Wizarding World Gold

Wizarding World Gold

so you know the Wizarding World that we love so much? would you like to delve even deeper into this magical universe? come on, we all want to be part of this magical community do you feel out of step in the world of modern magic? do you find yourself making excuses not perform simple spells? ever been taunted for your woeful wand work? there is an answer and when you watch this video to the end, you’re gonna find out just what it is if you’re new here welcome, my name is Rodney and I discovered Harry Potter when I was young and now that I’m older I’m always interested in new ways and how to include Harry Potter in my grown-up life so it was only last week, that all of a sudden I heard… “what have you bought now!” you see at that moment I was very eagerly unwrapping a very special parcel that it just arrived, and normally every so often, I’ll get parcels that arrive at my family home and you know, it’s usually Harry Potter merchandise that I’ve ordered that I can’t wait to get my hands on now when he gets closer to my birthday and Christmas when my family see me opening parcels that is very clearly Harry Potter merchandise they think themselves well ‘couldn’t you have told us what that was, so that you could save us the’… ‘effort of having to research and you know source an item, that I don’t have’ because I have quite a bit of Harry Potter merchandise and they don’t always know what to get me so this particular item was actually gifted to me by the Wizarding world, so fortunately I was in the clear for that but I understand the struggle, even for me sometimes finding new stuff, it’s not always that easy I have looked into purchasing those magical subscription boxes but I find that when I’ve been watching people unbox them, which I really do enjoy by the way the items included, I maybe like one or two of those items so I can’t really justify all that costs for maybe only liking one or two items it just doesn’t make sense to me what I’d rather do is save my money and then purchase very select items like replica merchandise, stuff that will go
in my flat some stuff that I could use or display in hopefully a sophisticated way when friends visit from overseas or just by myself, I love going to Harry Potter shops, Harry Potter locations and obviously the studio tour because when I go there I often bump into people that I know see new merchandise and sometimes even see celebrities from the films I decided a while back, that when ever there’s a Harry Potter event in the UK then I’m gonna make sure that I’m there, because I hate missing out on events and I found that if I just simply included myself in these situations, then I don’t have to miss out on anything so you probably think I’m on social media all the time but it’s just not possible, even I miss out on things but I find that going to more of these events the more people you recognise, the easier is to make friends with the people that are at these events and then you can go to these together and that’s how I’ve made these wizarding world friends it’s simply just going there and I’ve heard that from these friends that I’ve made that a lot of people have signed up to this thing that I’m about to show you I didn’t realise that it’s actually filled with interactive secrets and surprises that come to life in a very magical way I also didn’t realize that what I’m about to show you is designed by MinaLima the designers behind the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts… so much merchandise I love so that was pretty darn magical already so I want to introduce to you Wizarding World Gold,
the ultimate gift for any Harry Potter fan now this took a little while to arrive to me, but because it’s specific to me, it was totally worth it it actually makes enjoying Harry Potter experiences much easier and you can be amongst the first to enjoy these so membership includes early access, so you can be amongst the
first exclusive products, so you don’t miss out and enhanced experiences, so you can get the best out of it but before we continue, let me ask you a
question would you like to get hold of this magic? let me show you some of the additional benefits you get as part of it so you’re going to get it a personalised Keys and Curios journal a collectible pin badge and a postcard of JK Rowling’s Hogwarts sketch all sent you by muggle mail you’re going to get ebooks of the original Harry Potter stories take the magic of JK Rowling where ever you go you’re going to get, Gold discounts and
exclusive access so discounts at all these Harry Potter stores and get early access to limited edition, Wizarding World Gold membership ranges and curious collectibles you’re going to get priority access to tickets enjoy selected priority ticketing for the most popular wizarding world events and locations you’re going to get access to Wizarding World originals immerse yourself in a video series set to uncover the secrets of the Wizarding World and bringing it closer to the magic in behind-the-scenes content you’re also going to get plenty of perks so these include collectible pin badges
from selected Wizarding World locations you could win amazing experiences and
there’ll be more magical surprises to come now if you were to pay for all of these items individually, it would cost so much more but if all this did, was give you more magical things, would it be worth it? if all this did was stop you feeling left out of the wizarding world, would it be worth it? now Wizarding World Gold, annual subscription will cost you £59.99 or $74.99 claim your welcome gift right away and be amongst the first get your Keys and Curios Journal you’ll also get access to the benefits, when Gold launches can you imagine the exciting things that we’re going to experience over the next year? I know I can’t wait, I’m so excited, so click on the link below right now for those of you who are you already signing up this is what’s gonna happen click on the Pre-order Gold button and complete your details and payment accordingly I know that some people are going to decide not to sign up and I completely understand over the next year my friends and I, who have signed up are going to experience all the magical that’s part of that but if you don’t sign up, then you’re not going to get to be involved in that you’re gonna miss out and I really don’t want that for you I also want you to be included in the magic so remember you’re gonna get a personalised Keys and Curios Journal collectible pin badge and postcard of JK Rowling’s Hogwarts sketch all sent to you by muggle mail ebooks of the original Harry Potter stories Gold discounts and exclusive access priority access to tickets access to Wizarding World originals and plenty of perks so click on the link in the description below
and sign up now and this time thank you to the Wizarding World for making the Wizarding World, just one spell away


  1. I'm still not totally sold on this, but the book is certainly lovely. The one thing I think is wrong is having to pick up the pins at a Wizarding World location. I might get it just to see if it ends up being worth it, so I can review it on my blog. Ha ha. Thanks for the video. 👍✨

  2. Absolutely disgusting. The franchise has sunk to a new low, and this Wizarding gold shit is pure and simple corporate gluttony. Stop promoting unsustainable financial greed from WB.

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