XGirl Nerf War: Gold Necklace Hunt

XGirl Nerf War: Gold Necklace Hunt

Who are you? Uh, we are Ali ….. A A A A A A Stupid ! Expose it now Hmmmm Alibaba’s lousy soldiers again Do you think you’re stupid? It’s all exposed! You dare…… Who…. Who hit me?…. Blezzzzzzz Where is the necklace? Hmmm Hmm Did you hide it in here? He He He He……. I got it Let’s go Wake up ! So what’s wrong with you? I’m….. My necklace was taken by Alibaba bandits It’s not OK That necklace is in their hands The longer it is, the more dangerous We……… Must get back the necklace These two guys are here Why did they find our base? Because of you Who said when you told they to know We are Alibaba bandits Stupid! Yup…. 🙂 Can you still sit and laugh? Hurry and shoot them You see the harm of stupid? The kind of person who
mouth faster than the brain! I didn’t mean to Yes, just afraid of stupid teammates Fortunately still alive! Do you think it’s easy to kill me? You…. Dare to carry the body here? Gruz .. If you’re good, shoot me Guns for what? We got it back Let’s go


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