YOU ARE HERE: Your Personal Map Jewelry

YOU ARE HERE: Your Personal Map Jewelry

My name is Talia. I’m an industrial designer and a jeweler. For the past 6 years, I’ve been creating jewelry based on maps. Throughout my life, I’ve moved around and maybe that’s why… I needed to find a way to take these places with me. I was born in London, grew up in Jerusalem, and spent a few years in the States with my family. Lived in Paris, In Rome, in Tel Aviv, I was specially inspired by trips to Barcelona, and to Tokyo. And now I’m in New York again. So far, I was telling my story, and now I want to tell yours: The little street you grew up on, That side street you finally got the courage to kiss… Your favorite place on earth, Your home. Over the past year, I’ve been developing and experimenting with a system that allows you to enter any address, see what it looks like on a map and choose the frame to be made into your personal piece of jewelry. Now I need your stories. to make this a viable product, and to able to produce and ship one of a kind pieces at an affordable price, I invite you to support me on this campaign and send a place you want turned into jewelry. A shared process of creation: You Are Here.

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