YouTube GOLD – “AFTER THE GOLD”, Highlights, Q&A w/ an EXCAVATOR BUILD! (s2 e28) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – “AFTER THE GOLD”, Highlights, Q&A w/ an EXCAVATOR BUILD! (s2 e28) | RC ADVENTURES

(drilling whirring)
– Yeah, that’s pretty rocky soil. That’s a good thing though. – [Sluicebox Steve] There, there we go – [RCSparks] That’s nice. (metal clanking) – [Men] Oh! – [RCSparks] Look at that. – That’s two.
– Holy crap. – [RCSparks] It is two. – Three.
– Three. – [RCSparks] Two, three, holy (horn honks) look at that piece. – [Krazy Joe] It’s almost
enough for a tooth. – [RCSparks] Holy (horn
honks) there’s four. (machines whirring) (wind rustling) I just love seeing pay
moving on those conveyors. (machines whirring) Look at the pay coming
through down into the auger. You guys can see that. Moving the pay right into
the barrel of the trommel, Little Red, spitting it out, both sides. (machines whirring) Remember guys, teamwork makes dream work. I want you to all put
that little bit of extra into extraordinary, I believe in you. (snoring) (wind rustling) We got a wind blowing in boys. – Fire!
– Fire! – [RCSparks] Whoa what (horn honking). Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, shut it down. Fire extinguisher. – No, I’m not drinking on
the job don’t worry about it. – Dude.
– Now go backward. (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] Yeah, can’t
believe we’re pulling it. – [Rookie] Crap, it’s working. – [RCSparks] This is amazing. Let’s get to gold mining. (whooping) – Gold, gold, gold.
(whoops) – [RCSparks] Gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold, gold, gold. Yeah. That is a nice fun there’s some flakes. – [Rookie] Yup. – [RCSparks] That is, pull it out, let’s have a look at that. – [Rookie] Wow. That’s–
– Nice. – [Rookie] That might be our biggest. – Dudes.
– That’s huge. (water gurgling) – [Krazy Joe] Yeah. – The train of gold.
– There we go. I love the gold train.
– Oh, yeah. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Look at that. – It’s awesome.
– Awesome. – [RCSparks] Yeah, boys. (whoops) (RCSparks exclaiming drowns out Rookie) – Come on.
– That is satisfying. – [Krazy Joe] That is a load. (button clicking) – [Sluicebox Steve] That’s amazing. – Dude, 122.8 grams.
– 122.8 grams. – [RCSparks] Hats in,
boys, one, two, three. – [Men] YouTube Gold! – [RCSparks] Alrighty, boys. – Hey.
– Welcome back. – Morning, good morning.
– What are you all doing sitting here? – [Rookie] I don’t know, we
came in and there was a couch. – Yeah.
– Krazy Joe! – Hey.
– After The Gold, buddy. – That’s right.
– I figured we’d all get together answer some questions that we got on the YouTubes,
the Facebook, yeah. – Questions?
– Yeah, we could review some of the highlights of YouTube Gold’s. What do you guys think of that? – Absolutely.
– Sounds good. – Sure!
– And then as we’re doing that, we’re gonna continue
working on this excavator. That seems to be a good theme boys, yeah? – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] I noticed
that Jim/Kevin is not here. – No, Kevin today, nope. – But Michael is gonna fill in. Of course, the Raminator
acting as, what is it? Perfect, now you guys finally get the scale of that machine. All right, so earlier I left
a post on my social media. If you guys aren’t a part of my Facebook, check the video
description box down below, you can hook up there, to see if you guys want to know anything about YouTube Gold that wasn’t already answered in the show. Joe, what do you got, my man? – I’ve got one here
that I just came across. – Yeah.
– Somebody says– – [RCSparks] What’s their name? – Her Director Production. – [RCSparks] ‘Kay, yeah. – How does the gold taste? (laughing) I don’t know, Joe.
– I doesn’t taste like anything. (laughing) – [RCSparks] It doesn’t
taste like anything. – [Rookie] Pretty much. – [RCSparks] So I got a
question for you guys. – Yup.
– Right. – [RCSparks] Did you
have a favorite episode? – No, all of ’em. – All of ’em? Michael did, is–
– Yeah, they’re all pretty good. – [RCSparks] (laughing) Come
on, gimme some dirt, anybody? – My favorite episode was from last season when we get to ride the dump
truck around, the big haul– – [RCSparks] Yeah. (upbeat action music) – It was the most fun to watch, was last season as well,
was 14, Golden Eye. – Yes.
– The next day, ’cause you didn’t tell
us about the airplane. – [RCSparks] No, that’s right. – Oh my God, he’s in an airplane. – Yes.
– And then we took the raiser six feet. – [RCSparks] That’s right, that’s right. – Knocked my ass off. (propellor chugging) (mellow action music) – Let’s find gold, baby. (mellow action music) I had a neighbor that had
a two seater airplane. I was terrified the entire time. (laughing) We literally went up I had
cameras all over the plane and that took, I had to be quiet, I couldn’t tell anybody about it until the joke the next day. So that was a good one. – It was.
(motor chugging) – Over here. (laughing) (whistle blows) – [Rookie] You know how long it took me to put this seatbelt on? – Yeah.
– How many cameras did you lose off the airplane? – [RCSparks] None actually,
I was very surprised. – Wow.
– Yes, yes, shout out to Keith for allowing us to go up in the airplane for just to do a joke for everybody. But you know I think
that’s what YouTube Gold’s always been about, right? Just entertainment factor, yeah. – We just have fun. – [RCSparks] That’s exactly we’re just– – [Sluicebox Steve] Having fun with RCs. – [RCSparks] That was
part of the YouTube Gold, is just getting together
as friends, right, and filming our
friendship, that by itself. – Oh yeah.
– You know. – Cheers to that.
– Yeah, exactly. My favorite episode from this year, one of the favorite episodes I had was when Rookie didn’t come with us and we went to Indian graves. We all decided not to wear hardhats to teach Rookie a lesson. And what happened? – [Men] It hailed. – It hailed on us.
– Yeah, we got our hair wet. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Bringing home the gold, baby. Out of the stream facing
certain weather peril. (Rookie laughing) It’s incoming and doomsday. Here come the pebbles. Ow, ow, ow, jee, ow, ah, ah. (laughing) Here you go, just needs
to be turned up a bit. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. (water gurgling) Ow.
– Hey, let’s save these controllers. (laughing)
– Good enough for you. – We got our hair wet that day. Okay, so Jonathan Moses. – [RCSparks] Yup. – Asks what’s everyone’s
favorite machine to use. – [RCSparks] Yeah, what is it? The loader.
– I’m gonna say the rock crusher, I like it. – The crusher?
– Yeah. (rocks pattering) – [RCSparks] The hungry
crusher starts with a meal. (rocks pattering) Always chewing away.
– Mike’s the rock crusher. – [Sluicebox Steve] I
love driving the Volvo. – No, the dozer’s my favorite. – [RCSparks] Yeah, of
course, you’re a dozer man. – [Sluicebox Steve] I like the dozer. – Dozer just threw the track. – [RCSparks] We broke a track? – It’s laying down on the ground. – [RCSparks] I got a track
thrown on the dozer out here, I need you to bring a repair kit as quick as possible, okay. (beeps)
– 10-4. – [RCSparks] Watch the chain. Hey, watch out, watch out, your hand, man. – [Rookie] You could lose a limb there. – Yeah, man.
– Oh, what are gonna do, hurt me?
– Did you sign the waiver? (machines whirring) Very good, very good, whoa, whoa, pull, he’s going too fast, okay, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Give it some slack, it’s
all bound up, there we go. (motor chugging) Good, good, it missed the cog there. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh shoot.
– Oh! – [Rookie] You snapped the chain. – It’s okay.
– Think I got a rock in my eye. – [RCSparks] What? (Krazy Joe exclaims) Dude, I told you ’bout
wearing your glasses. Well, what’s up with your
excavator skills, bro? You started two years ago. – [Rookie] Yeah, you were
the excavator guy, right? (laughing) – Come on guys, faster. God. – It only comes out of
the ground so fast, Kev. – [Kevin] Yeah, but but the
more time I spend sitting here, the more time I’m burning diesel, idle, waiting for you guys. – Kev, machine off then if
you’re burning diesel idle. – [RCSparks] It’s actually
LiPo battery, Kevin. It’s just LiPo, it doesn’t, it doesn’t– – So it’s power we’re burning. – [RCSparks] That’s true, that’s true. Well, it’s time right? Time is the most precious commodity here. – Exactly. – [RCSparks] You? – Yeah, everybody’s gonna
assume it’s the excavator, which it’s pretty damn cool but, I like ’em all, I like
going back and forth. I like the dozers, I really
like the front end loader, the wheel loader.
– Yeah. – They’re all awesome. (mellow flute music) – [RCSparks] So here
is my YouTube channel, I’m in the community section. And here it was where we’re asking if there is any question
you guys wanted to ask that couldn’t already be answered by watching YouTube Gold, ask below. And there’s one right here that’s question for Jem. Jem, hello lovely lady. – Hey, what’s up?
– Of the home. Come join us. Good morning.
– Sit awkwardly on this, here we go. – [RCSparks] I have a question for you. – [Jem] Yes. – [RCSparks] From Jamie Reinhardt. – Hey, Jamie.
– Question for Jem. – [Jem] Yeah. – [RCSparks] How often do
you look out the window and see them out there,
just shaking your head? I married a man child
and he’s in the sandbox with the neighbor’s kids playing
with toys in my backyard. (laughing) Oh and my mom also wants me to know if there’s a Mrs. Rookie. (laughing) – Send pictures. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Yup, you’re on. – Never. – Never?
– Never, honestly. – [RCSparks] Why, why? – ‘Cause it’s awesome what he does. I love that these guys
come out every single week. It’s amazing. – We get to hang out.
– Yeah. – Cool.
– I never think he’s a man child, I think it’s amazing. – [RCSparks] Here, scroll
through those questions. – And this is from Rob The B RC and Stuff, and he wants to know, did
your leg heal all right. – Oh, man.
(laughing) I was down–
– Definitely want a seat. – [RCSparks] You drove off the side. – Dozer down.
– You can’t blame the road for that. – It gave away, seriously. – [Rookie] Back up like another inch. Good. – [Men] Oh! (RCSparks screaming) – Shut it down.
– Shut it off, shut it off. (machines whirring) (horn honks) – [RCSparks] Are you kidding me? Actually, I was
surprisingly fit after that. About two days later the scab healed up. – [Rookie] Your boo-boo went away? – [RCSparks] Yes, well,
I didn’t make a big deal out of it.
– You’re very slim. – How’s it going?
– It hurts. – [Rookie] Yeah? – [RCSparks] Conveyor. – Wasn’t it the other leg? – Heavy, heavy conveyor.
– Yeah, wasn’t it the other leg? – [RCSparks] Okay, boys,
I’m gonna need another dozer and some sort of chain to help
pull this rock truck over. Why do we have such
crappy beer all the time? – Not my instructions, my feeling is to go to the corner of every liquor store and find out really what– – [RCSparks] It’s exotic beer
we try to get you, right? – It’s beer. – Change is good. (laughing)
– Cans only. – It’s a different beer every time. – Cans only.
– You can’t buy the same thing all the time.
– No. And I really wanna know this. This is from Louis
Lopez, our friend Louis. Has there ever been any
real tension on the site? [RCSparks] Oh, any real, any real drama? – I don’t think so, no.
– No. – We’re all friends here.
– We all get along great. – [Krazy Joe] We just come and play. – [RCSparks] Well, the
safety inspector was here. (laughing) – There may have been a
little tension at that time. (mellow pop music) – What? – Think fast, man. – This guy–
(mellow pop music) – Why can’t you get rid of these guys? – So, we’ve got six safety
infractions here, okay. This is enough to shut the site down. And this right here, this
is a big problem, okay. (cans clattering) (merry circus music) [RCSparks] Hey, how can you have tension with a 15 year old kid that came out here to volunteer to be the
safety inspector, hey? I think Will kicked butt on the show. – He did kicked–
– Will did an awesome job. – He did a great job perfect.
– He played the role perfect. – [RCSparks] Exactly,
it’s all acting, right. That’s exactly what why
we’re doing a parody show. – That’s right.
– Yeah. Except for, I did notice there was a little tension between you and Bob. – Whoa.
(Bob thuds) – [RCSparks] Dude. – I’ve had enough. – Oh, that was legit.
– That was one time. – Joe did punch Bob.
– He took him down though. – [Rookie] Yeah. – I did apologize to Bob for that. – [RCSparks] Listen, I’d give
you more of a harder time but he really was a dummy. – Yeah.
(laughing) – Agreed. (machines whirring) – Question.
– Answer. – [RCSparks] So we all wanna know more about the gold tooth ’cause
I wanna share a story, but tell us how this goes. – So we mine gold. – [RCSparks] Yup. – It’s from the gold that we mine. – [RCSparks] Yeah (laughs). – What’s more to tell? – [RCSparks] I have to say,
ever since the first time we saw you put gold up
to your tooth there– – That’s right and what episode was that? – [Rookie] Was it 13? (pay shuffling) There’s tons.
– Okay, open up. – Gimme. – [RCSparks] Let’s get this,
just hammer it in there. There you go. (exclaims) Can you bite on it, yeah. (laughing) Does Joe get his tooth, he does! But I wanna touch on
something beyond that, okay. A lot of viewers only saw it at the second to last
episode and then the opening of the last episode.
– Yeah. (air whooshing) – [RCSparks] There it is Joe. Thank you Dr. Freiberg. – [Doctor] You’re welcome. – [RCSparks] That looks fantastic. Okay, listen we gotta
head back to the mine that gold tooth ain’t paying for itself. – All right. – [RCSparks] They got to
see it in three minutes. How long did it take to actually
get a gold tooth implanted? How many trips to the dentist? – Three times to the dentist. – [RCSparks] And can
I share with everybody that you indeed had to have a root canal so you could get that done, yes. – I had to have a fair
bit of work done actually. – Yup.
– Not just the root canal but there was some other stuff as well. – [RCSparks] All for YouTube Gold. – Absolutely.
– Bump that right there. (laughing) That is the boss thing
to do right there man. – [Rookie] That’s commitment. – [RCSparks] And tell us
what Freiberg did for us. – Freiberg and his associates. – [RCSparks] The dentist
and the, yeah, the helpers. – And everybody else involved– – Yeah.
– Did it all after hours. – [RCSparks] They all stayed
extra hours to do that. – That’s right.
– That is dedication, hey. – Thank you very much, Freiberg. YouTube Gold, baby.
– Yeah, let’s go and get to work.
(laughing) All right, boys shall we get started on the excavator, Krazy Joe? – Yeah, man.
– Everything is looking beautiful. Day after day, I’ve been applying
paint and letting it dry. – It looks great.
– They are absolutely fabulous now. Now, in the last video of the excavator, did you guys see it? – Build, yeah.
– Yeah, the build, yeah. I put together the whole base and so I figure now, if we’re
gonna start on the platform, we might as well get going. And I’ll keep asking you
guys questions as we go. What do you think? – Okay.
– Sure. – [RCSparks] Excellent, okay. How much real time do you
spend working on the mine? He doesn’t say in the day or
a week or anything like that. And then how much time do
you spend editing the video? So how much time do we spend on the mine site during the day? How long does the day take us? – A day of filming.
– Eight to 10 hours. – [Krazy Joe] 36 hours. (laughing) – It’ll be anywhere from– – Eight-ish.
– Anywhere from, yeah, five to eight hours, depending on the day. – [RCSparks] I would agree
with that, I would agree. And it usually takes me around four to six hours to edit the film. And then we normally have that all done and uploaded the next
morning by 6:30 a.m., hey. That’s how it normally went. – Yeah, it takes time to upload as well, right.
– It’s like a while too before it could work. – [RCSparks] Exactly, that’s
all the way it’s done, yeah. Pretty close in Canadian funds man. It’s crazy money to get into gold. Aha. That by itself. We have one screw that’s–
– The hopper. – [RCSparks] New equipment
on the mine site. – [Krazy Joe] Love it! – [RCSparks] We had a lot of equipment on the mine site, hey? – We did.
– We did. – We had a huge amount this year. We well over $50,000 in equipment.
– Yes, yes. – Just to make the mine site run. And that’s not including
some of the older stuff. – [RCSparks] Yes. – Two excavators, obviously,
’cause we do have two — – And one of yours– – The wheel loader. – [Sluicebox Steve] And
another track loader too. – [Michael] He smashed that little one. – [RCSparks] Alrighty, boys, Billy Moore III says, I’m sure this has been answered on probably every episode, but is all the scale equipment sponsored by the maker of
the piece of equipment, or is the gold mine from the show used to make purchases? (laughing) – Sponsored, that’s funny. – Yeah, there’s no sponsorship here. – No.
– No, I pay for everything. – Y’all purchased all of the equipment? – [RCSparks] Correct all of the equipment, except for Rookie’s dozer
and, Rookie, like your– – My track hoe? – That’s right.
– And my excavator, which you did originally purchase and then I purchased it.
– Correct. It’s all in the name of having
a great time though, yeah? – It is.
– That’s right. There’s something you’ve
all failed to mention. – [Rookie] What’s that? – Just the beer costs alone are fricking astronomical.
– That far outweighs even equipment cost. – [Sluicebox Steve]
Well, it’s on your bill. – I’m on like 13 day already.
– It’s mainly you though. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Little tiny scales for these. Jason Chilson says,
looking sharp Krazy Joe – Hey, thanks. (laughing) – [Sluicebox Steve] Bridge. – [RCSparks] Okay, 75echo. He is asking something that
so many people have asked. Any plans to build a canopy or shed roof over the mining site, so you do not need to cover the equipment with plastic and you can film and be protected from
the weather year-round? – Do you know what that
would cost, plus heating it? That’s a massive site. – [RCSparks] I would also like to say that if we put a canopy over it, weather does blow in from the side easily. – Yes.
– Do you remember when I suggested that it was fool’s gold? – Oh and it all blew away. – Mr. Krazy Joe, what do you see? – I see some gold.
– I see some fun. – I see a lot of gold.
– Ont there, look at this. – Yes, sir, there’s another.
– That’s a nice one. – [Krazy Joe] And another. – [RCSparks] This is nice. – [Krazy Joe] Oh, these are good sized. – [RCSparks] In the bucket. That looks, do you think it’s fool’s gold? – [Krazy Joe] I don’t think
it’s fool’s gold at all. – [RCSparks] That doesn’t
look like fool’s gold. – [Krazy Joe] It sure
looks like gold to me. – [RCSparks] Let’s get it rinsed. My gold!
(wind rustling) – [RCSparks] The gold,
dude, the gold blew away! (horn honks) holy (horn honks). (horn honks) Oh, no. Look at it, holy (horn honks). (wind rustling) (RCSparks screaming) Oh no! (blows raspberry) – Yes, I remember that the storm. Wow, that came up quick. – Yeah, that’s it, yeah. – [RCSparks] The other
thing I’d like to say is, some of the things that
people don’t consider is how loud the mine site actually is. – And we’re running a gas generator. We would all be dead. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Well, the smart people would leave the generator outside but the shaker, the shaker plant, the pumps, the whole thing,
it would be quite loud. Okay, so here’s the bottom plate and then these plates themselves are gonna be part of the floor. – [Krazy Joe] Show me the picture. What are we looking at?
– Spartan-FPV. Good day, medic.
– Oh my goodness. – [RCSparks] What is
the guys’ least favorite or most difficult machine to run? And who has the most Aussie accent and can say, g’day, mate? (laughing) Rookie, favorite, most
difficult machine to run, what is it? – Most difficult?
– Yeah. – They’re not really difficult. The bulldozer actually
takes way more concentration than anybody realizes. – Yes.
– They’re tough. – You got to gimme–
– It looks so simple. – [RCSparks] Give me
your best, g’day, mate. – G’day, mate. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Michael,
the man who never speaks, what is your most
difficult machine to run? – I’d have to say the wheel loader. – [RCSparks] And g’day, mate. – G’day, mate. – Nice, that was a good one.
– Great one. – I like that. – Sluice.
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] Most
difficult machine to run? – Excavator lately. – G’day, mate.
– G’day, mate. – [RCSparks] All right, nice. Joe, what’s the most difficult one? – The mobile trailer trommel. – Why?
– It jams up all the time. – That’s true.
– I don’t have a g’day, mate. (exclaims)
– That was terrible. – For me the most difficult
thing to run is everything ’cause I’m always on the camera and then I never get enough
practice, g’day, mate. (laughing) – [Sluicebox Steve] It looks
more square than this one. – Yeah, it does.
– Look at those, they’re beautiful, hey. – [RCSparks] Yeah, they do look very good. I think as they age, they’re gonna look even better on the machine. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, I really like the solid hydraulic lines. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah, instead
of having them twisted in. No leak areas.
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] Nice positive
lock, that’ll be great. So what was your favorite kind of beer? All of it, you had Coors, you had Banquet, you had Pilsner, you had
co-op brand, generic brand, you had Olympia you had Black Ice, you had Brew House, you (laughs). – Cochineal Milwaukee. – [RCSparks] Yeah (laughs). – There was quite a few and I’m gonna say by far– – Yeah.
– The cold beer was the best. – You didn’t like when I served warm beer? – No, that (horn honking) was disgusting. (laughing) – [RCSparks] I thought that would be incentive to bring your own. All of this, this was my plan. Nothing, you just keep drinking it. – I did bring my own beer for a while. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Nice, looking good. I’m glad I painted both sides. – [Sluicebox Steve] Looks like six. – [RCSparks] Okay, so, Prospecting
With Disabilities says, how long have you guys been hanging out doing the RC thing before
filming YouTube Gold, guys? – A year for me now. – Yeah, Michael, you came
in with Loading Wars, on the other channel, yeah. Krazy Joe?
– Oh, we’ve been together for a long time, bud. – [RCSparks] Yup, (laughs)
eight years at least. – Yeah.
– Yeah. And you and me have had
a, when did we first meet? – It’s been 20 years. – [RCSparks] Yeah, 20 years. And, Rook, did we meet at the Gymboree or was it at Crawler Ted’s? – I’m sure we were both at Ted’s but yeah, the big one was Gymboree. – Yeah.
– At Jim’s. (car whirring) (audience applauding) – So like–
– So like five? – More.
– Five or six years. – Yeah, oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] Next, you got one? – I got one from Matthew Air-trum. Air-trum, I wanna say. And he’s, great videos, guys. Love the commitment and
humor you all put in. – Yes.
– When is the next LESU build video coming? (laughing) – We’re kind of–
– Today! – We’re kinda working on it.
– Today. – We’re trying, we’re slow though. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah. Hey–
– Very small progress. – Painfully slow.
– Very small. – [RCSparks] And I would
also, you know what, he touches on something that I don’t think a lot of people kinda figure out ’cause they’re all asking is there another season, is there, you know, whatever. And they don’t know that
you guys actually drive. How long does it take you
to get here from the city? – [Sluicebox Steve] 40 minutes. – Yeah, it’s 45.
– 17 hours. – Yeah, so– – (laughs) 17.
– Quite a long time. And let me say, 27 episodes. – This season.
– This season. That was 27 weeks in a row that I had a commitment
from all these guys and more to come out, hey. – 40 hours of driving just to do the show. – It is a miracle to get everybody out. – I don’t have perfect attendance. (laughing) – Me neither.
– Almost perfect attendance. I’ve got perfect attendance. All of these guys–
– My attendance hasn’t been great this year. – All of these guys have been taking times out of their lives to
come and film YouTube Gold to entertain everybody that’s out there. And that brings me to another point. How many guests did we have
that came out this year, hey? – Quite a few.
– We’ve had quite a few. – We had a lot of people come out and be with us this year on YouTube Gold. – We had Joe, form Little
Giants Construction. – [RCSparks] Little Giants
Construction on YouTube, welcome, bro. Drove six hours this morning
to be here for YouTube Gold. Thank you, you brought equipment with you. – I came out here today, it was supposed to be about the equipment, instead I got a bunch of drama. I’m getting the (horn honks) outta here. (helmet thuds) (engine chugging) (horn honking) – [RCSparks] We had Wyatt Singer. – Yeah.
– Who came. Who’s, what was what’s why it’s handle, do we remember? RC Heaver Hauling. – RC Heavy Haul.
– RC Heavy Haul. – [RCSparks] That’s right, that’s right. (machines whirring) Chris and Will from RC
Scale Town from Toronto. They came in.
– That’s right. – [Rookie] Originally from here. – Yeah.
– They started with us actually.
– That’s right. – They’ve been in lots of videos. – [RCSparks] So what’s it
like running on the mine site? – My name’s Chris Rappel. I got a YouTube channel, Scale Town. – [RCSparks] What’s it like being on the– – Yeah.
– On the mine site? – YouTube channel, Scale
Town, come subscribe. – [RCSparks] This isn’t a time for YouTube promotion.
– YouTube scale, scale, scale. – This isn’t time–
– Scale Town. – Unfortunately they moved.
– Let’s say, another silent partner we had. Paul
– Paul. (laughing) Also known as Spider or Stylist. – Didn’t say much.
– Yeah, yeah. (machines whirring) And we also had Cody come out. – Yeah.
– Oh my god. – [Krazy Joe] What are you talking about? It worked fine when I was there. (machines whirring) – [Kevin] This is the
biggest shovel we have. – Go Kevin.
– Put your back into it– – Why are you holding your remote? – Same here.
– Put your remote down and use two hands. – [RCSparks] You’re always holding us up. There was a lot of guys
that came out here. – Of course, Everett’s always
a special guest to show up. – Dude, Everett is like a
staple on the show, right. Every time, it’s always Everett’s laughter that gets everybody going , hey. (whopping) Get your ticket, get your
ticket, get your ticket. – Hey, wait a minute.
– Wait a minute. (laughing) – There’s something wrong with my ticket. – [Man] Wait, what the? – This is, that’s your name
on it, it’s been checked. It says not a winner.
– Not a winner. – What an awesome laugh.
– Classic. Except for that time he
knocked over the trommel. – [Kevin] Money! (men exclaiming) (RCSparks screaming) Shut it down, shut it down. The conveyor.
– Shut down the conveyor. Nice job!
– What do I do? (laughing) – He wasn’t really laughing then. – [RCSparks] Oh, you
know, but then I said, it almost looks like we
set you up to do that. – It was almost like
it was scripted, weird. – [RCSparks] That’s so
weird for a parody show. No. – Not us.
– Everybody that saw that has to go back–
– Not scripting. – And watch Kevin’s face,
I think he almost fainted. (laughing) (machines whirring) – [RCSparks] You need to be
looking where you’re going, bro. I can’t just have you on the
show wrecking everything. – [Everett] My mistake. What’s gonna happen? – [RCSparks] (sighs)
People are gonna think that we set you up to do this. – But you did. – [RCSparks] Dude, Lyle just texted me and told us that we forgot that he was in the show. He already–
– We did forget him. – [RCSparks] He’s Lyle. (machines whirring) Lyle are you, okay? – What, hey, boss. – [RCSparks] Dude, what re you doing? – Nothing, just resting my
back for a second, that’s all. It’s good now.
– Do you have a sore back? – Back to work now, no. – [RCSparks] Did you sign the waiver? RC Athletes was in two episodes. – He did fall asleep, right? – He’s watching on 5K. – [RCSparks] He already watched us. – He’s already seen it
and he knows we forgot. – Sorry, Lyle.
(groans) – [RCSparks] So a little
bit of progress here. Here is the cab I assembled. (laughing) I put it all together, it looks great. This is exactly how I painted it. That’s right, open the, okay, well, it doesn’t have the hinges on it. – [Rookie] You missed some parts. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s
just the hinge though, that’s not a big deal,
still looks pretty good. This is the whole window– (metal clattering) That’s how it’s supposed to go. – Is it?
– Well, not like that. – I think you need hardware. – I don’t think it works like that. – [RCSparks] I did all the work, I was waiting for somebody
to put the screws in. – [Rookie] Most of the
work is finding the screws. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Okay, so currently right now, we are battling the
smallest little screws. – These micro screws. My God, man.
– Yeah – So tiny.
– They’re so small. – [RCSparks] There is the nut right there. – Is it this?
– Oh, no, I got it right here in my hand, just
went to get a tool for it. – [Krazy Joe] Well, hurry up. (laughing) – Remember, Sluice–
– Old man, remember? – [Rookie] Everything’s a race. – [Sluicebox Steve] That’s good, man. – [RCSparks] Krazy Joe. – What the (horn honks).
– What are you working on? (speaking away from mic)
Gold teeth. – [Krazy Joe] Ah, seems
to be an appropriate job. – [RCSparks] That’s right, right? Dude, that’s gonna look killer. – I know. – See, it doesn’t show.
– Jeez, I don’t know maybe we should have just done brass, that would have been less expensive. (laughing) – Not as cool though. – [RCSparks] That’s true. Wow. – [Krazy Joe] I think
it looks pretty awesome. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it does,
I’m glad I didn’t paint these. I think the brass and this aqua color or the coral blue is gonna look amazing. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah and
unless you did a great job, these are awesome. – [RCSparks] Yeah how
you can change them out, like that’s you can replace them. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, the usability of it. – [RCSparks] Another
question that gets asked quite a bit is, would you
guys do a bloopers episode? – Isn’t every episode a bloopers episode? – [RCSparks] You nailed
it, because there’s nothing that’s really left out because I think that’s the comedy of it. – [Sluicebox Steve] Screwdriver. – [RCSparks] Joe. – Yo.
– Judd Phillips asks us, how much maintenance do you have to do to the equipment in between shows? – Well, I would have to direct that to you because I go home. – Because none of you guys do maintenance. – I don’t do any.
– In between the shows. – I have one excavator I maintain. – [RCSparks] Well, okay. – [Krazy Joe] Okay, how much– – [RCSparks] How much do you
maintain it in between shows? – I charge the battery. (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Carried
away with my Loctite. – [RCSparks] That’s all right. – [Rookie] It’s okay though. – [RCSparks] I’s okay, we can wash it out. – [Krazy Joe] Gold. (laughing) – Brass.
– Well. – [RCSparks] This shot right here, this is exactly why I
wanted two bulldozers so we could be opening the up the cut. (machines whirring) – Come on, Sluice, give me a load. (laughing) You have to take it in context. You gotta be watching the video. (laughing) – See, they’re right, my whole job was to actually shake up things on the show. Like when I made everybody
foreman for a day but didn’t tell them all. (laughing) Now, I know you missed last week, but people really wanna
see you as foreman. – They’re going to. – [RCSparks] I don’t
really want the other guys to know that your foreman, but I still want you to treat
them like you’re foreman, no matter what. – So do nothing different then? – [RCSparks] Keep going. I gotta tell you, last
week, phenomenal gold job. – Yeah, frigging absolutely it was. – [RCSparks] Best gold I’ve seen. – That’s right.
– And today, no matter what, I want you to assert
yourself as a foreman. Somebody that doesn’t take
(horn honks) from anyone. Someone who doesn’t
take orders from anyone and you go ahead and you run
the team the way you see fit. Crack the whip.
– All right. – [RCSparks] I want you
to be foreman today. – Okay. – [RCSparks] But I want
you to assert yourself and to tell them what to do when they’re telling you what to do. – Okay. – [RCSparks] I want you
to be foreman today, you tell them what to do. – Hey guys, process what
you got, shut her down (machines whirring) – You process what you
got and shut her down. – [Kevin] Hey, hey. – Hey, who made you the foreman?
– You what? Just focus on what you’re doing. – I won the beer chugging contest.
– I’m gonna take orders from Bob before I take orders from you. – I’ll decide.
– Too many chiefs around here, chief. Goes the same way, right? – [RCSparks] Sluicebox here is setting up the hydraulics for the hydraulic tank. I left the tank unpainted because if I get hydraulic oil on it, I didn’t want it flaking off and I figured why not
just leave it like that. Okay, so now I know I have one that people will be like, ooh. Nathaniel McCullough says, I want to know what’s in
store for season three. What are everyone’s idea is
to improve for season three? And that is something that I have to say that it’s tough for me as a producer to up what we already did this season. Sometimes you have to think to yourself that maybe you don’t want to go on because you told the story as good as it’s going to get, right. Everyone suggests that we should go to another place and do this, but I don’t think they understand, logistically, that just doesn’t happen. – Well, you have to think even, think about it in full sized mine world, try moving an entire mine. There’s a lot of equipment.
– Yeah, well, every weekend. – Every, every Saturday.
– Every weekend, yeah. – [RCSparks] Right and so
it’s kinda hard to top it. I don’t know if we’re
gonna have a third season. That’s just we’re gonna have to see how the show does over the winter, yeah. – Absolutely, yeah.
– Well, it doesn’t matter, we’ve already beat the Hoffmans. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Mission accomplished. (laughing)
– So I’m good. – It’s a real–
– Okay, Luke says, what other types of scale
gold mining equipment would you like to see made for you to use? And are we going to see any Bering Sea gold type of spin-offs of you pulling gold out of
the lake bed in the pond? – We thought about it, but, no. It’s too hard to process mud
with this small equipment. – [RCSparks] Do you remember
that I actually filmed– – We did–
– Start building the dredge. – Yup, build the dredge. – [RCSparks] I would still do that but I think the issue is is that we really didn’t even have any viewer interest at that time. It was such a small amount of
people that wanted to see it, that it didn’t seem to
be a popular idea, so. – You actually kinda got a bigger dredge and a platform for everything to sit on but just–
– I did, I did? – Yes, it’s out there. – [RCSparks] No one
knows, no one knows that. – I do. – [RCSparks] Okay, so
tank fits on platform and door on the side. What’s next boys? Looks like we got– – [Sluicebox Steve]
Servo block and the pump. – [RCSparks] Hydraulics right here. Okay, so this is where
the servos would be. There’s a longer area
where you could add on new servo blocks for different hydraulics. – Yeah, you can go up to six servos at least on here.
– Do we wanna put the servos on right away?
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] Exactly. Well, we don’t really
need them on there now. We can install the block,
I can install these later ’cause there’s just absolutely no way we’d be finishing this today. (chuckling) – What?
– I know, I know. We’ve been yapping so much
about YouTube Gold, hey. – [Sluicebox Steve] There’s
only like 900 pieces left. (laughing) – [RCSparks] How is it to hold on to? – [Sluicebox Steve] Slippery. – [RCSparks] It worked though, didn’t it? – [Sluicebox Steve] It did, yeah. – [RCSparks] Good job. All right, it’s what you
out on the mine site, boys. – Making it work.
– Do whatever it takes to make it work. I notice you all aren’t wearing your safety gear today and your hard hats. – That is correct.
– There’s no running equipment today. – Yes, we heard there was no fines today, so we’re all good.
– Correct, the season’s down, yeah. There we go, grunting and
grinding, twisting and pulling. – [Krazy Joe] Not sure we have ’em all in exactly the right place– – Yeah.
– But we got ’em generally. – Dude.
– And these brackets are super hard, it took all three of us to get ’em going.
– Yup. Did it though, good job. – [Krazy Joe] I think, yeah, I think we are in the right place. – Looks real close, doesn’t it?
– Oh, no, they’re supposed to be right beside each other. – Yes.
– So there should be one and then these two.
– Dude. – [RCSparks] Okay, Michael Cabrera says, have you ever thought about stepping down and letting someone else be foreman while I do the mining? I’m sure I want to have mining as well. These guys try to help me out with filming as much as possible. – I suck with the camera. (laughing)
– Rookie. – We’re not that good at it, we’ve tried. – Who does all the filming? – [Rookie And Krazy Joe] You do. – Who does all the editing? – [Rookie And Krazy Joe] You do. (exclaims triumphantly) (laughing) (machines whirring) – [Krazy Joe] It’s frigging boss. – [RCSparks] It is boss, I
love the color of the machine, everything about it.
– Oh, it’s beautiful. – [RCSparks] Yeah it’s coming together– – [Krazy Joe] So far,
LESU has done a great job. – [RCSparks] Oh yes, and all the bags, even though they’re not labeled, easy to find parts or what? – [Krazy Joe] Pretty easy, yup. – Generally?
– That’s the other end. – [RCSparks] Well, I
could say the hard work– – [Rookie] Yeah. – [Sluicebox Steve] How
the hell did you know? – [RCSparks] Just like that, we’re not even at the stage yet. Look at this, we’re just starting to build up and around
but as you guys can tell, this is an intricate build. The cooler’s on the inside, the pump, we don’t have any of the
electronics hooked up and we’re still assembling
all the way around. Big jo, eh? – Absolutely.
– It’s huge. – [RCSparks] Kinda like
YouTube Gold took us– – This is your cab here. – 27 episodes.
– Yeah, that will be there. – Oh that’s the wrong way.
– Other way. – [Krazy Joe] It goes this way. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] And then your cab’s all gonna sit on top of that. – Boys.
– We’ve got some assembly still. – [RCSparks] I had a great time with you this year on YouTube Gold. I know that you guys all came out, did a lot of work for us, yeah. And one more thing, if you
guys have any questions that we didn’t answer, what do they do, boys? – Post ’em up in the comments section
– Post ’em down below. – The only way we get to know. We’ll do our best and
you guys can go and check my main front page in
the featured channels. You guys can check out
all the YouTube channels of these boys ’cause they’re all there. All for fun.
– It was all fun. – [RCSparks] In the name of fun. Well, everybody that
asked questions today, I know they all appreciate you guys coming by and answering them all and taking time out of
your lives to entertain us. Boys, all together on one, two, three. – [Men] YouTube Gold. (laughing)


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