Oh man do I have a juicy video for you today. The past few days I have been watching a ton
of these videos. Basically there’s a show called 90-day fiance,
which features mostly gold diggers from what I’ve seen. Like women in other countries trying to find
a rich american husband. Today we’re gonna be looking at this one lovely
couple and Anfisa and Jorge. Jorge over here owns a dispensary he’s making
pretty good money right. And then he met this girl on the instagram. I thought that I wanted to be with her forever
so I brought Anfisa to the us on a k1 visa. My fiance Anfisa, she’s 20 years old. She’s from moscow Russia. We’ve met on facebook I seen a picture of
her and I just fell in love. I’m sorry they met on facebook the more family-friendly
way. What the hell pi find a Russian girl on facebook. I didn’t get anything back for you you know
the first 10 messages that I sent to her until finally I just said something funny and she
responded. Let me be funny real quick. I’m rich let me blow this fat stack all over
them ti-, and she responded. Jorge said that he was rich so I responded. Exactly I can’t believe she actually responded. When I pulled up to the place I just couldn’t
believe my eyes like this gorgeous supermodel woman just standing in front of me, ready
to go on the date with me. Yeah it’s called a hooker. What is a girl like that doing with you? Um I don’t know maybe because you have money. When Anfisa got here there was a whole lot
that I didn’t know about her so I had to learn it the hard way. Hmm, I wonder what. She broke phones. She erased my phone. She’s basically a psychopath. Being with Anfisa, it makes me feel lonely. The whole point of having a girlfriend is
that you don’t feel lonely. You look beautiful today. Step 1: If a girl is acting up and being a
bitch do not say she looks beautiful you gotta put her in her place and that’s what this
guy does not do. He does not put her in her place she just
keeps demanding and he just keeps giving her everything she wants and that only fueled
the cycle. Do you want your wife to be pretty? Of course I do. Then don’t complain. Since we’ve been married she threatens to
leave me every day. So far she hasn’t done it. So far. Look at this dude right here. You look like a nice guy right and you know
what they do to nice guys. And Jorge didn’t deliver on his promises to
buy me nice things. So we do require 60% down about $20,000 per
day. $20,000 for a damn wedding dress what the
hell, like this bitch does not even respect him. Hey. – What. – Where are you going? – I’m going to get my wallet. – Bring me my red bag with my makeup. Can I have a key. – Yes you can have a key. What’s she always in a bad mood for? Damn. You know if I ever act up like this I get
the silent treatment. Im going to get my green card and I’m going
to leave you. True colors have been shown. That’s all they want. All these girls they just want that green
card. Cuz what’s stopping them from leaving. Even though she jokes about it all the time,
on the back of my head, I’m worried what happens after she gets it. Just a prank bro just a prank. Another thing since this guy has money and
she doesn’t, before they get married he wanted to get lawyers so that if they break up she
doesn’t get to keep half of his money. Because we’ll stop it up from just breaking
up with him and then she gets to just leave with half, you know. Basically could we write in there, you know,
say married after five years it becomes 50/50. – [Narrator] But things don’t go as planned. Oh. No he said if they stay married for five years
then she gets 50%. And Jorge finally decides to step up to her
and be a man. I’m not gonna screw myself over just because
you want to be happy. She’s just going to walk away. I’m so sorry I hit my camera oh. Ow. You ignore me. – I ignore you. – What the f*ck is that? Well could you at least apologize for the
way you’ve been acting. Apologize for what. Apologize for what. Bring me my red bag with my makeup. Uh yeah I didn’t do anything. He promised me a nice life here but he can’t
afford the house and he hasn’t bought me anything that I want lately. Lately. She got a brand new Louis Vuitton bag and
every episode. It’s nice to spend some time. I’ll be away from Jorge because he’s been
getting on my nerves lately. – So did Jorge give you a budget for today
like how many things do you think you’ll get. I don’t know. Look at her gold digger ass friend fueling
her. Like did he give you a budget for today. Imma be real for a second. Maybe because my whole life I’ve been working. I’ve made my own money, but it’s just it blows
my mind how like how can you be so dependent on somebody else’s money. I never want to live like this. Just you’re gonna complain about your man’s
budget. Go make your own money. Like I get it. She’s with this guy just for money. Cuz according to her why else would she be
with him. I think a lot of americans have this stereotype
about beautiful Russian women dating some american man just for money but who would
want to date a broke man really. I mean at least she admits it. I left everything and I think he always be
for that. You chose to go there. But I mean at least she’s straightforward
with like what she wants. I mean anybody can make promises to you. She’s like one of these girls that’s like
I want a rich dude and he better be good-looking and the big ****. [music] I know she didn’t have any of these bags when
she was in Russia. He bought her so many bags and those are at
least two thousand each. You ready to try some on? Seeing them Anfisa in that dress reminds me
of why I fell in love with her. She looks stunning. But bitch that dress is $45,000. Who the f*ck pays $45,000 for a dress they’re
gonna wear once? Like if you’re beyonce I understand but if
you’re a regular ass person what the hell. I would buy a car who would rather have a
car than a wedding dress. Comment below because I’d rather have a car,
something you know I could drive around for a couple of years instead of a damn dress
that’s gonna sit in my closet. I’m gonna do anything that I can to make her
happy. Why is this dude gonna take her to like these
expensive ass beverly hills places? Like you’re asking for it. I know they have wedding dress stores that’s
how wedding dresses for like a couple hundred bucks you know. Let’s be real her damn house probably wouldn’t
know the difference. Like pay the person and be like oh this dress
cost $50,000 but low- key it’s really $200. She’s the type of person that looks at the
price tag it is like always more expensive so it must be better. No. What do you think. – I think just because it’s 45 grand you’ll
love. Yeah it’s not gonna happen today. You are asking for a $45,000 dress. I deserve expensive things that make me look
beautiful. I’ve come all this way to be with Jorge and
now he can’t even get me the dress I want. If I was a dude and I had millions, I wouldn’t
even buy her the dress. If she was a nice respectful person then… But yeah, maybe. But $45,000 is plain stupid for a dress. I’m sorry I cannot justify that. She comes back after trying on the dresses
gives them ,that look. I’m mad at you. Because you won’t buy me this dress. I deserve it. You keep wanting more and more but one is
the end. – She was coming here to the us and you were
going to give her every single thing that she asked for. I don’t know who this woman is but apparently
she got a lawyer something saying that oh you brought her to the US That means you gotta give her everything she
asked for. I don’t understand why this guy thinks he’s
in love. Like he’s the type of dude that would be in
love with any pretty girl that talked to him. I always wonder how the guys feel of this
situation. The gold-digging situations. Like the girl is just using you for money. Would you rather have a girl that like actually
loved you? Or do they like fool themselves into thinking
the girl would actually be with them if they didn’t have money? I don’t know. That’s what happens when you pay for somebody
to come spread their legs. Deadass though. Look at his face like how dare you, I’m all
offended but that’s exactly what you paid for. I knew my family would have advised against
me marrying Anfisa but I still did it anyway. We’ve been married for six months and it feels
good. Why are you saying it like that? I hate being married to Jorge. Just, just I hate big married to Jorge. Damn. I’m surprised they made it six months. I mean what the hell. How much she gotta buy her so she stays. And we’re off to a good start. I told my realtor that my budget or was anything
under 5,000 but she told me that this house was a little more than that. This guy is trying like he’s trying really
hard. I hate our tiny apartment. It looks poor. Like you don’t like the small apartment I’m
gonna get you a new one. I’ma get you this. You want something better ,I’m gonna get you
this. For what. Driving up to the house I was really blown
away. It looks like a castle but I could already
tell it’s out of my budget. She’s gonna leave him. It’s gonna happen. But anyway that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Leave a like if you want a part two, because
I honestly really enjoy watching these videos. And comment below would you rather date somebody
because they’re good looking or because they have money. And subscribe to join the wolfpack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys


  1. Guys the worse thing just happens so I was scrolling all the way down where the funny comments where and then a add came and it put me all the away in front 😠 😡

  2. I hope you don't make anymore of these videos. They aren't funny or happy. You're always funny and happy. It's just not your usual type of video.

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  4. Haha lol I would buy a plane ticket for one to Russia and tell her that she's going to Hollywood. Lol dumped her back to where she started 😂🤣

  5. B*tch is crazy, yet i bet she will find a new crazy man to buy her.
    All I ever asked for was free shit. Like pick random wild flowers on the road side & im freaking blown away! He takes me on a dinner date, i take him on a date the next time. Ive given my guy flowers & always save green & blue Skittles for him because hes a Seahawks fan.

  6. Id take the damn dress XD Have my hubby slip that off me every fucking day and take me down to the fucking bed XD We gonna be there a while XD

  7. I would pick a car over a wedding dress…but that's probably because I don't want to marry EVER…yeah,things just got darkkķ

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