Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)


  1. Sorry for the late night upload!!!! x) Hope you all enjoy!! Follow me on Instagram for "behind the scenes" type content! 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/udypranks/

  2. Aw shit this is the last video with my dog he passed away on jan 20 i fuccin miss my best friend

    I miss her shizz

  3. 2:39 what she did isn’t cheating if they think that’s true their dumb as hell,Cheating is messing and doing things with other boys

  4. I would never do that to him or anyone because first of all it’s not cool because ur with a guy and ur really into him then u shouldn’t change or trade him for a freaking car


    money.. yes money.. can buy everything, anything,and can get u where ever u want…. but it can’t buy love… so if ur in a good relationship plz,, plz kids keep it don’t trade it for money!

  6. im not on this crazy girls side, but how is it cheating that she literally never flirted with that dude or something? but shes a gold digger tho

  7. Yeah fuck that gold digger what a bitch she would rather get a nice car than have a relationship that just fucked up and just like in the end keep digging bitch

  8. A Ferrari is a once in a life time opportunity for her she can always find another bf. She was smart and looked out for her self.

  9. I feel so bad for the poor guy 😫 He looks like such a nice guy and this girl just has to be a heartless bitch.. 🙄 I was so about to cry cause i could feel how betrayed and sad he was! For her to say that he is "Pathetic" was so annoying.

  10. Even if she dident say yes and become a GD then she would be pissed she ain't getting a Ferrari and that her bf dident trust her

  11. Nice content, I felt being cheated and abused but i needed to make sure my instincts were true until i was referred to a hacking company who took care of the hack job. They hacked him, I’m glad i had a proven truth that he was cheating. Contact them if you need any of their services on @brandhackers1 on Instagram or chat them up on WhatsApp +19163042321

  12. She went a long way,I almost wanted to stand by her but she fucked it up at the end,but these dudes especially the host should do that to himself, I am beginning to question this shit of the show😟

  13. You boys are SO unbelievably dum! All of you making this program. Stop, stop, stop, it’s embarrassing for humanity

  14. Of course it would be an insecure Black guy who would do this! She’s right! He’s pathetic like who cares if you think she MIGHT leave you? That’s so weird, like focus on being a better man so you don’t have to worry about it. Seems like he was actually looking elsewhere and wanted an excuse to leave her smh.

  15. In the beginning she said autograph? Who signs a contract for a car with and autograph? Thought it was a signature hmmmmm🧐

  16. Cheating sucks in general cuz once the person confronts you or catches you, you have no one plus if they tell the internet you gonna die alone

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