WoW MoP Gold Guide 5.4 – Best Jade Forest Farming Location – (2500+ g/hr)

WoW MoP Gold Guide 5.4 – Best Jade Forest Farming Location – (2500+ g/hr)

energizing welcome to larry dossey in
gold farming guide at this time will, WoW MoP Gold Guide 5.4 – Best Jade Forest Farming Location – (2500+ g/hr)
WoW MoP Gold Guide 5.4 – Best Farming Location – (6000+ g/hr)
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more mast goal in missus minute in the area
batch 5.4 now this place is located at win or
die all there should be a nap on the right now onto places this is
where you do dailies to Oracle serpent where you get your got
Serpent Mound I know it’s going to be using abortion
it look which is 40 gold I and my hope my own and now be earning
a spot for about down 20 minutes destination before she left
what I’m now be running around the same place about that actually about towards his so
basically I love to do is get their act a little bit K if you have
if your lord help you can just given a few miles up the
volume and we are yet to actually it go to: like something I made sure or final I will I’m using my warrior so it’s a bit more difficult harm them then
we see if you can get there activities in the if you know about on
and then the this video I’ll still on the property
enjoy day the I’m theme day it alright still that in the bushes
duration: um now so pick no all these jets you see you if so these
are little profits I’ve got a single simple drop something
deplorable suggests a little more guarantee on all and all the job for a
hundred you also that was an orphan 25 also be bought for a one goal Solaire letter for other things gold and
they spend $40 hold on bush which brings me to a little what
the beloved 835 gold when you finish minutes which would make
a great deal I’ll 2,505 all or our it’s pretty good though
I prefer double or anyways don’t forget to Like Favorite
subscribe and general appearance thats not also comment below if you would like
to see more in the future and as always national watch


  1. nice i spot i tried myself few days ago not bad , i would also suggest to do it with character that got Alchemy profession , you can use the spirit of harmony you get from them to skip the cd on Living Steel which sells pretty good on my realm 200-300 g 

  2. Yeah i agree i hate when people say AH the greens.. that shit rarely sells so i just vendor it and in the long wrong your saving gold from not having to put it back on the AH 10 times 

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  4. I was on a warrior with strong hits , I would pull as many as I could and bladestorm dead .. I made 300 gold in a hour with potion of luck .lol

  5. I tried this myself, found 19 potions of luck in my server AH for 14 gold each, so i bought all of them and in my first run, between the gold i got from the chest  (1 gold to 11 gold per chest) and the gold i got from mob drops i made like 220Gold,im still waiting for the mats and greens to sell in the AH, but i tried the spot you use in your video and there was only one or two monkeys running to the serpents every 30 secs, so instead of standing there i made a circle around the beach since there is a bunch of groups of 3 to 4 mobs and they respawn very fast

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