World Silver Report 2015 illuminati Silver Comments

World Silver Report 2015 illuminati Silver Comments

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. In our last broadcast we stated that we expected
silver prices to go down and predicted that they will do so for some time yet. Well today, 6th May the World Silver Institute
produced its 2015 report, and as we forested, Mine Production was up in 2014 to a record
level of 877.5 million oz. That is a 5% increase compared to the previous year. A large percentage
of this increase was the result of production in Central & South America and an increase
in the output of Primary Silver Mines – yes you guessed it, those mines the gurus and
pumpers and dumpers were telling you are on the verge of bankruptcy. So rather than going
out of business they actually increased their production.
Total supply compared to 2013 was also up, from 1billion oz to 1.061 billion oz. and
this in-spite of a reduction in scrap and zero net government sales. We expected an
approximate rise of just over 4% and we were wrong – it was just over 6%. Yes overall
supply up by 6%. Silver Hardly becoming scarce we think?
Now lets look at demand. Total physical demand has fallen from 1.11
billion oz to 1.06 billion oz – a decline of half a percent. Industrial fabrication
has fallen, admittedly a little less than we thought it would – again down half a
percent. The largest percentage fall however being
seen in Investor Coin and Bar demand – which fell a significant 47 million oz a 20% reduction
– yes a 20% fall. Do you remember those pumpers and dumpers
telling you in 2014 the Mints were out of silver, silver was going to become scarce,
prices would go through the roof – nope it was down and 2015 so far seems to present
a similar picture. Allowing for ETFs and Exchange Inventory Build,
there was an actual supply surplus of silver compared to demand of 2.6 million oz. Not
a huge amount admittedly, but bear in mind, with above ground, readily available or accessible
silver stocks in excess of 1 billion oz, can you honestly see any upward pressure on silver
prices for the foreseeable future – we cannot!!! Even the Silver Institute trying to be bullish
for silver said today: “Market fundamentals have not been driving the price but silver
as an asset class compared to other asset classes has” – in other words, compared
to other investments, silver is not a good bet – not right now anyway.
So we can see, that even with the removal of the silver fix, prices have continued to
fall with the average silver price for 2014 being a little over $19 an oz and 2015 being
predicted by the Silver Institute to average $16.50 with some downward pressure occurring
over the coming few months. In fact, even their outlook for 2016 and 2017
sees only a rise to an average rate of $20 at best. Hardly “going to the moon” as
others are predicting. So what is our overall conclusion? We believe
long term silver is a good hedge against currency devaluation and also will, in time, see prices
rise as supply diminishes – but this is long term as there is still plenty of silver
both above and below ground at present. We feel, prices should fall below $15 and
possibly to $12 but we are less certain about $10 silver – if that were to occur, then
we would be ‘filling our boots’ so to speak. Regardless of whether we are right
or wrong on this, even the Silver Institute is saying not to expect major price increases
over the next few years and we agree. Of course should a major currency collapse
or major war/conflict occur, then silver prices may very well rise, but primarily as a result
of a rise in the price of gold, – as countries, banks and wealthy citizens will flock to gold.
With silver having an 85% price direction correlation to gold, it is likely to see its
price rise too, and if the public as a whole follows suit, then yes it is possible that
silver prices will then, and only then, rise faster than gold prices – but we feel this
is still some way off. We shall be producing another video in June
with some quite interesting facts on the top Silver mines and also the economy. So please
comment, like or dislike, share and subscribe our videos. As through action we all can make
progress. Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners, come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are therefore not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other
productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal
views of its owners.


  1. Like the World Silver Institute is going to give us a accurate report. Thats like saying the Illuminati doesnt lie. We all know numbers are fixed. You are a joke

  2. There is plenty of silver, no doubt about it. Nobody knows where the price is going long term. Silver should be a small allocation of asset portfolio, as a hedge against the "known" "unknowns". I do not think silver will rise during economic crisis, as industry demand goes down, or way down IMHO. Nice vid for all silver "investors" to see.

  3. Really cannot take u seriously demand has been more than mine and scrap output plus with rising solar demand and water purification the gap is only going to widen mine out put might also have hit the top and may come down in future years plus there's only 20 x more silver to gold in the earth's crust so at a price of 70-1 your silly not to buy maybe put your disclaimer at the start of your vids so people can switch off quickly lol

  4. Lol look at the previous years deficit one good out of 8 isn't much ground to go on I think cheaper prices will pick up the 20 % investment demand and other applications will help it further and also rising wages will have to push prices up

  5. Just an opinion in regards to value,  and understanding,  holding physical in YOUR HANDS OR in your CONTROL,  exceeds anything including the price.
    We all know paper is paper and has no value, then there is paper with numbers on it that you deposit,  You purchase mostly on credit/debit cards for your needs backed up by your deposits and or earnings in regards to credit cards.

    To make a long story short this is why i hold physical silver. 

     Your deposit is now considered a credit to the banks, it is not yours it belongs to them. Your savings account belongs to them, including your pensions and checking accounts, 
    They can close the bank,( bank- in ) your accounts and you have nothing.

    At that moment or thereafter in time, whatever occurs. the value of whatever it is has its value, food water etc and then monetary value.  No matter what the price of it is I consider it as an insurance policy which I control and no other institution.

    Today I gave up discussing this because I showed a man an oz of gold he told me once it was worth 39.00 so I explained to him it still has the same value it weighs .999 pure gold, he said it now cost 1150 dollars an ounce i told him the gold is still the same your dollar has depreciated that amount so you need to pay me the difference for my ounce. He did not get it so I gave up. Insurance and long term.

  6. Many thanks for the videos very informative.  Can you tell me how much above ground silver is available for industry NOT including that held by investors who simply would not sell on any real shortage? When you say a billion oz what does that include?  I see the silver institute has stated a defict of around 57 million oz this year up from the banker statement early year of only 11 million.

  7. The pros and the cons and separate the two and what do we have? Some people will
    go pro, putting a trailing stop on their emotions because that person knows that he or she is human (human nature) , smart; must be experience! , prudent ; wants the bottom line(the truth only) and will seek it and weigh it against the foregoing con(the world), That is me above. l, among others' that go pro, read, listen, YouTube, etc…to get the bottom line. I pay much attention to ILLUMINATI SILVER more and more now because I want to be objective; what is and what ain't or the mix of factors that Illuminati Silver is able to separate and convey in simple terms. The author of Illuminati is now my coach because, obviously, he is smarter than me going north. I am glad that I have the ability to humble myself and listen and be objective. What Illuminati conveyed in the video above agrees with other like minded authors who know the facts, inside out but, there
    is contrasting jargon quite different from the video above; you know what I mean. Listen to the video above again and compare it to other info you accumulate; there is quite a difference in information and I am paying attention to it, which I compare to other info I obtain, just being objective as one should be, remembering there are a mix of factors that tell the story on SILVER from the past, present and going foreword. So, I listen to Illuminati and others' but, I'm getting a better perspective by paying attention to what
    ILLUMINATI SILVER brings to the table. It does make sense. Now, the CON.

    When I say CON. I don't mean that other publications, subscriptions or what other info
    out there is wrong compared to ILLUMINATI SILVER and the LIKE but, some could be wrong although, they believe they are right. There is a fork in the road; beware.

    When I say CON, there are con artists in the world, they will play you if you don;t know
    your stuff. When you come to the fork in the road, will you know any better? Get educated, that's ongoing. When you come to the fork in the road and you know your stuff, proceed. 

    When I say CON, I mean, put a trailing stop on you emotions; do not be speculative,
    that's emotions and you will take the wrong fork in the road for just being dumb. Don't
    CON yourself! Get educated.

    The PRO and the CON:  
    PRO   Real Factual Info

    CON   Disinformation          Intentional  or non intentional

    To be able to disseminate  truth and error, can be difficult so, in your best interest,
    stay on top of the METALS MARKET by due diligence, that is, study and keep an open mind and don't be conned!

    I'll have to admit, Illuminati Silver definitely has my attention and no, I am not  putting
    Illuminati Silver on a pedestal but , what I learned puts things in another perspective.
    I want the bottom line so I can make the right decisions based on fact in a market place
    that is volitional; full of disinformation.  

                                                                     Make it your own, stay on top
                                                                     of the metals,
                                                                      Charles Swank

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