Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At A Buffet

Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At A Buffet

Sure, buffet employees may not have to remember
customer particulars when it comes to a dinner order, but they deal with a whole other set
of headaches. And maybe they get a discount when lunch time
comes around… but there’s also a good chance they no longer have an appetite, as workers
reveal what it’s really like to work in a buffet. Busing tables might be back-breaking work,
but even harder? Breaking up fights. Fights can break out in any restaurant of
course, but scuffles seem to be a thing at some buffets… especially when there are
crab legs involved. At one buffet in Alabama, customers were lucky
there was a police officer just sitting down to eat when a fight broke out between two
people who started brawling over a fresh tray of crab legs. In a separate crab leg-related incident, a
husband and wife in Connecticut were arrested after assaulting another customer at a buffet
in a dispute over crab legs. It’s not just selfishness that can drive a
person to lash out at the buffet either. In 2014, a man and woman both in their 60s
got into a physical altercation at a buffet because one person reportedly cut in line. The woman was eventually arrested after hurling
a plate at another patron. C’mon, people, buffets are supposed to be
peaceful places. It’s unfortunate, but a lot of people seem
to be under the impression that because they pay a flat rate for an all-you-can-eat buffet,
it gives them a free pass to steal. News flash, paying $7.99 for a buffet plate
doesn’t mean everyone in your family gets to eat off your plate and you can load up
your purse with chicken wings for the ride home. Of course, you want to get your money’s worth
at the buffet, but a line has to be drawn somewhere in the sand, and it’s the employees
who have to draw that line. According to one buffet manager at a casino,
stealing is a regular thing and at least in his experience, older customers are some of
the worst culprits. Another buffet employee said that even seemingly
well-to-do customers weren’t above trying to steal from the buffet. One particular woman was notorious for trying
to steal crab legs in her Louis Vuitton purse, and regularly got caught red handed. “Each time she was busted, she would empty
out the crab legs from her bag and then speed away in her Mercedes.” Any parent will tell you that kids do gross
things daily. Buffet employees can verify this and have
witnessed all sorts of unsanitary behavior by kids at the buffet that would make just
about anybody lose their appetite. “I want hepatitis!” “Coming your way, buddy!” In a Reddit thread with buffet employees sharing
their most disturbing stories, one person described this revolting scene: “I once saw a little kid sneeze directly into
one of the chicken dishes. He was the perfect height for his head to
be under the protective glass and directly over the container.” It might also be wise to stay away from those
chocolate fountains, or at the very least, make sure you’re one of the first customers
to hit it up when they bring it out. Apparently, the chocolate fountain is a pretty
popular thing for children to play in and and all it takes is a kid dumping some food
into it — or sticking their face in — to ruin the whole thing for everyone. Being a dishwasher in a busy restaurant is
never a glamorous job, but if you work at a buffet you’re trying to keep ahead of an
endless flood of dirty dishes. Customers might see stacks of clean dishes
by the ends of the food bar, but back in the kitchen, it’s a different story. One customer at a Golden Corral restaurant
captured video footage of piles of unsightly dirty dishes after he couldn’t find a clean
dish in the dining area. A Golden Corral representative said “it was
just a snapshot” and not the entire truth. Max Sparber worked an an Old Country Buffet
in Minnesota during his teenage years and wrote a piece for the Star Tribune about his
dish-washing experience. “It was humid, very hot work, and absolutely
exhausting. We wore rubber gloves, but these inevitably
flooded with scalding water. By the end of my shift, my hands were swollen
and red.” It might seem unthinkable that anyone would
let the allure of the all-you-can-eat buffet get the best of them and become unexpectedly
sick because they just had to have one more plate of food. Unfortunately, if you work at a restaurant
that has a buffet, you’ll witness this sort of thing happening regularly. “Better get a bucket.” “Garcon? A bucket… for monsieur.” One Golden Corral employee on Reddit described
the aftermath that followed when they loaded up the dessert bar with candy. As you can probably guess, it wasn’t pretty
and “kids would eat so much they’d barf on the
bathroom floor.” Other employees have said that it’s fairly
common for people to get sick in the bathroom, and sometimes they don’t even make it that
far before the inevitable happens. If you’ve made it this far and still aren’t
turned off on the idea of eating at a buffet, well, kudos to you. Get a job in the belly of the beast though
and your appetite for that all-you-can-eat smorgasbord might forever be ruined. Working in the restaurant industry can change
anybody’s opinion on dining out, but one restaurant veteran said eating at a buffet is where they
draw the line, saying: “You cannot trust the general public to follow
food safety rules at all. I’ve seen so many people dip their grubby
little paws in pans of food meant for everyone.” “No, God! No, God, please, no! No! NO!” It makes sense that after seeing just a few
things these buffet workers have described, you’ll not only see all-you-can-eat buffets
in a whole different light, but the human population in general. And also, you might take up cooking at home. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more videos about your favorite
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  1. and this is why buffets are going down hill, they're nasty and not everyone shares the same cleaning habits

  2. Where I used to eat for a dollar was recently changed to half a dollar more, I quit and decided to cook my own, don’t have to drive out, before that I only want to eat fresh veggies, took a plateful, it was also changed to only to a certain amount and that’s it. I am now buying a veggies directly by weight from the grocery nearby, get me a least two or three fruits to balance, bread if I want to or bake potatoes, that’s it and so I saved…🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🇺🇸🇵🇭

  3. Remember Wendy's Super Bar? When I worked at Wendy's in the early 90s we had people buy one plate and share with several people. It was $2.99, was usually kids who were clearly broke.

  4. Kudos is right, I am not going to let a bunch of mysophobes tell me what to eat. Being sterile all the time sets you up for lower immunity.

  5. I worked at a Hof Brau. I smelled like mashed potato, all the time. BTW guys love mashed potato smell. Who knew.

  6. I seen someone stealing from Golden Corral. An order don't eat buffet an more. I saw a kid drop food on the and he placed it back on the food line. Can't eat buffet anymore. To nasty

  7. Buffets are a high risk, high reward thing. You have a chance of getting some food that is contaminated, but you get more food and a bigger variety of food for one price, instead of paying seperate prices.

    I say if you don't get sick, don't let these videos ruin your experience.

  8. I never understood why people become so violent when it comes to crab legs. I work in a grocery store and whenever those things go on sale, customers walk into our store and are ready to beat each other down to get those crab legs. I've even had multiple instances where customer stole crab legs from another customer's cart when they weren't looking. I never really understood why, the crab legs are ridiculously overpriced when you consider the small about of meat that you actually get from the crab – even the giant ones.

  9. We're my family goes to eat buffet is Panda Palace the people there don't fight over the crab legs because they have crawfish and fried cut baby crabs , and plus a lot people love the sushi there a lot than the crab legs

  10. I've worked at a Golden Corral, and it's not just Rowdy customer you worry about. But some rowdy supervisors as well. They always rush you to put food on the line. Threatening your job because you can't keep up. Regardless if you just started or not. Higher or seniority people always calling off. So you work longer shifts standing on your feet. And doing another employee jobs. While still having to do your job. I only stayed there less than a 3 months. Because I would lash out at my family and friends for no reason. Basically bring my work with me at home.

  11. I work in the restaurant industry and i don’t eat at buffets because i just feel like I’m at work where’s the sanitizer bucket is the heat wells keeping up to keep the food at a steady temperature is the cold stuff temping at the proper temperature and the utensils i spot water marks and food still on it and the same with the cups it drives me nuts i just stick to regular restaurants instead and i never mind wait as long as the food is hot and they didn’t screw up my order and they keep giving me refills I’ll wait i once waiting a 20 mins for a burger and fries didn’t complain simply because if it’s busy i that feeling trying to keep up with orders it’s tough because a lot of stuff can go wrong you run out of a item that goes in a order or someone over cooked a item, the server let the food get cold you put a unnecessary item in a order or you dropped the food on the floor and etc.

  12. Get there early, first in line, two plates, one hot and one cold of your faves. Eat hot first then before anyone can get to the desserts, go get those. Eat the rest of your meal in peace.

  13. Why is there a clip of Eddie eating at a restaurant when the video is about buffets? Unacceptable, unsubscribed. /s

  14. The solution is very simple and Iv''d used it a few times. Ask for new tongs and use them for the entire buffet. Then keep them for round two or three.

  15. I used to work at a buffet as a cooking a dishwasher when I get home at night I had nightmares about dishes falling all over me and In never ending piles

  16. Shit happens, The Dishes Never stop coming in, the grill breaks down and needs to be thoroughly cleaned because it hadn't been for months, and the dishes all pile up. You can't stay and wash them because it's nearly 2 am, the last bus is about to leave, and you still miss it and you got to walk the 5 miles back home after a full day of work from morning to 2 am of course all because of the less then qualified high school student who somehow got a job underqualified way before you ever did because your 25 and washing dishes had to be taught the ropes after your day shift ends, has to leave home to because they aren't allowed to work too many hours and so your left all alone with all that shit to deal with. And then the manager tells you they will call you if they need you the next day you come in, they never do, but then you find out they did when you come in the next week to get your check and your out of job all because you couldn't pay your phone bill on time and they had cut it off that very day they told you to go home and we'll call if we need you. And now you live on disability because that time and now, you never have gotten a real job because no one ever hired you on your own merit for over 11 of your 18 adult years, and the bills need to be paid. >3< Lord I hate this life, can I have a new one, or do I have to die first, or is that it? OxO

  17. It's ironic that this video was released on for me too watch after my first shift as a dishwasher at golden corral

  18. When my time has come to go it would probably from eating at a buffet and getting something rare is a scenario I think of watching these vids.

  19. If I throw up at a buffet I'm gonna rinse my mouth with water then go back and eat again. I'm not leaving till I'm fucking bursting and am sure I've eaten more than my bill

  20. These Mashed videos are better if you turn off your screen and just listen to them. The random visuals just don't apply and just give me a headache.

  21. I'm really bad with buffets. I only take 2 plates and I'm done. The second is barely filled… it's such a waste of money unless you're really don't care about the calories or are a weight lifter.

  22. It sickens me to see people pile food on a plate where it is pouring over n over filled. Gluttony is unhealthy sad n disgusting to all. Ive never been to a buffet i thought was delicious. They just seem to be pig out parlors 🐽🐽🐽

  23. Mashed do something about ur crybaby ass subscribers.. I don’t get how people are subscribed to your channel for information about food/restaurants but yet here complaining when you’re just relaying the information. Fucking idiots 🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. Unless I'm one of first 20 people to get to the buffet…I won't eat it.
    They don't do it much anymore where I live in Canada, and if they do they have people standing at each dish to serve it to you. If your skinny like my gf your laughing. Empathetic people load up her plate. They always whisper something like poor thing I give you more ,you need it. Bonus for me and my friends. She can never eat it all.

  25. Old Country Buffet was my choice restaurant. They went out of business and all there is is Golden Corral across town. I have to be really really in need of a buffet to drive that far. So If I have a chance at a nearby buffet, I will surely take advantage of it.

  26. I found this video to be amusing and funny at times.. I occasionally eat at a few different buffet's, and mainly for their crab legs.. LOL. No fights, because they keep the treys well stocked, and very clean.

  27. I stole 2 steaks and few honey rolls from golden corral. Had them for lunch next day. I got cut off at sizzlers on all you can eat shrimp after my 3rd plate. Same place I got thrown out for being drunk swearing like sailor.

  28. Okay, unsupervised kids I get. I mean, it's sad, but you see it everywhere. Coughing their heads off, not covering their mouths, wiping at their snotty noses with their hands, touching everything. Sure, I get that. But fighting and stealing? I guess that's who those unsupervised kids grow up to be.

  29. i was in a buffet about 25 years ago and this little black kid kept eating ONLY vanilla ice cream….bowl after bowl..
    i lost count….we were sitting right by the soft serve machine….near the hallway to the bathrooms..
    finally, after 12 or 15 bowls….he came RUNNING towards us,

    and started SPEWING vanilla soft serve ice cream projection style….
    all the way down the hall to the restroom….like a fire hose…

    (my buddy and i were stoned to the BONE and laughing our ASSES off…
    we would get BLIND up after work and then hit the buffet….)

    the kid came out a few minutes later…and guess what ?

    ….MORE bowls of vanilla ice cream.

  30. We had a KFC buffet.Damn mac and cheese WAS in every Damn thing!The gravy,mashed potatoes,slaw,corn,ect.That's the true story of where the Famous Bowl came from.I invented it at the KFC buffet.

  31. I worked for sysco and delivered to many restaurants that I would eat at regularly until I delivered to them. Chinese buffet are the worst,they precooked everything and let it sit by the grill until needed in big tubs all day long. I delivered raw chicken to a Mexican buffet and they didn't have room in cooler so they told me to put it outside the back door and they would get it, well about 7 hrs later and in 90 deg heat that chicken was still there. Yum yum! I don't go out to eat much since working there I've seen to much yuck in to many restaurants.. If you don't believe me take a walk around the back of most restaurants and if possible look in the back door you'll probably not eat there!!

  32. Besides the fact that the food is picked over & whatnot I also hated feeling like I needed to eat ALOT in order to get my money's worth

  33. Crab Legs… that's a Black Thing.
    It really is.

    While working at a Major Food Chain at large weekly volume while at the Largest Percentage EBT Store in a major city….
    … fights over expensive Crab Legs and Filet Mignons were NOT uncommon… amoung EBTers.

    Amazing how much we pay for freeloaders to gorge on food the working class would never consider spending.

    They will fight over crab legs like monkies for bananas. True. Real.

    Not sure what the appeal is.

  34. I deliver to golden corral and i didnt have a issue with them until i ate at the one in my local city. I'm still having stomach issues and its been about 5 days now.

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