Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Review: does your food stick on the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat?

Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Review: does your food stick on the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat?

do you love to grill in the summertime
or the wintertime or whenever cuz I sure do today we’re gonna be looking at this
Yoshi copper grill and baked mat kind of
excited to try this out I’m Jeff with Jeff reviews for you and my channel is
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get to today’s review like I said it was the Yoshi copper grill and baked man I’m
gonna do a quick unboxing what I have in here looks like two of these they’re
just standard I don’t know they look like placemats copper color I also have
a set of directions I’m gonna read those and then we’re gonna actually test this
out so the directions tell us to thoroughly wash both sides of this we’re
not to exceed 500 degrees whether inside in the oven or outside the grill it does
warn us not to let grease build up on this so what I’m gonna do is I’ve got
some chicken and some peppers to grill today so I’ve already washed this on
both sides so come on outside with me to the grill and let’s put this to the test
I know that I get frustrated with my chicken or whatever sticks to the grill
and I have to scrape it off later so I’m kind of excited to see if this works but
you know what I need to have grill lines that’s how I know it’s been grilled
let’s get outside this grill is about 500 degrees which is the maximum that
the yoshi grill mate says you should use also the great should be cleaned off you
should place the grill mate on and then you’re supposed to be able to just place
your food on there and it’s gonna protect against dripping down so let’s
just see I can hear the sizzle all right so I’ve got four pieces of
chicken on here we’re gonna check back a little bit to see what this looks like
when we flip it my hopes are that it’s not going to be stuck to the grill mat
as most of the time the chicken is stuck to the grill let’s come back in a few
minutes and see what happens all right let’s check to see what this looks like
it looks like we’re grilling some of the marinade is coming off but that’s okay
let’s look at move for the ease okay let’s see if it’s got some grill marks
Oh getting some grill marks and flip them over all right you know I’m gonna
do when I move this stuff I’ll leave it this way I’m gonna add some peppers in
there yeah these vegetables will cook on this grill mat too so now let’s come
back in about five or so minutes and see what we got the vegetables are just
about done so I’m gonna take them off and I’m gonna end up butterflying this
chicken mind you you’re not supposed to cut on top of the grill mat or the grill
mate you’re something to cut them off and bring it back on top but some of the
butterfly and then we’re gonna continue this cook but so far it’s looking pretty
good here is the finished cook all the chicken has grill marks it’s cooked
through I’m pretty excited about this now let’s let this Yoshi mat cool off
and then we’re gonna wash it in the dishwasher today I had a fun time
grilling out with my Yoshi copper I thought it was kind of neat I was able
to put this on the grill and cook my chicken and peppers right on top of it I
thought that was cool I did like how my chicken still had grill lines and the
birds were actually that grilled flavor and grilled taste that you like I will
say that the directions here say you’re supposed to let it cool down after
you’re done cooking you’re supposed to wipe it off use soap and water if you
want or put it in the dishwasher on the top rack I actually did both I scrubbed
it with soap and water and I put in the dish wash on the top rack and as you can
tell from it I still have grill lines on here now that’s not that big of a deal
it just takes away from the copper look I reckon I said this earlier but they
said you not go over 500 degrees whether it’s in an oven or on the grill I today
only did the grill but you can also put this in the oven like if you’re putting
in a pan maybe you wanted to make rolls or maybe you wanted to make meat in the
oven this thing will there help you so will not stick so that’s kind of a cool
thing I was thinking well I use this at home
maybe if I’m cooking chicken like it in today or steak or pork or whatever and I
want to put peppers on there yeah I’ll probably use this but the biggest thing
I think I would use this for I’m going to the park and you know you’ve seen
those grills of the park they are pretty pretty nasty and so I probably would
take this with me therefore that way I would have to clean it and I know that
it’s gonna be kind of a clean environment for my cooking this was Jeff
with Jeff reviews for you and that’s my review of the yo sheet copper if you
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and have a great day oh you know what I forgot I forgot I’m lighting this video
with yep you saw it right it’s my go lamp I recently did a review of this go
lamp it’s another as seen on tv product so
what I’d like you to do is I’m gonna link it red it’s actually have it linked
over here I’m gonna link it right over here
and I’ll see you over at that video so come on over and check that one out


  1. Great review. I've wondered about those things and if they would detract from that "grilled" flavor. I am impressed. Thanks for the show. Love and prayers. Pa

  2. Hello! We seen you in Pusa studio's live stream! So we came to check out your channel! Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s a great review Jeff. It answers a lot of the questions I had about it. One thing though, how durable do you think this is? Will it last a while?

  4. Grill mat…not allowed to cut on grill mart..chicken looks Devine.. chicken had grill lines..soap and water..grill lines still on.does not stick..use at the park ..

  5. For the as seen on TV ones I suggest you play the ad before you do the testing. But you would probably have to cut it so no copyrighr

  6. Looks like it works pretty good and might just have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  7. Yo man, your hair is really spiked… yea.. i fking hate it when stuff sticks.. good to review stuff like this. I make vids on dogs but need to watch vids like this
    Good vids and chicken brother.

  8. I've had my Yousi Grill mats all summer. I love using them on my grill. They keep my good moist and delicious. Like anything else the cleaning stinks. The good outweighs the bad though. I'm glad I've got them.

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