1. My elo is G3 ish but this korean Golds are far away from my leauge i can see that i wouldnt have a chance against them lmao koreans

  2. did you join a korean server to play against worst people ? Dude,… just play in NA and get all the toxicx and trolls into your team,.. nothing better

  3. Thanks for the great video. It's refreshing that your rhetoric is so clear and thorough. It feels like you really want to take us lower-elo folk under your wing. 😛 Time to play Mastery Yi!

  4. 6:23 “dont take their cs, they’ll get very angry if you take their cs”
    6:26 *proceeds to claim the caster minion*

    The lies 2018…

  5. I used to be a hardstuck Gold 1 player in Ph (yes, toxic server and maybe not so good compared to other servers skill-wise I dunno), but just a few days ago, I finally got my Plat 5 by NOT RELYING ON MY TEAM.

    I spam Velkoz and use my teammates as meat shields so I don't die and combo well to win our team fights (I actually also consistently win my lane since Ph Gold don't know how to play against Velkoz I think)

    I used to rely on my team, but it is a fact that it is by grace that you get good teammates in my elo so I got fed up with terrible teammates and just carried my games

    I'm not a guy with a bloated ego, but if you know you can play consistently well, go for the carry.

  6. One of the best guides I have watched,not only useful to master yi,but to low elo in general.Thanks for the guide Cowsep =D

  7. You're actually the best, Cowsep you made me carry my team when I had a 0/11/0 Illaoi and 1/12 Heimer in the same game you actually the best. Keep up the good work. <3

  8. I feel like the reason they overextend so much is that it never gets punished. It works there because you are smurfing and are ready to punish the mistakes of the laners, but when i'm the akali in a situation like this I can have an opponent dive me, fail to kill me and then stay in lane with 10% hp and no sums for 2 waves and my jungler will never come even close because that gromp is more important.

  9. Hey cowsep, I like watching your video. It teaches me a lot , so keep going guy. Btw, your editor is good at Vietnamese.

  10. Rly looking for an in depth up to date guide for dh master yi. Done a decent amount of games with it using tips from this stratedy and it KILLS as gainst squishy/bursty comps (delete them b4 they delete you). Its hit/miss but its easy to get dh from good ganks and even if you die or they flash away, you still get a stack

  11. At 0:01 you can see if you look CLOSELY so CLOSE that the video is starting
    Btw if you look closely at banning champ time you can see the yas is banned but someone is playing it with nightbringer yasuo

  12. No dude your bad was not talking to us but not to use your W at least 2 times from 10:17 to 11:15 and then again from 11:17 to 12:06
    No wonder you stay loww HP
    YOU DONT USE YOUR HEALING ( as often as you could ) DESPITE HAVING blue buff.

  13. "You should be looking for mistakes"
    So, I should put a mirror on the opposite side of my room?

    Kill me

  14. man in EUW it takes more than just a champ… the amount of braindead people is mind blowing. Unless u master Yi or nasus, jax, riven, or have a godly jungler u cant carry with teams like EUW. Its sad how LoL punish you for others misstake why not make a rank system based on your own performance

  15. i disagree with Cowseps policy on helping his team. i know what he said in the end, help out your team if you benefit the moste out of it, and i would agree to that much. but early he spoke about it being his job to help his team getting ahead. another youtuber, a challenger lol player sais, "if people lose and feed hard. dont help them. if they play 0/6/1 after 10min, you could gank their lanes 6 times and they still lose, because they are behind on exp, money, items. and you cant be around to help them evry step of their way so they still lose after all the help you invest in them. its much easier to help winning lanes then losing lanes. and you only need 1 winner with you to win games. and if you are a jungler, your job is to be around evrywhere besides around that one loser who cant play"

  16. LOL He tells others dont take cs cus it will tilt teammates, immediately takes a cs.

    Proceeds to talk abt yasuo overextending, he chased rammus to the end of the earth.

    Talks about getting akali fed, when he ksed her.


  17. How you play i say you SILVER 4. You never ward, never predict, not farming. You are bad af… ive see silver 2 yi play better than you on Euw sv.

  18. I only want to thank you because ive been watching lol videos since S3 and this is by far the best ive seen to improve my games ❤️

  19. nice tips. i agree with that. why do we want other player lead us? this is my bigest mistake that i cant climb to platinum. now i understand why did I always sacrificed….

  20. what should i do when my team starts crying that i,m taking my kills on their lanes as a Carry ganker and they just start to feed the enemys….like most of the kidos does ?


  22. They didn't have real jg, or top, thats why he could play this match like that. I always have jax, kayn, rammus, amum, rengar. Or yi jg, constantly trying to kill me in my jg, and if my team is too low rank to notice that they can get free kill, i lose buffs and jg creeps

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