YouTube GOLD – From RAGS to RICHES! (s2 e11) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – From RAGS to RICHES!  (s2 e11) | RC ADVENTURES

♪ It’s a beautiful day
in the neighborhood ♪ ♪ A beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ – [RCSparks] What’s up Rook? – Hey! – [RCSparks] How are ya? – I’m good. – [RCSparks] Getting everything
set up for the mine site. – Working on it, working on it. – [RCSparks] I see Sluicebox Steve. – Morning. – [RCSparks] Where’s our
third guy for foreman? – Where’s the new boss?
– Not showing up today. Hung over day maybe. – I think,
– It is Saturday so. – [RCSparks] Yeah he didn’t show up today. So you guys are going to have to rock, paper, scissors,
basically for foreman. You wanna do best out of one? – Yes. – [RCSparks] Good. There we go let’s do this. On three, one, two, three. Okay, go again. One, two, three. This is hilarious. (laughing) Looks like I’m foreman today boys. (cheering) – Get to work. Get that smoke, there’s
no smoking on a mine site. – Okay, so I was down at the health center picking up some of my medication and I ran into this fella here, Paul. He said he’s got a few experiences with rock trucks and bulldozers and the excavators. And I thought, since we’re a little short handed today why not bring him down? Unfortunately, he’s a mute. So he won’t be able to say anything but he does do a few signages that I’m sure everyone can understand. (turning motor) – What happened?
– Choke out? – [Man] Oh choke. (engine running) – [RCSparks] Where’s my water? – [Man] Yeah pumps not running. – [RCSparks] What alerady? I don’t hear the pump running anymore. (muttering) not getting water? Check the outlet see if it’s plugged, maybe it got too much
stuff plugged in here. Run it out here and see if it’s got something going on in there. There anything in the hose? – [Rookie] No looks good. – [RCSparks] Test it out. Nothing? There it is. Yeah that’s the flow we need. – Yeah. – [Rookie] Oh both fired up instantly. That’s unusual actually. – Looking good.
– That’s cause I already primed em.
– Nice and level. – Oh.
– I was already checking em for a little bit.
– Okay. – Good job Sluice.
– Nice one, good work, Employee.
– Oh thanks. (laughter) – [Steve] Employee. You’re just an employee too. – [RCSparks] Okay staff meeting. Okay so Rook I’m gonna need you to take on the shaker plans,
just by itself is that okay? – That’s easy, I can do that. – [RCSparks] You can form it
up that plant and run the crew. Steve, I’m gonna have to get you on the first little red trommell, and get you to head that one up for today. – Okay. – [RCSparks] Basically
even though you rock, paper, scissors, you each get a plant today ’cause we’re short handed. – Sweet. – Paul is gonna be the go between guy, whatever you guys need he’s
gonna be your man okay? Bring it in together boys
one two three YouTube Gold. – [All] YouTube Gold. (machines running) – [RCSparks] Water’s looking amazing. Two plants flowing, all
good on the inside, on. So this is gonna feed into the screener. Which categorizes the pay, puts it down to this loose box, and then into our final recovery box right here. Into the tailings pond there’s a pipe that goes under the ground
down to the fresh water pond. So it’s a recirculating system
everything stays together. Putting the new guy to the
test here on rock truck. Hauling the first load of pay for the day. Gonna have to get the dozer in here to clean off all this rocks. (engine rumbling) Right in there Paul. He definitely has some experience. Keep it coming Paul all the way back. There you go. Beautiful. That’s a great Volvo. The A40G is exactly
what we needed on site. I could use two of them but
you know that’s all I can do. He’s back over at the cut he’ll get filled up over here once everybody gets fired up. Whoa Paul. What are you doing bro? You’re just supposed to go forward. (machines rumbling) Maybe he’s just demonstrating skill. Man that little truck is amazing. Yeah that’s much better Steve. – [Steve] Yeah it’s rolling, its faster than it was even last week. – [RCSparks] That’s good. Looks like it’s slipping a little no? – Yeah I’ve got it, I got
the tension off right now. – Oh, right.
– To get the debris out. – [RCSparks] We put the
tensioners on last year so we could tighten it
up and obviously remove the stuff that’s in there look at that. (machines running) I’m gonna drop in the bulldozer I gotta move all that stuff out of the path under the conveyor
it’s a safety concern. – [Man] I’d like to keep the back up, (machines drown out speaking) (machines running) – [RCSparks] Watch out
Steve boulders dude. – [Steve] Boulders coming through. Those come from? – [RCSparks] I don’t know
it’s like they fell off and they’re there I gotta
move a whole log too. Yeah Rookies got em filling
him up right now with pay. That cut’s been paying out really well. I’m surprised we went deep too. – [Steve] It is deep. – [RCSparks] Yeah the upper cut, I wonder how the lower cut’s gonna do. (machines rumbling) (machines drown out speaking) Yeah. It’s back in the truck screening and the hole helps a lot too. – [RCSparks] Yep. Look at that, like a boss. Scales have come so far since he first got on that excavator. (machines rumbling) Watch her all day baby. Bring home that money. Paul’s turning out pretty
good for a driver here. Pretty easy job driving the rock truck, but he’s doing it well. Beautiful. Rookie first pay for the day. Sluicebox taking his hand
at the loader again today. These guys stepping up to the plate. Taking a swing hopefully
we’re gonna get a home run. Right on. Good job Steve. Looking good today pal.
– Thanks man. – [RCSparks] Okay Paul I’m
gonna get you on rock crusher. Want you to move the
crusher from by Steve there, over to where the rocks are so we can start to processing the rocks. I just love seeing pay
moving on those conveyors. Woo hoo! Lumbering machine. It’s quite awkward. But as a stone crusher
it’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s a mobile jaw crusher basically. Lot’s going on only for a few guys here. Try to get bigger scoops Steve. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa dude. Whoa careful that could be a season ender if we collapse those legs man. You gotta be careful bro. (laughter) (machines rumbling) – I want you to put the
rock truck in the pit so it’s lower and then turn the
crusher until it’s stagnant. It’s not at the right height. Do you have enough radio so
I can get you another one? – Sure. – [RCSparks] Rook sure is bossy today. I guess that’s how it’s
supposed to go thought right? You’re supposed to be bossy? – Yep that’s right I’m bossy. Perfect now spin the pressure around. See dump right into it. – [RCSparks] Perfect.
– [Rookie] Park it there. Now she’s gonna start, there you go. – [RCSparks] You got that flat rock? You wouldn’t like me when
I’m angry. (grumbles) – [Rookie] There you go nice and flat. Hey your bulldozer’s right, hey. – [RCSparks] What? – Let’s not have a repeat of last week. – [RCSparks] I know
exactly what was going on. – [Rookie] I’m not sure about that. – Whoa.
– Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. What are you doin, where you goin? – Taking off on it’s own then. – [RCSparks] Can you move it down? – Hey.
– What’s going on dude? – What was that? – It took off on it’s own, it’s like the throttle’s stuck man. Hope we can get it back up. – [RCSparks] Bro be careful man. – Oh.
– No no no no no don’t touch it. I don’t want hydro oil all over. – That’s true too clean up’s expensive. – [Steve] You can’t fire me from camp. – [RCSparks] Yep. There you go, there you go. Good luck. – [Steve] Oh it’s going crazy. – [RCSparks] Keep it low and
start turning while I’m here. Whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah. Yeah drive into it man. Just drive in to it keep
her goin and then back up. – [Steve] There we go. – [RCSparks] That was easy. (intense music) – Scary man.
– Crisis averted good job. – [Steve] Could of been bad. (intense music) (machines rumbling) – [RCSparks] All the processed rock. Hey are you gonna call
for coffee break or what? You’re running a hard crew today, there’s like less of us than ever. – There’s no breaks. We’re super efficient, everybody’s calm. There’s no stress no nothing. – [RCSparks] Right? – Steve had a mishap there. – [RCSparks] Yeah he almost flipped the loader on your watch. – And too and he forgot
to turn the pump on. You know somewhere
someone’s saying, “that’s a “rookie mistake”, no it’s
not, I didn’t do it, he did. I said that loader seems a lot easier to run now, I’m a little
less stressed about it. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – Until you put the camera on me. – Joe’s not here right now so I find it’s a lot less stressful today actually. (laughter) – It’s quieter.
– Yeah it’s quieter. – It’s peaceful you can
hear the birds chirping. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Nice big scoop there Steve. Got a big cloud that came overhead. Ah you almost got a big one there Steve. – [Steve] Almost. – [RCSparks] You need a
little more practice my man that’s why you’re doing it today. – [Steve] Getting better. – Getting much better. Except for when you almost tipped it over. – [Steve] Seething. – [RCSparks] About what? – Think crazy Joe (semi-truck
honking) set me up. – [RCSparks] For what? – On the loader there
something went wrong with it and it’s unexplainable, it just
went in reverse on its own, went down the cliff I had to
get the rescue happening there. – [RCSparks] Much better. Look it’s just beautiful. Conveyor’s working great Steve. Ogg-er’s on, oh the pump! The pump! Foreman! – Steve!
– Steve! Look at look at go go shut it off! Oh no, no no no the conveyor dude, the conveyor turn off the conveyor. – [Rookie] Shut her down! – [RCSparks] Oh. Dude. – I shouldn’t be foreman. The whole plan, the whole plan not just my half, and look what happened. – Careful man don’t scrape the mat. Just all the stuff on top is
fine, we’ll wash the rest. Hopefully it’ll catch it down here. (sigh) Such a beautiful machine. 63 pounds, hydraulic, pure power. Nice big bucket full. Look at that. Now that’s meaty. Getting better by the scoop. – Lot of sticks in this bag. – You can tell I’m
definitely the foreman here. It’s default, Joe’s never here, Steve’s been gone for half the season, come on. Attendance record people. Remember guys, teamwork
makes the dream work. I want you to all put that little bit of extra into extraordinary. If we pull together as a team,
we could get anything done. I believe in you. (snoring) (machines rumbling) – [Steve] Last scoop over here boss. – [RCSparks] Last scoop?
– Last scoop. – [RCSparks] Nice. Range moving in this is good timing. My security guard in the background always stoic watching the mine site. And, look at me, I’m definitely a foreman. – [RCSparks] You’re very safety conscious. – There’s nobody brighter here. – What are the other 20 priorities? – Uh, move dirt, drink beer? No that’s Joe, nevermind he’s not here. Um, I know there’s something. – [RCSparks] Your spray
bars are plugged up man. – Yeah we need a take
a square to clean it. – [RCSparks] Yeah I’d say
so it’s been working hard. Gotta turn it up a bit. There you go let’s get that stuff moving. Whoa the water! Who’s running the water? Water’s on still. We got a flooding pond. – It’s good, there’s no
plant down there we’re fine. – [RCSparks] I thought Kevin
was supposed to watch this. – Where is he? (machines buzzing) – [RCSparks] Now we got
to break it all down shut her down so we can clean up the boxes see what we got for the day. Drive all the machines
down to the heavy haller. Then take them back in. You can see how much tailings
are in here it’s almost full. Everything’s washed down. We’re gonna have to clean this
out and reprocess all of it. Shut her down Rook. (hollering) Shut her down, okay. (grunting) All the equipment’s shut down. Steve, shut down the pump dude. Let’s have a look in this loo-sis. Either one at least the
sun came out for a moment. – [Steve] Now do you want that pump off? – All pumps.
– All pumps. – [RCSparks] All pumps off. – Verifying all pumps off. I got a little gold here,
there’s tiny flakes. Right there, a little gold there. Nothing substantial that
I see off the top though. Unless it’s right here look at here. Right there I wonder if there’s
gold stuck underneath there. – (gasping) Hoping.
I got a piece maybe, there’s some gold guys,
not very much though. – [Rookie] That’s Okay. Look at this, it’s full. – Yeah.
– Nice. – Look at it all up there.
– Nice. – All up here.
– Nice. – Just hammering it.
– That’s nice. – Yeah.
– That’s (truck honking) huge. – That’s a lot right there.
– Look at that. – Oh look at this.
– Little bit. – [Steve] Oh yeah just
in front of the mat. – Look it right there.
– Yep. – No no no no.
– Big. – [RCSparks] That’s an exciting piece. There’s two,
– There’s two. – they’re side by side. Holy cow!
– Holy. – [Rookie] Look at that. – Oh my god!
– Oh look at that! (laughter) – Where’s Paul?
– Holy (horn honking). – [RCSparks] Why are you not
coming to look at the gold? Ah you just got here anyway. (laughter) – [Rookie] He’s like, we
were digging for gold? – [RCSparks] Wow, there actually
isn’t any gold over here there isn’t anything for you to see. – [Rookie] Oh there
you’re getting in there. – [Man] Yeah. – [Steve] It’s okay that’s
where you find the big chunks. – I like aggregate now, never used to. – Yeah.
– Exactly. – [RCSparks] I just like saying it. – [Man] Yeah not really getting
it in there, there we go. – [Rookie] Okay. – Really don’t want it
shooting off the edge. For a foreman I’d figure you would have picked that up already. – Up here.
– Don’t be telling me what to do (horn honking). – Up up up.
– I’ll spray it where I want. (laughter) Freaking guy. Find a face full of water in a second, telling the boss what to do. – [RCSparks] I’m glad
I’m holding the camera. – [Man] Yeah. Got a bit of gold there. – Oh look at this!
– Look it. All the way down, all the
way down, all the way down. – [RCSparks] Holy cow look at this. – Just keeps going.
– The riches. – Keeps going yep.
– There’s the beauty gold. Right there.
– Another one. – [RCSparks] Look at all
those right up at the top. – [Rookie] All the way down to here. I just goes all the way down. – [RCSparks] There’s gotta be some in that tailings pond then. – Oh there’s gotta be.
– Gotta be. – [RCSparks] Except we didn’t find very much in the recovery
sleuths which is good. For those that are just joining the show never seen it before, got
this at 911Metallurgist, they do a lot of processing equipment that’s where I got this table. Paul this is a concentration table, it actually cleans all the gold and helps us kind of get all the stuff sorted so we can get it
down to the finest part and put it in to the gold wheel over there and that’s how we get our gold. Okay so here are the two chunks we pulled out of the sleuths. This is a good candidate right here. Let’s try this so these
25 times magnification. See if I can bring you in there. That is gold guys. You can see a little bit
of quartz inside that gold. The ridges all over the gold it is amazing to see this up close,
hard to get it in focus for you guys sorry about that. I’d like to point out today
that a lot of our stuff was run by Gens ace batteries
I’ve been using these batteries for how long boys,
Gens ace for years hey? – Years.
– Years and years. – [RCSparks] Years and
years, this is what I trust to run all my gear on the site. 5000 Milliamp power, 11.1 50c all day. – Got it goin.
– Turn on the shaker. – Shake shake shake shake shake. Set at 60. There you go. Time to separate the gold from the dirt. Rookie becoming old hat at this man. He’s foreman today, might as well be putting the pay on the table. – Oh yeah actually
– Oh! – [Rookie] now that you
say it, right there. – What is that?
– What is this? – [RCSparks] What is that? Look at that, why didn’t
that get in the sluice box? – Huh?
– Oh it’s attached, it’s attached no they’re together that’s falling through
the mesh right there. – [Rookie] Yeah I can see it. – [RCSparks] But there’s this one too. Look at that. Yeah boys. – Keep an eye on that.
– I am. – [RCSparks] That is a
beautiful piece right there. Whoa, there we go. See Paul all the light stuff watches away but the heavy stuff stays on the table and works it’s way over to the containers. Yeah there’s a good eye.
– Yep. – [RCSparks] It’s hard to decipher it I’m so glad we had the table because all of the light stuff’s washing, leaving the gold where it needs to be. – Yeah it really does make,
– This is working exceptionally well today.
– the job a lot easier. – Exceptionally well.
– It’s keeping it well separate.
– Yeah, look at that. Come on more big gold,
there’s a piece right there. There’s a big one, yeah that’s a big one. – [Rookie] This will stay high. – [RCSparks] Well just
like they said it’s going into one of the troughs right? – [Rookie] This is a perfect
showcase for that table. – [Man] Felt that hit. – [RCSparks] Yeah now
Paul’s getting involved. (laughter) You always see it with the guys they always kind of stand off, and then when the gold flows, – [Man] He’s like wait
there’s real gold in there. – [RCSparks] they’re in there, yeah. Another one. Oh!
– Keep em coming Rook. – [RCSparks] Don’t be
dropping it on the table. – [Rookie] Everything’s good. (laughter) – [RCSparks] It’s a helpful
little tool on the table hey? – [Rookie] It is, it’s very helpful. – [RCSparks] Handle right
here, kinda helps him wash out with the water what he needs. – Water off.
– Water off. That’s beautiful. – That’s a nice chunk.
– Wow. – There’s another one dude
it flew right past it. – [Man] Yeah a little bit lighter. – There’s two here.
– I know I see them flowing. And look at these top ones right here. – I know.
– One, two, three, four. Here comes the black sand guys. There’s another one.
– Another one there yep. – [Rookie] There’s more
coming, there’s a lot here. – [RCSparks] I like hearing that. That’s like a gold miner’s
dream to hear that. So wheel of gold is going round and round what we’re going to be doing is feeding this concentrate Rookie since he’s the foreman today is gonna be doing that. Spoon by spoon at four
o’clock we load it in it starts to spin around
and round the wheel. The heavy gold gets carried up the middle, down the shoot, into the back pail and then we’ll have a look
at what we got for the day. Everybody it’s like the
same show is playing over and over again and these guys are still watching can you believe that? – Yeah.
– Yeah I can. – Back to our roots
– Fascinating. – Gold fever.
– It is gold fever. Every week I’m excited to see
how much gold we’re getting. I think that’s the ultimate payoff at the end of an awesome day. – [Rookie] Yeah you can
see it right off the bat. – [RCSparks] Look at
that, yep right in there. I’m looking forward to
seeing those big pieces. That was more big pieces today I think that we say than we have
seen on any other episode. – [Rookie] Here RC. – [RCSparks] I didn’t see any big pieces. – [Rookie] Not doing the big chunks just little ones so far,
I know they’re in there. They’re sitting at the bottom.
– They are. – [Rookie] They should
be sitting at the bottom. The tail of swamp-ees is going in there. – [RCSparks] Yep, there is
a piece yeah there it goes. Oh round and round she goes.
– Up up in there. – [RCSparks] How much gold nobody knows. Hm, I’m concerned I didn’t see a whole lot it must be in the bottom of your pail. – [Rookie] It’s gotta be, longer. – [RCSparks] Beautiful. There’s a little piece, there’s
a piece, there’s a piece. – Here comes a bit. – There’s a piece there’s a big piece. Yeah that’s a good one. Oh man come on there it
is, look at that one. – [Rookie] Oh that’s a chunk. – [RCSparks] That’s the beauty one. Ka-chunk. – [Rookie] Could actually hear that one. – [RCSparks] Yep I like it. The more you can hear the gold fall into the bucket the better
it is, there’s some more. Some more, separating, washing the gold, there goes some more,
– Some more right there. – [RCSparks] I love it look at it yeah. All at the bottom. I think that’s about it Rook,
you wanna shut her down. – Shutting her down.
– Bring that beauty over here and let’s see what we got for ya. Three, two, oh my (horn honking) god! – Wow.
– What is that? – [Rookie] I’m just saying the foreman with the biggest clean out,
– Holy cow! – [Rookie] Kind of stays
foreman doesn’t he? – [Steve] That’ll get
divided by two sluice boxes. – [RCSparks] Forman for the day, while he was running one of
his there man, look at that. Holy cow. – [Rookie] That’s pretty awesome. – [RCSparks] Nice man,
that is a heck of a spread. Look at those huge pieces. – [Rookie] That’s a clean up. – [RCSparks] Dude that is. – [Steve] Those are
big chunks of gold man. – [RCSparks] Holy geeze. Let’s dry it.
– I need some gas to go home. – [RCSparks] Now I don’t
want to be that guy but they always say when
it’s wet it looks bigger. So, this might shrink in
size when we dry it off. – Oh. – Oh, I thought when
it was cold it shrunk. (laughter) (clattering drowns out speaking) – [RCSparks] Here we go. – [Man] I definitely didn’t expect that. – [Man] Didn’t expect real gold hey? – [RCSparks] Yeah bring it in. The magnet to remove the black sand. Now it’s all basically
dried up here, almost. See what we get left with. What was your guess today? – Ah 2.6. – [RCSparks] Nice what’s your guess? – I’m gonna say we’re closer to 3. – [RCSparks] Nice well so is 2.6. – I said closer to three,
which would be more than 2.6. – .7 to 3. – 2.9. – On, okay so here is the gold
that we’ve been collecting. This is the gold we have this year boys do you remember how much it is in total? – Seven?
– Seven four? – Yep 7.4 I think, let’s weigh it out let’s see what we got so far. Careful, so big I couldn’t get it out. 7.4 dude, good memory. We got 7.4 on the scale right there. – [RCSparks] Nice that
was a really good mem, like Sluice I can’t believe you did that. – Yeah right on the money man. Here comes one, I love this part. – [RCSparks] Yeah here so you
can see on the scale ready? – [Man] Yeah. Oh .7 grams.
– .7 – Wow.
– Wow I thought that would be a one for sure. – [Man] I thought that
was heavier than that. – [RCSparks] Okay here’s the next one. Okay 1.4. – [Man] They’re both .7. – [RCSparks] 1.8. – Wow I.
– That’s a lot less than I thought hey?
– Me too. – [RCSparks] It still
come out nicely though, there’s still quite a bit
of black sand in here guys. – Okay here we go. 1.8, 2.0, 2.1, 2.4, 2.6, – [All] 3.1! – I’m not done I’m not done. (laughter) – [Man] We gotta take a point out of there for the black sand. – Yeah we’ll take that’s exactly right. – [Rookie] Hey my guestimate’s still one. – [Steve] That’s true you know? – You know what 3.5 you were
totally wrong I was right. – Ah man.
– I was totally wrong. – [Man] Too bad you didn’t
get my guess on camera. – 3.6.
– Yes 3.6 boys. That’s the best day yet. – Damn. – (rhythmic humming) Gold. I love gold, come on in I
want the final count here hey? Come on 3.6 let’s say it’s even 3.4 ’cause of the sand that’s in there, but 3.6, we’re looking for a season total of 21 ounces at the end. – Grams.
– Grams, 21 yeah I’d love 21 ounces holy cow. – [Man] 21 ounces yeah. – Look at that 8.6, nine, dudes look at this are we gonna bust 10? – [Man] Oh it just do, oh my god. – Eleven.
– Eleven! – [Rookie] That’s last years
season total, and we did it. – [RCSparks] That’s a
smile, that’s a smile. (laughter) Dab bump it in boys. How many did we get up to
last time you were saying? – 11 grams total last year.
– 11 grams even? That’s amazing man. – Hey, lucky charm.
– Ah! (laughter)


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  12. Ok I have been watching since season 1 I like the video's I have a suggestion for when you dump pay on the black rubber and use the frontend loader to put it the hopper make a 3 walled containment on top of the rubber you would not loose pay when you pick up the dirt with the loader I have seen that type of setup in the mines in Minnesota it works out for them and if I was able to do what you guys are doing I would even have hoppersxon the conveyors as well with four sides with a half moon shape cut out of the side where the pay dirt goes up the conver it would help with not loosing pay and would be more of a consistent flow of pay on the belt but that is my opinion

  13. Steve @09:58 I'm pretty sure the boss man was getting ready to open up a can a woop ass. That was way to close for comfort bud.

  14. Man… everytime the music starts to fade in i feel like something bad is going to happen cause u dont do it very often… hehe

  15. 1/14 Scale Mobile Rock Crusher
    $8,580.00 1/15 Hydraulic Loader Liebherr L574 Model RC
    $4,455.0 big money product u guy's running.1/14 Scale Volvo RC Hydraulic Excavator 2.0 Versio

  16. By my calc, the mine brought in $194.1020847296201, that's good money especially when you are doing something you like.

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