but now we can’t use this for the video tomorrow So I don’t know what we’re going to do. We have to figure it out But I mean we always do but it just sucks. Look at what we missed out on gosh. Dang it I mean, I guess there’s always next time right? And so we make a couple of modifications To our apartment like hiding the merge and putting the dogs away and then we set up two cameras and this time being that were Indoors in a home. Yes. We are leaving the cameras in the open like that So what they’re setup being complete. Let me explain to you guys. What’s happening now in Phase number two So the first thing that’s gonna happen is obviously Madeline will pay Ryan back But after that she’s gonna begin to start making her move on him She will first mention to him that she’s thrown a party for Halloween then invite him to it and finally mentioned to that She doesn’t know what cost him two dresses So she’ll ask him if she can model them in front of him and get his opinion And yes You guys heard of that right? Madeline is supposedly throwing a Halloween Party, and that’s because it was October when we filmed this So it made sense then So Madeline will be changing into her costumes in the bathroom And the rest of us will be hiding in the room listening in and after a couple of minutes Madeline receives a text says she’s been waiting for and she heads outside to go get Ryan again in this space Carla is gonna have the opportunity to listen in to everything that will be said through our wireless headphones Madeline successfully brings Ryan inside and she tells him to sit on the couch while she heads through the room to get the money that She owes him and thankfully he obliges Remember Ryan let Madeline borrow $20, but to impress him we’re gonna pay him back double that Madeline now stuffs the money in her pockets and then she heads back outside I Know but like you did me a favor and So now that Ryan has been paid back it’s time to move on to the next step in this space and let me just reiterate This one more time guys This video was supposed to be uploaded by Halloween But it took me forever to edit because there was a lot more editing than I thought so, I’m sorry But that’s why we’re referencing Halloween. Anyways, Madelyn tells Ryan that she’s throwing a Halloween party at this huge mansion She jumps onto the laptop that we’ve set up right there in order to show him pictures of it And yes guys the pictures of the mansion that Madeline is showing him is of the mansion that we were originally planning to shoot at But like we already said we’re gonna be saving that for next time So it sounds like Ryan is impressed with the house which is exactly what we wanted now All Madeline has to do was invite him to the party and then ask him for his opinion on the costumes that she wants to wear I’m so excited. That’s definitely Are you do you mind like help me with my costume? I have two costumes picked out But I don’t know what you want to go with because I have like another party to go to the night before Yeah, so, you know today the better one for your party Someone’s a ninja ganas and Obviously my room yeah is itcool little fashion show I can definitely give you my honest opinion. Yeah, let’s see So Ryan has agreed to this free fashion show, which is great However, remember guys this does not mean that he has failed the test yet. He’s just getting a free show. We pretty much don’t Okay Okay, I am NOT gonna lie here I didn’t look at it like that at all Carla actually brought up a good point there. This is a bad sign You make he could have I’m there and see initially I was like I was in the mentality I’m like, oh it’s just a part of the test But I see what you’re saying A couple more minutes ticked by and then finally Madeline has finished changing into her first costume Okay, so it sounds like Ryan likes what he sees but again that doesn’t mean that he has filled this test I Got you chick scorpion So Madeline now heads back into the bathroom to start changing into her second costume I’m not gonna lie guys as is we’re giving Ryan a really really hard test, but hopefully just hopefully he can power through and pass After a couple of moments later, finally Madeline exits the restroom with their second costume I uh see do not know how to interpret this like was he just being nice and giving his honest opinion or did he like Really like like it to the point of attraction But what this guy’s face too is officially complete and now we were immediately shifting into phase number three let me very quickly tell you guys about this phase because it’s short and Simple in Phase number one Madeline broke the ice in phase number two Madeleine began to make her move and now in Phase number three this test will come full circle and Madeline will ask Ryan to be her date to the party that She’s supposedly throwing she has walked away to the bathroom to take a quick breather But now she returns still in costume to finish the job and complete this test Big plans big plans like would you be interested in being my party? I mean, I don’t know your situation like every girlfriend every dating someone We just drive together In no time at all literally It didn’t even take him a minute for Ryan to fail this test the loyal Ryan who initially brought up his girlfriend at the beginning of this test Has completely vanished and forgotten about Carla Okay That was fast Like really really really really bad he went for it. It was like no hesitation. No nothing so you instantly knew he was gonna fail you could tell why I Expected like at least a little more hesitation. Yeah, I think He has a girlfriend Mm-hmm. I thought what we had meant something to him it obviously doesn’t if it took nothing for him to No hesitation Literally no Hesitation, which I was expecting like at least like a a competition back and forth But I was like you wanna be my date to the party. Yeah. Sure. I’ll be your date cool for sure Harlan now has to decide if she wants to confronts him or not come with Madeline now coming back to meet Ryan she must hurry This house is insane. You could take it off unless you want it was still isn’t it? Did you? Don’t be everything like that. Okay. I’m over it. I’m so done with him right now. I just All right, I’m gonna get out of here Do you want what’s our next move then? Um, do you wanna walk out there and confront him? I don’t know. We’re doing this now And this is the moment we realized that we messed up We got to take it up way too much time in that of not knowing what to do Madeleine walks Ryan out Don’t come back no, no, no because then you can just dip out. No, I’m getting Like look at or something, okay, and then tell me can you please back up if he starts hesitating like please come back up? Please come back up Please and then sit him down and then kind of talk to him sitting down and then we’ll go out there. Okay? Okay, this better work and this time we better not waste any time Perfect we have been given another shot at redemption And like I said this time we are not wasting any time after about 10 minutes or so Madeline finally returns with Ryan Fucking Well, is this what answer me Fucking pointing out. Who is she? What do you mean my friend your friend? So you just take all your friends out on dates and tell him how much you’d like them and that you’re single Okay, so so so Ryan this entire thing was all just part of a big ol giant test Okay like everything that you just went through and everything that she just told you was not relocate from the moment that you met her from the Moment that she asked you for some gas money for the moment She paid you back and did this passenger or whatever and stuff like that. That was all part of the whole test I mean like she was working with us She was working with your government because your girl wanted to find out if you would end up staying faithful to her or not Or trading her and you you literally completely just ended up trading right? Yeah or like another girl Just listen to me, please. Okay, I’m not gonna deny the fact that I fucked up. I just look good I really want it’s lame good cuz you fucked up big-time. I know and I am sorry. Okay, cool But what is sorry fix up does the changer you just did? No, obviously, it doesn’t but I mean no no no, no No You say sorry but it doesn’t fix or change anything someone you saw because I’m trying to take the first step into making this Right with you Carla. Okay. I fucked up. I acknowledge that already The thing is you shouldn’t have to make things right Ryan All you got to do is just know I didn’t know them Don’t say you didn’t cheat because only reason why you didn’t actually go through with this was because it was a test But I guarantee you if this was real you would have 100% without a doggone through with it and you know it okay You know what? Have a girlfriend Whoa, am I? Hey Carl, I’m sorry. Okay, cool. You said that to me already, but it doesn’t fix or change anything. Okay? well What can I do to make things go back to the way they were how am I supposed to trust you now all it took? There’s a one girl come up to you and flirt with you and be all cute Whatever you completely forgot about me. Like I didn’t exist didn’t even cross your thought Of course you cross my mind or add you do it, huh? Why did you do it answer me? I Don’t understand you you you did. You’ve been double thinkit’s yes. It was like Daunting double thinking it’s not like it. I was listening to everything. Okay present. Oh, you know exactly what you’re doing What if I was just trying to be nice what if I was just playing around, you know fat? Bullshit fucking bullshit trying to be nice don’t come in with your excuses to justify your actions No, excuse for this crow, I am NOT trying to make up excuses. I’m just trying to teach you to understand that. Yeah. Yes I said fucking yes, but it was just an in-the-moment thing. Look at how guilty I feel right now Okay, do you think I would feel this damn guilty if I didn’t care about you? Okay. I don’t know what else to tell you How do I make this right with you Carl? I really don’t care enough about me Ryan, so don’t come by with your petty excuses in your guilt trip It’s not fucking hard to say hello to the person. You’re in a relationship with I’m done. So what does this mean Carl? What’s gonna happen? You think this fucking means right? I want to be with you. No, I’m fucking done You had one chance to who yourself to me and you fucking blew it Carl don’t walk away from me No Get him out. Get him out. Carla. Talk to me Okay, so I know it’s not Halloween anymore but I mean since this video was supposed to be uploaded by Halloween We’re gonna let you guys take advantage of this one more time If you guys want one awesome shirt one UD deck one golden shovel shirt some prop money and a wristband and headed to UT burns Comm to get it all for $24.99 you guys purchasing this really really does help us continue to make our videos. So thank you for that


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