1. Babies do get sleepy 💤😴 prayer 🙏😇❤️ does work as long as you believe and have plenty of faith now this little one will make it cause of everyone's prayers 🙏😇.

  2. It's right there in his face practically in his mouth but still doesn't want to nurse. They can actually go a few days without and end up ok once they start to nurse but if they don't ever try…….is this another male? Nature may be be keeping the number of males down it happens when too many are born

  3. His mouth is on the nipple and he's clinging with all 4's. It's entirely possible he ate till full and the vo decided not to air it.. Remember a *pity * baby gets more views $ for them….

  4. Stop feeding them when they do their babies badly. U r rewarding them. If u only feed them when they do right they will stop neglecting so nuch

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