Wind Passion Bracelets and Accessories – Try It or Don’t Buy It? | Sophie’s World

Wind Passion Bracelets and Accessories – Try It or Don’t Buy It? | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well today I have another episode of try it don’t buy it for you now full
disclosure this product was actually sent to me by now sent me a couple samples of their bracelets and these
bracelets are made out of paracord which if you follow my show you see that I’ve
made paracord bracelets in the past which is why I think they sent these to
me okay my honest honest review packaging is very cute so this is the
simple one this is a simple bracelet that I’m wearing right here as you can
see comes nicely packaged and then they also sell a different style that comes
packaged in this little box and then let me show you this different style it’s
got sort of this little anchor or cleat in it so these are very simple bracelets
there’s slipknot bracelets so you slide it on your wrist so you open up the
slipknot and then you slide your wrist in and then you slide it shut so here’s
what I did I actually wore these bracelets for two weeks to really give
them a good test out before I wrote about them on my blog and
actually made this video for you today here is my honest honest opinion about
these bracelets this one here this is actually a male bracelet quote-unquote
but they have a female version of it as well and I guess the male version is
just a little bit bigger but here’s what I found about this design do you see
these edges they stick out and you see this cleat it sticks out and so it did a
lot of shifting around on my wrist and and I found that this would poke me this
little edge piece here so I actually did not enjoy wearing this bracelet at all
and after the two weeks that I wore it I was like really happy to take it off now
this is the other one and this is very simple and as you can see so here it is
you can see the two ends kind of line up when you put it on you use this you just
slip knot it off like that and it just slips off
really easily and then you just when you put it on you just pull the slipknot and
pull that side and then it fits to your wrist what I like about this as you can
see is these line up with each other so when it’s on your wrist you don’t get
that that banging of your wrist that I was telling you about with the other
bracelet so it doesn’t hurt and what’s nice about this is that they have taken
the ends and they’ve taken little tiny thread and they’ve wrapped it wrapped it
wrapped it wrapped it wrapped it and then sealed it really really well so
that there’s there’s no fraying which is if you ever work with paracord which I
do that’s one of the things that you have to worry about is the fraying so as
far as try it don’t buy it I’m gonna give you two so for number one the basic
bracelet here and again this is is where you can find these so for this basic bracelet you know I think it makes a cute gift for somebody
who’s into like you know mountaineering or is a sailor or anybody who you know
likes knots or anything like that it’s it’s a good little gift so I would say
and I’ve been wearing mine like I said I’ve been wearing this actually for over
two weeks this one I’ve been wearing for about three weeks and I don’t take it
off I wear it in the shower and you know I’m finding that it is just as nice as
the first day I put it on and so this one I definitely say try it this one
don’t buy it at least for me I found that it was uncomfortable it actually
hurt I didn’t like the way it slipped around my wrist and truth be told for
the price points on this one which is like almost twice the price
of this one I don’t think it’s worth it so try it definitely buy it no so try
it don’t buy it yeah there you have it that is my honest
to goodness opinion on bracelets they also other products but
they didn’t send those to me to check out so if you are somebody who wants
something nautical like a gift for somebody who is a sailor or something
you really shouldn’t give them a check out so that is and
we’ll have a link to it down below if you’ve got more honest opinions that you
want to hear from me and you want to send me a product I’m more than happy to
review it for you but remember I’m gonna give you my very honest opinion on
whether you should try it or don’t buy it make sure you check us
out for more fun stuff at

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