– [RCSparks] So, big day. – [Krazy Joe] Here we go. – [RCSparks] Show me the post. Nice man, looking good. Dr. Freiberg.
– Krazy Joe, how are you today? – I’m great how are you? – I’m doing great. I know you’re a little
nervous about this stuff. So, a little incentive, I
thought if you’re a good boy, then you can either
have this princess ring or this sticky lizard.
– I totally want the lizard. – The sticky lizard.
– I totally want the lizard. – [Freiberg] Okay, so
you don’t get this yet. You gotta behave yourself. – All right.
– Okay. – I guess I gotta get this done. – [RCSparks] You’re lucky, man. I’m surprised you didn’t
go for the gold ring. – I got the lizard. I already got gold going in. – Look at that beautiful
nugget right there. – [Krazy Joe] All right. – [RCSparks] Nice. That is polished.
– That is awesome. – [Freiberg] We are just
gonna see how it fits now. Yeah, better get the bib on. You might be drooling. – [RCSparks] Okay, doc,
do your magic buddy. Drum roll please. (drum roll music) Yeah Joe, Krazy Joe and his gold tooth. It looks awesome dude. (man cheering and laughing) Thank you Dr. Freiberg. – [Freiberg] You’re welcome. – [RCSparks] That looks fantastic. – That’s awesome. (men laughing) That’s fantastic. – Krazy Joe, you were an amazing patient. You have earned the sticky lizard. – My lizard. (man laughing) – [RCSparks] Golden tooth buddy. – I might just have to
leave that lizard there. – [RCSparks] Okay listen, we
gotta head back to the mine. That gold tooth ain’t paying for itself. – All right. Well thank you guys very much. – You’re welcome. Aaron, we gotta talk in
the back in the back room. – [RCSparks] Great, what did you do? You got a little green booger looking thing on your forehead. – [Krazy Joe] It’s my lizard. – We gotta settle up. – Yep, but you’re on the show, so. – It’s gonna cost you 2 1/2 ounces. – 2 1/2 ounces. – YouTube gold baby. – [RCSparks] Yeah,
let’s go on get to work. – Another day another dollar Krazy Joe. – Here we go. – Gonna have to be workin’
that off for awhile. I don’t even know how I’m gonna tell the guys how much that cost. – [Krazy Joe] Well. – Good luck, we’ll show ’em.
– I appreciate it. – [RCSparks] Yeah, well. – [Man In Group] (mumbles)
there we go Chris. – [RCSparks] What’s shaken boys? – [Men In Unison] Hey. – [RCSparks] Krazy Joe just
got back from the dentist. What do y’all think? – How come you guys aren’t working? – [Man In Group] Let’s see it. – Let’s see it.
– Cheers. – [Man In Group] Let’s see it. – [Man In Group] Wanna see where
my gold (faintly speaking). (men cheering) – [RCSparks] Yeah. – Well, have a beer. – I don’t have a beer. I just got back from the dentist. – [RCSparks] Somebody give him a beer. All right. Well, here it is.
– Confused man. – [RCSparks] After two seasons, we finally got his gold tooth. (man cheering) – I love it. – [RCSparks] Now, we gotta
go back and start paying for it, because the sad news
is that even though I was able to keep the nugget, it
cost 2 1/2 ounces of gold. – Holy.
– Holy. – Well.
– I love it. (men laughing) – [RCSparks] So. (man laughing) – Every time he smiles now
he’s just gonna be like. (mumbling) (men laughing) – He was blind about that. – [RCSparks] Back to work boys. This is our last day. Everything’s all frozen up. We wanna make a final
push to the end, yeah? – [Men Say In Unison] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Move as much gold as you can. YouTube GOLD on three, one, two, three. – [Men In Unison] YouTube GOLD. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (men cheering) So, I was able to fix the hopper. You guys saw that the
engine was kinda busted or the motor on this. – [Man Holding Hopper] What do you want? – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s
just that comes right off. It’s this whole plate. There it is. Now watch out there’s gears in there. Yep, pull the gear. It was this gear right here in the transmission
Krazy Joe, are you hear it, that’s all rounded out. This one.
– Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] It’s like direct
off the worm gear drive. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, awesome. – [RCSparks] And dude, look at this. Look it, look at the calm on that. Dude, that is the bulldozer motor. – What? – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s
the bulldozer motor. – [Krazy Joe] One of the drives. – [RCSparks] Yep, exactly
on the right-hand– – [Krazy Joe] I’m surprised
this didn’t smoke a lot more. – [RCSparks] Dude, it totally did. Look at the, look it,
it blew it right off. – Yeah.
– Wicked. So super torque. Anyway, I don’t have a
motor except I got it on the way to replace it. So, we’re down a dozer guys. Gonna have to make it work. Okay, it is colder than a witch’s (honk drowns out
RCSparks) out here guys. – [Male Worker] Well. (faintly speaking) – [RCSparks] Look at this. Snow in the pond. Up here, tailings pond. Look at this. – [Krazy Joe] Too early for this crap. This is. Shuttin’ it down. Yeah, look at that. – [Male Worker] Probably should’ve left it running last night. (glass breaking) – [Krazy Joe] Got mackarite in here. – [RCSparks] Hold on, before
that guy does too much driving. Kevin. – Everett. – [Everett] Yeah. – [Kevin] ‘Cause you’ve
screwed the trommel up, go put this up now. – [RCSparks] Before you
drive in any big material around, we don’t wanna be
knocking it over today. Guys, why are you using the big shovels? I thought we were trying to be scale here. – Well. – [RCSparks] I guess a little
shovel would take too long. – [Everett] We got limited
time for this show. Don’t we? – [RCSparks] That’s true. – [Male Worker] There’s
a depth strap attached. – The ground’s kinda frozen. – [Everett] There’s a depth
strap that you can use. – [Male Worker] Well good, you’re used to handling little poles. (man laughing) (truck engine humming) – [RCSparks] Roll out. (truck engine humming) This dump truck weight
about 200 pounds by itself. Hydraulic 797F. Yeah, there’s good Ev. Looks like a small Tonka
if I just do it like this. Nice. (water splashing) Looking good, all fired up. – [Male Worker] That’s a water flow. That’s good. – [RCSparks] It is gonna
be a muddy day today. Tay pond is getting filled up. Almost ready to start up. Look at everyone’s trying to
clear some mud out of the way. It’s just impossible for
these little machines to get around in the, with
the amount of mud we have. That’s dedication. – My feet are like 10 pounds each. – [RCSparks] Yeah. That’s just the beginning man. Well, here you go. I think foreman with a gold tooth. Foreman for the day,
does he deserve foreman for finally, after all this time, rookie? – The tooth makes him foreman. – I agree.
– I agree. – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Okay, so delegate who has to start blowing the glory hole. Well,, Kev, low man on the totem pole. – He’s missed more days than I have. – [Male Worker] You’re still the newest. – [RCSparks] So everything
has been soaked down. Obviously, you can see
it is absolutely muddy. There’s no way, unless
we get some of this dried out that we’re even gonna be able to move any pay today at all. – Yep.
– That’s true. – [RCSparks] So, one for the team Kevin. (man cheering) Get blowing. (man screaming) (faintly speaking) (machines roaring) – Try to fan it, like back and. There you go. That’ll help. – Hey, hurry up Kev. We’re gonna have to be gettin’ pay out of there by the afternoon. (faintly speaking) Looks pretty nasty over there. (machine roaring) (faintly speaking) – [RCSparks] I wanna see some pay. Start to get these machines moving. Krazy Joe fire up the trommel
on the shaker over there. (machines roaring) Bro, watch out. It’s slippery. (machines roaring) – [Krazy Joe] I’ll get in here. I’ll get in here. Keep this out of the way. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Fire it up. (machines roaring) Conveyor’s on. Water off. (machines roaring) How’s it going? – This is taking a long time. – [RCSparks] Well, a little less talk and a little more blowing. Watch out, there’s a open cable here. (machines roaring) – [Male Worker] What’s that gonna do? – [Male Worker] Now you don’t trip. Just walk over it. (machine roaring) – I’d prefer a pylon. – [RCSparks] Well, go get a pylon. – I don’t know where they are. I’m not a safety dick. – [RCSparks] You work here. – Not really. – [RCSparks] You know what, just take off your jacket and stand there. You can be the pylon for now. – Nobody step on me. – [RCSparks] He’s standing
right in front of the bridge. You’re right in front of the bridge. Off to the… – [Male Worker] Hey, get off the cable. (RCSparks moaning) (machines roaring) – What? (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] I don’t know
how the driver of this bulldozer keeps his pants so clean. (machines roaring) (faintly speaking) (machines roaring) Kevin doing an excellent job trying to dry up the mine sight. It takes teamwork to run
a whole mine like this. Look at all these guys. How many episodes of YouTube GOLD have you guys watched this season? Have you been with us the entire time? Leave a comment. We wanna know. We’ve moved a lot of yardage this year. (machines roaring) Amazing, what an operation. I think about what it was
from season one, episode one in to what it is now. And, it’s just amazing to see what people can do
when they put their minds into something and bring it all together. – [Male Worker] You did a great job Kev. (machines roaring) (faintly speaking) – [Male Worker] Tread gravel. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Holy cow, our roads are
turning in to huge mud fests. Hopefully, we can still
get the machines up and down to the mine. Everett, what’s with the gloves? – Well, you said glory
hole needs emptying. – [RCSparks] It does, it does indeed. – All right, we’re gonna get the mud. (machines roaring) That is on there thick. – [RCSparks] This kind
of clay that we have out here, it gets in the wheel wells and starts to bind up the tires. That’s gonna be a super problem, ’cause we don’t wanna be
breaking any axles right on our last day. So, Everett trying to
keep everything clean. Get this truck up and on the go. Now, you understand why
we have the Spyker Kat. Keep fingering it Ev. – I’m going as deep as I can. – How’s it going Kev? – Getting the paint dry. If it’s too wet, we can’t run it. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I know. (machines roaring) Everything gets stuck up on the conveyors even
though we’ve got cleaners and everything now working on them. Gets built up in the trommel. But at least there is pay
getting washed right now. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Krazy Krazy
Joe, you don’t have any pay. – Waiting on the truck. – [RCSparks] Come on with the raw truck. (faintly speaking) – [Krazy Joe] Come on, I need that pay. – Remind you of your
last doctor appointment. – I like your gloves. (man laughing) (machines roaring) – YouTube GOLD.
– Roger or not. YouTube GOLD baby. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Look at,
it’s just disgusting. (machines roaring) Powering through, amazing. (faintly speaking) All that weight helps, but look at all the mud
sticking right to the tires. (machines roaring) Good, he made it. (machines roaring) You may have to start going
around the long way Ev. Taking the other road up. It’s more steep, but less mud. (machines roaring) (faintly speaking) That’s a healthy scoop. All the machines keep going. I can’t believe the
durability of these things. A little maintenance, they
just keep on chewing away. (machines roaring) Game changing move when
we lowered the hopper. – [Male Worker] Yeah, it’s
really nice to feed now, and you can feed it good and slow. – [RCSparks] I’ve got a new gear box, new gear ratio on the inside. – [Male Worker] Yeah,
it seems pretty slow. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s slow,
but it’s super powerful. (machines roaring) Look at this, feeding out the end. Had to make these
shrouds on the conveyors, because it was snowing so many
times when we were out here. Once you get a wet conveyor belt it becomes more of a problem. Everything starts sticking to it. (machines roaring) Kevin, you’ve done so much drying. Now everything is a (mumbles). Good job. – Yep. – [RCSparks] That’s a lot
of drying work that you did. – [Kevin] Yeah. – We’re not gonna be able to move any pay. – [Kevin] Heck yeah, we can. – [RCSparks] We’re gonna
have to take that far. Start taking all that
gravel and start pushing it on to this road right here for the Volvo. Yeah, can you do that? – Yep. – [RCSparks] So, everything has become so muddy that we’re having to take the alternate
path that’s more steep. (machines roaring) Hold on. (RCSparks moaning) Hold on. There you go. (machines roaring) – [Male Worker] I just
cleaned off those tires. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Yeah, they’re
picking up mud like crazy. We did put a lot crushed stone down. Try to help give you some traction. I have a feeling that
mud’s just gonna pick up all those rocks though. (man laughing) – [Male Worker] It did,
look at the tire tracks. – [RCSparks] Crazy. (machines roaring) – [Male Worker] Nice job. – [RCSparks] Just a beautiful sight. – [Male Worker] Good job Kev. – [RCSparks] Bring in the gold baby. (machines roaring) Who’s on excavator? – [Male Worker] SluiceBox. – [RCSparks] Sluicester. – You know me. – [Male Worker] It’s a little rusty. – [RCSparks] It’s like
your old buddy is loose. (man laughing) (machines roaring) It’s a little jerky on the controls there. You know what, think you
need more fluid Rick? – [Rick] No. – [RCSparks] No, it’s good. (faintly speaking) (RCSparks screaming) Man. – [Male Worker] My bad. – [RCSparks] There you go. Good recovery.
– Nice. – [RCSparks] Nice recovery. (machines roaring) Biggest scoop fulls you
can get there, Sluice. There you go. (machines roaring) (men laughing) – [Male Worker] It’s all backwards to your (faintly speaking). – [Male Worker] That’s not backwards. It’s set off to (faintly speaking). – [Male Worker] It’s backwards to Aaron. (machines roaring) (man laughing) – [Male Worker] That’s
an actual legit pattern. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Why is the
control box so close? – It is awful close.
– It is close. Isn’t it? – [Male Worker] I got this. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Watch your fingers brother. – [Male Worker] There we go. – [RCSparks] Watch out. – [Male Worker] I almost got hit. – [RCSparks] Yeah, where’s the safety guy? (machines roaring) Continually moving that pay. I’m gonna have to do the math at the end of the season, figure out how many yards of dirt
we actually processed. It’d be good to know. (machines roaring) Straight down into the hopper. Then it feeds out to old faithful. Basically, three conveyors to
get it to the Grizzly Bars. This is the second set of Grizzlies. Here it comes. (machines roaring) Beautiful. (machines roaring) This is a look through the trommel into where the auger feeds out all of the pay so it’s screened. As it’s screened it goes through a layer of different holes and a filter, coming down into
these sluice boxes that come down to a last, like a
Hail Mary sluice box. Just in case it didn’t get
caught up, up top it comes down to the bottom one. (machines roaring) Same with the shaker, except
it only has one sluice box but several streams up to
that it has to go through. We’re still on the original motor. We did have to replace the belt finally. It did snap. Everything coming down
into the tailings pond. Tailings pond has a pipe that goes down to the fresh water pond where
everything is then re-pumped back up, because it’s
a recirculating unit. What’s going on? How many buckets have you been through? – [Male Worker] Around, almost two trucks. This is the second truck here. – [RCSparks] Yeah, fucking good. Mike’s gotten a little bit
close to the conveyor though. Mike, be careful of the conveyor bro. – We got this. – [RCSparks] He draw lots of experience, but I’m beginning to think
we should take a drain and drag that out of the way. (machines roaring) Sluice, he’s crushing rocks right now so we can try to get some
of this mud under control. (machines roaring) KJ of course, still feeding the plant. Round and round it goes. We’ve been spreading dirt out here, trying to dry up this area. But, it’s still so slick. (machines roaring) It’s good. Keep it coming boys. (machines roaring) – [Male Worker] Yeah, a little
bit of the buildup, hey. Not too bad. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s a
little moist still, right? – [Male Worker] Yes. – [RCSparks] This conveyor’s not rolling. (faintly speaking) – [Male Worker] I got it, I got it. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Shut her down. We got battery issues. Shut her down.
– Shut her down. – [RCSparks] Shut her down. Busted light (faintly speaking). Yeah. It wasn’t even pushed
together all the way. There you go. New battery. Trommel on, everything on. – [Male Worker] Everything back on. – (faintly speaking) see nuggets. – [RCSparks] You see stuff. – Yeah, I just saw not the hopper. Should sound and I eventually
would see nuggets fall. – [RCSparks] Nice. It’s getting caught. – [Male Worker] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Beautiful. Bringing ’em out, make sure they’re clean. – [Male Worker] Yeah. There’s a nice one right
there in the carpet. (faintly speaking) – Now it’s your turn. – 10, four (faintly speaking) – What’s going on? – Well, it’s Kevin’s turn. I ran 100 buckets today. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – It’s his turn to run 100 buckets. – [RCSparks] What are you gonna do? Beer patrol.
– Yeah, that’s right. I earned my beer. – [RCSparks] It’s our last day boys. Celebrate. (men cheering) YouTube GOLD baby. (RCSparks laughing) (machines roaring) Kevin and his first bucket. Bringing it back. What do you think of the
hopper being down low now Kev? – [Kevin] I love it, so much easier. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s easier. Lower center of gravity makes it easier to move through more pay. You can see we’re not even limiting the amount of pay coming
out of the hopper today, just keeping it on. – [Kevin] Get it all through. – [RCSparks] That’s exactly right. Get her done. – [Male Worker] Kev. – [RCSparks] I see it. – [Kevin] Yeah, we got a leak. – [RCSparks] Okay, go, no,
bring the ram up again. And it’s a leak right there. So, we need to tighten up that fixture. – [Male Worker] Yeah. – [RCSparks] And, I bet
you need more fluid. – [Kevin] Yeah, that’s the– – [RCSparks] Rookie. – I hand you with a controller, and within three minutes
you wreck the machine again. – The previous operator
didn’t notice it’s a leak. Look at the puddle you
left and right here. – [RCSparks] I think
that was just now though. – No, you must’ve blown a line. – That’s soaked in pretty good. That wouldn’t be just now. – That stands right on
top (faintly speaking) (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Look at this. I can see it starting to come loose. Right here. Okay, shut down the rock crusher. We’re gonna have to drill and re-tap and dye these again. Yeah, that’s it for the crusher. That’s all we got for rocks boys. Okay, if you can, empty it out. – [Male Worker] It start a little more than that on the roads. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I know. We’re not gonna take down
from $1/2 million machine just for that to be busted for roads. – [Male Worker] Makes sense. – [RCSparks] Just ’cause
we’re down one doesn’t mean we have to be down all of them. – [Male worker] I thought it was broken. – Nope. – [Male Worker] While the
loader’s down we’ll just have to use the excavator. – [RCSparks] Yep. (machines roaring) – [Male Worker] She’s cold. You can see the difference in the speed. – [RCSparks] Yep. – [Male Worker] Look at
it all stick together too. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (upbeat music) Still pushing through. How’s that new road with
all that dirt on it, Ev? – [Everett] Well, much better. – [RCSparks] Good, good, good. (upbeat music) (machines roaring) Not as much buildup on the tire, at least. (upbeat music) (faintly speaking) – [Male Worker] What’s up? – Hydraulic fluid. – [RCSparks] Hydraulic fluid. – Can’t find the little bottle. (machines roaring) (suspenseful music) (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] We’re keep active
at controls still feeding. (machines roaring) Krazy Joel maintaining everybody. I almost lost my fingers there. (faintly speaking) Yeah, I know. – [Male Worker] You don’t
wanna break (faintly speaking). – [RCSparks] I should be
wearing safety gloves also. (suspenseful music) (machines roaring) – [Male Worker] Don’t go
spinning around that way. It’s better to go this
way (faintly speaking). – [RCSparks] Brook, where
is the loader leaking from? That ram. – [Male Worker] 50
(faintly speaking) and ram. Everything is tight. It’s all good. It wasn’t even really down on food. It’s just cold.
– Okay. – [Male Worker] After
lunch break, the hydraulic fluid got real thick. – [RCSparks] This sounds pretty rough. Must have some sand in
the roller or something. – [Male Worker] Yeah. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Krazy Krazy Joe and auk now with that tray where all
that wet sand gets stuck. Next year, I’ll install
a shaker on the trommel, so it’ll shake all that
sand down, if we are able to do another year. (machines roaring) What a crazy, crazy time. (machines roaring) All the pay we had left, that’s it. Michael I’m gonna stop you
digging right there bro. That’s as close as I want you to get to oblong’s conveyor. – [Michael] All righty. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Sluice I
want you to grab a chain and go secure that top conveyor, ’cause it looks like he undercut
it a little bit too much. We’ll just drag it out of
the way before we close up the mine site, ’cause I don’t wanna
leave it there hanging over a cliff like that. – [SluiceBox] Where do
you wanna change it up to a post on the other side or something. – [RCSparks] No, get the rock crusher. We’re gonna put a chain
on the rock crusher, and we’ll just chain
it to the end of this. And we’ll pull it right out of the way. – This conveyor or that one. – [RCSparks] The one’s that undercut, man. – [SluiceBox] Over here. – [RCSparks] Over there,
the dangerous one. – [SluiceBox] The oblong, yeah, okay. – [RCSparks] Was he even listening? – I’m not sure. – [RCSparks] Here it comes boys. Last load of the season.
– Final load. (men cheering) – [RCSparks] Everyone’s
excited and exhausted after a long season. (machines roaring) From ice to ice. Don’t knock over that trommel lift. (machines roaring) Good job, you got it. (machines roaring) Wow. So many memories. So many good times, so many beers. So many grams. We started off with a 3/4 ounce goal. We were crushing it. Couldn’t ask for a better crew. (machines roaring) Clean up the rock truck there Ev. – [Everett] Will do. – [RCSparks] We’ll park
her up for the season. – [Everett] Shut her down for the winter. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] The rock
crusher getting in position to carry or rather drag that
conveyor out of the way. Michael making the perfect pad, getting as much of that pay out as possible. (machines roaring) Rookie continues to slug on. Same with Kevin, die-hards. Every bit of gold we can. Bob, our old foreman now
acting as security guard in the background, constantly stoic no matter what the weather. – [Male Worker] Just
drag it out of the way. – [RCSparks] That’s what I want, no way. (machines roaring) Ready. Let me back out of the way. I just want you to pull it straight back. Pull. Yeah, he undercut it quite a bit. Careful. (machines roaring) (faintly speaking) (machines roaring) Everybody stay clear. (faintly speaking) Careful. No, bring it straight down. (machines roaring) We gotta haul it in anyway. Great job. Is that your last bucket? – Last bucket. – [RCSparks] Make sure
that hopper’s clear. – It is. (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] All righty boys. Shut her down. – [Workers In Unison] Shut her down. – [RCSparks] Yeah. There it is. Shut down the shakers. Shut down the trammel. Shut it all down. Congratulations boys. Let’s do our cleanup. – That’s the entertainment. – [Kevin] Right here. – [RCSparks] Nice. Right near the end.
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] This has gotta be done. – [Male Worker] You wanna help me clean (faintly speaking) thing, so
we don’t wilt through mud? – [RCSparks] I will grab this one. This one’s got lots of nice flakes in it. It’s peppered. Slough just at the top though. No, shezbot, there’s stuff
all the way to the bottom. – Really.
– Yeah. That means there’s gold in there. It’s all right, we’ll take what we got. – [Michael] See on this belt. – [RCSparks] Foreman. How’s it look in the box (mumbles)? – [Krazy Joe] It looks pretty good. – [RCSparks] You got any gold? – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, we got some, yeah. – [RCSparks] Yeah, a puddle here, here. Nothing down here. And some nice ones. That’s a nice one.
– Yeah. We got few good ones. – [RCSparks] We moved a lot of pay. – [Krazy Joe] Fantastic. – [Male Worker] Let’s get right in here. – [RCSparks] Here we go. (man cheering) Kevin’s final clean out. There’s some good gold in there. (faintly speaking) – [Male Worker] Next. – [RCSparks] That’s it. That’s, that was clean. That’s fast. We’re getting too
efficient at this, I think. – Well, we know what we’re doing. We know what we’re doing
with these things now. (RCSparks chuckling) It is the end of the season. – [RCSparks] True that. Second season too. Had a few hours of experience. – [Male Worker] Yeah,
all on top of the mat. It’s loaded. (faintly speaking) – [Male Worker] Right
at the front of the mat. Look right under your hand. – [RCSparks] All the
tailings off the shaker just in case there’s any big nugs.
– Come on gold. – [Male Worker] Come on. – [RCSparks] Bring me the gold Kev. – [Kevin] Heck yeah. – [RCSparks] Don’t leave nothing behind in the gold hog mats. – There it is.
– Wash out every riffle. – [Male Worker] It looks like a lot of black sand again today. – [RCSparks] Black sand every day, man. – That’s nice.
– We moved a lot of pay today. – [Male Worker] Look. Look at that.
– Look at that. It’s peppered. – [Male Worker] Yeah. – [RCSparks] And it’s a sunny day. We finally get to see the gold in the pan. – Wow, that looks nice.
– I know. Nice. – Yeah.
– Big leaf. – [RCSparks] Keep her going. All right at the end too. Look at it all. Gone now. Piece of carpet in there. (men cheering) – [Male Worker] A whole ripple almost. – [RCSparks] There it goes. (mumbles) – Let me.
– Yeah. That’s nice. – That’s awesome. – [RCSparks] Just preliminary, I can see one piece right there. – [Male Worker] Yeah. – [RCSparks] I don’t see
anything huge in there though. The foreman’s brush, rightfully earned. – Presentation I guess.
– Foreman for a day. (RCSparks laughs) – He earned it. He’s got the gold tooth. – [RCSparks] That’s true. Fire it up. Bring out the pump. Plug in the pump. – Pluggin’ in the pump. – [Male Worker] Plugging in the pump. – [RCSparks] The final pay. (machine shaking loudly) – [Male Worker] Is this… – [RCSparks] That’s for that. (faintly speaking) – [Male Worker] No, they’re
golden spoons for that. – [Male Worker] We ready? – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Male Worker] Everybody ready? – Here we go.
– Let’s do it. – [RCSparks] Bring me the gold. (man cheering) (RCSparks laughs) I have enjoyed this shaker table since the day I got it from. – I like this table. – Yep.
– Yep. – [RCSparks] Too bad we
don’t have our beer table from the crate that it came in. But it has done wonders for us. Right there. (men cheering) Yeah, right there. Dude, that looks like your tooth. – [Krazy Joe] No, no my
tooth is firmly planted. – [Male Worker] Are you sure? (men laugh) – [RCSparks] Yeah, bring the gold. That is a beautiful one. – [Male Worker] That is a nice one. – [Male Worker] Yes. – [RCSparks] Beautiful. (machine shaking loudly) – [Male Worker] another
one, is that weird? – [RCSparks] It’s weird. But I’d be very. – [Male Worker] No, that. – Wet, wetness, rock smell. – The dam.
– What? – [Male Worker] Damp earth. – Damp earth. – [RCSparks] There’s a nice flake. (faintly speaking) Nice. (faintly speaking) That’s a nice one. – This is my favorite.
– That’s a nice one. – [Male Worker] Excellent. – [Male Worker] That’s awesome. – [RCSparks] Look at this one. It’s pooling. – [Male Worker] It’s, look at ’em. – [Male Worker] It’s coming down. – [Male Worker] The big
one’s holding it all back. – [RCSparks] It’s pooling. – [Male Worker] These three. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah. – [Everyone In Unison] Wheel of gold. – [RCSparks] Fire it up. This is my most exciting time. – [Male Worker] I love the wheel. – [RCSparks] I’m sad that
this is the last one. – [Krazy Joe] Everybody ready? – I’m ready.
– Yeah. – Feed it.
– Bring it. – Feed it.
– Here we go. – [RCSparks] That looked like a good day. – [Male Worker] Come on
Krazy Joe, bring us the gold. – [Male Worker] Hey. – [Male Worker] Right off the bat. – [RCSparks] Right off the bat, right on. – [Krazy Joe] Great job on
processing all that pay today boys. – [Male Worker] Heck yeah. – [RCSparks] Yeah, you guys put in an amazing effort all season long. – [Male Worker] Heck yeah, gold tooth. – [RCSparks] Yeah. I see that tooth again. (Krazy Joe cheering) – [Male Worker] Tuner name
is no longer Krazy Krazy Joe. It’s Gold Tooth. – [RCSparks] Yeah, Goldy. – [Krazy Joe] Maybe you get used to that. – [RCSparks] Look at that. Gold train. Somebody. – [Male Worker] That’s
some big gold in there. – [Male Worker] Yep. – [Krazy Joe] Excellent gold today. – [RCSparks] More brother. – [Krazy Joe] Excellent gold today. – [RCSparks] Round and round she goes how much gold? – [Male Worker] Nobody knows. – [Male Worker] The scale will know. – [RCSparks] We’re hopeful, yeah exactly. – [Male Worker] We’ll all know at the end. – [RCSparks] Yeah. That’s a beauty piece right there. That’s got a garnet or something in it. – [Male Worker] At least a
quarter ounce (faintly speaking). – [RCSparks] Yeah. There’s another beauty. No riders though, hey. They just keep plopping
there way in there. – [Male Worker] Yep. – [RCSparks] Jem, welcome. – Great to have me on my part. – [RCSparks] Final gold count. (men cheering) Yeah, now we’re gettin’
some sand in there. (men cheering) That was a nice one. – [Male Worker] There it is. – [RCSparks] Look at that. – [Jem] What? – [Male Worker] Yeah. – [RCSparks] That is a nice piece. Yeah, riffle rider. (men laughing) Dude, that’s a epic piece. It just keeps washing it. – [Krazy Joe] Awesome. – [RCSparks] Okay, dump her in there Rook. Yeah, I won’t turn it on until
you got it back in there. (RCSparks cheering) – [Male Worker] Let me give you my quote. – [RCSparks] Here we go. Round and round she goes. Come on gold train. – [Male Worker] Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] Washing it, washing it. – [Male Worker] I got 3/4. – [RCSparks] Look at that. – [Male Worker] I call 3/4 in the net. – [RCSparks] Look at that. I wanna gold star. Come on. – [Male Worker] But, he
can’t see that happening. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it looks pretty, it doesn’t look that much. I like the, I like it though. Look at that, look at that. – [Male Worker] I’m going nine grams. – [RCSparks] It’s, look at it
still rolling around in there. Look at that. Look at the gold train.
– 11 or 12 grams. – [Male Worker] I’m going nine. – [RCSparks] It’s beautiful. It’s just beautiful. – [Male Worker] Bring a tear to your eye. – [Male Worker] I’ll say 12. – [RCSparks] Come on, get ridin’. There it goes. It was almost like this
one was helping stir up everything else down here. – Bring the gold baby.
– Ready. – [Male Worker] Bring it. (everyone cheering) – [RCSparks] That is flippin’
incredible gentlemen. Dude. (RCSparks laughing) – [Male Worker] It’s one of our best. – Dude.
– That’s awesome. – [Male Worker] Where’s the heat gun? – [RCSparks] Yeah, let’s get that dried out and weighed right away. That’s nice. It’s coming around. (machine roaring) – [Male Worker] That’s
about as dry as it gets. – Heck yeah.
– Look at all that gold. – [RCSparks] Let’s lay it out boys. – [Male Worker] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Man, we scraped every bit. One.
– Yeah. Yeah.
– Four. – [Male Worker] Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] Seven, 12. (everyone cheering) Yeah, baby. No way. 26, 27.2 grams. (everyone cheers) Almost an ounce, almost an ounce. Wow, dude.
– Who was the closest? .88 ounces. – [Male Worker] Well, you said 3/4. You got it. – [RCSparks] Yeah, you got it Kevin. – Yeah. Finally. – [RCSparks] Good guess. Total weigh in gentlemen. Hold this, somebody. Well, somebody else pour this in. Krazy Joe, I think you should do it, since that’s what’s left over. – [Male Worker] Smile
while you’re doing it. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (everyone laughing) Okay, buddy here we go. – [Krazy Joe] Well, we know
we got this big honker. I don’t wanna just drop it in. – [RCSparks] 39 grams right there. 49, 52, 57, what?
– 63. – Keep it going buddy.
– 72. – [RCSparks] 72, do we keep 100? Did we? 90 grams, 91.4. Dude, almost three ounces.
– Almost three ounces. (everyone cheering) – [RCSparks] Yeah. – We’re rich. (everyone screaming) – [RCSparks] We wanted 3/4 of an ounce. We got three ounces. Dude, I never even would’ve
thought that was possible. And a golden smile.
– Unbelievable. – Yeah.
– Gold teeth for everybody. – [RCSparks] Yes. Jem, let’s divide up the gold so the boys get their cut. – [Female Worker] I did all the expenses. And so what do you have? What’s the ounces now? Two what.
– 2.95 ounces. – [Male Worker] Should I be scared? – [Female Worker] I got some good news and I got some bad news. – [Male Worker] Should I be scared? – And we’re still at a
deficit for the expenses. Thanks gentlemen it was
fun (faintly speaking). – [RCSparks] No, no, no, that’s not right. These guys. – [Jem] Yeah. – [RCSparks] The shovel was $60. The Volvo truck was 4,000. The Shaker table was 5,500. The orange Trommel trailer was 4,000. Beer was 2,100 bucks. The hopper was a grand. – [Male Worker] Only 2,100 in beer. You gotta do a better job
next year (faintly speaking). – 16,660 and we needed 8.25
ounces to pull the profit. – [Male Worker] We didn’t make any money. – I was good news and bad news. Good news, you guys did a great job. – [Male Worker] Wow. – That doesn’t seem fair. But, did you have a good tie. – Heck yeah. – [Krazy Joe] Damn straight. – Krazy Joe got his golden smile. – Yeah, I did.
– Yeah, he did. – We all got you a little present. We all know that that
there is a winning lottery ticket sold in Calgary this week, correct. – Yeah.
– Yeah, 65 million. – Everyone grab one at once, go. One, two, three get your ticket. (mumbles) get your ticket, get
your ticket, get your ticket. – It’s for you.
– Wait a minute. Wait a minute. – [Male Worker] Something’s
wrong with my ticket. – [Rookie] Wait, what the. – [Male Worker] This
his, has your name on it. Just a check, it says
not (faintly speaking). – We checked ’em for you. They didn’t win. – You saved us that time anyway. – We bought them for you, so not yet. The rest of you last year,
as you know my core group, Krazy Joe and the SluiceBox, Rookie.
– I wore my gear all year. – [RCSparks] This is
something we had in mind. There you go buddy.
– Money for free. – [RCSparks] You wanna
take, you should take this and just get out of here. Just go, good, yeah. – [Jem] Can I get my coupons? – [RCSparks] Yeah, sure, here you go. Thank you. – [Jem] There’s my man. – [RCSparks] Okay boys, thank you for another year of YouTube GOLD. – [Male Worker] There’s interest. – [RCSparks] What? – [Male Worker] I don’t
think I can afford this. – [RCSparks] Listen. Yeah, well none of you. – [Male Worker] There’s a
(faintly speaking) on the back. – [Male Worker] Suckers. – [RCSparks] We weren’t gonna
give you a bill this year, but I did have to send you to collections, ’cause you didn’t pay
your bill from last year. So you all actually owe us
money, but not for this year. What’s yours say here? – [Male Worker] Same thing, same thing. – [RCSparks] We have only
your best interests at mind. What did yours say? – [Male Worker] Got me for
19 beers, so, that’s good. I had 23. – [RCSparks] Look it says right here. You owe four million because
of the issue with the interest. – [Male Worker] I thought
it said 4,000 dude. What? – No, you blind bastard.
– Four million. (everyone laughs) – [RCSparks] You read last year. – (faintly speaking) Just a number, I wasn’t really looking at. – I’m only 2.5 million. (faintly speaking) I still can’t pay that. – Can I maybe just come back next year and work part of this off. – [RCSparks] I don’t know if
I can afford to do this show. It’s very expensive. – Especially when these guys owe you. – Well clearly once I start
making payments you’ll be okay. – [RCSparks] Hey,
everybody, you had a good time entertaining millions
of people this year. – Heck yeah. (everyone cheering) – [RCSparks] For the last time,
bring your hats in on three. Youtub GOLD, one, two, three. – [Everyone In Unison] YouTube GOLD. – Yeah. Look it, I did the math right here. You can see this and you read it on the end of season last, on the last season episode. You said at the end of
this letter when I read it out loud, it’s 10% interest
every hour after every season. – I can’t lie. I did read that aloud. – And this for SluiceBox
said, as you were aware, there was a 10% interest charge for every hour that the
account was in arrears. As the invoice was due upon receiving, you’ve
accrued 8,856 hours, 10% of 5,084 which was
your original invoice on invoice number one was 508 divided by the overdue hours or
multiplied by the overdue hours. – Trying to say that first invoice wasn’t (SluiceBox
drowned out by honking)? – I told you the whole time. – [RCSparks] How’s it
make you feel Sluice. – Anybody got a rope. – We have a dollar and associates are not unreasonable folks. Unreal some of these
ungrateful staff members. Guess he’s not foreman next year. – No. (everyone laughs) – [Male Worker] Get to be foreman. That kinda cost. – YouTube GOLD on three
boys, one, two, three. – YouTube GOLD. – Yeah.


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