Xbox – March 2019 Games with Gold

Xbox – March 2019 Games with Gold

>>[MUSIC].>>Hi Xbox fans. Get ready for the Games
With Gold March lineup. As always, all four games are
playable and acquirable on Xbox One, and free to those with an active
Xbox Live Gold subscription. On March first, take to
the high seas in Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. Help our heroes, Finn,
Jake, Marceline, and Beemo discover why
the Land of Ooo is underwater. Explore by land and
sea, fight pirates, and search for hidden clues to solve the mystery and save
the water logged world. Then on March 16th, prepare for all out battle in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Two. Doctor Zomboss has
strengthened his zombie army, but the plants are on the offensive
to reclaim their turf. Choose either side in
24-player multiplayer, four-player co-op modes
or go at it solo. The Battle for Suburbia begins now.>>[MUSIC]>>On the Xbox 360 March first, chaos has erupted across the galaxy, and it is your duty to fight it
in Star Wars Republic Commando. Set during the events
of the Clone Wars, as leader of an elite squad, you’ll need to infiltrate, dominate, and annihilate your enemy. Your squad will follow
your every command and act as a team as you work to
destroy the Separatist forces. You are the leader, they are your weapons.>>[MUSIC]>>Finally, on March 16th, the renowned Metal
Gear franchise goes an exciting direction in
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Focusing more on pure action
and epic storytelling, play as Cyber Ninja, Raiden, a child soldier transformed
into half-man, half-machine. Slice and dice your cyborg
enemies and take on a worldwide conspiracy with a high frequency katana blade
and a soul fueled by revenge. To redeem the title, simply click on the “Gold” area
on your Xbox One, your Xbox 360, or even on the web
at>>[MUSIC]>>Your new games will
automatically appear in the “Ready to install”
section of your Xbox One. With Xbox Live Gold, you are part of the world’s
premier gaming community.>>[MUSIC]>>[XBOX SOUND]


  1. We need better games on Xbox live gold, if it were my choice I would choose:

    Tom Clancy's Ghost recon wildlands


    Grand theft auto San Andreas

    Watch dogs 2

  2. Please add more OG xbox games! How about DOA, and BloodWake, and Mech Assault1/2, how about the original Splinter Cell games, and the … for 360 please add Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1/2, Dynasty Warriors 6, Star Ocean the last hope, and my personal favorite… Section 8 and its sequel Prejudice

  3. wow… i like adventure time game and now plants vs zombies 2…. wow… 10 days waiting….wow

  4. Yeah these games are better than usual but yet xbox free games of the month have nothing on PSN….. they get MW 2 remastered we get PvZ 2

  5. Personally, I think the last great Xbox One free game was back in November 2018 with BF1. Dec through to March have been … well, meh 😏 I hope we get some better games soon #MyOpinionYouHaveYours

  6. Weird? I see only the first 3 games only and metal gear rising isn't there and when I checked it in the store it isn't with them and still after 4 days still the same, not free and. So I'm I missing something?

  7. please Microsoft on brazil server, in may put games type gta 5 forza horizon 4 and 3 on xbox live gold brazilians love xbox so could they do that for us?

  8. I downloaded GW2 but if my subscription ends will the game delete itself from my console and lose my save or it will be locked and I can reaccess it once I renew my subscription and will it keep my progress?

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