Winners of our Gold and Silver 2016 Price Prediction Competition

Winners of our Gold and Silver 2016 Price Prediction Competition

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 1st January 2017 and our first
video of the year is to announce the winners of our; ‘predict the price of gold and silver
competition 2016.’ As a brief reminder, we asked our subscribers
to guess the closing price of gold and silver in US dollar terms as shown on the
website for the year end of 2016. Midday on Sunday December 18th was the deadline at which
all estimates had to be in and was the point at which we disallowed further comments. The
prize for the individuals who guessed closer to the closing price of gold and silver was
a 1 oz Lunar UK Year of the Rooster | Silver 2017 coin and In the case of two people guessing
the same figure, then the person who guessed soonest would win.
We were, to say the least, very pleased with the spirit in which you entered the competition
and also with the fact that we had over 700 entries and did they range somewhat. One or
two predicted gold below $900 and similarly a few of you predicted silver above $21. The
actual closing prices as per the website is gold at $1151.85 and silver at $15.94
What we did notice from the estimates and the results is that the vast majority of our
entrants were more bullish than the actual final result but not by a significant amount.
This gives us some heart simply because you know that we call out the pumpers from time
to time, not because we take pleasure in it, but often because we believe they encourage
people to go ‘all in’ by the ‘imminent collapse’ nature of their messages which
has certainly over the past 5 years proven financially detrimental to many.
Now before we reveal the winner we have one or two honourable mentions and if we miss
anyone out we apologise because so many of you were close to the correct price.
Florent Connerade nearly won the silver price prediction with a very very close $15.93 and
MarkelFarkel and Anton Lovell were so close at $15.92 and Picc at $15.90
However the Winner of the silver estimate with a precise figure of $15.94 is Max Prophet.
A little spooky if you ask us being called Prophet and winning. Max absolutely well done.
On the gold front Picc did extremely well with $1148 and Thorbass with $1131. Now 2
people who actually came closest to the $1151.85 guessed the same figure of $1150. Unfortunately
the subscriber who guessed it second loses to the other. So the runner up was Bonzo69
who gave his prediction 2 weeks ago – well done Bonzo you came so so close, but the winner
of the gold prediction is OORPHB who provided his estimate 4 weeks ago. So a tremendous
congratulations to OORPHB. To everyone who took part a fantastic effort
and to our two winners well done and please send us by email your contact details and
an address to which we can send your prize. Please email us at [email protected]
Once again many thanks to you all for making this such a great and enjoyable competition
and if you think we should run something similar in the future, then please let us know in
the comments below. We hope you have found this video interesting
and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly
visit our website at and if you haven’t already done so please
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Our Facebook page which is updated daily can be found at Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. I ended up a lot closer than I expected, when looking at the Kitco year end…so I'm still rather satisfied with my $15.85 estimate, regardless. Totally blew it on the yellow guess, though…oh, well. d;o)

    Congrats to those with either heightened math skills, or voodoo hex bags…or whatever it is they used to get so bloody close to the final figures! d=^P

  2. Thanks for the great analysis IS in 2016. Look forward to your commentary in 2017. By the way, the USGS report is out. Silver production from 2015 to 2016 increased by 16 million ounces to 873,600,000 million ounces of silver mined in '16. However, what caught my eye was that 15% of that silver came from recycling. They did note that production at primary silver mines did fall, but production of silver at zinc, copper, and gold mines increased. So, my question is back in 2006, we were producing 1.1 billion ounces of silver a year. Fast forward 10 years and we have declined by roughly 200 million ounces. Is this a result of lower silver prices, or are we slowly diminishing our silver reserves?

  3. Thanks to you for running the contest and more importantly for the year of great videos and advice. Looking forward to your content in the coming year.

  4. Great fun ! Congratulations to the winners. Thanks I – S. I came close. You're a good teacher, because until i found you i knew nothing about Gold and Silver.

  5. One of the best youtube channels. once again a quiet dignified chello playing whilst you you speak is needed.
    Thank you for all your hard work. you have helped me and i am sure others as well, to put their feet back onto solid ground when i comes to silver.

  6. That was a nice bit of festive fun. Congrats to the winners and Happy New Year IlluminatiSilver!!!

    ps: you might find collecting survey data (or price predictions) easier via GoogleForms/Sheets where the data collation is automated straight into a spreadsheet and submissions can be limited to one per email address and changes either allowed or disallowed. Its free to use. It could be a good way for this group to express their collective view of the expected price movements.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS to Max PROFITor (PROPHET) on your silver price prediction and OORPH B for the gold price prediction! Show yourself here. You have excellent antennas.

  8. What!!! No way! Thank you so much IS, what a nice piece of news for 2017! Absolutely surprised and delighted. Happy new year the my fellow subscribers all the way from Australia.

  9. Great competition, IS. More of these would be most welcome. This is a great way to encourage subscribers to cast their minds towards predicting future trends in the spot price of these two precious metals.

  10. This was a cool contest! My guesses were gold: $1101 silver $15.87. I was a lower with gold, but my silver guess was in the ballpark. Thanks for your timely reports on the realistic nature of the precious metal markets, specially in silver. I look forward to any other contests that you plan to have!

  11. Back in 2009 a bunch of us in the silver community did a guess the price competition called 'pass it on'. We literally passed a silver eagle from one winner to the next, by post. That coin went around the world 2 times!!

  12. Informative, insightful, charitable in judgment, funny, probably the most charming man one could be privileged to meet, YES, please hold the Gold and Silver price contest again, for 2017. You da man.

  13. the market is going to do the exact thing ppl are not thinking…metals are going to fly oil will drop or stabilze and the dow will close in the 16k range by 12/31/17……….good luck!……..again i love your vids simple and educational.

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