YouTube GOLD – a “CLEAR CUT” Taste for GOLD (s2 e20) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – a “CLEAR CUT” Taste for GOLD (s2 e20) | RC ADVENTURES

[Kevin] What are we doin’? (laughing) [Sluice] I don’t even want
to know what you’re doing. (whirring) – [Lyle] Now an expert at home dentistry. (whirring) – That’s better. (water trickling) – If only these trees weren’t here. – Hold this. – [Kevin] Where’d this forest come from? – Move the trees. – Move the trees. (whirring) – I saw on You Tube that I’m
supposed to be drilling… Samples. (whirring) – Lyle? – [Lyle] Sir? – Get right in here. – [Lyle] You hit bedrock already? – [Rookie] Yeah, it’s pretty rocky soil. That’s a good thing though. – [Boss] There, there,
there we go, that’s nice. Okay, go put that in a pile. Bring back another plate. – Water! – [Kevin] Water! – Take that big piece
out, I know it ain’t gold. Hoping it’s in the crevice there. There’s all that black sand. – [Rookie] Oh, I like that. – Me too. Just trying to rinse off that light stuff. – [Group] Oh! – [Boss] Look at that! – [Kevin] There’s two.
– [Rookie] Holy Crap! – There is two. – [Rookie] Three! – Two, three, holy sh (honk) there’s four! – [Kevin] Holy sh (honk). – [Rookie] Holy crap! – [Group] Nice! Wow, good size! – And you? What about you boys? Look at that, someone’s in
the shadow, look at that. I got four pieces – [Rookie] That’s amazing. – [Boss] Which drill hole was this? – [Rookie] Second.
– [Sluice] Second. (laughing) – [Lyle] No problem. – [Sluice] We didn’t mark down which hole. – [Rookie] We didn’t mark down. – [Lyle] So we dig them both. – [Boss] OK so now that we
know gold is over underneath the trees, we’re going to
start clearing them out with the dozers. Each one of these dozers weighs
over 60 pounds plus battery all metal so it should have
no problem, we’re hoping, getting through the bush. On your marks, get setty,
get setty, what that? – [Rookie] Get setty, what’s that? – [Boss] On your marks. – [Rookie] Somebody’s got the munchies. – [Boss] Get ready, go. Now lift your blade when
you go there Lyle, you might have to start ripping, there you go. If you lift, you can lay
them all down first, so lift your blades and lay them all down. There you go, plenty of power. You’re stuck on a nodule,
there you go, Rook. (Dozers revving) Yeah, Lyle working his way
through, everything’s a race. Nice, good! This way sir. – [Rookie] That’s right. – [Boss] Yeah. – [Rookie] Just the way
the tree is grabbing it, says you’re going that way. Yeah it wants to go that way. – [Boss] I hear you crunching and ripping. I also see one big log,
you can keep coming, yeah. Right there, lift your
blade, there you go. Firing up the plant! (cord whistles) Turning on the generator. Here comes the water. New cover on the bars,
start up the shaker. (machine revs) Shaker’s on, conveyor’s on! Rookie, I’m going to get you,
Lyle’s got the forest under control, I want you to come in
here and bust a wall, a road through here so we can start getting pay out of the cut here. – You want me to go through
the highest part or down here? – [Boss] Yeah well down through
the side cause we need to get all this leveled
out eventually anyway. – Okay. – [Boss] Volvo’s back, welcome back. I got it all replaced, Sluice
Box is on it right now. Once he’s able to clear a
road through here, we can get the rock truck in and
out a whole lot easier. That way, all week I’ve been
clearing this out of the way. All the way down to where we
can start moving pay right into the truck from the excavator. But I have a feeling like those
drill specimen show that the biggest gold is still
over under that forest. Nice job, Rook. For being an excavator
man, you’re doing great. One of my favorite machines right there. Look at the pay coming
through down into the auger, you guys can see that. Moving the pay right into the
barrel of the trommel, little red spitting it out both sides. The finer aggregate on this
side, the heavier stuff here. Here’s the recovery just in
case any of it gets missed. The shaker plant. Anything this spits out into
here, into the shaker, gets washed into the sluice. Such an awesome machine. Good job, bro. So cool to see all this
dirt moving through. Up to the conveyor. What an operation. We need another excavator
operator right now. – [Rookie] It’d be nice if the rock truck parked closer. – [Boss] It would be! Can’t always get what you want though! – [Rookie] Not around
here, that’s for sure. (laughing) – [Boss] I’ll back it up. Good? [Rookie] Perfect. – [Boss] Everyone pitching
in doing different jobs. What’s the matter? – Pump! – [Boss] Oh look at this behind you! – [Rookie] Oh we lost a pump! – [Boss] We lost a pump, shut ‘er down. Shut down the conveyors. Off. – [Sluice] Wow.
(laughs) – [Rookie] What’s going on? – [Boss] We blew a
water line off the pump. Main pump on the little red. – It’s looked like the Bellagio
here for a few minutes. – [Boss] It did, it was
quite the sprinkler system. – [Lyle] Look at the island, Rook. – [Boss] Came right off, aye? What happened, did the tape not work? – Gorilla tape didn’t work. (sighs) – [Boss] Zip tie! I think this will make many
many people very very happy. (laughs) – [Boss] Makes me happy. – You gotta stay hydrated. (laughs) [Rookie] It’s hot out here. – [Boss] Well not according to Florida. – This is not Florida. They don’t get winter. – [Boss] Getting pretty
efficient on that excavator there, Rook. I think two more are in order. – Yeah so do I. – [Boss] Rook, let’s get you
up to the top, start moving pay into that second machine. [Rookie] I’m coming. – [Boss] I love those new
motors man, they move so fast. Soil industries motors in these tracks. Amazing, they look slow but comparatively. Are you stuck? Yeah you got a giant bolder in there. A little rough, brother. – I’m not used to doing that, it worked. I got off the rock, I
don’t know what you need. No, I’m not drinking on the
job, don’t worry about it. – [Boss] I cannot believe how
much work these machines have done this year so far. I’m glad the safety
inspector is not here today. I imagine this is not
as safe as it should be. Watch your boom! (yelling) You knock that down it’d be a
season ender, you know that. [Rookie] Sluice, you’re in the way! – [Boss] I feel bad for the
wildlife we’re displacing from their home right now,
fortunately we’ve got a good replacement system every springtime. We basically reclaim this whole
area with fresh weeds-trees. – [Lyle] Gotta get that gold, baby. – That’s difficult to do. – [Boss] What makes it a challenge? – The rolling button cause
you’re using the up and down on the claw with a roller
and it just, it’s not a flick-of-a-switch or your
thumb that you’re used to so it a different motion.
– [Boss] Correct, yes. A lot of people often wonder
if they can hop on the controls of a machine like this
and get it right away. – [Lyle] There’s a lot going on. – [Boss] There is a lot going on. – [Lyle] More than you
think looking at it. – [Boss] It looks like he doesn’t
have much in there but you guys can’t tell how big the
scoop is just from the screen you’re watching, plus mega
scoops, even though they can process through there, it
processes better when there’s not as much material moving through
the actual trommel itself. Everything gets washed. Good luck Rookie! First pay, feathering it
in there, and away it goes. YouTube Gold, baby! – [Group] YouTube Gold, yeah! (Group cheers) – [Boss] We’ve got to shut it down. Okay stop that one, the
conveyor, there you go. And that’s fine, that’s
fine just leave it. – [Kevin] Well he’s shut me down too. – [Rookie] Yeah I know. – [Boss] Okay Kevin, you
are currently doing what? – [Kevin] Making a cover
for the flywheel on the shaker plant. – [Boss] Right because we’re
having too much water coming up onto the conveyor, so here’s
what we’re talking about. This belt right here and this
off-center weight is throwing water up onto the conveyor
belt which is making it wet. So what we gotta do is make
a cover for it right here so it stops splashing up. Best thing to use? – [Group] Gorilla tape! – [Boss] Yeah. This whole place is
held together with tape. – [Rookie] Nice and dry. – [Boss] Perfect, back to work! – Back to work. – [Boss] Hey, hard hat on! What the. Lyle are you okay? – What, hey, hey bossy. – [Boss] Dude, what are you doing? – Nothing just resting my
back for a second, that’s all. – [Boss] Do you have a sore back? – Back to work, no. – [Boss] Did you sign the waver? – Waver? – [Boss] Dozers aren’t easy to learn. You gotta learn how to feel
it through the seat of your butt, or through your thumbs. – Fingertips. – [Boss] Fingertips, whatever. – Almost like running a skidder. – [Boss] All we can do is move
the dirt, wash it, hope that new cut will pay out. We’re on the last little bit
of pay out of these little cuts that I figured, if we could
scrape as much as possible, hey? – [Lyle] Hell yeah. – [Boss] We smash through our
three-quarters of an ounce goal, we’re almost at
an ounce and a half now. Everyone keeps asking if it’s real gold – Yes it’s real gold
– [Kevin] Yes it is! – It’s real gold! – [Boss] Processing away. Those guys over there clearing tress. They’re already moving
Overbird and that’s awesome. Look at it all processing
through, it’s beautiful! I love two plants when
they’re working together. – [Kevin] Heck yeah! – [Boss] Looking good, look at this guys! You guys are kicking (honk) ass! Nice job. – Taking names for gold! – [Boss] You look, Sluice
like you’re ready to start pulling pay out of there, buddy! – [Sluice] Yeah it’s almost
time to start rippin’ it deep. – [Boss] Nice! Let’s get the rock truck over here. If you’re that close that
far down, the drilling sample definitely showed it was that far. Kevin. – Yup! – [Boss] You’ve moved a lot of
dirt today, I want you to get down there are start filling
up the rock truck with the new pay from the cut. – 10-4! – [Boss] Thank you. Let that hopper empty out. Sluice is really stepping up
the game here in the rock truck going back and forth
following along with Kevin as he’s able to load up. Kevin’s hopper is pretty much empty. Rook, he’s still going,
he’s got plenty of pay. Okay, now as efficient as this
is, get down there and fill up Sluices’s box again! (laughing) – Okay. – [Boss] It’s the only way– Still going. Look at that, carrying
it away nice and fast. Beautiful. – Hey boss, you think I
could get a hat like Rookies? – [Boss] A hat like Rookies? – [Sluice] Yeah. – [Boss] Do we think
everybody should have a hat like Rookie’s? – I need a hydration hat like Rookie’s. – [Boss] I think we should
have a beer break, don’t you? – It’s always a beer break. (laughing) – [Boss] Team work makes dream
work, the loader has to move less when Sluice just
moves back and forth. Good job, he’s on his way. Great new area. – [Kevin] Heck yeah, I love this cut. Where do you want me boss, back up– – [Boss] Yeah might as well, man. Well run, that’s what we’ve got for today. – Okay. – [Boss] I never get tired
of seeing that dirt being moved through the plant. Gorgeous. Comes Sluice, last load undone. Just such choice machines
moving this stuff. – [Rookie] Oh heck yeah. Couldn’t ask for better equipment. – [Boss] Yes. Okay boys, load up what you’ve got left. We’re going to shut her down. – Probably a good call to
shut her down before we get this bad weather. – [Boss] It’s gorgeous
weather, I’m just too hot. – What are you talking about. – [Kevin] Look at all
that in the distance. – Those are called clouds,
they’re a long ways away. We’re fine. – [Kevin] That’s what you said last time. – [Boss] I thought Rookie
said he wasn’t a hat guy. – [Kevin] Yeah. – Hey this is a special hat
though, keeps me hydrated. – [Boss] I love how it squeaks
like a full-size dozer, hey, it’s like real feedback from it. Gotta keep these machines maintained. Gotta clean them, gotta get
in there and make sure there’s no mud inside those tracks
if they get too squeaky, of course, you can get a
pin that’s too hot, start to warp it out and then you’ve
got a broken track right when you’re in the middle of things. That can be a day ender
if not a season ender. Oh that’s a hot battery, yeah. Pumps are down! (hollering) Is it hot? (loud machines while talking) – [Kevin] I see some shining. [Boss] I don’t see anything. I don’t see, ah, there’s a piece or two. – [Kevin] Yep. – [Boss] That’s good. Okay, oh! (group yells) – [Kevin] Holy crap-a-doly! – [Boss] Right there, I saw it. – [Rookie] Where? – [Boss] There’s a piece right there. – [Rookie] Holy sh (honk). (hollering) – [Rookie] Look at this, wow. – [Boss] That’s a nice one! – [Rookie] That’s a nice one. – [Boss] That’s a nice
one, okay shut her down! Let’s wash up while we
can before the storm hits. (mumbling) What? – You can totally tell by
looking at it, that came from an excavator. (laughing) – [Kevin] You don’t know,
that could’ve been too big for the trommel. – [Boss] Yep, both plants are feeding. Look at how much is in the tailings pond. – [Rookie] Yeah, that’s,
we had that empty. – [Boss] We moved an
entire container full. – Wow. – I don’t remember
putting that much through. – [Boss] Yes we did. – [Sluice] Let’s see that nug. – [Boss] That is a nice
one, there’s some flakes. That is, pull it out,
let’s have a look at that. – [Rookie] Wow, that’s–
– [Boss] Nice! – [Rookie] That might be our biggest. – [Boss] Dudes.
– [Rookie] That’s huge. – [Kevin] Biggest nug yet I think. – [Boss] That is nice.
– [Rookie] Oh my God! – [Boss] That is a big
honker, man, look at that. – [Sluice] That’s Joe’s tooth! (laughing) – [Boss] It fell out right there. Okay, will somebody get out– – [Rookie] Get out of there. – [Boss] He’s trying to get his own share. Okay well I’m not letting that blow away. – [Rookie] No keep that. – [Boss] I’m not letting that blow away. – Put it in the bin right away. – [Boss] In the bin. Yes I do have it upside
down, people, I do know that. Getting that gold out. – [Lyle] I heard it. – [Kevin] Dinky-dink. – [Boss] Nice. – [Lyle] That was a big chunk right there. – [Sluice] Better get the liquid gold– – [Boss] Okay so next
stage is classifying. These are a whole bunch of
different screens which allow us to separate all the
gold, this was all the heavy tailings, just dump it in there. – [Sluice] Kevin. – [Boss] Now Kevin washes it through. We had one flake that we saw in there. – [Rookie] There is it, told you. – [Kevin] Whoa, there’s– – [Unison] OH! – [Rookie] That’s not a flake. – [Boss] Holy cow. – [Rookie] Look at that. – [Kevin] That’s not a flake. – [Rookie] Dudes! – [Boss] No, no I want to
see this one, holy cow. – [Lyle] That little
tiny one we saw earlier doesn’t count, aye? – [Boss] Holy cow. That was the biggest one. – [Sluice] There’s more. – [Boss] That is the
biggest one, there is more? I told you that new cut, this
has got to be from the new cut that’s why, that’s exactly why. That drill sample turned
out to be, yes good. – [Rookie] You must be
getting closer to the vein. – [Boss] Well that’s why I
was hoping that if we drilled down the trees, like I
feel bad for the trees but, they’ll grow back. – [Rookie] I stopped
feeling sorry for them when I saw the gold. (laughing) – [Boss] That’s the biggest
piece we’ve found yet, two of them. – [Kevin] That’s huge.
– [Lyle] That’s massive. – [Boss] Dude, and that’s
on top of the other one. Giant. – [Lyle] That’s two three grams a piece. – [Boss] Nice job, that’s well deserved. – [Rookie] That sets a new record. – [Kevin] I say eight. – [Boss] Okay that’s it, next. – [Rookie] Hey give me a
little more water here. Just for this. Yep I see it. – [Boss] Nice, that is a nice one. – [Rookie] Sorry. – [Boss] It’s gone. Dude, dude. – That’s fricken amazing. – [Boss] Dude, dude! – Unreal, man. – [Boss] Out of two seasons. – I say eight, I finally
put a guess in, eight. – [Boss] Oh you’re putting a guess in? – I’ll do a solid 10.0. – [Boss] A 10, 10 grand? – [Sluice] I’m going to
give it a nine three. – [Boss] Guys, I like that
you’re all shooting for the stars here, I don’t know whether
to be disappointed or excited right away, that’s a fang. – [Lyle] Alone we’re probably four grams. – [Boss] That’s a fang. That is the best we’ve
seen out of that cut yet. I’m glad we moved. – [Lyle] There was a
pirate battle in your yard. – [Boss] That’s exactly– – [Sluice] That’s like 3.5 grams. (laughter) – [Boss] Right there, all four pieces. This might be more than all
of our total cleanups already. They’re rocks. Are you sure that’s gold? – [Rookie] Oh I’m sure that’s gold. – [Kevin] That is 100% gold. – [Rookie] That’s YouTube Gold baby. – [Boss] Yeah. – [Kevin] Control yourself. – [Lyle] What the hell happened here? – [Rookie] Kind of looks like… – [Rookie] That was not
supposed to be over there. – [Boss] Blew off the
end, let’s try it again clean it all up. – [Rookie] That’s better. (trickling water) – [Boss] It’s right there, there it is. – [Rookie] There’s one
on the table for sure. – [Boss] There it is, there it is. – [Rookie] Oh there’s the other. – [Boss] We want to see,
yeah, it’s like a fang, hey? Oh nice. – [Lyle] Let’s watch
that and where it goes. It actually looks perfect. – [Boss] Keep your eye on it,
yeah, I love it, it’s huge. It’s like as big as the
gravel, bigger than some of the gravel, it’s huge! – [Rookie] It’s huge! – [Boss] It had gravel
hit it and it didn’t move. Dudes. – [Lyle] It’s running in a perfect line. – [Boss] Look at those biggest pieces. – [Sluice] Clunk. – [Lyle] Can you hold that still? (laughing) – [Rookie] Look there it is. – [Boss] There’s some. There is it. Oh that’s, look at that! The more, yeah. – [Rookie] I like that,
I like that much better. – [Rookie] I love how it
just cleaned out like that. – [Boss] I was surprised, yeah. Okay, hold on, yeah. – [Rookie] Oh yeah look it. – [Boss] There it is. – [Rookie] It goes all
the way back to here. – [Group] Gold gold gold gold! – [Rookie] Though it’s sitting low. – Here again. – The flower gold is all in a line, see? – [Rookie] There’s a lot
of great big rich meat. – [Lyle] That was a good spoon. (whoop) – [Sluice] That’s what we like to see. – [Boss] Finally gold on the
table all that hard work. – [Sluice] Hot. – [Boss] Yes. – [Rookie] It was warm today. – [Lyle] It was a warm day. – [Boss] It was, yeah
especially sitting on the dozer all day. (laughing) – There was no ice anywhere, it was weird. – [Lyle] It’s going a lot
lower than the black sand, which is unusual. – [Kevin] Trying to catch it all. – [Sluice] Maybe it’s
magnetic black sand though. – [Boss] It’s beautiful,
look at that nice piece. Everyone’s going to ask why
we didn’t take out Payday. But of course being short-handed
it was a little bit tough to get every piece of equipment
out there and of course every day that it’s out there
I gotta be paying for it so I might as well leave it
here where I don’t have to worry about it. – Yeah we didn’t need it today anyway. It wouldn’t have mattered
if we had an extra guy. – [Boss] Still gold on the table. – [Kevin] Look at all that gold. – [Rookie] And to be fair
we didn’t take it out cause we forgot. – [Boss] Well that’s– – [Rookie] It’s true, we forgot. – [Boss] I think this is my favorite part. – This is my favorite part. – Yeah, yeah yeah. – [Boss] This is where we get to see gold. – Definitely my favorite part. – [Boss] Yes, Lyle? – Yes. – [Boss] Did you see this episode already? – Yeah I watched it yesterday,
I got that new 5k so I got my IP address sent to Australia,
so yeah I saw this already. – [Boss] Static IP, that’s a
good idea I could have seen what we were doing today. – [Lyle] Yeah. – [Boss] Hold on, is
the bucket in the back? – The bucket is in the back.
– [Boss] Okay good. – [Lyle] Dear Liza, dear Liza. (laughter) – [Boss] Show us the
gold what have we been working for today? These people want to see gold. – [Kevin] Oh oh oh! – [Boss] There it is. Yeah. – [Rookie] Whoa! – [Boss] Look at that
there it is there it is. – [Rookie] It’s getting better. I want to see that too. – [Lyle] Oh there’s a biggon. – [Boss] Oh that is the nice one. That was the first one
we saw on the sluice. – [Rookie] You missed a
little bit there, Kevin, be careful, we might have lost our chunk. – [Boss] Oh yeah no missing off the edge. I was kind of hoping to see the gold train keep going, it stopped, what happened? – [Kevin] It’s still going. – [Rookie] Oh there’s a piece. – [Boss] This looks
like a pretty optimistic eight there, Kev. – We’ll get it. – [Rookie] Oh there’s some good pieces. – [Group] Oh. – [Boss] Man, my favorite piece. – [Sluice] There’s a
third of the take today. – [Boss] Dude, look at that. – [Lyle] I shall call him, Eduardo. (laughing) – [Boss] There we got
a rider, a rifle rider. – [Group] Oh gone! – [Sluice] That was a big clunk. – [Boss] Ker-clunk. There goes another nice
piece, another nice piece. Looks like Kevin’s at the end already. Please be more gold in the bottom of that. – [Kevin] Oh yeah, there is. – [Boss] Come on. – I think we got gold stuck down low. – [Rookie] I want to see more gold. – [Boss] I wanted to see more gold. That was very anticlimactic. – [Rookie] There’s another little piece. There’s some.
– [Boss] There’s some. – [Rookie] There’s a bunch,
oh here it is, coming out with the black sand. – [Lyle] Here comes the drain. – [Sluice] It takes a minute
to wash out sometimes. – [Boss] It does, yeah. Okay Kev. – Come one, oh no that’s a rock. – [Boss] It’s time, brother. – [Kevin] It’s time.
– [Rookie] Let’s see it. – [Boss] Bringing it down. Is it worth it? Did we get enough today boys? – [Rookie] Oh I think so. (group cheers) – [Boss] That is our biggest one yet! – Awesome. – [Boss] Dude! – [Lyle] Ridiculous. – [Boss] That is a ton of gold! (whoop) – [Boss] Okay, time to dry it. I want to weigh it, oh my God, careful. Don’t let the big pieces fall out. Wow. Man, that is the most gold
we have seen in a pan yet. – [Rookie] That’s huge! – [Boss] That’s huge. – [Lyle] Sluice from
the first day we started with the shaker, man,
to now, that’s insane. – I know, it’s come a long ways. – [Boss] I know it’s like an aug– – And the augs are getting
bigger and bigger, man. – [Boss] Yeah, yeah. – [Rookie] It’s because
we’ve got experience now, we know what we’re doing. – [Kevin] We’re one heck of a team. – [Sluice] Well we’ve got
some better equipment. We had to mow down some new trees. – [Boss] It’s true, those
things grow like weeds. (blow dryer) – [Boss] Amazing. – [Group] Wow. – [Sluice] It does look
really good like that. – [Lyle] That is a crap ton of gold. – [Sluice] I’m still sticking with 9.3. (whoop) – [Boss] So here is the gold
we have mined already, that one and here’s the big vial. – [Rookie] Had to get a second vial. – [Boss] Well, yeah had
to get a second one. Wondering how many people
are watching right now. If you’re watching, comment
right now, if you have the ability to comment, leave
a comment for YouTube Gold. How many episodes have you watched? – [Sluice] Oops, almost broke the scale. – [Group] 2.4. – [Boss] 2.4 grams, nice by itself. Dude we’ve never had pieces
to put on there like this. – [Group] Three five. – [Boss] 3.5 grams by
itself, nice well done. (laughing) – [Kevin] Five zero. – [Lyle] That was good water. – [Boss] Nice, 5.8. – [Group] 5.8. – [Boss] Okay, dump it in here. – [Sluice] I guessed it was seven grams. – [Boss] 5.7. – [Sluice] It’s 5.7. – [Boss] Careful, careful, careful. – [Kevin] There’s some stuck. – [Sluice] I’m bouncing,
like hitting a trampoline. – [Boss] Nice, that’s good with
the dust, that’s good, yeah. Beautiful. That’s pretty clean gold. – [Kevin] That’s pretty crazy. – [Boss] That’s pretty clean. Okay, so we knew that there
was five seven in just those pieces, right there, okay
so lets zero this out, yup. – [Lyle] Well aren’t you
weighing the cup as well? – [Boss] Well yeah, no we
zeroed it out so go ahead, just start pouring it in. 1, 1.2, 1, 3.4, 6 grams boys, 9, 10 oh! (group cheering) Exactly 12! (clapping) Exactly 12 grams! – [Kevin] 12 grams, damn. – [Sluice] That’s insane! That’s insane. – [Boss] Dudes, knuckles
that up right now. Knuckles that up, Lyle, great job! 12 grams! Dude, that’s better than
our double clean-up. We gotta weigh it all now. – [Sluice] That’s more
than 1/3 of an ounce. – [Boss] Start pouring it on,
I want to see how many grams. – [Kevin] I underestimated! – [Lyle] That was all about Eduardo. (laughing) – [Boss] That was a beautiful big piece. – [Rookie] 18.7? – [Boss] So 31 grams per 1 troy ounce. Yeah the big container,
look at all the gold, guys. This is what we all mined. – [Rookie] 30. – [Boss] 40.
– [Rookie] 40. – [Group] 50. – [Lyle] Oh my God this is insane. – [Boss] Nice job, 58. – [Kevin] 58 on the money. (gold clanking) – [Kevin] 1.85.
– [Boss] Dude 1.86, yep. Wow almost two ounces. (clicking) Wow, 57.5 grams, guys, dudes,
bring your hats in on three. – [Group] One, two three,
YouTube Gold, yeah! (whooping) – [Boss] You had your hat on today. – Yeah. – [Boss] Glad it was empty. (laughing) That would have been terrible. – That would have been a mess. (laughing) – [Rookie] That’s insane dude. – [Boss] That’s a gold
smile if I’ve seen one.


  1. In 2018, a group of RC loving friends set to work in the harsh, unforgiving Alberta prairies looking to become hundredairs as scale gold miners or at least produce an amazing YouTube RC show seen the world over. Being told they were crazy and that it wouldn’t work, these men got to work proving the doubters, the haters, the thumbs downers wrong. With the government watchdogs breathing down their necks and watching their every move they survive on the hopes of mining a fortune, whit, jokes, gorilla tape, beer and sandwiches and with only their high visibility vests, hard hats and flip flops to protect them from the 1/14 scale dangers that awaits and threatens their every decision. If they have a problem, no one else can help, if you find them stay away they are a little crazy, if you plan to do the same thing in your yard maybe you should not consider hiring the sparks crew.

    I love it when two plants work together.

    I pity the fools who don't give this show a big thumbs up.

  2. Wow! over 3,700 Canadian!! good job guys!! Hay Medic, when u started YouTube Gold last year, did u think you'd be raking in this kind of actual pay?

  3. I've been watching this series for a while now and have to know is this actually dirt from your property or is it pay dirt that you purchased from somewhere

  4. I'm loving this you guys are awesome in the way you work and how you work keep up the good work and get that good good luck guys

  5. Think I have seen almost all of them – really enjoy watching the equipment and all you guys work together – looks like a lot of fun 👍

  6. I think it's time you haul your equipment down to California and try your luck at the Motherload. I own the dirt and it's never been worked…………… HAHA That aside, great episode, I have a lot of catching up to do. Hey on a side note. Do you know where I can get parts for a Helimax Rotofly? They use to be on Tower Hobbies website but I looked yesterday and they are not there anymore.

  7. I've seen almost every one but been down and out had bad kidney stones and had many surgeries.but I am catching up.12 oz. Awsome good luck next week you tube gold.

  8. That shaker table has paid for itself 10 times over!!! Great job guys. Dude, you actually live on a gold mine, so freakin cool!!!

  9. You guys need to build a nice and flat road from the garage to the mine site so that way it is easier transporting things

  10. Good to see the gold prices sky rocket to over 2K an once hey …good day gents now go celebrate..or should i say just carry on celebrating

  11. On little red dont u think the fine slouse should be cleaned a couple times per shift. It sure is cycling alot of pay through it..Just a thought? You Tube Gold Babby!!! Be safe!!

  12. I have never missed an episode of YouTube Gold! I also do not plan on ever missing one. The evolution of this show already from the very beginning is mind blowing. 58 grams this season?! That’s wild to see. I think you guys should push to 3 ounces now. The clean ups get better and better every week!

  13. When will the scale smelter start turning out scale gold bullion? And more of the rock crusher please. Want to see you lay down some gravel o those tracks around the plant.

  14. I said it before and I'll say it again, YouTube Gold is the best show on YouTube. I've watched every one from the beginning! I look forward every week.

  15. Almost every episode now! If you need another operator, send me a plane ticket, I'm down! Will work for food and beer haha!

  16. Love this show and watch it on Sunday evenings while having my dinner,wouldn't miss one although find it hard to believe that the PAY comes from your garden 🙂

  17. Medic are u buying the paydirt online? Please if u love us, tell us the truth LIKE IF U WANNA KNOW !! What u guys are doing is awesome either way!!

  18. How many episodes I´ve watched so far? Why, all of them! What kind of question is that even? Best RC show on you tube, period. Most funny, most entertaining, most educational (on equipment), most safe rc show and best of all, most gold! You Tube Gold baby!
    Oh by the way, there will be a 3rd season, right? RIGHT?!

  19. I watched the first season then I stopped and never watched the 2nd season I saw S3 in my recommended and I am addicted now lol thanks for this fun adventure

  20. That was an awesome clean up fellas and medic I've watched every episode to date the 1st season I watched myself then made the wife watch it with me lol

  21. RCSpark; It is the 28th today at 5:58PM Australia and you guys are just never gonna catch-up are you, out there come "Hail & Shine" 'Gold Digging Professionals" more gold baby…!!!

  22. Wow what an amount of gold if your collection is all in 24 karats it is worth 4230 Australian dollars. Keep up the vids love them

  23. If that's what you really have under-foot dig it all! What I can't believe is that you lost that much paydirt to begin with…. I'll bet the gold hasn't payed for the machines, lol…..

  24. Cigarettes are really bad for kids to see, most people don't do that dirty habit anymore…. I should be a NO Smoking Zone. Come on, think about it… or maybe your channel promotes smoking for kids…..

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