– Hey.
– You goin’ out, babe? – Yeah, I’m goin’ out, I know. – [Boss] You got my sunglasses. I could use my glasses. – No, I haven’t seen them, but. – [Boss] I left them in the car. – No, but I have my extra
pair, they’re Italian. – [Boss] I don’t. (sighs) – Gold! – YouTube Gold, baby! – Absolutely. It’s cold out here today. Nice glasses. – What, they’re Italian. – Those your wife’s or something? (machine whirring) – [Boss] Another cold day. Hoping for a good turnout of sun today so we can get some bling on the gold mine, but clouds are everywhere
threatenin’ to rain. That’s true, where’s Sluice today? – Who knows? – [Boss] That’s a good point. I never even thought of that. Oh, we need some tape. You just drove over the electrical cable! – [Man In Background] Hey, careful! – [Boss] You gotta be more careful, KJ! – I didn’t have nothin’ in my bucket. – [Boss] Clear water in
the tailings pond here. This is where we have
a recirculating system where all the tailings
come down from either side. If you’re just joining us,
this is the RCSparks mine site. This is where we process
a whole bunch of pay dirt, comes down into the sluice
boxes and we extract the gold. This actually pours
into here over this mat because this pipe and filter system basically goes under here
into the fresh water pond down here which is where we pump for all the stations that we need. What, nothing, what happened? – Out, choked. – [Boss] You choked? (machine grinding) Yeah, shaker plant’s up and running. Good pressure. Belt’s runnin’. Yeah. (machine grinding) I saw it move. Conveyor problem? And this one’s not on either. There you go, this one wasn’t moving. – [Rookie] This is our no switch one. – [Boss] There it is! – I’d like to just switch out.
– Too weak! – [Rookie] This battery’s too weak. – [Boss] Yeah, let’s get
a three cell in there. So, we’re going from 7.4 to 11.1 volts. Joe, right away moving the pay. – [KJ] Gotta get that gold, buddy! – [Boss] You would say why do you not have a full bucket right now. And really, even though
this hopper can take a lot. – [KJ] I’m just dialing
this hopper in right now. – [Boss] These grizzly
bars can only handle so much pay on here before we actually lose it over the side. Now, we could keep
reprocessing this and we will, but if we actually move smaller buckets and put it in here, it’s better. You might say why have
the grizzly bars there? But of course, that’s protecting the conveyor system and the
motor system on the inside. Looking good, Joe. Tryin’ to beat the rain today. Wet conveyors suck. – [KJ] Yeah. – [Boss] Pay all day. I wonder how many people
have been watching YouTube Gold for both seasons. – I’d say there’s quite a few, I would imagine.
– I would say. No big deal, it wasn’t
that sunny out, anyway. (machines grinding) Everything’s become so
efficient that you guys have hopped right to it. What’s up, man? – Ignition for the rock truck. – [Boss] Yes, the sound
card on the rock truck, unfortunately bit the bullet. – Okay. – [Boss] So you still have to start it even though you can’t hear it, until I get the replacement part. – Okay. – Okay, rock truck fired up. See if we can get it to start. Pulling it down. (machines grinding) Oh, I just smelled something smoking. – [Boss] Oh, shoot. – [Man] No, no I smell it. Give me the camera. I saw smoke come out
of here from somewhere. – [Man In Background] It
was dead last week, too. – [Boss] No, I just had
magic smoke come out. I don’t know from where.
– One of the ESC’s? – [Boss] I have no idea. – [Kneeling Man] This ESC’s kind of warm for not having done anything. – [Boss] Yeah, it’s toast. Same ESC that was giving me
the issue last time, then. I looked at it, it worked, I
was able to get it to move. – [Man In Background] Okay, yeah. – [Boss] We’ll have to switch
it out for the Spiker Cat. That’s what happens when you get to end of season, man. Startin’ to get there. Breakdowns, breakdowns. ‘Kay, off to the shop. Get your flat deck over here. – [Kevin] Okay. – [Boss] Hold on. Hey! Why is there a … Why is there an action figure under there? – We were greasin’ it. – [Boss] This isn’t a (honk) joke! We’re here doing work, we’re
not playing with dolls. – You gotta grease the truck. – [Boss] He doesn’t do anything, Kevin. Put your dolls away. – [Kevin] What about the
ones in the equipment? – [Boss] Those are drivers. – Exactly, so he’s greasing. – [Boss] Show me his grease gun. – You don’t have a scale one. – [Boss] We’re not playing around, Kevin. This is gold mining. – Yeah.
– Not play time. – Yeah. – [Boss] Go sit on the rock. Rock of shame, Kevin. Come back when you understand
what we’re doing here. This isn’t make-believe! Joe, I need you to take the trucks, take it over with the deck and see if we can get the Volvo loaded. – All right. (machine grinding) – [Boss] Hold on, we gotta shut her down. (man shouts) (machine grinding) – [Boss] There’s a cable. (machine decelerating) – [Man In Background] Shut her down. – [Boss] ‘Cause he’s
gotta go with the cable. (man shouting) You can’t drive across the
cable with the trailer. – Come on. (machine grinding) – [Boss] I feel bad,
this is Kevin’s truck. (machine grinding) Try to go easy on it. (machine grinding) – [KJ] It’s all locked up. Oh, dang. – [Boss] You’re stuck? – [Walking Man] Stuck, stuck. – [Boss] Already. – [Walking Man] Already. It’s high-centered right here. – [Boss] Oh. – It’s a very–
– Get the dozer! Or the loader. The loader’s running. Go grab the loader.
– The loader’s got pay in the bucket. – [Boss] Get the dozer. We’ll pull you back. (machine grinding) Beauty. ‘Kay, yeah, bucket down. Thank you. Trying to get gold, that’s all we need is gold, gold, gold. (machine grinding) Okay, yeah back up. Okay, whoa, whoa. ‘Kay, make sure you’re
not standing in the way. Who’s got the controller? Rook, you wanna take over control? – [Rookie] You goin’ down bridge? – [Boss] Yeah, pull ’em back. In three, two, one, pull. Nice. Oh, man! Careful, it’s Kevin’s. ‘Kay, good.
Good thing our safety guy’s not around. – Yeah, no doubt.
– True, pink vest would be all over us. (machine grinding) I’m gonna back up to the rock truck. I got the truck. – [Man In Background] Want to get it? – [Boss] Yeah, we lost the drive in the truck altogether. We’re gonna have to drag it out. (machine grinding) Hold on, hold on. We don’t have enough room over here. – [Man In Background] We really don’t. We’re kind of squeezed there. – [Boss] Let’s go to the other side. (machine grinding) Aw. (machine grinding) It’s gonna have to be a short chain. (machine grinding) Sweet. – [Man In Background] Curl it in. ‘Kay. ‘Kay, Aaron you lead me out if you can see on the front there. Three, two– Oh, that chain got longer. Your front end’s gonna swing. We’re turned a little. (machine grinding) Nice. Nice, nice, nice. It’s like dragging it. – [Kevin] How’re we gonna
get it on the trailer without it running, though? – [Boss] Hold on. We’ll position it first. – [Rookie] Look at the tire. Look at the tire dragging the dirt Joe. – [KJ] Oh, you’re folding her over. Whoa, careful! Hold on. There we go. – [Boss] Okay, Joe just
take the chain off. – [KJ] You wanna back up a little bit? – [Boss] Yeah, backing it up. Careful. (machine grinding) Okay. – [KJ] All right, there’s the chain. We’ll just get this loaded up. – [Boss] Perfect. – Why didn’t we just
do that to begin with? – [Boss] Well, it’s an RC show. – [KJ] Okay, we’re good. – [Boss] Good job. Kev! – Yo! – [Boss] Come on back. Thanks for letting us use your truck. – Yeah, that’s what it’s here for. – [Boss] Great, we’re
gonna get you to drive it. You’ve got a little bit of a flat tire on the front, though. It’s like rolling over on itself. (machine grinding) ‘Kay, Kev I need you to get the new Trommel trailer up and on the go. – [Kevin] ‘Kay. – [Boss] It’s totally
unnecessary today, but– Who’s this? – [Kevin] I don’t know. – [Boss] Yeah? – How’s it going? – [Boss] Good, who are you? – Lyle, RC Athletes. – [Boss] Yeah, what’s up? – Well, I was just watching on YouTube that you guys got this going on in here. I heard that you’re down a man, so I figured I’d come out, got an extra set of thumbs. – [Boss] How were you
watching the episode? Sluice Box Steve’s stuff over there. There’s a spare hard hat. Are you any good on the excavator? – We’ll find out. (machine grinding) – [Boss] Rookie showing off some skills on the excavator, swinging it around, giving us a full bucket of pay. Isn’t nobody else think it’s weird that we have a complete
stranger that showed up? – [Rookie] Well, he was watching what we were doing. – [Boss] I can’t hear you. – Well, get closer. He was watching what we were doing, I mean makes sense, who wouldn’t watch us? – [Boss] How did he see us though? – Well we’re on the internet. We’re up in the cloud, and people watch, don’t they? People watch us, right, please? (machines drown out speaker) – [Boss] No. – [Man In Background] You can’t. (machines drown out speaker) – [Boss] It’s got a rock in there. It’s jammed. Okay we got at, look
at all this, it’s wet. ‘Kay. Damn it! Okay, new guy. – Yes sir. – [Boss] Lyle. – Boss man. – [Boss] Yeah, this is Krazy Joe, well you know that already. – Hey man.
– Joe. – How’s it going? – [Lyle] Good, how are you? – Hey, glad to see you. – [Lyle] I’m glad to help out. – [Boss] Well that’s the foreman. – Nice and quiet, he is. – [Boss] Well he’s more
security if anything. – [KJ] He’s here for aesthetics. – [Boss] ‘Kay so that conveyor
is out, that middle one. It looks like they almost have it, but I don’t think they’re gonna get. I think that we need to
take this one over here and figure out a way to make it sit up so it can feed that conveyor up there. Or feed that shaker plant. – And that one’s still functional? – [Boss] No, it looks
like it’s broken down, so we’re gonna deal that like, that middle one he’s
taking out now, no worky. So we’ll shut down this one and somehow work it in that one, hey Rook! We’ll get it over here, this guy doesn’t seem to know too much, he’s awfully quiet. We just need this over here. Does that make sense? – This over there, what, what? – [Boss] I’m not making sense? – I think he means that one over there, to over where Kevin is?
– Yeah, exactly. – [Rookie] I was gonna– – [Boss] This has got,
this got too wet hey? So it’s–
– Feels like it’s jammed inside. – Exactly.
– There’s something going on. Conveyor’s our worst enemy. – [Boss] They are, it’s
always our downfall. – Always our conveyor. – [Boss] Mister Lyle have you
ever run a bulldozer before? – I have run none of
this equipment before. – [Boss] Excellent, that makes it, you’ve seen the video though, that makes you almost an expert. – But Joe can do it. – [Boss] I need you to start moving rocks and flattening paths. – Okay where to? – [Boss] With the bulldozer. Well see this road right here– – This guy?
– Underneath the conveyor? Correct, see it here? This all needs to be flat. There’s a whole ton of rocks down there. – [Lyle] That part that goes under? – [Boss] Yeah exactly,
get rid of all the rocks so we can have a clear path. – [Lyle] Gonna push it into the grass? – [Boss] Yeah, please do. – Okay.
– These are lined up. – [Boss] Actually those are trees. – Right. – [Man Off Camera] Pretty lined up! – [Boss] They’re trees Lyle. – I gotcha. (machine grinding) – You’re blocking the road bro! – [Kevin] We’re working on
it, we’re working on it. – We actually–
– That’s not gonna work, I can’t get pay over here! – [Boss] Well they’re gonna be dumping pay into your pile right there. So they’ll bring pay up the
other side now, the other road. It’s the only way we can do
it may, we’re down a conveyor, you gotta work with the team. (machine grinding) Beautiful. That swing arm just outta
the way of the tree. (gears moving drowns out speaker) Joe has been consistent in loading pay. – [KJ] Pay all day. – [Boss] Pay all day, it’s the only way. (machine grinding) – [KJ] Trying to keep an eye on the new guy on the bulldozer. – Exactly.
– Seems to be doing pretty good. – I mean he experiences–
– Not at all, eh? – [Boss] Almost better than Michael. – [KJ] Yeah well, you know,
bulldozer’s not all that hard. (machine grinding) – [Man In Background] You running the– (machines drown out speaker) – [Boss] Yeah, once that’s full, fill that hopper up, we’ll process it out. Kev, tell me your idea. Oh, it’s done. – [Kevin] Cover the
bars, prevent splash up. – [Boss] So, but then I can’t
see any of the gold in there. – It’s gotta be a surprise
at the end of the day. – [Boss] Hello in there. Well, this is– (machine grinding) Is it making any difference? – A lot of the water’s
coming off the belt. (machines grinding) Right there. – [Boss] Yeah, it’s splashing
up from the belt eh? – [Rookie] No, it’s throwing it. – [Boss] I see that. – [Rookie] Look, we’re
not getting anywhere here. – Can’t get a break today.
– No we can’t. – [Boss] Yeah oh, right there, yeah. Thank you Joe, sorry about that. – [KJ] Okay, beer time I guess. – [Rookie] New guy just keeps on working. – [Boss] Yeah, that’s what
I like about new workers that come to the mine
site, oh (honk), sorry man! – [Lyle] I appreciate it, thank you. – [Boss] But, the way it
goes with the green horns. Are you sure you’ve never done any bulldozing work before? – [Lyle] I’ve operated a
Keel Show Blizzard before. (laughing) – [Boss] Now that’s what
I’m talking about gentlemen. – [Rookie] Well we’re not there yet. Oh, Jesus. (laughing) – [Boss] That is the type of
conveyor we need moving pay. (mumbling) – [Kevin] Yeah. (laughs) (machine grinding) Yeah. – [KJ] That’s how you earn the money. – [Kevin] Hold on. Hold on, let me get through. (beeping)
– That did help. – [Boss] That did help? Fire it up? – [KJ] Right. – [Boss] Bigger conveyor, more gold. (button clicks) – [Rookie] Top one I believe. No, bottom one. There we go. (machine grinding drown out speaker) – [Kevin] There, make
sure it’s gonna work. (machine grinding) – [Boss] Good! (speaker is drowned out by machine) Good, hold on, that’s manual. (machine whirring) (rattling) (speaker is drowned out my machines) – [KJ] Other way, yep. – [Boss] We just had
a little bit of a jam, not a big deal. (speaker is drowned out my machines) Oh no worries, looks good, look at this. – [KJ] Hey I got pay. – [Boss] Feeding you pay. (laughing) Well swing the arm over
a little bit, there. – [KJ] Pay for part of the day. – [Boss] Right about there. – Oh, I don’t have any pockets. – [Boss] You have a beer belly! (groans) (machine grinding) Are you loading? (machine grinding) (laughing) (distant speaking drowned out by machines) What a sight. (machines grinding) (rattling) (machines grinding) (rattling) (machines grinding) (clattering) (splashing) (machines grinding) A direct fill, Joe. – Well yeah–
– So lazy. – [KJ] Just shut her down and
wait until the bucket’s full. (laughing) – [Boss] The lazy man’s
way to fill up the loader. There you go brother, let’s see it. – [KJ] Right on, here we go. (machine grinding) Jeez that’s nicely screen too. – [Boss] Isn’t it, hey look at that. It’s like fine pay. Oh, Hopper’s getting full, did you run out of battery? Oh look how wet it is, there no problem. So one downfall of any of
this mining, it is rain, it’s your worst enemy.
– Oh conveyors, just get killed by it. – [Boss] Here comes Kevin
with the Spiker Cat. We’ve been pulling from the
lower cut, filtering it out. Screening it, and then bringing
it back up to these guys so that they an run it
through the machine. (machine grinding) – [Kevin] Which way do you want it? (machine grinding) – [Boss] Perfect, Kevin coming in with a full bucket of pay. We are moving dirt today now at least, after a whole bunch of
hiccups in the beginning. (speaker is drowned out by machines) Good to see it working. Like a well oiled machine
gentlemen, keep it up. That looks super rich. (machines grinding) (background muttering) (grinding) Dude the hogger’s stuck! The hogger’s not working. (banging) Hogger. Jam. – [KJ] Got it. Running backwards. – [Boss] Yeah, you can literally
run them backwards there. We have reverse polarity,
oh forward again. (grinding stutters) Other way again. (grinding) There you go.
– There you go. – [Boss] Again. (grinding) Good job, keep it going. (machine grinding) What kinda beer is that? There’s no lid on it. – [Lyle] That’s a soup beer. – [Boss] The lid came off? – It’s barley soup. (machines grinding drown out speech) – Eh!
– Careful! – [Worker] ‘Scuse me. – [Boss] It’s a big machine, man. – [Worker] That’s what she said. (laughing) Good job Rook! Your scraping skills are
getting so much better! – What are you doing!? What’s wrong with you, eh sandal boy? If you had boots on it
wouldn’t be an issue! – [Boss] By the way I can barely see you, it’s a cloudy day. – I got a white hard hat. – [Boss] What does he
have to say about it? – I don’t care. – [Boss] Well. – Bob, he doesn’t say anything. Ever. – [Boss] I like to think that he doesn’t have to say anything. – Exactly!
– Isn’t it implied? – [KJ] Perfect, you’re
wearing the right footwear is what I just heard. – [Boss] Socks and
sandals, you catch that? (laughing) (machines grinding) Oh, the Trommel hocked, hold on! – [Rookie] Is that a beer? That looks like a beer. – [Boss] Right here. – [Rookie] Good. – [Boss] This, it hopped off. I got it back though, you
didn’t need to come over here. – [Rookie] I’m just gonna touch it. Hey, you’re blocking my– – Hey!
– Lyle! – [Boss] This ain’t workin’,
we need to tighten it up. (speakers drown each other out) – [Rookie] Hey, how am I supposed to drink my beer if you’re blocking it? – [Boss] Get on your knees,
you should be able to reach it. Hey, this ain’t workin’,
we need to fix this. – [Lyle] What’s going on? – [Rookie] Betcha the tree’s causing it. – [Lyle] It’s right here. – [Boss] Well the springs
are down here you see? And it’s like we’re not
getting enough tension there. (machines grinding) (machines drown out speaker) ‘Kay, we gotta fix it man, we
can’t just leave it like that. – [Rookie] Yeah we gotta run
it empty and then fix it. (machines grinding) – [Boss] These toys aren’t meant to move this kinda material. (laughs) – That’s a lotta material.
– That’s a lotta materia. Y’know what guys? We’re gonna run this and shut her down. We’ve run lots today. I don’t wanna wreck it. And we’ve gone through so
many conveyors already, we need to shut her down. – [Rookie] Yeah this one’s
not meant to be this loaded. – [Boss] No. – [Kevin] Back to the bucket with this? – [Rookie] Yeah, yeah, and this. – [Boss] You know what? Load up that pay, just dump it right into Kev’s Spiker there. – [Kevin] You gonna cost me this radio? (machines grinding drowns out speaker) (grunts) (grinding powering down) – [Boss] And that would be it. See anything pretty? – [Kevin] Oh yeah, we got
a nice section right here, a nice couple of rows right there. – Very nice.
– Yeah. – [Boss] Which are rocks
and which are gold though, that’s hard to tell. – [Kevin] There’s a
lotta gold right there. – [Boss] I love gold hog mats. – [Kevin] Oh yeah, they
catch a lotta gold. – [Boss] They do. They still running the process. What do you spy? – We got hecker right there. – [Boss] Yeah I saw that
beauty in there right. – [Kevin] Yeah, and then
look at all this right here. – [Boss] That is a nice one. Oh look, it’s hard to
focus on, there it is. – [Kevin] And right there. – [Boss] Oh yeah, in the trap. Always trapping up
there, that’s beautiful. – Oh yeah.
– Let’s wash it out. (water spraying) Hey, something doesn’t make sense here. – I’m just overseeing. – You’re trying to make dollars not– – [Boss] Wait a second. You said you’re RC Athletes? – That’s right. – [Boss] And you’ve seen the show, you saw today’s episode. – Yeah I did, yeah. – [Boss] And you’ve never met him. (grunts) Then how are you wearing
an RC Athletes jacket? – It belongs to that guy.
– It’s mine. – [Boss] And you guys know each other? – No. – [Boss] How do you have
an RC Athletes jacket? – I got it after the end of the episode. (water splattering)
– Here, turn the mat sideways. Because the ripples are supposed to capture the gold going down, so we wash them out sideways. – [Kevin] Rookie was doing that earlier. – More pressure. – [Kevin] He dropped the thing, okay. – [Boss] More pressure! – [Kevin] Back to the top please. – [Boss] Thank you. – [Rookie] You’re welcome. – [Boss] More, it’s just
dribbling out like I’m 60. More pressure. – [Worker] It’s YouTube Gold baby. – [Boss] YouTube Gold baby,
let’s see what you got! (cheering)
– Gold! Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold. – [Boss] First scoop, man it’s dark in here.
– I don’t see any gold in that first scoop.
– It is dark in here, it is dark.
– The light you would think. I’ve seen this– – [Boss] Whoa, there it is. – [Worker] I knew that was coming. (water splashing) – [Boss] The way the table is angled, the amount of pressure of the water, the type of aggregate that you’re washing. – Lots of gold.
– Yes. – [Lyle] Are you doing that as
a spiral green thing as well? – [Boss] No, I have the
spiral blue wheel there. That’s that same kinda thing. – [Worker] I thought you watched the show. – [Boss] Yeah, I thought you– – I’m also colorblind, so I love watching these little green flakes
coming down their little train. – [Boss] Nice. (water splashing) That’s a nice piece. Look at ’em all, oh my
god, they’re all gold! – [KJ] And there’s some still up here. – [Boss] Holy cow! Look at ’em all! – Woo!
– Holy cow. – No.
– That’s all gold! – [KJ] I get you catch ’em all joke. – [Boss] This is all gold. (mumbling) Got to catch ’em all. (whizzing)
(water splashing) (mumbling)
– We need a bigger button. – [Boss] This is beautiful. – [Lyle] Look at how high this one is. – [Boss] Look at that. I like the less water thing, that was a good thing
in letting it run out, that was beautiful. That all stayed behind. Look, see this for a second, yeah. There’s two pieces right up at the top. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Boss] That’s nice. – [Worker] Sorry I can’t look for long, I’m trying to catch these ones. – [Boss] There’s many color up there. – [Worker] Green over here. (mumbling)
– Yep, yep. You know what it’s time for boys. – [Group] Wheel of Gold! – [Boss] Wheel of Gold. – Wheel of Gold! (scuffling) – [Boss] So here it is, the
concentrates of concentrates. But we need to run what’s on there, so we need a little
bit more concentration. ♪ There’s a hole in our bucket ♪ ♪ Dear Rookie a hole ♪ Don’t spill the gold. – Don’t spill–
– Careful. ♪ Dear Rookie, dear Rookie ♪ – There needs to be less singing here. That needs to be a rule.
(laughing) – [Boss] Wheel of Gold. – [Rookie] It’s taken us
a long time to get here. – [Worker] Wheel of Gold! – [Boss] Start loading it up! I wanna see some actual gold, this is why people come here. (yelling) They don’t see anything. – [Worker] Another gold. – [Boss] That’s good. (chattering) You see Lyle, it separates the heavy gold from the lighter material. – Oh it’s so cute!
– My eyes aren’t as good as yours. (chattering) – [Worker] Well I can see it. – [Boss] Gold, gold, gold. – [Worker] Look, that gold hung up there. – [Boss] Yeah, it’s stuck right there. – [Worker] It’s gonna go. (laughing) – [Boss] You look like a bunch o’ junkies all huddled around the carpet. – Well we are. – [Boss] Lookin’ for your last piece o’ gold.
– We’re gold junkies. – [Boss] I think it’s only
proper ’cause he’s not here today that we have a representative for Sluice. (laughing)
– Juice box, yeah! – [Group] Juice! (splashing) – There’s–
(yelling) – [Boss] Huge nugg! – [Worker] He made the circle. – [Boss] Look at that yeah, it got stuck. Nice, I like that sound. Look at, more gold. Gold, gold, gold. All this from separating
it, all from the dirt. It’s an amazing process. – [KJ] That, that and gold. – Gold, gold, gold.
– It just keeps giving today. – [Boss] That’s good, right on. – [Worker] Hey Sluice, no peeking. (laughing) – [Boss] Yeah, what’s up? (chuckles) Funny. (whirring) (gurgling) There’s a piece. – [KJ] Yep, there’s still more to come. – [Boss] ‘Kay boys, Rookie. – It’s that time. – [Boss] You always do the honors for us, let’s see what we got. (bangs) Boys, guesses? – 420.
– I’m gonna go with– – [Boss] I like your guess. – 420. – I’m gonna go with 4.6. – [Boss] What does juice say? – [Rookie] You’re like 421. – It’s like eight. – [Boss] Let’s see what we got. Three, two, one. (banging) (yelling) – Lot’s of.
– Pretty good. – That’s pretty good.
– Pretty good. – [Lyle] Doesn’t look
like the biggest, but. – [Boss] That is frickin’ amazing! – We’ve just gotten–
– Holy cow, look at this. That’s exactly what it is, look at that. (clatters)
– Oh, I felt that. (chattering)
That’s a half a tooth right there. – [Rookie] It’s actually
got some weight to it. – [Boss] Stop moving! Nice.
– I think it’s got some weight to it though. – [Boss] Good. Look at this, this is gorgeous. Look at it all. They can’t even grasp how
much that is on camera. But, y’know there’s one
way we can show them. – The scale.
– The scale. – [Boss] Okay buddy. Good luck.
– Good luck, like yeah. – [Boss] Oh my god, .5, 1.5, 1.4. 2.1.
– I like that. – Three point–
– Keep going. – 3.5.
– Love it. – [Boss] 3.9, 4.0. (chattering)
(yelling) – [Boss] 5.5, 5.9. 6.2, four.
– Yeah! – 6.6.
– 6.6. – Single day.
– 6.6. – [Boss] Nice job. – [Worker] To you it on? – [Boss] Hey, I wasn’t off by much. (chattering) No, it was 4.6.
– No, you were like 4.6. – [Boss] Yeah, good try though. (groaning)
– There’s a piece there. – [Boss] 4.7, 4.8. 4.7, no no.
– 6.7. (laughing)
– I’m reading it upside down. Still looks like nine.
– 6.7. (laughing)
– 6.7. – Awesome!
(chattering) – Nice.
– Woo! – The overflow–
– They wanna see it anyway, they wanna see it. – [Worker] Use your fingernail if you can. – [Boss] All your. (clattering) This is like 19 weekends in a row. (clattering) Holy crap that’s a huge pile o’ gold man. – Oh!
– That’s an actual pile. – 45 grams.
– It is an actual pile of gold.
– 46 grams. – Oh my–
– Almost one and a half ounces. – Okay boys.
– 1.48 ounces. – [Boss] That’s it, bring your hats in. On three, one, two, three. – [Group] YouTube Gold! – [Boss] You weren’t
wearing your hat again. – I know, I’m not a hat guy. Messes my hair up. – [Boss] I just put a fist on.


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    Can tell he's a top bloke and would do anything for anyone…

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