Xbox Live Gold – Get 1 month for $1 for a limited time!

Xbox Live Gold – Get 1 month for $1 for a limited time!



  1. hey xbox, i wanna buy it online but ir says that im from the US even though in from the UK, and yes i changed my language and regions to be UK

  2. Please always be free!!! People are buying many things like Dlc and stupid pay 2 win coins!!!! everyday on xbox. You guys making millions of money!!!!!

  3. Hey Microsoft, how about making it free instead? Why do we have to pay for use of the internet on xbox while we already pay for our own internet providers?

  4. 1 dollar and people are still complaining, asking for free Gold. Xbox Live Gold gives FOUR Free games/month (The Xbox 360 ones are yours forever), online gameplay that does not shutdown every week like PSN, and exclusive discounts for members… If you can't afford Gold, Just don't buy an Xbox.

  5. Microsoft/xbox/phil/Coalition/God. Please bring Gears Tactics to xbox where the majority of gears fans are. Just walk onto stage at E3 2019 and say it's now coming to xbox also. It's what gears fans want.

  6. Okay so I had $5 I mean $4 on my account on Xbox and I saw $1 for one month and trying to buy it it said how do you want to pay the rest

  7. I am from Argentina, two months ago I can not buy anything in the Microsoft store, whenever I try to buy I get an error that the payment could not be processed and then I have to go to the Microsoft contact service, talk for 2 hours so that can just process my payment, I'm fed up with that, solve it, several Xbox players from South America are having these problems.

  8. S'il vous plaît je ne peux pas payer mon impayés sous prétexte de ne pas avoir assez sur mon compte Microsoft sauf que j'ai 8,03€ sur le compte est limpayé est de 6,99€ s'il vous plaît aidez moi xbox je ne comprend pas

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