Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

This is Evan Paul motorcars, it’s a premiere exotic car dealership in Orange County and this is Kat She’s the general manager at Evan Paul. Okay. So this is what you would actually be signing Um, we just need your autograph here here here and this right here is my friend yolks And he’s actually about to sign his name to own a car worth over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I’m not kidding He really is and I’m just there to encourage him. Yeah, all right But what yolks just did is not as important as to why he did it So that being said before we proceed any further You guys have to understand what exactly the reasoning behind all of this is look guys There’s no arguing or denying it money makes this world go round But what’s always gonna be more valuable than money is time and that’s because you can always make more money But you’re never gonna be able to get more time so I guess you can say the biggest L that you can possibly take in this life is when you waste both your money and Your time on someone who doesn’t really care about you So that’s why today we’re gonna help this guy named Dylan figure out if his girlfriend. Dahlia is a gold day Now Dylan doesn’t really think that alia is with him for his money But he is afraid that she might leave him for someone else who has more money and he would much rather find out now rather Than Spence who knows how much time with her only for the inevitable to happen. And so that’s where yolks comes in He’s gonna be the one to go up to alia show her some money and then see if she ends up Dumping her boyfriend Dylan to go on a date with him But yolks isn’t just gonna ask Ali on a date a minute. He walks up to her That’s just straight-up weird creepy and frankly any girl will say no to a guy Who does that especially if she doesn’t know him, but that’s exactly why we’re dividing this test into three phases those phases are the Introduction phase the flash phase and the date phase in the introduction phase eoqs will simply introduce himself to alia in the flash phase yolks Will flash money to her and in the date phase he will finally ask her on a date We’re currently in the introduction phase and so far everything is going as planned hours before this moment right here We texted Dylan and told him exactly what park to bring alia to and exactly what table to sit at with her Once we arrived to the park and we saw that he had brought her exactly where we wanted her We then hid behind the restrooms made sure we had a clear angle and then began setting up our main camera by some final touches Just in case Just in case you never know. So with our main camera now on them We then texted Dylan to make up the excuse that he needs to use the restroom This would result in him coming to us and leaving alia there on her own as soon as he starts walking over here Yoke’s you’re going go densey. You’re gonna walk Okay, and he is making up his excuse. He’s coming with Dylan now on his way towards us we send off both Denzel and yolks towards alia and in Simultaneous fashion Dylan makes it to me while yolks and did they’ll continue their approach on their targeting You have to say hiding against the wall Denzel sense comfortably on a table next to a Leo while secretly providing us with a second camera Engle now all we got to do is wait for yokes to introduce himself to Dylan we’ll also be listening to everything that yolks will be saying to his girlfriend’s because yolks And I are connected onto a phone call. So now that you guys know everything it’s time to watch this phase play out Do you have a minute? Okay. I know this is really random but I don’t have a quarter to scratch it off. I was wondering if you had a quarter I could borrow so we had yolks introduced himself to alia by asking her to borrow a quarter to scratch a scratch word that he bought at the Gas station, but the thing is the scratcher that yolks will be scratching is not an ordinary scratcher It’s actually a winning scratcher that we bought online but it’s totally fake but to the unsuspecting eye this thing looks really really really really legit Saving my life. My name is yolks by the way. Oh, yeah alia nice to meet you What the heck? Okay, so he’s scratching the scratcher, okay Are you gonna win? I forget exactly how much but yeah, he’s gonna okay. Hang on to this. I’m gonna check on the camera That’s very good so you up scratches the fake winning ticket with defending that I’ll leave providing him with and of course because she doesn’t know that the Ticket is fake. She is about to be in for a huge surprise. Yeah Wait a second Look it look it. Look it look it Lucky number one right there Aleeah has now grabbed the ticket from yolks and she is either reading its rules making sure yolks actually one where if she’s smart making sure that the ticket is actually real is this what he just sets out to take is How much does it say I won? So it seems alia is buying into our lie she is now believing that yokes is a rich man no way Let me see if I heard that right no way Okay, right there guys is like the first time that alia might actually fill this test She is money hungry and yolks notices this and capitalizes on it Do what she gonna take the money No, no, no. No, I’m talking about her. Let me get your phone Number one second yolks now hangs up the call with us to proceed to getting Ally’s number, but guys, please no Yes, Aaliyah might be money hungry, but that doesn’t make her a gold digger yet. Cool Perfect. Okay, I’m gonna cash this and then I’m gonna call you and what is happening? Okay, we’ll figure it out right now as soon as you let’s gets back here. Okay, come over here Okay I don’t Ellen might be a little nervous, but there really isn’t a reason for him to worry just yet Yolks just caught Leah’s number because it’s necessary for us to have it in order to move onto phase number two of this test But with phase one now complete he begins to make his way back up to us I hope I get something like some type of tactic explaining what just happened or something Because like I know it’s a I think I mean, I I think it’s normal Right like she the scratcher looks hella really? Did she question the integrity of it? No, no He’s really excited. She was excited. I think most people would be excited So no, I don’t think there’s anything to really think about just yet. We’ll see uh-huh You know when I call her back, are you feeling Dylan? Are you like I think like I’m a little bit nervous but I like right now I think it’s kind of like a normal reaction. There’s a lot of money right something. Yeah So with Dylan on the same pages us that aleeah’s actions don’t mean anything yet We can now send them back to hang out with her for the rest of the day But to recap and summarize guys in this phase yoke’s introduced himself to alia in a friendly and approachable manner and it piqued her interest And fuss as set us up perfectly to pull phase number 2 of this test Do you think she told him he talked about you? It looked the same as when they started talking So it’s been a couple of days since we pulled phase number one and today we’re supposed to be shooting phase number two However, we ran into a complication and a roadblock. Yep. See once all the people have been going out That’s right guys for some reason alia has ghosted yolks for two days Now which means phase number two the flash phase is now compromised So in this phase, we won the deals to hang out with alia and surprise her by taking her here to eben Paul motorcars It’s a car dealership with millions of dollars worth of exotic cars And once there were there yoke’s was gonna surprise alia even more by telling her he was gonna bite her her own Ferrari or Lamborghini With the money that he just went from the scratcher They would then sit down and fill out all the paperwork to make the buy legit But of course just like the scratcher buying the car would not be legit at all And that’s because Ivan Paul motorcars is actually in on the test with us, but unfortunately with alia not responding to yokes anymore We can’t fully execute this phase. We can’t even pull this phase But what makes this even worse is that we can’t even reschedule to shoot because the dealership is like on such a tight schedule It’s pretty much our never yolks Like we have to pretty much do it a day because I don’t think we should cancel with the company I think we should just definitely as we go we just like come up with a plan B or something So with no way to reschedule to the dealership we hang but because we were almost certain that alia would have not show up we Texted Dylan to not come either, okay so we’ve made it to Evan Paul motorcars and this is where we wanted yokes to originally bring alia and like pretend that he was Gonna buy a car and buy her a car. They were gonna sign paperwork and everything, but unfortunately she’s been dodging him So we’re gonna send it like some Instagram stories some pictures and everything of him and hopefully we can get her attention again So that’s pretty much the plan B we came up with since alia couldn’t be there to see the cars of you were gonna bring the car so Here’s a general manager here and she has so gracefully allowed us access and she letting us use and see and go into these cars Absolutely buying the card today. That would be this guy Really buying it So cat now takes us in grants us access to our most limited and expensive cars each worth up to half a million dollars remember guys The plan is to take videos of these cars and make it seem as legit as possible that this guy’s gonna be buying it Well, yeah scars and without a further ado. We begin setting our Plan B into motion. Yo alia check this out Green McLaren I think this might be the one it’s a 720. I think I might spend a lot of money on this What are you big first video down it many more to go. Oh my god. This is like a race car second choice for AI 458 it’s got the red interior This one’s expensive man our goal in sending alia these videos is to get her to think that yoke’s is actually going to buy himself A new whip with the money that he won from the scratch. This place is looking kind of depressing me I can’t afford any of these cars So alia may or may not have come to her senses. That meeting yolks was actually too good to be true And that’s why she stopped messaging him, but hopefully hopefully after receiving all of these videos It sparks a much-needed reaction from her this cars gonna be your mascot right here It just fits him perfectly lit gold wraps. We might have to get this wood Got a pull out a bunch of credit cards buy this thing The hardest part is getting in and out of these things, you know Nothing said what we thought was a perfectly paved face to ended up turning murky However, we always try to find a way to tread the road and always stay optimistic What are your thoughts on all these cars Enzo? I can’t afford this lifestyle Or I mean at least some of us always stay optimistic So we’re executing our plan to what I believe is flawless I’ve been said I’ve been sending her a nice show dude, a bunch of Instagram sisters has not responded yet Who knows she may be sleeping. Should you like a signing her? Do you think I should I think he probably should Mike you’ve heard we’ve got a no response from alia over Instagram or text message So we try facetiming her to see if we got lucky But after two attempts and no answer on each one, it’s really starting to seem like our Luck’s run out So it is now time that we move on to our last resort. Oh wow This is the one I think with the help from general manager Kat We are now going to make a very legit looking video for alia of yolks signing to buy the black Lamborghini If I can’t sign this card or like a bank, then we can come rebuild a car But since you’re paying all cash today, we won’t have that We did our best to make this look official and exhausted all of our ideas to try to get a reaction from alia. Yeah His final video now being sent to her We now leave it completely up to her to see if she chooses to reply to yolks or not If she responds then we find a way to move on to phase 3 But if she doesn’t it’s safe to assume that alia is not a gold-digger Guys so yolks is pretty much telling me that he’s getting no response from her leg got all and stuff So at this point, we look desperate and we’re just gonna call it. We’re gonna end this test this test is over Alia is not a gold digger She said congratulations, yeah, she said I thought you were supposed to spend the money with me So it seems our efforts have paid off and I mean I don’t want to say it was the nice cars and the fact that yoke Supposedly bought himself a Lamborghini that made alia want to message him again. But I mean, it’s plausible that that is the reason why And setting up a date where we’re gonna pull his face number three So going off of this message here that yolks just sent to Lia. We ended up coming up with a strategic plan That is a little ridiculous slightly elaborate, but very believable in real life Yolks is actually always around quality and luxury so for the next two days we’re gonna have him indulge in a Conversation with alia where he can share these old pictures that he has on his phone without coming off douchey We’re hoping to make alia believe that yolks does in fact have more money than just what he won on the scratcher and I would say because Yolks didn’t overdo it the plan worked like a charm and so in due time yolks then sends her this message Basically, he’s offering to buy her a Ferrari and yes, of course We added more intricate details to the message to make it more believable But at this point guys, we highly suspect that alia believes that yolks is actually a wealthy successful guy So we hope that she also believes that this isn’t out of his element and that message of course sparked a very long back-and-forth conversation That you guys can pause this video and read it if you really want to read it all but pretty much alia didn’t believe yolks Thought it was a joke and was questioning why yolks would buy it for her but in the end thanks. The else is persistence She ended up accepting the car bus allowing us to finally pull phase number three of this test remember? this is where yolks is finally asking alia on a date and as you guys might have guessed he’s gonna be doing so as he’s Giving her this new Ferrari and so the schedule to me but what alia doesn’t know is that Everyone except the Ferrari will be at this Meetup instead taking its place will be this Toyota Corolla Which is actually less this car shoutout to our camera girl last week We honestly just felt it would be interesting to see how alia reacts and seeing the Corolla here instead of the Ferrari anyways we got there early this time and chose to a more cameras towards this direction because it was closest to the park entrance on a Scale of one to ten how confident are you that she’s gonna pass the test at this point probably a 5.4 That’s pretty low So Dylan has clearly lost some hope but the thing is alia can still pass all she has to do is just decline to go On a date with yolks but time ticks on and yolks receives a call Then he gives us a thumbs up letting us know that it is alia and she is almost here So when to the car we go to hide while yolks heads to the park entrance to meet her up So we got camera guy right there getting yolks and we got this camera here as the second angle Just in case anything happens to the SD card or the battery over there or vice versa? So we wanted to make the Corolla surprise. So when yolks meets up with alia, he’s actually gonna be blindfolding her I don’t think our camera. I think he went too high up I don’t think her camera is going to be able to get him ding. We did not think of that at all But I mean at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter Like I said, all yolks is doing is meeting and blindfolding alia and sure enough after a couple of minutes We start getting our first glimpse of them walking down I know you’ve been waiting. Oh my gosh. She just says she’s super excited. She said once again we were connected on to a phone call with yokes and listening in this time that we’re using earphones for more precise listening because every Word uttered will be important. Alright a little right this way. I swear I can’t wait to see what kind of reaction she will give to seeing a Corolla instead of a Ferrari right here. Oh Yeah, are you ready? You ready to see your new car? Yeah. All right. I’m so excited to see her expression Got you the Ferrari wanted Yeah, I did yeah, so she is obviously not impressed with this coin I’m not feeling her I don’t like her Look at this car, it’s beautiful. I’m not with you. It’s yours What do you mean come on it’s a fright look it’s got four wheels for some reason I expected alia to be mad. But to be honest, it sounds like she’s being a really good sport about her joke This is the new model check it out Whoa, whoa don’t you insult Lester’s car like that. Alia you have absolutely no, right So the joke has gone on long enough and now yoke’s decides to come clean I was kidding with you I’ve got the Ferrari right here. Okay. So what does yolks mean by this? Well remember at the dealership how yolks supposedly signs for the Lambo Well, the papers in his hands are some of those exact forms But this time for a Ferrari all you got to do to make it yours is sign right there. Check it out No jokes no jokes Read it look so because the forms are legit and actually from the dealership alia can’t even question the integrity of them like they’re real forms, all we got to do is go to the dealership with your signature and the cars yours Perfect with alia believing that she is so close to the Ferrari It’s now the perfect time for us to ask her on a date before we sign this paperwork though. Alia I don’t know if you can tell or not obviously I’m attracted to you I kind of like you and I wanted to know if you had a boyfriend if she denies what you gonna say. I Just want to make sure that you don’t have a boyfriend. Are you in a relationship right now is my question. Yeah She just admitted she was in a relationship which is a great size great sign It’s a really great sign and definitely must be giving Dylan some hope back but this test isn’t over just yet I mean, it doesn’t matter but you know if I’m gonna get this $200,000 car, you know for technically we just met, you know, you’re kind of a stranger But I just want to know that we’re gonna be able to use it together and have fun with it You know if you have a boyfriend, you might get jealous or you know Yeah, but I want to make absolute sure that this is what you want Okay. What do you need to make? Sure are you gonna argue with him? Are you you know, what are your feelings for him? Because I kind of like you obviously I want to take you on dates. But have you ever boyfriends? Wait, what does that mean? What do you mean like do you want me to? No, no, that’s not what I’m saying it. I don’t want you to break up with him Okay, so maybe hooks isn’t directly saying it but he is implying it and it’s clear that at leas senses and knows this Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked that question. The decision is up to you Like I said me and you can possibly have a relationship in the future Again guys based on this question. It proves that alia knows exactly. What yokes is implying She knows that he wants to date her But that she can’t because she has a boyfriend and I think it’s also safe to assume that she knows if she rejects yokes There’s a possibility that she also will lose the Ferrari I know it’s a tough spot that we might have put her in but I also know that she knows what the right thing to do is Really You’re sure about that Pretty sure, you got to be a hundred percent sure, cuz when you sign this it’s like signing your life away So alia just claimed that she was already planning on breaking up with Dylan, but to be honest how truthful is that statement? For a Ferrari, yeah damn, so did alia accept yokes his offer because she was already planning on breaking up with Dylan or did the possibility of losing the Ferrari have something to do with it with his job now done though Yoke’s now invites her to sit on the bench with him to look at some pictures of her new car I mean, is there more that you want to hear like I think I I mean, what is that? What is it? What does that say to you later today? We can go pick it up now. We got the paperwork I want to show you some pictures of it first. She’s planning on already dumping you, which I don’t think it’s true I just think that she just says that right now because she wants the Ferrari but there is no Ferrari but still the simple fact that she says that Mere thoughts on everything. What are you feeling right now? So I just feel betrayed. Mm-hmm like I spent all this time in this relationship and then she’s gonna do that to me because I think I’m Doing a great job as a boyfriend, but apparently there’s something wrong. That’s the thing that sucks to be honest is literally like you you invest so much time into like a person and then like For them to just drop you just like that damn to her credit. Alia did go seelix after phrase Number one and she did bring up the fact that she had a boyfriend in this face But regardless in the end the results are the same. She has failed this test Again, she has a boyfriend right she does so she shouldn’t be willing to just give it up for a card No, of course, not of course not that’s what that’s what’s crazy She literally valued that car or the Ferrari the fake Ferrari over you she badly with that car over you I mean, yeah These are really cool-looking and expensive but at the end of the day They’re just aluminum iron glass rubber plastic and steel whereas to a person who actually loves and cares for you. That’s priceless So what do you what do you want to do? Do you want to go out there confront her? Do you want me to yes? You want to know why that’s the next step you you you want to go out there you want to confront? About yeah, let me set up this cam So without a further ado Dylan when I have the opportunity to confront alia and get whatever’s on his chest off So at this point in the video if you guys are not munching on talkies how you’re supposed to be here if you guys already Finished your bag, then you better go run and grab another one because you guys already know This shit’s gonna be good Alright so what do we do do we do you want me to pull up a little closer or do we get off from here? And walk she’s gonna see you like almost immediately like once she spots you she spots you seize prominence She’s probably gonna spot you like halfway through the parking lot you want to do okay? Drew’s gonna change like that alia. There’s gonna change like I’m nothing like I don’t mean anything to you And Right now No, 1:30 any okay, so we’re actually put me for a small show on YouTube. It’s called catching gold diggers And basically we wanted to find out if you would end up using or cheating on your own. I don’t care. I don’t care I didn’t do anything I didn’t Want to be like no scared and acting guilty as hell right now, I’m not running away from anything I just want to be on any stupid show something I did. Yes, you did. Stop fucking lying. We recorded everything Right here. Fuck I didn’t do shit. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Everything was recorded Aaliyah We got everything on camera like there’s nothing to deny. I don’t I didn’t do anything so you can’t see that I did something when I didn’t do shit Like I don’t know what you’re fucking tripping nothing matters to you, huh? You don’t care about our relationship or anything that I did for you You have two fucks about any of that right Dylan I’ve done so much for you too, but you don’t see me rubbing in your face or setting off for a fucking show Go ahead and set me up. I’m not afraid of being tested because I don’t play games like you I’ll stay low G No matter what and I’m not trying throw anything in your face Aaliyah. I just think it’s common sense to be appreciated What others do for you? I am appreciative who said I wasn’t bullshit this how you show your appreciation by spreading your legs over cuz their money Okay, cool, I don’t know why the hell you all mad at me for we not the one who’s got used and played right now pathetic, you know that you have no confidence or self-esteem that you have to set me up for some fucking show just to see if I’ll trade you for another guy. Well, I’m glad I did cuz look what happened. You did end up training me So what the hell’s I tell you about yourself? Well tells me that I go for guys who are more confident weren’t pathetic. Like, you know, it says they You know what? I’m done. How do you want to say any more? And with that Aaliyah walks away I’m assuming back to her car and Dylan who became a little emotional decides to take some space to himself for a couple of moments Because when you confront someone when this just happened You can print this person like on the spot right then and there it’s like you really don’t know what to say And your emotions are going III want it? I want to get that any She is either the biggest gold digger in the world or the most gullible person I think she’s a little bit of both, honestly I really thought you know, we were hitting it off – that’s the thing that hurts the most I Guess not. I mean look at it this way Dylan, you’re what 19? You’re 19, man You’re still young and at least you know now and yeah and nice true and you know What it is man is every time you go through something traumatic in your life You learn from it and you gain experience from its we got you. Oh It’s gonna be all right Let’s go home. Oh look at it You gotta come down to our level crap are you let’s do this You


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