Woah Vicky Put Hands On Bhad Bhabie

Woah Vicky Put Hands On Bhad Bhabie

okay good evening star report on
Wednesday and I’m your host Chucky your friend till the end okay okay um
beautiful rainy cold day here in Atlanta beautiful just my type of thinking
whether relaxing you know riding around this morning I wouldn’t got a UH a cup
of coffee for some strange reason I’m got a cup of coffee blasting some music
I started to go live but I was I was in white boy mode and I want to do a little
too much you know but um hey good evening live chat how you guys doing
okay okay that’s what it is good to see you good to see ya a bunch of notes here
power-packed show tonight yes on the screen whoa Vikki mobs the floor with
bad baby listen we always you know um glorify acknowledge black ignorance
let’s focus on these white babies tonight hunty to see the video
TMZ whoa Vicky mop the float was bad baby I’ve been you know talking about
what Vicky for a couple of years you know some of you have heard me she’s up
on the ground popping 2.5 million followers bad baby 17 million followers
huh got his shit Rock I mean it wasn’t like a bloody fight Patel that’s our
working title tonight okay if you saw the footage feel free to call and if not
call in anyway we have to promote the the ignorance of hip-hop and both of
them are rap artists whether you want to acknowledge them or not
also Nicki Minaj wedding ring valued at one point 1 million dollars are you up
to speed I got to put some respect on um on the pimp Kenneth petty that’s his
name wherever he got the money from even if he borrowed the money from her he got
her a ring better man than me I’m out here buying you know ring pops how can I
sit here and clown this man Safari didn’t waver Meek Mill I think what
happened with me you know but you know Nikki’s the queen
so we have to talk about it we have to talk about it 1.1 million dollar ring or
that’s the value I’m not sure how much he paid for it call then let’s talk
about okay embossed reclining will be calling and shortly ooh
ronny was talking greasy just so you know right now about nicki minaj’s
husband and we also spoke behind the scenes about a few things and barack
obama talking reckless about the woke community are you up to speed this comes
by way of Huff Post calm I don’t know if he was being reckless and I don’t
whether he was just making a point but it seemed like he was taking shots at
the woke community now I appreciate the world community there’s things that by
way of information they bring to the table which you know he’s shared and I
can appreciate that is this a pattern with Barack Obama I didn’t vote for the
man but a smart man I remember a speech he gave was that he was talking about
take off take off your slippers stop dragging your feet you know and he seems
to do this from time to time but when he was in the White House and I say this
you know for those of you who remember what policies did he really implement
with regard to African Americans did he break anybody off
I didn’t he had the my brother’s keeper initiative but other groups and cultures
he was you know cutting Jack’s we’ll talk about that if you want to as
well alright um Oh special announcement give me a second where do I start folks I’m no longer eating Jamaican food
I’m serious today was the last day I’d be eating to
making food since the early to mid 70s south sides maker Queens we used to go
see my family and during that time there was only two from what I remember to
Jamaican restaurant in all of Southside Jamaica Queens the food was different
the attitudes have always been the same over the deck over the decades and
truthfully you deal with the attitudes the suck in the teeth because the food
has been great creme de la creme I don’t know
whether it’s the well actually you know what I do have some theories with
regards to not just the preparation of the food now and other things I’ll talk
about that and of course you have the generations that change do you have the
younger girls today that you know they’re cooking and and they’re on
Instagram they’re on Facebook and they’re not only paying attention the
food Jamaican food needs a certain type of nurturing it’s it’s about the
seasoning it’s about the way that you or they used to chop the carrots to mix in
with the cabbage or shave the carrots now they just get the fucking bags
wherever they get the bags of carrots from dump it together and it doesn’t
have the same texture I throughout the entire after four bites I kid you not
after four bites of my oxtail dinner thrown out and I’ve gone to close to six
Jamaican restaurants here in Atlanta so I want to talk about that what happened
to the food also there’s a snippet of Joyner Lucas and Eminem what if I was
gay as Eminem shot his load is he now desperate what’s that about
also r.i.p to comedian John Witherspoon yeah 77 years of age passed on met him
up at hot 97 years ago not partly but paola five very very nice man I think I
interviewed him twice if I’m not mistaken um I’ve got the video for it
somewhere but he passed away passed away at home not in a car accident he didn’t
get you know violated to my knowledge but if you want to just you know call in
and say all righty I will allow that to happen tonight all right um other things
we may touch on or Bostick wanting when she calls and little phase
something’s trending I’m not sure and Kyrie Irving wait a minute
Kyrie Irving NBA champion is he from New Jersey I think he is I’m not sure now
playing with the Brooklyn Nets reports are saying he’s got mood swings again is
he bitch defied what or is this a rumor are they putting something on him that’s
not true this comes by we’re a bleacher report.com
Kyrie Irving already starting with the bullshit call it if you’re a basketball
fan all right bones I’m coming to shortly
let me have him start out by acknowledging I’m furry who called in
apartment he sent a super check yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to
read this before we shut the show down he says mr. terrain I commented on T
eyes IG page Clifford are you still in love with Iggy Azalea and he blocked me
five minutes after that comment yeah yeah we brought the smoke too and thank
you for read for your donation yesterday okay okay we’re all set to go here give
me a second Ronnie Holtz I don’t want to just flush out some of these topics and address this Barack Obama with with more
details and notes okay all right let’s get to the phone lines here every cool
eight five eight started out if I baked good evening we’re talking about some
sullies silliness tonight white on white crime or hatred bad baby
whoa Vicky way to speak okay how old are you and why are you not at the speed on
the white babies fighting in hip-hop I’m trolling just so you know honestly I’ve
been slacking on everything crap related okay yeah I would like to
say our teacher mr. Witherspoon rang oh no no you probably didn’t know this
but he dropped this uh what’s the car like like he’d be cooking
on his own channel popular something like that proper to me you know he just
dropped a video I think 28 okay yesterday and the crazy thing about I know someone corner pork so your phone
sounds crazy well yeah yeah work what’s going on with you don’t miss out clerk
go mess up my flow man okay so you wanna see IP to john
witherspoon any any comments any thoughts on Nicki Minaj $1,000,000 you
know valued wedding ring that’s a street thug nigga he’s a convicted of crimes
run around with the extended clip on histogram what you mean gentleman reports to see if he paid for the ring
reports saying he paid for it sir yes okay finish up please know you back to
work no I just thought well yeah just call you know to listen and stuff like
that but I appreciate you picking up the car off thank you sir okay yes sir okay
give me a second Hasan I’m coming to you via cash yet beautiful day today again
riding around blasting on one of my favorite bands evenflo ho do you know
that song when you looking alive shot out of Seattle Washington early 90s from
the grunge movement give me a second in a second what about Jeremy spoke in
class today ah okay one person got it no it’s not rush not rush
I said out of Seattle not not fuckin Canada Jesus all right every go three
two three we’re promoting like white ignorant
tonight good evening three two three bad baby
whoa Vicki are you there yes good evening hey I’m all right
I love seeing white on white crime women you know society teaches us that we’re
savages like it can’t cause we fight against Chile I love being the white
beige so it’s all I was hoping somebody pulled
out a desert eagle on the footage let’s take our time with this tonight
come on Oh baby please now she wants to shoot the fair one with nobody around
come on let’s go man come on Park it all day I was right there you don’t think
he’ll but them but uh last year she was throwing something at Iggy Azalea hated
mrs. nothing member that’s some type of party hey hey I think I think eggy was a
part of the threesome with time you could keep it real yeah that was
yesterday show member listen right now I want to finish up on what Vicki do you
know Cheers oh well Vicki you know I’ve been wanting to borrow that she’s famous
now after that fight though this is how come up numbers come up hey Remy so not
a white babe you got each other thanks for the call man salute Thank You Nikki the 1.1 million he fought that
rain that nigga ain’t got no money man he’s a bum like okay well now listen he
may be a bum but he’s now he’s in a different league now he waived her so I
gotta pull back on that bum shit you’re right he’s a better man than me betim
enemy come on Miss miles a fairy eat this Martha theory
sucked up with jewelry Thor before you winning I don’t I don’t think he’s that
stupid I think he may have gotten alone he may have even you know charged the
the ring to her credit either way he got the ring he wanker I have to respect his
pimping thank you ma’am all right yeah thank you
Oh am I 55 years of age to be a clown somebody who wiped a chick and got her a
ring regardless of where he got the ring from again I’m giving out ring pops if a
female leaving jokes around and say she’s pregnant first thing I’m thinking
is you know baby we gotta get your feet in the stirrups you know I’m not gonna
be there for you what is it named Kenneth pedi area code 17 good evening
seven eight we’re glorifying white ignorance and
hatred tonight are you there seven eight seven eight
yo yes you’re bleeding look at you hear me I can’t you sir how are you all well
there’s Mike from the bra came to MIT oh well as far as the Niki thing with the
ring I wish them well okay okay yeah I wish them well you know I don’t know
where he got the ring from but I wish them well now as far as the whoa well
let’s stay on Nicky and endophyte and this pimp well some respect on the pimps
name could you get a ring worth the million dollars for any female no no no
I wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t do all of that yeah I would I would love to get
married but I’m not doing I would drink battery acid before I put a
million-dollar ring on a bitch’s finger let’s get to the dumb shit with these
white girls come on come on I would rather it was bittersweet because I
usually love the white on my violin but with John Witherspoon dying it just
wasn’t enough I would have loved to see maybe somebody over though come on
yeah maybe maybe an overdose arm so that was cute I like to see the dump ship
with the white girl but um they have down syndrome allegedly he’s easy easy
nothing whoa Vicky is um she’s unique she’s unique I’ve been fuckin up a
couple years yeah you mean correct that that’s the turn so they’re unique but um
I would like to see an overdose I don’t know okay all right you basketball fan not really I check what’s going on but
what’s up oh it’s a scheme that Kyrie Irving what’s your favorite sport
do you like volleyball volleyball public basketball like I’m tuned in Anelka is
doing his thing in Brooklyn well reports are saying he’s got some type of
attitude problem the bleacher report.com as he should because initially I did a
without cannot so early you know I mean at least get to the playoffs before sort
of acting bitch to fight I mean yes me you know because bitch the five bitch
defied the reports are saying he’s been fired I’m looking for someone to say no
it’s bullshit anyway all right listen Matt thank you for a call thank you yeah
and also what’s going on with the Boston Celtics uniforms yeah I pay attention to
things you know I just I said what the fuck it look like a crazy story I’m not
fully fully uh sure is it for Halloween what is that uniforms look like trash
hey uh good evening super juice happy Devil’s Night hater r.i.p John
Witherspoon bang-bang-bang salute the shooter boss
chick Ronnie aka Wesley Pipes biggest fan haha yeah she’ll be calling is
surely just hey I wanted to lay some of this out you know got a lot of energy
you know just I was really in a relaxed mode today but thank you super juice
ovule evening sir he says laugh out loud at Nicki paying for her own wedding ring
letting everyone Gok over it like a man bought it for her Jesus is king okay
hotnewhiphop calm had a little clip of Nikki and her husband talking about the
ring and he says he bought it for her now we’re always gonna compare Nikki to
cardi beating didn’t offset just get Cory be a ring worth like you know three
million of some shit like that now this guy’s not bawling like offset
clearly Nicki Minaj’s husband but he got a ring million dollar rings you know
just off the rep so the area code um four one three cleaning four one three
are you there yes yo yo what’s poppin star how are you
I’m good man I’m good you know first of all without Bostick Ronnie should be on
the line soon I’m sir you know here just yet what oh she’s not cheep-cheep-cheep
she’s not uh she got on the Walmart what’s going to you men not much man
yeah I’ve seen a fight between those uh those two snow bunny and uh yeah they
get they get it poppin man ain’t ain’t no mi white on white crime
thanks you know what I’m saying but do you see wove icky mop the floor with bad
lady come on baby all screaming I peeped it and the homies let it let them get
these crap on that’s what that’s what I like they definitely got what yeah
that’s what I like but uh I think something they need to be a part two we
got to see a part two today you know we definitely got to see a
cartoonish because uh well hang on sir that was part two because they locked
horns before so this was part two of me I followed the dumb shit so that that’s
why they let them fight in studio this new clip that we see because the first
time they got you know close each other people pull them up
so this was part two okay okay hey quick quick thing I just just a recap if I may
on the kanye west topic from yesterday I don’t like to go back is this important
what do you want to do I’d like to go back to the old you know Michelle what
are we doing can I go back real quick quick yeah okay you you know one came
for Reverend run when he converted to the face from hip hop
why is everybody come in on yay and again what Reverend run did the same
thing you had whatever run on your show on oh five you are you wouldn’t snitch
coke back in the day so we’re running easy sir can you stop snitching listen
Reverend run denies however meeting me back in the days where we going but we
know we know we know we know he did a little bit of booger sugar you know it’s
not illegible and go ahead you know but um everybody’s coming for yay for
crossing over into the face but like I said no one came for Rev Run when he
crossed over rev one took it to the same I had the same level that ei had it
where everyone has the show where everyone had yeah Rev run’s went
bankrupt right so we’re talking about a social media generation now so it’s
different you know it there were people who but nobody wanted to really you know
grill him I mean that the man it literally is one of the pillars of
hip-hop come on the mat you know everybody was
in Madison Square Garden once upon a time holding up a fucking Adidas
sneakers so you know run man right yeah absolutely right man yo peace to you
what that donation to hear me taking up time on the show hang on Boston Ronnie
let me just get some of this out the way uh okay right a BL for Reid okay okay
okay folks yes I’m coming to Durham North
Carolina can you be patient please don’t hit me within a bunch of emails just yet
okay I’m coming to people hit me from North Carolina saying claiming that they
are part of the terrain plantation you know which is where my father’s family
came from the terrain plantation I’ll get back to you guys shortly I gotta
focus on some other things first all right thank you for reaching out
Hasan peace he says best show on YouTube respect to boss chick Lonnie thank you
sir few donation toe potato pay before you think diamonds are worth what they
are question mark you’re asking me a question do I think diamonds are worth
what they are no no I’ve never been one to to buy diamonds me over the years I
had people give me diamonds I used to have like you know trophy rings and I
still I still have two of them Def Jam ring hot 97
MTV I’ve never been a person who really cared about diamonds but thank you for
your donation right okay hang on a second hey Rico three one eight
graving three one eight whoa Vicki mobster flow with yo are you up to speed
sir oh oh whoa Vicki back oh my baby Ronnie
Ronnie’s coming up shortly sir right now we have to talk about white on white
violence in hip-hop let’s get that start a personal I’m
trying to system cheaters on running my ain’t not south deeper okay let’s get
you bitch ass up out of here you see the topic bullshit Ryan’s calling in you you
can call in and you know or send a donation in and and Cape when she’s on
the line has anybody spoken to or seen Dana with the smoke
Lord Jamar my homie up on a GLAAD TV now he’s taking shots at Atos what’s going
on and Talib Kweli i saw a new video with him today he was doing a lot you
know talking about Kanye West if I were Kanye I would feel some type
of way I just want to say that okay one more corner I’m gonna see if a boss
trick one is available it’s go to area code eighty seven zero three eight seven
zero were talking about whoa Becky bad baby now why don’t white bro you have to
speed oh Jesus man yeah just saw the video it was like what 15 seconds long
yeah is that the one you’re talking about yes sir man they got some really
real serious Street shit going on I wouldn’t even joke about this oh man
what is well Big E white used to say she was light-skinned cuz I’m late and we’re
not playing at her we don’t want we don’t want her we don’t want her but you
know she is yes yes she’s the Instagram screaming I would steal traveling
something yeah yeah yeah yeah supposedly she was pregnant a year ago I I kind of
lost track did you ever have the baby or what oh I don’t follow her like that I
mean oh yeah I have no idea on that I saw the video and it was why is the
topic like are you theory sir we have to give the attention to white ignorance
just like we do with black top black women fighting in fucking Beauty Salons
you know all sorts of shooting so yes I’m talking about these two ratchet
white girls oh you can talk for other things as well come on
no you answer my question oh that’s perfect yes no I understand now I
thought you were just like I know this is what you will watch on the pond liner
what well I am Klout daddy I’m always you know trolling and to some degree
I’m Tony but you know this is a TMZ put this video these two young white girls
fighting TMZ all right yeah hang on before that you go you Eminem fan
oh no not not even a little bit really you use more my trying to hear okay
you’re white and you say you’ve never been an Eminem fan come on I mean I was
a mile before but I’m not like you know are you a white hater because a lot of
white people in hip-hop hate other way people you know this yes yeah no um I
went to have a white hater I was a fan of Mac Miller of his watching movies
with the sound off I thought was great good a.m. was good after that I like
white a wiki from Rat King I don’t know if you know who he is pretty good Joe
sorry I mean I do like some okay so hang loose anyway join us Luke as’ and Eminem
on Eminem’s YouTube channel there’s a snippet oh says what if I was gay your
thoughts as a white male yeah what Jesus obviously he’s trying to capitalize off
of just what popular ease I don’t like they just trying to capitalize also
dizzy wast and as you watched big-time oh yeah there’s been washed thank you
ever since these things gonna bring the fingerless gloves back he’s he’s he’s
out here alright thank you my appreciate a cold thank you yeah we’re gonna spend
some time on this white topic you don’t have to just talk about that but yeah
listen we sit here and we we discuss black black mob violence all sorts of
shit TMZ’s got these little walk to the white girls brawling again wove icky
she’s got 2.5 million followers up on the gram hold on a second she’s popping
you got bad baby got 17 million followers huh it’s
bitches Papa like Jiffy Pop on a Friday night huh
pow go check out the video if you have time and call in an ounce talk about it
okay what’s bullshit money but greasy Ronny she was talking real greasy
earlier greasy Ronny are you there hey hey hey thank you for being
available um let’s start with Nicki Minaj her wedding ring valued at one
point 1 billion dollars you were coming at her husband’s neck and I said you
gonna keep that same energy and you said yes right yes please now look this guy
is and I know that people can change but when we’re talking about you know if
we’re gonna call her the queen a queen deserves a king right so this guy is you
know multiple convictions I think he’s like 12 mug shots online convicted of
first degree attempted rape and this wasn’t I know that she addressed this
before on her Instagram and she basically tried to say you know well
they were both young and in a relationship no this was an attempted
rape in which he tried to use a sharp object to force the victim to have sex
with him so he is he is in fact a level 2 registered sex offender so we’ll
always know where Nikki lives we just have to go on the sex offender registry
and see where her husband is registered to he’s also has a conviction for
first-degree manslaughter so and then you know the other thing that people
aren’t talking about is that he allegedly the father of five kids so you
know I can’t judge somebody for who they love but clearly nikki has settled in
this situation and I think you called him a bum nigga I probably did that’s
how I would characterize him yeah but you know I don’t even have a problem
with the fact that she clearly bought this ring because if you think that he
he bought this ring then I have a a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn but if
you know even if she bought the ring I don’t have a problem with that just keep
that to yourself we don’t need the press release about you know he bought this
ring and this is a jeweler he got it from that man did not hand over 1.1
million dollars you know maybe it was if you guys have a joint checking account
he wrote the check but okay so so you’re hating let’s keep it real you’re hating
yes I wouldn’t say that I’m hating because you know the thing is I wouldn’t
want a man who has a sex offender you know attached to his name and this
is you know this is a coincidence because Nikki’s brother has also been
you know recently convicted of raping his stepdaughter 11 years old easy easy
easy please apologize but you know this guy I don’t I’m not jealous of any woman
who’s dating a man who is a registered sex offender that’s just I don’t want
that especially if we’re talking about this is someone you want to have kids
with so she settled and that’s fine you know it didn’t work out with safaree
didn’t work out with me didn’t work out with Naz now she has somebody that she
can control I mean I can jump in here this guy you know he might be blowing
her back out he might be giving her what she needs and she’s a hard-working woman
she’s a boss maybe you know she just wanted someone to just do just that you
know just listen after I come off the stage just pamper me don’t do a lot of
talking you just just you know long thrust me I’m trying that not to be
graphic you know and just and just keep my head banging against a headboard and
I got you is that wrong no that’s not wrong and she has actually
spoken about that she has said you know I come home I’m tired he he takes my
feet he rubs my feet he massages every toe blah blah blah
so you know I’m not I’ve never hate on that that’s good
and if I were in her position she has enough money
she doesn’t need another man who has just as much money as her or more if I
were in her position position I probably would go for somebody like him as well
but not someone who has the sex offender saying you know attached to their name
because that’s that’s just too much but she settled and I understand the reasons
why if I can just jump in and say you know again I’m not gonna hit on this guy
because he clearly his pimp hand is strong and you and I spoke earlier do
you think that there’s a prenuptial agreement and and what would such a
thing be public information to know so the prenup wouldn’t be public
information unless they chose to disclose that but I feel like the smart
thing to do in that situation would be to get a prenup but I think Nikki might
be dick-notized she I doubt she got a prenup that’s what you said you said you
said you don’t think she’s gonna I disagree I think she most certainly did
have him sign papers he could divorce her in 50 million series yeah I don’t
think she did it I think she’s so in love that she’s not now listen this is
just me speculating so it’s very possible that she said look I want to
protect my assets I need you to sign this paper and he said okay fine but I
don’t think that that happened you know I just really don’t think so I think
Nikki’s at a point in their life where she’s getting older she wants to have
kids she has said she will not have kids before she gets married so you know the
clock was ticking she sees kardi card he’s got the husband the baby you know
one other thing before I bring in more calls I Ronnie did an offset give her DB
a ring worth 2.5 or 3 million it was a couple months ago do you remember that I
will into that I’ll see how much that ring is valued at okay and also I want
to speak about the Barack Obama table get more people involved hang on a
second Ryan let me go to area code 773 good evening 773 I’m talking about
whoa Vicky and bad baby are you speed out of shots are you saying what’s up me
how are you hey that was a classic videos you say my baby that’s right
white girls go ahead and that’s like man you know put some oil on them and let
them do they thank you so to me did you ever follow the wanker of my back in the
days no that’s a band or a rock group Kreayshawn be nasty and they were doing
it they were doing a damn thing I know I’m sleep no I got a Googler I got a
Google that okay hey but I think um as far as that Ringo I think Safari long
term like half that money to get that ring cuz it only makes sense if Safari
long term half the money so are you high respectfully Safari is
not in nicki minaj’s world will be going sir no you don’t think okay how do you
think he’d get there with the money for the ring star i have no idea i they may
have gotten it from Nikki you know herself I know
Oh or or he get it from like not giving her a change back when she sent him to
Starbucks aren’t you and they just you know eventually added up to a million we
call Nathan sir Chicago you did okay any any thoughts on
Jesus is king are you guys holding uh yeah down well you know I called him the
other day and I said it was a classic and didn’t I live in a second I can
appreciate a good troll man but you know he’s done a lot for Chicago man I mean
why aren’t you taking the time to listen to it no no time I hadn’t listened to it
but now I have and are you lying again or are you serious no no not really I
really heard it I really heard it cuz I was I was a lot you know saying it was
the classic and it was a banger yeah but it’s really really it’s really uh tell
me about one or two songs if you really listen to it I’ll take the time come on
what did you some gospel will some ladies and it’s like it gets real
soulful it gets real soulful cuz i sir you’re lying again give me the name of
the song imma get you up out of here double line it’s gonna area code 347
cleaning 347 whoa Vicki mops the floor with bad baby
are you up to speed cleaning three four seven yes no maybe
okay yeah Leah it’s gonna area code four one five is that Nomad neck good evening
four one five are you there stars Nomad Nick but I can’t really talk right now
just work me dude we doing we can’t come back come back come back to me come back
to me come back okay alright I’ll come back to you okay Nomad Nick what is he
listening through the phone line okay okay I think this is uh Luke a knee
no no not Luke a knees at you sir in the Congo
yes sir star you mean how you gonna Bostick realign with me boxing Ronnie
what’s going on yeah are you hey I’m good so stop I just I
just wanted to touch an enigma nice ring real quick please
I know I’m not supposed to talk about this but is it funny I don’t think this
guy’s bought this ring you know it’s clear that she’s gonna call yourself a
queen level-headed and Noble guys – a guy –
cries and groans on Instagram you know I think that is plan going on in the
community where you have some women you know how to treat them that make good
money or some other money are you giving Nicki Minaj too much
credit Lucania let’s keep it real she’s one of the best female rap artists ever
she’s rich hey you know to my knowledge she didn’t go to college so so we’re not
talking about a highly educated woman we’re not talking about a woman who
understands the fucking tsp from the goddamn soup spoon I mean unless she she
learned it when she traveled somewhere so so why can’t she get comfortable with
somebody from her neighborhood or that area and just like I thought I think
that she’s very comfortable with the guy in the rap game for years so she
definitely can allow people that are level-headed decisions then thank you
right so one he said she just settled and it’s
okay what place for me my brother me don’t
advertise you like this guy spent 1.1 million dollars like if it’s a thousand
other okay oh you know and and ultimately spending 1.1 million a
million dollars on the wing it’s not the most responsible thing aren’t you
because Julie we appreciate that cause hey lucania I’m gonna cut you short man
anything else when I mentioned by way of Jamaican food you eat you make him food
I’m seriously finished with it I really never to make a food yeah what do you
live you in California now you around a bunch of white people what no Jamaican
restaurants Mexicans and white school do you despise Jamaican food why is it
beneath you is Jamaican food beneath you some people look down upon it no to me
Jamaicans in Jamaican food is now believe me I do know that is close to
the cuisine from the cargo so I definitely would like to try one day but
I just I just never had a camp spicy fattening and gives you gas yeah that’s
right look any good to talk to you man thank you so much all right hold on a
second bullshit Ronnie can we talk to an Eminem
because you were pretty pretty riled up when we spoke behind the scenes and this
little snippet with Joyner Lucas and Eminem on Eminem’s YouTube channel what
if I was gay and you said Eminem used to be your number-one rapper when you were
a teenager yeah yeah when I was a teenager and I said when I I grew up and
I matured I realized that this is just you know a guy who has a great
vocabulary and he’s very good at putting words together but you know his content
and the substance it just wasn’t for me after I you know grew up but this song
what if I’m get what if I told you I was gay it’s like dude you’re almost 50
years old what what if you told me you were gay who cares
no one can literally no one cares about Eminem I think you said nigga so what
you and I spoke yeah nigga so I might have said that but but that’s the
reality of the matter and I know Kevin Hart took a lot of heat when he had that
reaction to little nas acts saying that he was gay he said so what and you know
there was a lot of pushback from the alphabet community all that was
dismissive bla bla bla but there would you rather someone be dismissive
quote-unquote or would you rather someone say oh my god you’re gay that’s
terrible you know literally no one cares Eminem and I think this is just another
attempt for him to sort of reclaim some sort of relevance we saw it with you
know he did that performance at the Beatty awards and he went hard at Trump
and you know and I thought that was wack and if I can go a little bit further
I think Machine Gun Kelly took his head off I don’t think his crime I think he
definitely got the best of them yeah yes he I think he definitely came out the
victor and that quote-unquote battle but you know this is just this is really
low-quality like reaching right here who cares I think he’s looking at the
climate of things and seeing how things are and it’s 2019 it’s trendy to be gay
it’s so cool to be gay what if I flirt with the idea maybe I can get everybody
talking again maybe I can generate a buzz drop another album to make up for
the last trash album that I put out no no the last trash album that was
kamikaze you said that was trash did you even trash
Wow greasy Ronnie’s on the line guys hold on a second now running stay right
here hey Darrell I got your cash chat he says
a congresswoman with Nazi tattoos did you see her yeah did she resigned couple
days Massie last week she resigned not because of the tattoos but because you
know the story is really just getting out of hand at this point apparently she
was not only having a three-way affair with one of her female staffers and her
husband she was also cheating on them she was cheating on them with another
staffer who was a male so this chick is for everybody the story was you know
getting bigger and bigger nobody really cared about that symbol it’s like the
swastika different cultures have used it like the Indians used the swastika
before the Nazis did so so her tattoos can be explained away the bigger story
is this you know sex you can’t even call it a triangle because there’s so many
different angles going on there okay hang on a second Ronnie David thank you
sir got your cash yep he says Chuck this show to fire and
Ronnie got me rock okay okay thank you sir you appreciate it
okay Ronnie you sent me something about cardi B’s birthday diamond worth more
than 1 million ha ok whopping 7 figures for diamond this came out when this was
in this month ok offset birthday present okay Wow okay 20 carat birthday gift
okay so now are we really comparing the Rings or is is that not you know the
right thing to do Kevin Petty is that his name I forget me write this down
Kenneth boy me he’s not bawling like offset you know
and is it really great so just does the amount really matter
Ringo’s does not really matter well apparently they feel that it does
because they put this information out there they could have easily said to the
jeweler we don’t want any information disclosed but they put this information
out there and it’s like why no one in the world would believe that you should
we all would have known that you pay for the ring you didn’t have to plan a fake
story you know you could have just put the ring on your finger and let it be a
day but I’m putting out a story suggest that you want us to digest and believe
this information okay and today I got your cash Shep sir he says all right
Peter John Witherspoon okay let’s get some more calls in here and I want to
circle back and talk about a few other things especially Jamaican food area
code three one seven good evening oh you’re there three one seven how are you
sir whoa Vicki mop the float bag baby let’s focus on white white on white
violence tonight we go out black people hard enough yes may I see this shit man
I said hey look I think I think the brother had to grab they had to grab
their baby just to save her life won’t think you had to walk away to say I
believe earlier I believe a little bit too long Oh Cheryl your hotel hotel yeah
they’ve been going back and forth that it for like you know I guess maybe over
a year you know it was it was entertaining so now we have some actual
you know real footage here I’m excited everything is the apocalypse near damage
and I don’t know what makes big model I want to see a part three and somebody
pull out the Calico double action let’s go there come on let’s go to
man hey hey look okay I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on okay I don’t
know buddy you might want to chime a Nicki Minaj
wedding ring value one point 1 million dollars when a time Lynette oh yeah I
mean I guess you see this one for my nose
she conspires on her husband like this you know okay no yeah yeah you know what
what’s next you know right okay this is cool right you know for anybody like
like like like like it was like for anybody who really give you see I really
talk right Thank You Man thanks for the call all right hearing a second Ronnie and guys was Dana with the smoke haven’t
spoke to Dana a couple of days it’s your vacation let’s just go to a page and see
what’s going on with her she was I know she was clapping back we’re getting
ready to clap back at Talib Kweli well let me should I miss anything
Brian good evening sir sends in a cash at newport light Ronnie loves Wesley
Pipes right here Ronnie yes I took my phone off of me to say
that I’m so here lights or regular they’re asking no okay it’s a sensitive
topic so whoops ends in a cash at bad baby
it should have met her outside maybe she would have won it was I think we have
what we have you know I was excited I watched this thing like four times and I
think this was in the featured box on Vlad TV as well right sue also says bad
baby underestimated whoa Vicki Wow okay so we can’t use that
word underestimated whoa Vicki’s I’m just just gonna say
special strength what is this girl as OSes okay I don’t
know what this is about okay Ronny upon me girl as OSes Ronnie are you ashamed
of your two little cousins who showed us how the white side it’s just about the
hashtag my baby I don’t know what’s that about I guess he’s saying that baby info
Vicky or my cousin he’s saying but two little cousins for Vicky and fed baby found out about this your phone’s going
in and out Ronnie’s going you know both of this again today am I better now it’s
going staticky very staticky I’m I may need to call back in it did it clear up full of hate thank you sir for donation
he says Ronnie is raising the hate bar whoa
salut yeah I don’t I don’t want to like you know just put everything out there
but when we were talking earlier Eminem and then going at Nicki Minaj’s husband
and bomb and bomb and by myself oh whoa anyway I’ll give her a second she’ll
call back in it’s go to area code three six zero hey three six zero are you
there hello hey what’s up man how you doing I’m good sir how can we help you
well uh well we’re running for fucking nothing
because Oh watch your language he’s back on the line but please you know be
careful to all their profanity what’s going on with you let’s get to the topic
so everyone discuss um starting on a path for that ring why
do I got John Witherspoon on this man excuse me why why you ain’t got
Witherspoon on your topic he’s dead so we can’t bring them back he’s gone he’s
with Jesus now okay come on now you want to sit here and talk about well old John
Witherspoon movies come on entertainers come on what are your favorite John with
only one eye okay what are your favorite John Witherspoon movies come on let’s go
get the floor Friday okay I mean I love all the Wayans brothers he was all the
Wayans brothers right and he was always a far okay isn’t it I mean what was your
favorite movies bite down with it well so you’re gay how about we start there
you you gay yes so watch your language I am we can
have the conversation watch it watch the profanity you’re gay you don’t know what
what to say but you just wanted to call and you want to hear my my sexy voice
you turned on yes this and never mind anybody else
how old eels focusing you how old are you and how long have you been gay 23 26 when when did you discover that you gay
and it’s okay that you’re gay I did this ever I discovered how you are you ripped
up d-day academic you wanna fuck me you said watch the profanity on how to get
you out of here come on you can’t keep cursing with the algorithm every two
minutes it’ll affect my mother’s getting here I try folks I tried it can’t curse
three times within two minutes and thank you to the people that send me emails a
couple of people maybe two people yesterday they said hey I lost my
channel because of YouTube violations and community
eyelines it’s real okay I just wanna you back to the line boss atrani okay better
now yeah are you in a headset money right there
it’s a little choppy but stay there I think Dana’s online as well
another phone I’m recording on okay text me the number so I’ll know which line to
pick up okay okay okay Dana with the smoke is that you Dana okay can you hear
me or do I now stop it will you Ben what’s going on with you
are you we on vacation no well I already worked three days out the week but I’ve
just been you know hands and a lot of business this week and I finally did a
live show today okay did you come for Talib Kweli you
said you would look packing up the cannon whatever happened that yeah I did
speak on him you know it was a two-hour show but so the whole show wasn’t on
home but I had this be going on throughout the show and you know and
then sometimes you know it gets redundant but now I heard you mention
Lord Jamar and I went off I went on Vlad and I watched that six minute clip no
and I think I might have to do a video on him he didn’t say anything to
reckless but I’m just surprised of his ignorance you know feeding into the
propaganda of Atos being dividing or being divisive okay
so um now I know you saw that one video by event Cornell and tone talks is there
anything else that they’ve done since then or is the conversation you’re not
giving solid quality that much energy oh no they not given that much energy
because their focus now is to get agenda you know I’m saying pass through
Congress or local politicians and just getting people set up within your
communities you know to push surged into the black agenda and it’s that because
you can have more than one organization pushing a black agenda but
you know it’s sad to see older people upset
because they just want to be the only one got you okay hang on a sec let me
see if this is a boss shit money back on a different line running you there
Ronnie Ronnie was running give it a second if she called him
all right so hey Dana also Barack Obama I saw on HuffPost comm did you see this
supposedly he’s calling out the woke culture is that a shot at and at the
black community I want to be fair you know but it just it seems like more of
him trying to critique black people who he didn’t do that much for when he was
in the White House or did he do things that people just don’t give him credit
for but no he didn’t do anything for black people specifically except for my
brother’s keeper and I guess a little something with HBCUs
but it was the Obama summit and I have to I’m going to go watch the whole
summer because I know he’s both Michelle Obama spoke and a couple people putting
up different clips on Twitter and she heard a clip of her talking about white
flight and somebody made a comment you know in the comment section saying well
you’re part of the white flight because who live in those white communities
isn’t true now hang on a second so this was Tuesday guys for those who don’t
know and this was the Obama foundation summit in Chicago and yeah what Obama
said former President Barack Obama you know could have been perceived as
offensive to some of the quote-unquote woke community I’m not sure so that’s
why I’m asking but did you see the audio or no well the video video I won’t see
that video I didn’t see that video no but I am going to go and watch the whole
summit you know thought to get the whole context because the problem is what
people do for views and stuff they put this sensational title like I’m glad
Lord Jamar Iran India or surviving people in a black community and that’s
not what a vos is doing but you put certain titles you know criticize
than a wolf community so people could read it you know or click on it so I am
gonna go back and watch the full summit okay hang on a second Dana Rani you
should be back in the queue Rani area code 73 to hell in a second Darryl good
evening sir sends in a cache yet he says Danny eats cold cuts by candlelight
trying to tank Ronnie are you there watch it Ronnie I got you in the queue
and I’m here am i coming in better now yeah okay hang on a second we have that
money blue sends in a cash app he says salute to you store keep your foot on
YouTube neck thank you sir thank you listen I’m here to play the game you
know I’m not here to be like you oh yeah censorship it’s it’s out of control it
is rich you know but thank you for your donation hey taupe a taupe a says jerk
shaken don’t last longer than three hours
okay now I’ve never been a big jerk chicken you know me I’ve had it over the
years doing the twisted but dumb so I started out this show here and I just
maybe I threw that little bit too fast I’m literally done with eating Jamaican
food the texture is different the feeling after I eat it is different and
just hear me out for a second and then I’ll come to you Dana and and Ronnie as
well you know Italian pizza is a thing of the past most attack me most pizza
restaurants in America now or either Mexicans or Hispanics you find very few
Italian pizza restaurants everything from the sauce the cheese to the way
they make it it’s different now it’s not how traditional pizza went when they
first started making here in America it lost its way if you ask me Jamaican food
and again I can break this down even more about the seasoning the preparation
it taste it or maybe maybe maybe it’s just my digestive system just doesn’t do
old anymore me that could be it but I’ve throughout an
entire oxtail dinner of this afternoon and I said no more this the rice and
everything be the beans Rani any thoughts because you and I spoke about
this earlier also you said you have a good place near you and you’re so fine
with Jamaican food yes yeah I love to make him food I’ve been eating it for a
long time I but I have had two negative experiences not at the place that I go
to on a regular but I love it I I can’t give it up but you know I don’t think
you should turn your back on all Jamaican food just find a place that you
like well when we spoke earlier I said I refuse to believe that there are that
many ghosts on the planet to supply why did you make your restaurants golden
crust and these other you know restaurants and I don’t think that we
have enough supply of oxtails on the planet so I’m a little concerned about
if it’s even goat and oxtail that’s and and and the Akiane sulfation i’m just i
don’t think it’s the same thing damn you Dana I think maybe you just experienced
bad places down here in Atlanta and maybe it’s because it’s Atlanta and you
don’t seem like I feel like Jamaica fool but I know where to go to get good
Jamaican food you know so just because you Jamaican only you want to meet good
Jamaican food right but I think it’s more better Jamaican restaurant up here
in this area as opposed to other places you know but as far as like you saying
there’s only so much gold and ifelse of all around but a lot of people are not
buying go in I have been feeling like this for over five years now and even
back up in New York and Brooklyn the food does not taste the same I don’t
think it’s the same food I think that there’s different growth hormones and
things that are images and again I mean I’ve been eating this food for decades
decades I think I’m doing anyway
so if anybody wants to call about that please do if not we’ll keep it pushing
well thank you taupe a sent in a super chat about Jamaican food as well Danny
wanna hang out do you have to run okay no okay okay let’s bring area code um
some I’m from Jersey 9:08 is that the OL evening not only hey
what’s going on deal yeah we’re going on how’s that good good good we’re talking
about wall Vicki bad baby you see the video why not feel what why aren’t you
paying attention to the white babies fighting in hip-hop are you a black
person who only you know criticizes black people when they fight and
shooting hip hop I appreciate that but we’ve got we’ve got some white babies
brawling and I don’t think that people gonna make a big deal out of it they’re
just gonna say oh it’s cute they’re just having fun but meanwhile when you have
black people fighting you know it becomes an investigation and we’ll the
intense oh why don’t why crime sorry you know no one really cares about their
unfortunately like and I do buddy where we entertained the fuck I
care about it yeah yeah yeah why I mean I get all that but like even if I wasn’t
part white you know and and most people are mixed you know I’m not the only one
running around here mixed you know even if I wasn’t you know I mean we got white
people walking around with fucking axes we did a story on that yesterday would
that do Australia money okay why people shooting up goddamn schools and campuses
and churches why are you not concerned about wove icky and bad baby rolling honestly cuz I don’t get I don’t give a
fuck about those two artists at all they’re not for me I don’t see numbers
and sees that I’m like going to wake up in the morning I search for on YouTube
to be very honest with you to be honest with you but I’m just gonna keep listen
to the show star thank you thank you okay he hasn’t seen the video he doesn’t
care – that’s fine hurry code nine one – good evening 911 – are you there now I
want to yo whoa whoa Vic you sir this is how come up I’m excited yeah yes
she was getting dragged up in the studio I saw it no bad baby was getting dragged
dragged well Vicky was doing the dragon good right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah my bad
I got a mother yeah bad baby getting them damn white
paws of steel put on a little she was getting trampled Billy do you care about
Nicki Minaj a wedding ring sir do you want to go with that topic a little more
easier for you I mean I mean I really don’t give a fuck watch your mouth watch
your mouth watch your mouth oh yeah I mean I don’t think it really matter who
bought it is she happy you know saying that’s uh it’s always gonna be a
controversy when one person making a whole bunch of money and Buddy the
street dude nobody really don’t ever know nobody gonna know but uh how long
you been gay sir I hear a little sugar on you tank well you been gay no no
we’re not mad at you I’m just asking a question no sir no sir Danny want to jump in here
you watch gay porn you hear you hear a little twang in his voice Dana you know
what your lower hesitant you know your lower has a chance I could go with the
flow you don’t want no fish I hear it never I hear it you know no fish I got
my girl right here you want to talk doing let me talk to you a beard put her
on we can hang up oh hello hey how are you
who’s this Marla hi Marla how are you I’m doing
good okay how long is your boyfriend been gay it’s okay we’re having an open
discussion all have you noticed he was gay I don’t think he’s gay he’s not gay
you’re not sure you don’t add the gate he’s covering it up just covering it up
when did you a purse suspect it we suspect it don’t suspect you used a I
don’t think he’s gay Danny wanted chimed in Dana with the smoke um are you
respectfully are you transgender no not at all because he wouldn’t be gay
technically of you with transgender so maybe that’s why you know he’s not gay
no do you peg him keep it real do you peg him definitely not thanks Benson do
I thank them no PEG peg do you peg him oh no does he paying you you’re not
you’re not being truthful come on listen we’re having an open discussion sometime
sometimes okay sometimes we put the trap okay sometimes you put some nice trap
hang on Dana something no no you don’t put on his strap you don’t need a strap
okay who puts on the strap you just said this strap you said sometimes no no no
no no no we don’t have straps no okay well I misunderstood you but no
definitely not okay there’s no strap in the relationship no not at all
come on son okay all right can you can you put her back on the phone let me
talk to her thank you so much have a good night yo
that’s right yeah hey girl hey girls listen she kept it real and I want you
to know it’s all good we appreciate you and and we’re all a family okay okay so
go okay good now all right you’re free you’re sexually free it’s okay all right
hey girl yeah god bless you man oh man god bless
30 listen she kept it real ever and it’s all good
god bless you have a good night man take care you still think I’m gay it’s not
about what I think we had a conversation with your beard and she’s cool with you
doesn’t matter what I think a beard I said we got to go thank you so much
thank you thank you the secrets whoa Vicky mop the floor with bad baby are
you there for 37th the curse off the RIP please stop with the cursing early in
the conversation we’ll get you up out of here every time 2:01 I want to say guys
don’t what are you there yeah hey hello I don’t please don’t compare our
conversation no curse only in the conversation all right please no no it’s
that bad Becky bad baby yes sir yeah I know it’s
terrible I’m gonna know who this is by anybody in the studio I’m gonna see the
fellow rapper okay for the March so tell me sir well my 30 okay do you know who OVA key
is and bad baby that’s what talking about tonight sir if you’re not going to
talk about the topic you might want to call another another time all right okay
you wanna make a confession of any any kind I’m having a how what a confession
of confession of any kind sure yeah Danny want answers man a question with
Dana I’m right here what do you think dinner have you ever paid somebody hey
somebody I don’t want to say that other graphic words but I’m trying food
attorneys wait why’d you call us tonight so you called in you in the queue why’d
you call us if you’re not speed on bad baby and whoa Vicky why’d you call us
keep it real you said it’s not a Donnison win a spoon question about five
movies you said no sir I was talking to a
caller earlier I asked him what was his favorite John Witherspoon movies do you
want to say all right here’s something like that what do you want to go no no
my favorite got the winning split movie was boomerang okay you only had a couple
things okay how long have you been gay sir game on
let me give my life this polo know I call them before sir you said something
about your life what I never gave my life okay yeah you’re playing stupid
thank you so much sir thank you thank you so much no he’s lost in the sauce we
appreciate the call hold on guys be self says does Ronnie need a new port okay
sir that’s very graphic fifth dimension fifth dimension says I missed a super
checking the same guys were you fifth dimension I actually
agree with Virginia slim Ronnie okay Starr you shoot me Q Manoj too much
love she might give you a feature calm down my guy okay so we can’t read that
other word I’m being objective man I’m putting respect on her husband’s name
but you agree with Ronnie okay that’s that’s nice oh thank you very much for
your donation Bush Kate Bush kid says star is Eddie Murphy making a life
making a life part two with Will Smith I’m not sure I saw something about Will
Smith Eddie Murphy and now who else make the movie any one of you ladies no
picture what was this and who Eddie Murphy and Martin all right to movie no coming to America but Martin Lawrence
man will commit they’re the bad boys three
they already did finished it but they all took a picture together okay okay
thank you Bush kid all right um let me go back here for a second Dana any any
comments or thoughts about John Witherspoon were you a fan of his or
what I’m just some little news to me yes I did pull something in my story it
was an interview he did on do usually show a very funny man but very genuine
so you know he lived a full life and I rest her soul you know he died
peacefully hopefully any favorite films can we mention good guy I love some of
boomerang and brought it okay bunny any thoughts John Witherspoon did you like
his contributions to the world of a film or what yeah I mean I thought he was
very hilarious even if you saw him in interviews he was very funny he was very
charismatic he is a lot of lines like from the Friday movies that I just will
never forget so you know like when he the bat this is
the bathroom scenes you know when he’s telling him every time I come in the
kitchen you’re in the kitchen you know so he’s in some movies that are classics
that will always be around so he’ll live on through that okay then I’m gonna take
some other calls thank you for chiming and if you wanna mention about your
channel yes please subscribe to the real Dana on YouTube check out my latest
video I went live today is called our black people too lazy in America no and
I am gonna yeah and I and I’m going to upload a two-minute video tomorrow I’m
swinging back to the transgender patient Amana upload so yeah it sounded like
that was a blanket statement and you know marginalizing were you targeting
any particular black group or what no well when are black people too
comfortable in America and yeah its blanket but it’s not me targeting but
it’s just you know more like it has to do with the ados movement it has to do a
reparation it has to do with what are you know immigrants come here and as
soon as they touch on the ground in America it’s about money
so are we too comfortable that we’re not focused or moving forward and coming
from the bottom of the caste system so are we too comfortable okay and that’s
on your YouTube channel at the real Dana yes yeah okay Dana gonna talk to you
thank you so much have a good evening all right you’re welcome good night guys
okay hold on a second Boston Ronnie let me get some these cash apps hold on did
I click Ronnie off wait a goddamn minute although guys Ronnie I think I catch you
off my mistake even flow home do work MEC thank you for
your cash yet dana has a two-foot double dildo thank you she’s going now Taytay says rani sounds like she makes
very good blend food Thank You telling see if I get money back on I know what
happened I just had clicked off by mistake Rani are you there boss shit morning and
that not not only am i back i’m also black and my food is not bland okay okay
that was Taytay just sent in a donation a couple of our super chance so whoop says she only lost the fight
because she is inside if you catch her on the outside she will whoop that ass baby whining you saw the video do we
discuss this yet or is this not of interest to you bad baby animal you know
we didn’t really discuss it no we didn’t really discuss it but I wanted to make a
point about TMZ posting this video they have the nerve to put a MV article
criticizing the guys who were filming the video they said specifically by the
way props to these men for standing by and recording a minor being assaulted by
an adult your mom’s must be proud well you know
you they’re broadcasting the footage so if there’s something to be said about
the men who filmed it what is there to be said about TMZ who then posted that
footage to a much larger platform so yeah because I asked you how old was bad
baby I thought she was still under 18 and I said why are they posting this if
she over 18 bad baby bad baby is sick quinoa Vicky is 19 Wow
so that baby is the one who showed up to the CEO she pulled up wanting to fight
so essentially she jumped up to get beat down okay maybe I should change my title
if she’s sixteen I don’t want to promote her a minor fighting you know well I
mean it’s already out there things he is you know that she’s use platform and
they put it out there and you know so but the thing is she showed up looking
for a fight and she didn’t anticipate that things will go down the way that
they did but that’s something you have to keep in mind when you roll up on
somebody in their territory you know Vicky was there you know right
great and sotell that baby has put up a video on her Instagram showing her face
in her body I guess is it to say I didn’t get beat up but you know we saw
the footage well Vicky was on top of her so you know the person on top is usually
that that’s the person who’s getting the better end of the deal
hang on a second Ronnie a lunar glider sends in a cache yep
peace star the fight was a beautiful display of Ritz versus saltine violence
I also want to chime in on the Jamaican food topic I’m on the line five one six
hold on a second and I see Mike from Boston also okay five one six five Luna
glider is that you sir good evening hello little glider a little glider pick
it up gotcha Nick you lunar glider okay drag
get missing in a second hey good are you work what’s going big delay five six I
put five six one at the eye in the in the chat but I want to comment on the
beautiful display of why don’t white violence it was easy
with some calm the setting you know even the break apart it looked like they were
in some studio and you know no screens were broken or tears were thrown around and you know the cameraman did great
work except the camera steady there was no shake or anything like that so and
things like that need to be recorded because they put black on black violence
on YouTube the media throws it around the soil it’s good to see this stuff
posted on TMZ hopefully it picks up when I saw this
footage I said that’s my top story tonight I don’t care who hasn’t seen it
or who’s not interested that’s my top story that’s it yeah white girls going
crazy what America is all about yeah any comments on Nicki Minaj wedding
ring worth one point 1 million do you care who bought the ring for do you care
she bought it for herself do you care I’m happy for her I didn’t want to talk
about other Jamaican food please because I’ve been living at Phoenix for six
years and I have been to three Jamaican restaurant and I can’t find any good
Jamaican food their hours are so weird they’ll put three to eight and I’ll go
there at four and they’re close I tried going the deadbeat paddy night
they’re all out so you know I’ve actually tried making Jamaican food
myself on part to make it and make a pretty good beef patty so I’ve given up
all hope out here you know they charge you $15 for your chicken and they just
put your chicken sauce on it when they should be marinating it and beer and a
bunch of other stuff I got our uncle every family reunion he make your
chicken smokes it oh my goodness it’s beautiful yeah delicious but now as
far as the restaurants are concerned do you think that because of a golden crust
that the you know smaller mom-and-pops have been suffering and trying to
compete with you golden crust which has become sort of
like am a Walmart in certain areas you know just the go-to place where is that
a bad thing yes no I don’t think it’s a bad thing I
think it also has to do with the market you know I don’t think you’re making
food is really one of those hot top is one of those top flavors like Italian
food a Chinese food you know using those places rung up all over the place so I
mean for Jamaican food I thought it’d have to be really really authentic for
it to survive I left this like one of the big chains like you said Golden
Corral so you said you said you in Arizona yes
sir how long have you and your boyfriend been living down there I don’t have a
boyfriend I like vagina you could show with that star Ronnie why
are you boss you crank Mo’s turn up tonight so respectfully are you are you
living your truth put that where I got the John in the house okay can we can we
speak to her please speak to her no we need receipts can we speak to her please hey star what’s up hey who’s this this
is spring hey spring how are you have we spoke before we have vocal for okay
listen yet your your boyfriend called a couple times
okay your boyfriend’s a good guy I think he’s sent in a couple of cash tats how
you guys doing down there you’re in a what state again Arizona where I’m
seeing us we’re doing go we purchased a home we’re out here just living it up
yeah so it’s going that everything’s good the show is good I’m liking that
land on you looks good thank you thank you are you guys gonna have any kids up
soon I mean I ask you this respectfully I don’t know thinking about it like
maybe not year at the end till I cry his brothers
getting married I don’t want to go to a wedding pregnant so we oughta wait like
and have some cocktails okay I’m gonna be respectful I wasn’t sure how I was
talking to Ronnie any questions or do we just let them enjoy their night was was
a reasonable honey I kind of got like a flirtatious sort of
vibe from her so I just have a question are you guys swingers are we swingers
I’ve actually talked to star on a couple of occasions I’ve hosted a show with him
so no flirtatious he’s a nice lady your name is spring did you okay Matt
used to live in Texas you lived in Texas no I lived in Florida in Las Vegas but I
live in Phoenix now okay but you didn’t answer me about the swinging yeah I’m
definitely no we don’t swing I don’t need a swing I had a good dip to swing
on every night honey no swing I need it over here okay now when you were in town
you invested on me Vegas were you trip rollin rollin no I was and I was working
very hard out there so you know I didn’t have time to do much but work all right
I’m just I’m a little silly but thank you so much spring good to talk to you
and tell your husband thank you great take care thank you hang on Ronnie
okay all right if they’re living their truth let’s just let them enjoy their
night you know whoo all right folks I’m silly tonight whoa Vicki mopped the
floor with bad baby and we’re talking about it hang on there to get some of
these thumbs to purchase red pancake man good evening he says Ronnie first you
talk reckless about Gandhi then you claim that Machine Gun Kelly beat Eminem
in their rap battle question mark that’s strike two
hashtag cancel running I think I’m the one that said first that Machine Gun
Kelly beat Eminem and then Ronnie cosign to me if you want to be specific
yeah I thought he gave Eminem that work won’t ya yeah I think so too but if that
guy disagrees he should go on change.org and start a petition Haiti thank you for
your super check t says yo Ronnie who has better music Eminem or tank don’t
lie well that’s two different genres first
of all so I would have to get back to you I have to think about that like I
said my opinion of Eminem is an artist changed when I grew up and became an
adult so tanks music is timeless it is it can stand the test of time so I guess
that’s the answer I guess I would have to go with tank and Fareed if you’re
just now tuning into the show I read your super chat from yesterday at the
beginning of tonight’s show thank you so much man he said he went on
TI’s IG page and commented about what we spoke yesterday ti being in love with
Iggy Azalea and he said the TI blocked him yeah thank you for me yeah so that
really bothered him I think it’s the truth
I think it’s the truth you know and if you look at tiny you look at Iggy Azalea
they’re very similar you know in terms of their look and I said that
respectfully enough I think he tried to get himself a younger version and for
whatever reason it didn’t work out yeah and we’ll see the female’s name here you
know on Grand Hustle is it Tokyo what’s her name do you know tuck him out
Tokyo Jets you know vanity Tokyo yeah a town Tokyo Jets eleven-point TI has 11
million followers right so his posts get you know thousands of comments for him
to delete that one comment or you know block the guy shows that he was really
bothered I don’t have anywhere near millions of followers people say
something crazy to me I don’t delete it because
don’t care so you know if he deleted it it struck a nerve all right hang on a
second I’m Tokyo Jess yeah I know her I know some of her music from Jacksonville
Florida okay she’s signed and affiliated to TI’s
Grand Hustle records so now if we can just go back for a second
did she really pop off because I know her from a couple years ago Bali baby
used to speak about Tokyo Jets and give her a lot of prompts but did she pop off
or is she like you know she’s starving let me look looking lunch at guys is
Tokyo jetsam and she poppin why is a GI so concerned about did you sell you well
you know a lot of people brought up Tokyo Jets 20 I made those comments
talking about you know female rap and you know rappers of today and people
were saying and especially ones remain too pretty made his comments people are
saying you know Tokyo Jets is an artist she’s out there but as far as I know
she’s not she’s not that big yet she you know I don’t really know much about her
but I like her she’s a hottie but I mean I’m just I’m asking the question is she
she popped her where she suffered a lot of these broads are suffering she could
really be popping as tea I would take some of the energy he’s giving to the
whole Iggy right you know conversation and and put it under her she could pop
off let me bring in every go forward for a Grammy and falling forward track him I
won’t victim bad baby the brawl man to speak yes yes sir I think that it was
crazy let’s go man yeah let’s go I’m talking
about the Nicki Minaj rain thing what did you get the 1.1 million value from
that fact well that’s where I saw on hot new hip
komm I mean if you have different information please enlighten me that’s
not really just when I think on that beer bad baby got her eyes with well
Vicki so that eyes man I gotta be honest on that yeah definitely but how you feel
about the edge we breath and clear thing do you think cellar man was wrong for
interviewing Gucci man you know I respectfully I don’t know that I’m
trying to answer your question and I want to be sensitive because I don’t
listen like that so I don’t want to just go speed on something I’m not one of
those people who just likes to just you know say crazy shit to say crazy shit I
don’t know the dynamic of their working relationship or friendship I don’t know
so maybe something propelled him to not speak up when Gucci Mane said what he
said now did he would you say something reckless about Angela Yee yeah but not
show the man okay I don’t know if that show where is nothing about it the
behind the scenes nothing I get it I understand I think that was kind of
wrong though that was a fart on his far tomorrow a family supposedly as many
years they have in a family is posing no sir sir that whole family thing it’s not
a reality man that that’s like you know sports sports today you know nobody’s
family on a fucking basketball team or a football team please note if we’re
winning we’re winning but all that family should listen if you get okay
you’re getting five hundred thousand more than me then I got a problem with
that you feel me so so respectfully just bend it’s the
same Charlemagne does back when Birdman came in that’s and all that family stuff
came in he say he was ready to rock this time famine that’s why I’m getting it
from his mom okay okay keep me up to speed on the on the dumb shit I would
appreciate that but I wish everybody the best I don’t
care what goes on there I mean I don’t listen to that show like that if you
send me a clip and it’s something to talk about listen but do I wake up and
tuned in no I’m cool fill me up I started real quick
relationship advice real ace advice on work with my girlfriend for like a year
and I have a blast me on Facebook for family your friends vision that she
sitting has and she wanted me to check the back you think I should it am I sent
yep Ronnie absolutely your sympathy take her back she publicly embarrassed you
but but one I’m telling you with some listen if you’re in my friend list and I
see your girlfriend tear you to shreds and in the next week I see you guys
hooked up I’m laughing at you I’m laughing at and I’m learning more so at
her respect well sir I will say this if this means anything to you now do you
guys have a child together no but yet do kids not take care cuz the
daddy is not really involved like that okay okay
well she just did you a favor yeah me personally I don’t reward bad
behavior I don’t take no woman back whether it’s
business personal sexual once you get up on that motherfucking social media and
say anything sideways about me I did you hear you feel me oh yeah it was worse
than that because my baby mama actually heard baby daddy the other one
he jumped me he beat me real bad didn’t she blast my face but that’s why you got
to ask good and kind of folks a lot of bad yeah take your Ellen keep it pushing
sir don’t reward bad behavior don’t move one bad behavior okay thank
you me yes sir okay wow hold on a second Ronnie hold on Jesus Christ
wow he said uh some might beat him up and I don’t even think he should respond on
social media to whatever is she saying you know the worst thing he can do is
give her energy yeah yeah hold on a second somebody sent me a text morning what number are you calling in front you
see if I can give this personal alarm this person’s making moves okay give me
a second that’s amazing sends in a super chest
are always asking if somebody’s gay he moved to Atlanta so he can write little
nas ex he can’t I’m sir was it so he can write did you mean ride you spelt right
so WRI T until he can’t ride no more okay you meant to say right
also what is it – Ronnie’s only fan so I read that exactly how you you typed it I
don’t do well with Ebonics he says always what’s what is – Ronnie’s only
been once I’m in Ronnie I don’t I need a translator yeah I read it just like he
typed it sometimes people type fast so I’m gonna land on business you know
folks paid me to come down here and they paying this guy damn rent don’t get it
twisted but thank you thank you for doing top birds as respect oh gee stop
whoa Vicki had the burners and goons ready for snoop mmm word is she’s
telling Ronnie to pull up for the MLK statement our ap John with a spoon something about whoa Vicki oh I forgot
what Vicki and Snoop from back in the days after if that was okay with
co-signing her no it’s not was Emily okay okay who’s
making videos with her okay hold on a second I got some on the line right here
is that Bosco 100 hey what’s up man start with the tail my brother good to
hear your voice man when Papa would you man smooth words co-signing a little wig I see we’re talking shit all this time
I’ve been listening to it a little bit I said man this little bitch I’ll get our
ass will you go get somebody sent to jail man that little ass daddy baby
something bad babies oh yeah little fucking like I need you to watch your
language Bosco you YouTube is on a down on me man slow down so now hey so I’m
okay so you saw the video you sort of fight man whoop that girl ah whoop that
girl has fun hey I take a little I know a lot little ol Vicki little retarded
ass she’s got that much strength she got that monkey say she be popping off to
Olive waiting for her to get her ass to when I see she applied that murky
strength oh yeah I had to say I really enjoyed that footage Ronnie that’s boss
100 Bosco that’s my coals running Boston money we call them I watch you all the
time oh thank you man I like how well versed
in how deep you get into your information I appreciate that so what’s
going on with your channel man you and I would talk in a couple of weeks ago man
we’d be talking behind the scenes I don’t want to tell people right now but
what’s going on with your channel man how’s it going oh man I got everybody
hey know me on Instagram so I’m under this pokey some are you – I got I got
podcast talks I’m aware I’m just waiting for it to be the right situation
all right you I mean what’s not once I compete to it I want to be committee so
I gotta make sure it’s the right situation I don’t know some all over the
place by charlemagne and Joe Budden yeah I mean it’s really like you situate
that nigga Hey matter of fact speaking of Sharla man that nigga’s a clown for
sitting here allowing gucci to speak on them like that like no matter I’ll give
a fuck what’s going on a nigga can’t speak bad Oh nobody I’ll fuck with to me
but like right you can’t kill like you can’t not be cool with my nigga but you
cool with me if you like cool my niggas like cool when I have a second because I
don’t know the depths of their relationship are they coming to the end
of contracts they’re Charlemagne is he breaking out to do his own thing I mean
why would he sit there on that Gucci man like you know disrespect you in that
fashion and he did this perspective I mean he honestly it does seem to be
gearing that for Charlemagne I get his own little thing going but at the same
time no matter if there was a personal relationship or a professional
relationship I’m still nothing the sit dear and allow you to just disrespect
nobody that I’ll fuck with without him being here to defend thyself like I
don’t necessarily have to defend it but I’m not going to sit here listening to
you just downplays like y’all mean
disrespect somebody and they not here to defend they sell somebody that I I
didn’t got into it without their people over shit I got into a whack one honey
over the shit you said about pop but you know I mean I like I feel some type of
way back man so you and me I honestly like personally I think sort of made a
cloud and I focused on the man but that was some donkey a today’s shit I’ve
never met him and I again I don’t know the depths of their relationship but if
you ask me it just might might just a guess
I think he’s trying to branch out and do his own thing I mean how long have they
been doing a show together I have no idea I’ve been a while now this leg
about I want to say about seven seven years things maybe lots a long time in
radio in the radio was a long time yeah right long enough to have a
professionally love relationship to not do no clown see like that lady like you
just go off first of all they got a little in the mister there be you want
go off in sidebar your little interview with him and like this was also hosted
so we idolize on another note man you and I were talking behind this yeah I
remember talking behind this season anything you want to mention a promote I
want to see you in films man I truly truly believe that’s obviously I swear
the guy appreciate that that’s exactly what I’m leaning it’s where everybody
wanna see my everybody focused on the podcast being now and everybody want to
do the you two I kind of wanna jump City movies compare that place giving
everybody a deal fine line naturally fashion outstretched like your name
anyway on these who that Nestle when you and I spoke months ago man I say listen
I said I see you in those movies may I see you you know if that means anything
and in some of those films I don’t know that whole area out there but next time
you come down to Atlanta man Hollis we can connect I mean some things popping
down here you said you were here recently for Rob Ross’s party yeah for
Ross birthday party yeah Ross birthday port but no now I’m a Tampa I’m a hit
you I also personal time in chop it up and see it fights more one of these days
is we will appreciate you that I wish you much respect to this man thank you
Bosko 100 check-in good man we’ve been talking behind the scenes I don’t say
that too crazy just yet but um extremely talented extremely talented hold on Ronnie
Mike are you there sorry about the hold is that Mike on the line yeah
hey man so I just I get so switched around thank you for your support as
always man what’s going on with you no much I saw the you know the fight
between the two girls yeah you listen to took that lady’s champ she got the best
because she laid the more telling two nights ago two nights ago I think I
was on I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a coach that she made and it
bothered me so much I deleted Instagram for I believe the last application well
what did she do she she was standing on some some bridge or something and she
went on this this rant about how you needed to if you were going to make it
big you need to bring your people with you and if you didn’t think you want you
weren’t nothing didn’t I saw that Jenna I I just I I deleted the application you
know the worst thing I’ve ever seen I can’t believe I had this you know for a
couple of years very entertaining I mean I don’t know about her rap skills but
what she’s talented I’m sorry I just she makes me laugh I mean what she was doing
was just I mean he was doing a terrible job I mean she was doing a good job of
she was trying to make fun of herself but I think she was being serious is the
problem I think she’s being dead serious and she just seems like a fraud
yes but what she was saying about putting your people Orange
she’s actually doing that there is another girl who named shady that she’s
been promoting that’s a I guess a close friend of hers so what she was saying
about putting your own people on she is actually doing it so she was serious oh
so she she actually has put on people that girl shady that’s always with her
the girl that looks like an albino no I so that’s the world I don’t know I don’t
know you know too much about her other than you know the few fights that she
had and I just assumed that this was you know you know you know just a control
move and I just was so taken aback but I said you know I don’t know why I
have this stuff coming into my phone are we all trolling Mike I mean seriously
man you know just true I feel like I feel like you’re right and that’s why I
thought I had to delete it because you know I said this is you know but I’m
getting this in my phone I’m you know so I gotta shape up you know yeah hey man I
appreciate you waiting man and thank you for your donation as always anything
else what I mentioned No thank you Miss Liu thank you Boston on the check-in propane Kay 1982
sister what’s your opinion of niggas from your generation going up on your
nephew Queens flips podcast I’m doing all that talking man salute to Queens
flip huh boss nigga Queens flip you know I don’t comment man all other people’s
platforms I don’t do that but you know but flips a great a great guy you know
he’s he’s found his groove on multiple occasions you know and I don’t get a
chance to watch all those those interviews because you know dis their
once you get into that that world it becomes layered you know my respect what
he does and that’s just it man I’ll have no comments that would that should be
taken in any way shape or form that’s not supportive I support Queens flip I
support a lot of other people that um that are popping I mean you’re younger
guys maned a milkman behind the bar rich from ruckus radio arm a salute to are
rich from ruckus radio rich has found his groove in terms of a lot of
different mafia La Cosa Nostra and other things by where the em I’ll just say the
same history of gangsters in America rich
ruckus radio main the milkman Queens fuck I respect those guys ma’am expect
oh I smoke here pop it kid Mel it keep Mel’s doing a great job as well and I’m
trying for getting people but I respect the younger generation okay if that
answers your question Wesley Pipes says did I just hear Ronny this nigga pick up two one two
oh shit wait a minute hold on second Ronny where are you area code two one
two okay is it you do you mean – 1 5 I don’t see it – 1 2 nd and India
dashboard maybe they made 205 hole in second Ronny
and what’s with you every time you hear Wesley Snipes you get to laugh and
Ronnie know like we Pike will see pipes whereas his next point like two one five
be there is this Wesley Pipes – um five hello yep okay think their fellow Brent
Brent tonight says star T I a lame who comes for females but won’t step two
niggas like gucci mane who dis him and his wife okay
that’s amazing sister oh I’ll carry that one always asked in somebody’s gay there
be top bird respect Oh G star over key had the bow camera that had the burners
ready for snip okay hang on a second Orion let me see if I can I find 208
nothing like two white females fighting brenton night thank you sir Luna glider
bush kid what time is it okay hang on a second money I make you fail to miss any
super chance super juice have Yelper read okay I got all those I’m looking
for Wesley Pipes I don’t see Mary Coe – and – all right we were looking for us
lead pipes I don’t know what happened so the area code for 7-0 gleaming for seven
Oh hello one Seminole you know hey you
what’s going on star how are you sir what elwood up pretty good whoa Vicky and bad babies up yeah yeah
yeah I’m saying that video we already know you know fight video start way
before that get on the girl so what was that but before they I just enjoyed it I
enjoyed I really did yeah yeah we have to keep the same energy that we
have when we see black girls tearing up the goddamn beauty beauty salon knocking
shit off the goddamn counters right we now have to put that same energy and
these little white girls Braun we can’t say uh it was wack he was weak I was
hoping somebody pulled out the chocolate you want a comment on Nicki Minaj
wedding ring worth one point 1 million dollars come internet yeah I’m a figure
at the end of the day you know she probably ended up per million play he
probably pulled the million out is it coughs probably barefoot in boys to the
point where we getting at home honey by nowadays are we putting enough respect it definitely gave me alright I think
viticulture have it goin thank you alright hold on a second running nope
okay I don’t see area code two one two someone saying they were Wesley Pipes I
tried to find you okay Ronnie I can’t find Wesley Pipes I’m gonna shift gears
and shut it down Ronnie good to talk to you again thank
you for your assistance tonight anything you want to mention before we uh before
you sign off if we could just go back to the comments that former President Obama
made as far as at the low community he was urging people to be more
compromising and accepting and the word for word he said the world is messy
there are ambiguities and people who do really good stuff have flaws now I took
that as a direct pushback against the general deceased that Democrats seem to
have for the majority of the frontrunners in the upcoming election
because there are the truth is that there’s a lot of reasons to just like
Biden and Kamla and Bernie and Cory so in a way it seems like he’s sort of like
suggesting for people to you know choose the lesser of two evils you know that
sort of ideology and basically saying like you know these people aren’t what
we want but you know we have to make do we can’t be so critical
I also found Michelle’s comments to be extremely hypocritical because she said
and this is another quote she said I want to remind white folks that y’all
were running from us and you’re still running because we’re no different than
the immigrant families that are moving in but I found that to be extremely
hypocritical because you know I don’t know if she’s aware of what was going on
when her husband was in office but he supported nearly three million
immigrants so you can’t talk about you can’t say this attitude you have towards
immigrants is the same attitude that white people
have towards black people if your husband shipped three million out of
here you know more so than any other president did you vote for Obama
yourself running do we ever speak no no I didn’t know I did not know no I did
not was I thank you for the information I saw the video of him talking Barack
Obama but I didn’t have the full context as you just laid out with Michelle Obama
I didn’t see her her you know saying what you just said but thank you for
bringing us up to speed and I guess we’ll catch up tomorrow about this okay
okay you two start take care have a good night Bostick money on the check-in okay
let me make sure that miss any super chance of cash apps Darryl gleaming sir
he says Witherspoon had a YouTube channel frying chicken fuck out of here good guy I think I met him twice I think
I interviewed him twice I’m not mistaken Darryl also says Kenneth petty got that
ring from Costco’s okay don’t forget this one I’m here on the line okay it
was this Mike okay I think I spoke to Mike hold on okay I got Mike on the line
okay Mike from Boston just checking yeah I spoke to him somebody here from North Carolina I’ll
get back to you I’ve yelled hey Miyabi L says either
if either Vikki or bad baby ever come across a rap legend to be nasty they’ll
drop to their knees and drink the mud water from under their flip-flops yeah
being asked was part of the white girl mob along with the Little Debbie I like
a lot of little Debbie’s tracks and Craig Shawn was part of that white girl
mob as well thank you at Yale for your donation okay and that’s amazing says went W TNT
star reads super Chad’s he sounds like Floyd Mayweather on Red Devils also I
wanted to know what’s the link – Ronnie’s only fans or many vids okay see
I take my time because I mean I can appreciate people moving being you know
doing whatever it is that you’re doing but if you’re misspelling stuff then I
got to read it slow you meant to say when but you spelled it W ent I don’t
really bonus that well sir but thank you for your donation um I got Ronnie’s
banner coming up second so you can follow ran Ronnie on Instagram right if
that will help you but thank for you donation okay let me just see if Wesley
Pipes is there again maybe he’s just trolling I don’t see it alright hey see
you guys tomorrow at some point enjoy your evening thank you for your support
and be safe take care you


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  7. There is no pride in cooking the food anymore. The food was a representation of the culture. Now everyone only care about $$$. They don't care about reputation and representation.

  8. Lmao Danielle aka Bhad Bhabie is funny as hell during that altercation. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I didn't see a fight. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Altercation, a lil' wrestling where Vicky pinned Bhabie down. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Star! It's simple as this… If you got the so called ”good dick” and give it to a women with ”good money” it's a fair trade… That nigga has a line of credit under Nicki and he used his money wisely. He could be smarter than we all think, marriage is a business at the end of the day, and I think Nicki is truly in love, I think she's just not looking for what she really wants, accepting the reality of her lifestyle.

  10. Star that’s Atlanta Jamaican food that’s is wack,not NYC Jamaican food. I’m from south side Jamaica Queens and the Jamaican food here is great.

  11. Now..Ronnie said" Nicki doesn't need a man with a lot of money, if she was Nicki she would of got a man like her except without the rape charge"..so that means a bum can get that pussy now.

  12. Eminem is reaching first he was going at the gay people, now he wants to be gay all of sudden. Nobody really cares he is trash rapper trying to get a buzz it’s over for him he need to hurry up and kill his self some might care thenπŸ—‘πŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ’©

  13. I think the first time they was about to throw down it was supposed to be in front of a mall or something..and does anyone remember that lil Chinese girl that was hanging with Woah Vicky?? Lol

  14. Hate to see the direction Nicki has gone in. Can't say I'm surprised though. She has never had a proper male role model in her life. Abusive, alcoholic, crackhead father. Pedophile brother whom I bet she probably had some dysfunction with as well growing up. Compile that with discovering the industry friends she thought she had didnt really fux with her when Sheither came out and how the industry tried to strip her of her legacy for Cardi B. The girl is broken and gobsmacked. So she ran to the bum nigga who knew her before she was who she is for protection. Plus she strikes me as the type blames the justice system for giving the husband a bum deal and she probably doesn't even believe he did what he was convicted of.

    As for the ring, dude's probably on her payroll so IF he really did buy it all by himself, it was from money made from her machine.

  15. I like the path Kanye is on. The world seems to hate him as it is written. I am praying for that brotha and his family πŸ™πŸΏ

  16. How about those two Wigger trash shoot each other square in the eyes so that I don't ever have to hear about them ever again in the name of jesus

  17. "The fight, was over mayonnaise, apples, raisins, carrots and cabbage in Potato Salad!"
    Twitter has no chill!
    My momma looks white, I hear this all the time, when she cook something, for a party

  18. I don’t kno wtf EM on but no star MGK got his ass cooked pimp slow all the way the fucc down!!!! RIP Pops #whenmylovegoesbangbangbang

  19. So instead a comic legend John witherspoon passing you rather talk about some little ratchet white rappers and nikki bullshit wedding?? that no one cares about.

  20. Fine cut glass = Diamonds….The better question is what if Eminem was a clone? This dude was the biggest white rapper/ rapper at one point who said he had family coming out the wood works claiming him yet we never heard from his father EVER tryin to get that bag!! Idgaf how dead beat u r…if your son ends up being Emienm your gonna come outta the trailer to try and get back into his life!! Also u cant go from being 30 with a baby face with NO EVIDENCE of a beard to 45 and a full beard..its almost like they create these dudes to fit the look of the times..#thatbeardisweird

  21. White people are allegedly racist. Mean while every called wished death or destruction on white people. As a black man I feel that my people are more racist then anyone else maybe even koreans.

  22. Bhad Babie don’t want that smoke with Vicky. Them learning impaired kids be strong as hell. That fight was like a quiet Pitbull versus a screaming poodle.

  23. The next time I hear Star not check Boskoe for cursing every 30 secs… it’s on site. We’re about that scrilla, respect the algorithm

  24. Sorry but Nicki's husband couldn't afford that ring on his own. RIP Pops. That Fizz situation is very tricky. Kyrie is misunderstood.

  25. woke community=is just a bunch of organic grass fed cattle as opposed to the sheeple you judge and shame which is basicly just the gmo abused to death cattle..the human body is a jail cell for the soul. your nothing but energy feeding tubes

  26. Obama didn’t stack the whole community he was referring to the college trolls who take to social media to be as petty and critical over Bullshit and call themselves woke

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