oh my god you guys we did it we got to 200 subscribers and look you two got out a new button and it’s a bronze button for 200 subscribers so look how beautiful it is and I thought it actually it’s not real I made it at home and now I’m going to show you how to make it but I’m still really excited [Music] for this project you will need spray paint of any sort I use copper motto magic or any clay that dries cutting tools of any source letter stickers something to put the play button in it has to have that mention plan so you can roll your layout let’s get started to show me [Music] when you’re done with the play button we need to let it dry and let it harden then we can paint it with our spray paint and while that’s dry we are gonna start on the frame [Music] I hope you guys like that and even though this is fake I really appreciate it for you guys helping me to get into 200 subscribers thank you so much in one day we will get a real real button we will do it guys we can do it I hope you liked it subscribe subscribe over there leave a comment down below hit that like button now we’ll see you next time goodbye [Music]

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