WoW BfA: Storm Silver Ore Farming Route Guide

WoW BfA: Storm Silver Ore Farming Route Guide

Hey everyone in this video i would like to show you a farming route for farming storm silver ore My name is xScarlife and if this is the first time you are here and you want to see more world of warcraft video’s start now by subscribing and clicking the bell notification icon so you don’t miss anything storm silver ore is only obtainable in the new battle for azeroth areas but some of them are slightly better to farm for your ores compared to others so today i would like to share a farming route that i have been using since the launch of battle for azeroth. To get started with the farming route you want to come over to the stormsong valley which is alliance territory. The farming route itself is actually pretty easy to follow you basically run clockwise and mine everything that you can see now storm silver ore itself is a rare spawn of monelite ore and there is about 35 to 45 % chance that once you mine a monelite ore it will respawn as a storm silver so you should mine every ore that you can see to increase your spawn rate. It’s also worth noting that you can mine this ore with mining skill one but the ranks 2 and 3 requires a higher mining skill and the higher your mining ranks are the more ores you will get. Battle for Azeroth also introduced 3 new items that you can use to speed up your farming. These 3 items are the Hardened Stirrups, Hardened Hoofplates and also the Coarse Leather Barding. You should use these items if you can find them cheap onto the auction house or just craft them yourselves. but the one i recommend the most are the Hardened Stirrups which will let you mine your ores while mounted. besides using these 3 items you can also enchant your gloves to permanently increase your mining speed in both horde and alliance territory if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to comment down below or join my discord server and i will be more than happy to help you out but anyways guys that’s it for this video, don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon and subscribe for more my name is xScarlife and i see you in the next one


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