Xbox – November 2019 Games with Gold

Xbox – November 2019 Games with Gold

[MUSIC]>>Hi Xbox fans. Get ready for the Games
with Gold November lineup. As always, all four games are
playable and acquirable on Xbox One, and free to those with an active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox
Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Beginning November 1st, pick up your magnifying glass and
step into the shoes of the world’s greatest detective in Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter. In this fantastic adventure,
blend investigation, exploration, and action as you explore the
darkest corners of Victorian London, and the mystery surrounding
your adopted daughter. Your deductions will
affect the outcome of the story as it leads to its
final stunning revelation. Then on November 16th, operate a locomotive in a dystopian
world in The Final Station. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, the infected are all around, and it’s up to you
to safely transport your passengers on
the dangerous rails. Keep your train operational, look after the survivors, and make the next
station at all costs. On the Xbox 360 November 1st, re-live the events leading into Star Wars Episode II with
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter. The galaxy is in turmoil and
Ada Gallia is dispatched by the Jedi council to investigate the disturbances in the
Karthakk system. Flying the new prototype
Jedi Starfighter, maneuver and blast
through enemy ships and take the fight to
the Trade Federation. The Force takes flight! Finally, on November 16th, perform crazy stunts or
challenge your friends in the cart racing tour de
force, Joy Ride Turbo. Jump from cliffs,
show off your skills, and unlock extra cars for
more death-defying tricks. There’s no limit to the fun
in this vibrant madcap racer. To redeem the titles, simply click on the Gold
area on your Xbox One, your Xbox 360, or even on the
web at Your new games will
automatically appear in the “Ready to Install”
section of your Xbox One. With Xbox Live Gold and
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you are part of the world’s
premier gaming community. [XBOX SOUND]


  1. Another classic star wars game? Hopefully we get the force unleashed 1 or 2 next(who doesnt want to expand their star wars game collection?)

  2. We pay for xbox live Gold, so we should receive something that has some value. I dont want game pass but it seems like its the only way to get good and promised free games.

  3. People need to just stop paying for Xbox gold or game pass until Microsoft starts giving us good games. If they don’t want to lose sales in Xbox gold or game pass then they need to step it up and show us why paying for any of these two are worth it.

  4. At this point we are better off just buying the subscription just to play online and thats it and if you dont well youre better off withouth it

  5. Every month the games get worse. I remember when I got battlefield one and now there are just really old games and indie rejects

  6. Hey Xbone please reply my membership ends December and I removed my credit card why can’t I download original Xbox and 360 games


  7. Pinches juegos feos de xbox 360 quisiera que pusieran acá mamalones

    Like si quieres que pongan juegos más chidos en xbox 360 gold

  8. Xbox Star Wars Jedi Starfighter u can download it……….but it doesn't work on Xbox 360……..can u fix it…….anyone?????? Explain…..

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