Xbox – December 2018 Games with Gold

Xbox – December 2018 Games with Gold

[MUSIC]>>Hi Xbox fans. Get ready for the Games
with Gold December lineup. As always, all four games are
playable and acquirable on Xbox One and free to those with an active Xbox Live Gold
subscription. Beginning December first is
the mysterious puzzler Q.U.B.E 2. You awaken in the ruins of an ancient alien landscape with no memory of how or
why you got there. Navigate through
mind-bending puzzles and use your manipulation gloves
to change the structure of the world in order to
find your way back home. As you explore, you’ll face
thought-provoking questions of your true purpose with a devastating truth that
will shake your world. Then, on December 16th, delve into the rich lore
and culture of the Iñupiat people in
the adventure titled Never Alone, nominated for
multiple awards and built in partnership with
the Alaska Native community. Play as a young Iñupiat girl
and at arctic fox to find the source of
the eternal blizzard which threatens everything. Encounter traditional
native characters, share their wisdom and stories, and experience a game like no other. On the Xbox 360, December first, comes the epic action
role-player Dragon Age 2. Taking place over
the course of a decade. Mold your character Hawke from a destitute refugee to
the revered champion of Kirkwall. Gather the deadliest of allies, amass fame and fortune, and seal your place in history. The legend of your rise
to power begins now. Finally, on December 16th, anything goes in
the classic action title, Mercenaries: Playground
of Destruction. Your mission is to topple a sinister
military regime by any means. If it drives or flies, hijack it. If it shoots or explodes, use it as a weapon. In this Playground of Destruction, there are no limits and no mercy. To redeem the titles, simply click on the gold area on your Xbox one, your Xbox 360, or even on the web
at Your new games will
automatically appear in the ready to install
section of your Xbox One. With Xbox Live Gold, you are part of the world’s
premier gaming community. [XBOX SOUND]


  1. Je ne peux pas acheter l'offre xbox live gold Fortnite qui coûte 7,99€ avec mes 11€ sur mon compte il m'est indiqué de mettre une carte banquaire pour completer le montant restant alors que j'ai largement au dessus du montant de l'offre aidez moi s'il vous plaît XBOX

  2. My free games without gold even though I had gold were JD 2018 and the simpsons game because I got them for xmas

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