You Should Never Reheat Chicken In The Microwave. Here’s Why

You Should Never Reheat Chicken In The Microwave. Here’s Why

The microwave oven is a modern technological
miracle. We all take them for granted, but since microwaves
became affordable for the average household in the 1960s and ’70s, their popularity has
soared and they have forever changed how we cook and reheat food. “I know you’re probably used to growing
your own vegetables and spearing fish on the lagoon, but here on the mainland, we just
nuke it.” As great as they are, though, the microwave
isn’t ideal for everything especially reheating chicken. Sure, it’s faster and easier than firing up
the oven. But when it comes to chicken, it’s worth making
the time and effort not only for the flavor and texture of your food, but for food safety
as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
estimates that there are about 48 million cases of food poisoning in the United States
each year, resulting in about 128,000 hospitalizations and more than 3,000 deaths. One of the leading causes of these food poisoning
cases is salmonella, which alone causes 1.2 million cases of food poisoning. And you guessed it: salmonella is just one
of several dangerous bacteria that can be found in raw chicken. “What are you doing, Julia? The chicken fingers aren’t even cooked! You want us to get sarsaparilla or something?” But that’s raw chicken. So what does salmonella have to do with reheating
chicken that’s already been cooked? Once chicken is cooked to the recommended
internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, dangerous bacteria is eliminated. After cooking, though, chicken needs to be
refrigerated or frozen within two hours, or one hour if it’s hot out. Any longer than that and bacteria start to
regrow and multiply. “Man, this must be killing you.” “Oh, what, the salmonella dripping all over
my desk?” Of course, if you reheat the chicken to165
degrees, it will kill the bacteria again. But it turns out that microwave ovens are
pretty bad at that. According to the World Health Organization,
microwaves don’t penetrate thick pieces of food very well, which can lead to uneven heating. This means that even if part of your leftover
chicken is now piping hot, there may be portions of it that never reached that internal temperature
of 165 and bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses may still be hanging out. The heat from a microwave can only penetrate
1 to 1-1/2 inches into food, so the larger the piece of chicken, the more you have to
rely on conduction heating from the outer surface. It’s just a bad idea! “I think putting a chicken in the microwave
is, like, the most sanitary thing to do. Plus, it doesn’t have all the extra calories
form the grease!” “B—- is CRAZY!!” But let’s say you’re not worried about any
of that, or that you’re a microwave aficionado who always rotates food, cooks meat on a lower
power and for longer, and uses a thermometer to ensure a safe temperature. You still shouldn’t be reheating your chicken
in the microwave for the sake of its flavor and texture. Postdoctoral research scientist Dr. Kyle Frischkorn
explains that reheating leftovers often results in what he calls “Warmed-Over Flavor” – or
WOF but he worked with the team at Serious Eats to see if they could minimize WOF in
chicken. While they found that WOF is mostly unavoidable
regardless of reheating technique, he did not mince words when sharing his feelings
about microwaving chicken, writing: “From the reheating-methods portion of the
testing, the clearest result was that microwaving does gross things to chicken and should be
avoided at all costs.” Let’s go out on a limb and say that spongy,
funky chicken isn’t what you’re looking for when you reheat your leftovers. What other options do you have? Conventional cooking wisdom says that you
should reheat chicken the same way it was originally cooked. This means your baked chicken dish should
be reheated in the oven, your sautéed chicken should be reheated in a pan, and so forth. Science says not only will it taste better,
it’ll be safer, too. When it comes to chicken, ditch the microwave. Your health and tastebuds will thank you. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. If your chicken is infested with bacteria, don't think it's worth it to even reheat in the oven. just toss it out.

  2. I'm thinking the video refers to chicken that was cooked and left in the fridge for a couple or so days.

    I'm single, so when I buy a Costco roasted chicken it would not be wholly consumed for days so there is a risk of food poisoning. I mitigated this problem by parting out meal size potions to fit into a quart size Zip-Lock bags and storing them in my freezer. My 26 year old over-range microwave oven heats it up in 3 minutes.

  3. I’ve reheated chicken in the microwave for the last 20 years…. never had an issue….

    I’m guessing Mashed is struggling for content

  4. This video is pure bullshit, 12 million people on Earth eat KFC everyday, some reheated it, after it gets cold, or put it in the fridge and reheat it and ate it hours later, or the next day, why is there not millions of people everyday getting KFC food poisoning, then there's the tens of thousands of mom and pop chicken restaurants still in business serving millions.

  5. What about chicken salad…ya know mayo n celery mixed together do i have to heat that up too in a the oven or frying pan

  6. Oh dear Lord! I JUST REHEATED CHICKEN IN THE MICROWAVE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGHGGGHHHH!!!! XDXD XD XD XD ROFLMAO!!! But, seriously, I did just that actually, but it is not the first time, and don't give me that Law of Averages BS, because that is a Fallacy.

  7. Mashed Whenever I make fried chicken, I often leave it sitting out overnight & then eat some the next day without heating it at all. How do you think people survived during the thousands of years prior to refrigeration?

  8. This is BS! ive reheated chicken for years, and the last time was day before yesterday…. and hear I am 48 hours later and 4 or five more meals past that stinky ass salmonella chicken I ate!

  9. Buy a thermometer that pierces the meat. Make sure the temperature goes over a hundred sixty-five degrees problem solved

  10. 40 years old, been reheating chicken in microwave for somewhere around 30 years now and never had any problems eating reheated chicken. I think this might be for this newer weaker generation or something because it doesn't apply to me or anyone I know around my age group.


  12. Sorry they were not affordable in the 60s and 70s or even the 80s.. they were very big. and they cost around $300 in the.. they didn't start coming affordable into the 90s.😏

  13. I threw out my microwave decades ago. I dislike the way it changes the texture and taste of the food cooked in it. Plus, it is always eats up energy even when not in use. Anything that comes on instantly, is already on and sucking up energy like a hidden energy vampire. If you want to save money on your energy bill..unplug everything that is "instant on"..computers, microwaves, some washing machines, coffee makers and the like.

  14. My guess is Mashed has some videos that say "this recipe makes for good chicken leftovers" without saying how to do it properly. This is CYA – same as Caution: Contents are VERY HOT! Most will continue as they always have, while Mashed will not be held responsible if the highly unlikely event of someone dying occurs. Hard to sue the chicken and the chicken is as broke as you are. Point of fact, it is dead 2-3 times over. Deep pockets are the usual ones pursued. Anyway – Just a guess, as I said.

  15. B.S. If the chicken has been properly cooked and leftovers put into the fridge, then microwave reheating is just fine. Even KFC buckets. Or Popeye's. Or Bojangles. Or any fast food chicken.
    Just do it in a loosely covered container, the chicken tends to explode.

  16. I use left over chicken for delicious pulled bbq chicken sandwiches. Shred the chicken up and heat up in a skillet with some olive oil until browned. Add your favorite seasonings your favorite bbq sauce. Cut your favorite king of roll in half taste it in the chicken cooked pan. Put the hot chicken on bottom bun add some fresh lettuce maybe thin sliced red onion maybe some of your favorite cheese. Add top bun. Welcome to a delicious pulled bbq chicken sandwich. It is delicious.

  17. If microwave heats to 1 and 1/2 inches show me a piece of chicken that is thicker than 3". If we like the texture and flavor, what is it. This is America and reheated chicken on top of the stove or in the conventional oven tastes worse to me.

  18. If you refrigerate the chicken, then theres no bacteria, so why should you have to worry about how thoroughly you reheat it? You dont need to worry about killing bacteria that cant grow..

  19. I never use a microwave as a radio engineer I know all about RF radiation we use microwave signals to transmit from Studio to transmitter location all the time. Same type of RF radiation very similar on the frequencies microwaving destroys any minerals and value of any kind that is in your food it's overall very unhealthy for you I never use a microwave. It changes the DNA of the food also in your body does not recognize it and confuses your body and it pushes it through as quickly as possible because you're basically rejects it because it does not recognize the DNA which is now been corrupted to a unrecognizable type of DNA that your body does not understand. I will not use a microwave I know too much about them and how they work and what they do

  20. Reheated chicken has a nasty taste to it. I originally thought that's what this video was going to be about.

  21. Who here microwaved those Costco bought frozen BBQ/Buffalo hot wings? That was high school years, but as adult now, I either oven cook, on the pan, or put it in the steamer now. In ways it's true though, microwaving meat just dries the meat.

  22. WTF not only have I microwaved and reheated my chicken all my life and never got sick I also pull cooked chicken out of the refrigerator and eat it and have never gotten sick WTF this goes back to the 1800s when people used to refrigerate cooked chicken and pull it out and take it to picnics and eat it cold WTF is this video !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡🕵️
    Lying BS !!!!!!

  23. Oven reheat it may taste better but I guarantee reheating cooked chicken in the microwave will not make you sick !!!!!!! 🤡🕵️🏼

  24. This video stupid so if I cook chicken breast cut it up and make chicken salad with it and stick it in the refrigerator for a day or two and I pull it out and eat it cold I'm going to get sick because I didn't cook my chicken salad hot this video was stupid !!!!!!!!! Millions of people eat cold chicken salad out of the refrigerator a day and never get sick !!!!!!

  25. You shouldn’t reheat any meat in the microwave. It drys it out and makes it tough. Throw it in a frying pan a heat it that way

  26. The likelihood of a food borne illness in this case has nothing to do with the microwave but rather the suggested negligent abuse of the time and temperature rule regarding cooling food rapidly. This also has nothing to do with chicken because any cooked and cooled food can be contaminated if a batch is cooled or handled improperly. Furthermore….I would like to acknowledge my hate for fear mongering, and forcing the poor narrater to look like an idiot because someone can’t do proper research.

  27. this video is not telling the truth. Once meat has been cooked it can last several days without cooling and it is perfectly safe unless you are a dirty person. I have a special place to get fried chicken and lasts 4 days before it dries out. the acid in our stomach has the ability to kill germs and your body needs bugs to build up the natural bug killer

  28. Some people are just microwave snobs. I totally agree chicken or beef or anything raw shouldn't be cooked originally in the MW, but heating something up that's already been cooked? Perfectly fine and convenient. The only thing I don't heat up in MW is bread. Everyone knows if you don't eat that right away, parts of it turn hard as a rock. So, this is what toaster ovens are made for. Such a fuss… and what a waste to throw a MW out of a window to smash below! Drama Queens!

  29. Never put a live chicken in the microwave.
    It won't be something you want to put on your table… unless you live somewhere in South Carolina.

  30. No shit. There are many foods and drinks that do not do well reheated in a microwave. If one doesn't mind rubber meats, by all means heat it up in the microwave.

  31. Ha! That one scene is from Ramsey yelling at the dude putting steak in nukwr haha . microwaves are for reheating not cooking lol

  32. People shouldn't be so worried about food so much. Raw chicken or pork be afraid of. So far as meats tho, as long as it's not slimy and stinky, you're probably ok. No one has a refrigerator big enough to store food like you're supposed to anyway. Im sure people have popsicles in the freezer with raw meat. Definitely not supposed to do that. So why even worry.

  33. Oh no !!!…. Microwaved chicken + Gordon Ramsey = " IT'S RAWWW !!!"… 💪😠💥😵💥💪💥💪💥 … 🤕 👈😄

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