YouTube GOLD – Gold Makes the Ugly Beautiful (s2 e14) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – Gold Makes the Ugly Beautiful (s2 e14) | RC ADVENTURES

– ‘Kay, so everybody asks when
they’re watching the show, do we ever clean out our tailings pond? And let me just kind of
say what it is first. Everything that gets washed
through the plant here comes down the sluice boxes
into this final sluice, and then into the tailings pond. This one here is on the shaker. This one comes down to the tailings pond. This pipe right here is
actually just a like, almost like a conduit into this pipe that goes into the ground
down to our freshwater pond. I do clean this out every
week so we can recycle and catch any gold that
we have lost in here. Normally this pipe has a
cover over it so all the sand and everything just kind
of falls and settles. The hole is fairly high
up on this container, where that pipe runs down to the bottom and lets all that water come down. So where the pumps are down here that pump it right back
up into our sluice boxes, and the water and everything
is a recirculating system. Oh, oh, finally coming to work, superstar, rockstar, YouTuber here. – Sorry, man. – [RCSparks] Kevin!
– Sorry boys. – Sorry boys
– Huh! – [RCSparks] I didn’t even recognize you, – Sorry to hold you up.
– I know, I’m bald. – [RCSparks] You look more
like Rick Ness than ever now! (Kevin laughs)
(everyone laugh) What are those?
(voice drowned) – [Kevin] What are those (voice fades) – I had work to do. – [RCSparks] What, in no
circumstances is that acceptable. (someone laughs) Sluice! – Hey! – [RCSparks] Fire up the generator. Generator on. Michael bringing down the dozer. Mike, we’ve had a lot of rocks slide down, I need you to start clearing
them off the rock site, mine site, rock site
whatever we want to call it. (tractor engine runs) Rocks everywhere, there’s
a larger one up there that fell straight down. It’s been a while since we were here. My security guard in the
background there stoic as always. I’m gonna start firing up the pump. Here’s our new puppy, Raven, she’s watching the mine site today. Raven Lee Border Collie, new to the farm. How are you girl? (tractor engine runs) (engine runs) (dirt falls) This giant wash plant we’ve
had going for quite some time, since last season. We power it with the 12 volt battery, that’s right here. You’ll also see a plug
that’s there for a shaker, that I have that actually
helps shake those grizzly bars but we found a way to refine the material now so we’ve got grizzly
bars over on the hopper up there that’s just beyond right there. So it helps filter everything out already that’s not really necessary right now. Sitting up on the trailer
one thing I’d like to change is to get some some
safety around this neck. Seems a little bit dangerous
around here for the Volvo. It comes a little bit close but also we keep having rocks
falling down from up above. We’re not sure if it’s a meteor shower or just rocks that are placed there for
making the show better but it’s something. We got to make sure that
they’re moved out of the way. Keep it simple, keep it
easy, keep everyone safe. Safety is you know work
down our priority list, it’s always been our
what 23rd, 21st priority, I think it’s made 23rd
now but still gold first. There’s something going on here, yeah. There’s not enough flow. It’s barely coming through. – It doesn’t look bad here. – Yeah but that’s, look
at how much piled up here I did change it just, yeah,
kind of give it a shake. Let’s let that out, shut
her down for a second. See it’s like a lack of water. – [Man] It’s not going anywhere, though. – [RCSparks] You’re right. Everyone could laugh but last
time we didn’t wear hardhats it hailed on us. – [Both] Ow, ow, ow. – [RCSparks] Took it as a sign. Yeah that looks great. That’s way more water. That’s way better. (engine runs) Let’s slow this hopper down,
it’s feeding really fast – [Man] Yeah. (tractor engine runs) (wind blows) – [RCSparks] Hold on, we’re
losing pay over the side, guys. – [Man] Need an adjustment? – [RCSparks] Yeah there,
the pay’s blowing off here. – [Man] Is it the wind?
– [RCSparks] I think so. That’s exactly it is that we’re losing a lot over the edge here. There we go. It seems to be efficiency
is moving up the list. – Well, slightly. – [RCSparks] I don’t know
what’s happening here. (man laughs) – Can’t get carried away here. – [RCSparks] Gold Fever
is getting me crazy! (engine runs) Do I have to drive over there and get my own paint? Come on, guys. Faster! God! – It only comes out of
the ground so fast, Kev. – Yeah, but the more time
I spend sitting here, the more time I’m burning diesel idle
waiting for you guys. – Turn the damn
machine off if you’re burning diesel idle. – [RCSparks] It’s actually
LiPo battery Kevin. It’s just LiPo. – Still it’s power we’re burning. – [RCSparks] That’s true. That’s true, well, it’s time. Right, time is the most
precious commodity here. – Exactly. – Please help me! – [RCSparks] There’s a
dead fly on your shoulder. – Well, it’ better than a live bee. – [RCSparks] That’s like a black fly. One of the biting ones. A dead one’s a good one. – Yes. (engine runs)
– [RCSparks] What’s this? – [Man] In the way! Archaic ruins. – [RCSparks] Was it in there? – [Man] Dig it up with a dozer. – [RCSparks] No! If that’s the case, then this
might be in our artifact! And if it’s an artifact, we have to shut down
this part of the mine! Put it back! – What?
– [RCSparks] Problem solved. – What? – [RCSparks] Problem solved. – I didn’t see nothing! – I didn’t see a damn thing. Why are you got the camera in my face? – [RCSparks] Keep digging! – [Man] Good job, Mike. (engine runs) – [Man] You can dozer down this road. Level it out. – [RCSparks] I got all
these rocks in the way, bro! No, no, stop, stop, stop. We gotta get these rocks outta the way! Go full speed! That’s the wrong way! Correct! (engine runs)
(truck backs up) Bro, that took forever! Steve! Just go around, ’em, man! – [Man] Eh? – [RCSparks] Just go around ’em. I know, we’re tryna get paid, but there was an emergency. The rocks were supposed
to be cleared off earlier. This is the only Volvo we got on site. They’re very expensive. Gotta be extra careful. Watch out for the goose neck! (engine runs) – Hey, boss. Hey boss (car horn honks)
way too serious around here. We need to have a beer break. – [RCSparks] What? This is efficiency. – We’ve been on a trip.
– [RCSparks] No. – We got some gold. – [RCSparks] No, I’ve
been reading the comments. Everyone says efficiency. We’re not allowed to drink beer on site. – [Man] What?
(mimics RCSparks) – I know! Comments!
– I don’t care! – [RCSparks] Comments. It’s supposed to be safe around here. – Have to drink beer. – [RCSparks] Efficiency. – Heck yeah! – We got paid. – [Man] If ya ain’t got beer, get out. – We just gotta move it. – [Man] No beer.
– Gotta get it to my home. My home needs paid. – It’s on its (car horn honks) way. – Doesn’t help. – You know, I think it might
be quicker to have two loaders than the rock truck at this point. – [RCSparks] You think so?
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] The rock truck is the one that brings the pay, dude. – Yeah, but we have two loaders
swapping back and forth, with how slow these guys
are, it’d be quicker. – [Man] How much diesel you burn? – [RCSparks] True, I had to explain
this to Kevin too, actually. I’m surprised you don’t know this. They’re actually running on LiPo battery. – Really?
– [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s no diesel. – [Man] Yeah, they’re electric. – [RCSparks] Don’t you ever wonder why you’ve never put diesel in there, and I’m always giving you batteries? – That’s a good point. – The price of tickets
is getting out of hand. You want people trained. Make it more affordable. Ten grand for your class one. Like who out of school is
going to be able to afford that if they want to pursue
truck driving career. And post-secondary education, you have to get student loans now. – [RCSparks] Listen, I hired you ’cause I thought you had your tickets. – Got my forklift ticket. – I got a forklift ticket. – Hold on, I got a ticket right there. – I have a witness ticket. – [RCSparks] I got a speeding ticket. I think we’re all qualified! – Yep, yep, yep.
– Okay, good. – [RCSparks] Rook. – Yeah? – [RCSparks] Nevermind. (water runs)
Sluice. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] Boys. We see that there is the sluice box. With a lot of buildup in the back, eh? (everyone agrees) Now, I know we’re not supposed
to turn the water off, ’cause it interrupts the flow, but what else interrupts the flow, guys? – [Man] The (car horn
honks) mats being backwards. – [RCSparks] Both sluice boxes
have mats in the wrong way. I was wondering why we had
a whole buildup in the top, and we couldn’t figure out
why there was no gold in here. They’re backwards. That whole time, it was backwards. – Who put the mats in the sluice boxes? Wasn’t me. – [RCSparks] Well, aren’t you
the guy running this plant? You’re supposed to check the sluice boxes. – Well, yeah, but
somebody put ’em together. I didn’t put ’em together. – [RCSparks] Doesn’t matter,
final product before it fires up. – What the (car horn honks) Look at all that (car horn
honks) that went under! – [RCSparks] All that
into the tailings pond from what we did this morning. (person whistles) – [Man] Ouch. – [RCSparks] Shit, let’s turn it around. And Steve, stop losing the gold, man. (Steve laughs) – Give me that foreman badge. – [RCSparks] No, no, no. He’s got seniority on all of ya. – I got my foreman badge. – [RCSparks] Exactly, there it is. – Senior discount does not help. (laughs) – [Man] That’s right. – [RCSparks] Guess you would know. – This isn’t Walmart. – [Steve] I don’t get that till next year. (everyone laughs) – Actually life and death here. – [RCSparks] A lot of people
think that we fake that. – [Man] Very sorry I didn’t notice that. – [RCSparks] I didn’t notice it either. I’m the one who was filming. ‘Kay, it’s all very Canadian. I’m sorry, I should’ve take
responsibility about that. You should be sorry too.
– Terrible. I’m sorry I noticed it.
– It happens. – [RCSparks] Well, you should
apologize, you missed it. – I’m sorry, but stuff happens. – It happens. – [RCSparks] You were all responsible. – [Man] Let’s get the (car
horn honks) up and running. – [RCSparks] What is this? Right there. There’s a small piece right there. – [Man] I see gold! I see gold! – [Man] There is gold in the box! – [RCSparks] One small piece. – [Man] On the mat. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (water running) – How do you start this thing? – [RCSparks] Choke out, pull the draw. – You probably won’t need to choke. It’s already been running. – Beer breaks over, I guess, huh? – Good job, rookie, thanks. – Did you turn it on? No, you didn’t. (engine runs) You gotta turn it on! – I think this team is pretty good team. Maybe we replace a guy
or two here and there, but you know. Generally, pretty good buncha guys. – One of the screws at the
top is rounded out, man. – [RCSparks] Okay. – (car horn honks) Do
you have any easy outs? – [RCSparks] No! – So, if we had to
replace any of these guys. I think that would be a
pretty tough decision. There are all pretty mediocre. – To be fair, it’s not hard to know more than any of these clowns. Like. Have you seen ’em? We got a drunk. We got an old retired guy. We got a couple homeless people. Where do you find these people? Hold on. Just in case he’s picky. Sluice! Sluice! Come have a beer! (engine runs) – [RCSparks] Who flooded the pond? – [Man] Kevin was watching the pond. – [RCSparks] What’s going on! – I called water, but nobody listened. – [RCSparks] Dude, who was
running the water unsupervised? – You’re the one that turned it on. – [RCSparks] Yeah, but you’re
the site supervisor, aren’t ya? Well how many times have
we been through this? – Everyone’s the supervisor, so it’s everyone’s responsibility. I’m the only one getting
paid through here. – Hey, don’t be throwing the
rest of us under the bus, pal! You screwed up! – [RCSparks] You know what? I don’t like your attitude. Go over there and sit by the tree. No radio for you. Go over there. Talking back to me. On the rock, Kevin! – Yes, yes, yes. – [RCSparks] Hey guys! Hey, guys!
– Yeah? – [RCSparks] We’re gonna have to pick up, ’cause Kevin’s on a time out! He doesn’t know when to hold his tongue! So we’re gonna have to step up the pace! – I’m the only one getting paid for it! (engine runs) – [RCSparks] Look at this. The grizzly bars are all frigged up here. It’s hard, man. It’s hard to run a crew. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks. Oh, this guy makes YouTube videos! It’s so easy to run a crew out here! (Steve taps on metal) That’s good. – Well, you know who my
favorite guy is here, is Rookie. ‘Cause he takes care of (car horn honks) – [RCSparks] Yeah? – Yeah, he does. He helps keep the operation smooth. – [RCSparks] He’s a good guy.
– Yeah. (opens pop can) It’s a pretty nice afternoon here. The hell, man? Joe set me up again? (car horn honks) Now I just got fly food all
over the outside of my can. (engine runs) You sabotage me with this beer, Joe? – What’s that? – [Sluice] You shake this
(car horn honks) up or what? My beer just puked all over me, man. Now the outside of my can
is covered in fly food. – Hey, it’s not my fault if you don’t know how to drink your (car horn honks) beer. – I just opened it, Joe! Jeez! – Gonna start calling you
juice box here pretty soon. – Juice box? What the hell is that supposed to mean? – Well, you can’t even handle a beer. – Somebody shook it up. – Oh, yes, somebody shook it!
– I nearly got it on the chair, Joe. – Juice box! – You’re paying the dry cleaning bill! – Joe, he’s loud, he’s crude. Sluice, well, I swear
some days he’s not here. Rookie, he’s off in his own world, doing what Rookie does best. And Mike, well, he’s quiet. Bottom line, is I like my job. I can ignore what everybody else does long as I can get my job done. They don’t know what they’re doing. I do. I can load the plant no problem, as long as I have the pay. You gotta watch everything. The pumps, the plants, the belts. Running all the equipment. Not just one thing. This is why I should be foreman. (engine runs) – [Man] (car horn honks)
The old one’s faster! (engine runs) (crane creaks) – [Man] Wanna back up a little, Sluister? Perfect, right there, yeah. Thank you, sir. – Kevin, you’re out of pay again? – Yep! – [RCSparks] I like how
quickly you’re working. – [Kevin] Gotta get that gold! – [RCSparks] Get the gold! (engine runs) – [Man] (car horn honks) off! (man shouts) – [RCSparks] You look like an amateur! What do you go a whole
bunch of pay in there still? (RCSparks laughs) What is that? Dude! When you’re working with
the pay, put the beer down! Put the pay, where it needs to be.
– I may have been drinking. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I know, but that’s why you leave
it on the ground, sir. That’s why you got stones all around you. Put the beer down. – Oh, oh. – [RCSparks] Right? That’s why it’s here! – I’m sorry! – [RCSparks] We got gold today? – I think we got some gold today. – [RCSparks] Look at how much over. Look at how much. All this has been washed already. Look how much we moved today. – [Man] Don’t touch the gold. – [RCSparks] I know, I can do whatever. Nice, there’s gold right there. – Hey, I see gold right there too. Gold. Gold. – Look how far down it went. – Gold. – Oh, gold right there. – Gold. Gold, gold, gold. – [RCSparks] Goldilocks! – [Man] Goldilocks! – Oh, this is nice, Goldilocks! Oh my god!
– [Man] Goldilocks! – Oh my god!
– [Man] Goldilocks! Goldilocks. – There is a lot of gold in there. – Look at all this. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s beautiful, Sluice. There’s a lot in there today. – Yeah.
– [RCSparks] That’s nice. – Now that we got mats
turned around right. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah. Well half a days gold looks great. – I didn’t put ’em in there backwards. Sorry I didn’t check ’em. (RCSparks sighs) – You’re the sluice box master! – [RCSparks] You’re the sluice box guy. It doesn’t matter who put them in. My wife, you’re gonna blame her? – Yeah. It’s her fault, she put them in backwards! – [RCSparks] Wow, wow, really? You know what? You go sit on the rock! – Aw, come on! – [RCSparks] You don’t get to watch gold! Go, go, go sit on the rock over there! – [Kevin] The banishment rock! – [RCSparks] Shame on you for
saying something bad about Jem! – I didn’t say anything bad about Jem! – [RCSparks] You said it was her fault! – No!
– [RCSparks] Yes, I got you! Go sit on the rock! You gonna blame her? – Yeah, it’s her fault.
– [Kevin] Oh! – [RCSparks] Some guys,
I gotta tell you, Rook. – Hey, Rook, get out of the sun! – Yep. A lot of people think managing
a mine site is for anybody. Easy. I gotta tell you, you gotta
worry about hurt feelings. How much money is going in. How much money is expected going out. Does the equipment work? Is everybody getting along? Does everybody feel important? Ya’ll can talk in the comments
section, but I tell ya. It ain’t no easy game, as you can see. But it’s still a game. All that. Sweet. Yep. (water runs) – [RCSparks] Boss, how come you’re there? – Because this is gold time! – [RCSparks] We just gotta
make sure we get it all right? – Yep. Think I’m leaving it to
the homeless guys? (laughs) – [RCSparks] And the rookie. – Whoa, hey.
– I trust Rookie. – [RCSparks] Well, you know. Your name is Rookie. – I know what my name is. – That’s like a pool shark, eh? Ask me if you wanna game. (RCSparks laughs) – My name’s Rookie, don’t worry about it. – Look at this piece of
gold right down there. Look at that.
– I see it. I can see it from here. – That’s for going right through the pan. – I think a five gram
day is actually seeable. – [RCSparks] We’ve never seen that. Mikal, how much gold is in the pans today? – As much as is gonna be there. – [RCSparks] Sluice? – Four and half grams. – [RCSparks] Four and a half? Rook, how much gold’s in the pans today? – Two point three grams.
– [RCSparks] And Kev? – Not guessing. I don’t want the disappointment. – [RCSparks] Disappointment? – Hey! I’m not saying a high
benchmark like Joe did to be disappointed when we don’t get it. – [RCSparks] Yeah like,
I like that you’re like feel optimistic, but that’s like. – Reach for the clouds! – [RCSparks] Are you robbing me? – You gotta try! (water runs) – [RCSparks] Hunched over the table. Like fiends looking for
drugs on the carpet. Looking for gold on the table. – [Man] Five, six.
– [RCSparks] Oh, nice. – [Man] Here’s the gold.
– Oh yeah, this one is nice. – Seven, eight, this one’s loaded. (scrapes plastic) – [RCSparks] Oh yeah. These guys are gonna do their best keep their brushes off the table. Letting that gold come out. Did you guys just tip to tip? Is that what I saw? That is nice. – [Man] This is a good pan. I like this pan. – Lots of black sand. – [Man] Let ’em go. – [Man] I’m gonna pull ’em up. – No, no, no. – [Man] Don’t touch ’em.
– Please leave it. Yeah, don’t touch it. (voices overlapping) – I see five. One, two, three.
– Lookit. – Four, five, six.
– Here, here, here. – Seven, eight, night, ten, 11, 12, 13 pieces.
– There’s a nice one. No, as long as you don’t
interrupt the flow. – [Man] I’m not touching anything. – [RCSparks] Don’t interrupt the flow. – [Man] Push it out into the high part. – [RCSparks] Oh, this table
is a game changer for us. We didn’t see gold like
this before the table. – [Man] No!
– [Man] Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Yeah, once we
dialed it in, that was that. – Look at it. – Here comes clump fest. – [Man] Flip that one up. – See a whole bunch right here, yeah. – [Man] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. – [RCSparks] What time is it, boys? – Gold time!
– We’ve got gold! – [RCSparks] Nice! Well said. Let’s fire this puppy up.
(man cheers) So, every single episode, we say that we spoon the last concentrates from the table in here, goes around on this active sluice box, takes the heavy gold up to the middle, drops it down into the back bucket. Guys, who’s first? – [Kevin] Let the silent type go. – Oh, you got the spoon. – [RCSparks] That’s true. That’s true. Who’s cooking stuff up here? Cook me up some gold. – I’ll take the spoon. – Right in here, sir. (water runs) Excellent. Round and round she goes. How much gold, nobody knows. – [Man] Some gold! Definitely some gold. – [Man] Much gold. – [Sluice] A lot of gold. – [RCSparks] Who switched
the dirt this time? – Not it!
– [Man] Not it. (RCSparks laughs) – I did not switch. There’s gold, there’s gold, there’s gold. – [RCSparks] Oh, nice, yeah. In he goes. Another piece in. There goes another piece. Lookit, lookit, lookit. Now the black sand. – Lots, lots! Look at the gold. – [RCSparks] Move out of my way. (everyone shouts) Oh my gosh, look at the gold! Wow, dude! – [Man] It’s gotta be my turn by now! – [RCSparks] Dude, that was amazing. Get out of here, Peeker. No looking. – [Kevin] No peeking. He’s the worst one. – I’m feeding. – [Kevin] Yeah. – There’s gold. – [Man] Lots of it. (water runs) – [RCSparks] Wow, nice gold. All right, we’ll do the last scoop there. – There was only one scoop, boss. – [RCSparks] Bring the pan! Let’s dry the pan! Oh, it doesn’t matter. – [Man] Doesn’t matter if
we’re putting water in it. – I’m turning it off. Go ahead, Joe. Get some of the water
out, slurry it around. This is everyone that’s
watching right now. This is like a lot of
people’s favorite moments of when we actually do our payout. Swirl, dump. – [Man] Holy crap!
– [Man] Wow. That’s a nice looking clean up too. – [Joe] Let’s grab a
little bit more water. – [RCSparks] There is not
a lot of big gold in there. (plastic bangs on tray) – [RCSparks] Know what? I don’t see any big gold in there. What is this ball bearing thing? Nothing? That’s still pretty good for today. – It’s more than pretty good. – [RCSparks] That’s very good! Come on, I have expectation now, hey? I got a lot, oh that is good. – [Man] Hey, it is worth it. We got all our work trip.
– [RCSparks] Oh, look at that! Oh, that is nice. Yeah, well we gotta make up for last week. It was like lost gold. That’s beautiful. – [Man] Steve.
– [Steve] Yeah. – [RCSparks] I don’t mean that! (everyone laughs) We chose to go prospecting! – [Man] It’s okay, Steve! – It’s still there, that’s good, Kev. What do you think? – Heck yeah! – [RCSparks] That’s what I like to hear. – [Steve] Let’s dry it
out, and weigh it up, and see what we got, man! – There’s two of those in there. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I noticed. They’re like ball bearings, it’s so weird. – [Steve] I guarantee these
people wanna see what we got! – [Man] Rotating action.
– [Kevin] No, they’re shot gun pellets. – Is that what it is? They are shot gun pellets! Holy cow! – [Man] Somebodies been
trying to kill the miners! – [Steve] Maybe they’re bearings out of your motors and shit. – [RCSparks] I hope it’s not
out of the excavator. (laughs) – [Man] Well they’re not steel. So, good chance it’s lead. – [RCSparks] That’s a good call. It is lead. – [Man] And it’s heavy
even with gold, right? – Yeah, that makes total sense, Sluice. – [Kevin] Yeah, it barely bounced. – [RCSparks] Well here’s the deal. So we still need to weigh it out. It looks beautiful, by the way. Whatever that stick thing is. – It’s that stick thing, just keeps. – [RCSparks] It’s heavy, eh? Lead, or whatever. – [Kevin] It’s a piece of iron. – [RCSparks] ‘Kay, let’s leave it in here ’cause we still have
to zero this scale out. – [Man] The magnet never
picked it up though. – [RCSparks] This looks way smaller. (gold shakes) That ain’t no four grams. – [Man] I think we’re
definitely not at our five. – [Rookie] I said two point three. – [RCSparks] I said three. – [Man] I’m pretty sure I’m out. – [RCSparks] ‘Kay. Point four, point five. One, one point two. One point four. One point seven, one point nine. Two point one. Two point four, two point five. Two point six. Two point eight. Two point nine. Oh my god. Three point one! Yeah, that’s a good one! That’s huge! – It’s not that shy of five! (everyone laughs) – You’re bad at math. – [RCSparks] Here is the gold that we have already mined this year. Look at this. I had to put it in a bigger jar. ‘Kay, so three point on grams, should we do a total weigh in or what? – [Man] Do you want to? – [RCSparks] Yeah, go ahead, yeah. ‘Course, everyone wants to see how much we got this year. How many weekends does
this represent, guys? Months. Five point eight, six. Nine. Loving it. Look at the gold, it’s gorgeous. – [Man] We need 21 grams for a total. – [RCSparks] Yeah, oh
my gosh, look at this! What! 19.5 grams.
(Kevin shouts) Wow. – We are so close. – [RCSparks] Guys. – That’s awesome.
– [RCSparks] Dude. Right from season one, episode one. Dude, who would have thought
we’d be standing here in front of that huge pile of gold? If we keep going like this, we’re gonna meet our goal. – We need 24, right? To be third quarters of a quarry, no? – [RCSparks] 24? 24.
– [Sluice] 24 grams. – Is it 24? I thought it was 21. – [RCSparks] No, 24. What is a Troy ounce? It’s 31 grams. – And we want three quarters?
– [RCSparks] Yeah. – So let’s go. – [RCSparks] So it’s 31.1
grams for Troy ounce. – Seven, five.
– [RCSparks] Yeah. – 23.3276.
– [RCSparks] There you go. (man whistles)
So we’re almost there. I say next episode. And then finally, my expenses will be. – [Man] No where near covered. – [RCSparks] No where near covered. (Rookie laughs)
– We pay GST. – Might pay a debt.


  1. This Bulldozer is really amazing !! He has great strength to push rocks so big !! The joke with the beer was excellent but I wonder if it was the right person who was targeted πŸ˜„ It is a very good harvest of gold, better than the river πŸ˜„ 3.1 it's excellent !!!! Good job guys !!

    Still a little work effort and with 50.00 you can buy the 1/14 8×8 Armageddon from rc4wd πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Just missing 30.15 😊

  2. So for realism every site across the world has upkeep on their equipment during the use, besides the broken tracks we've see what other repairs or upkeep has gone on behind the scenes between shows? You know the equivalent to equipment services, hydraulic service and repairs, so forth? YOUTUBE GOLD BABY!

  3. Fix the problem. Don't go dragging your fingers threw the slice box. Any gold that was in it at that point was washed out.

  4. Totally amazing. You could make a whole TV show, close up of mining gold. Mini Gold Rush. On the lighter side!

  5. I finally caught up. I started this series about 10 days ago and am finally caught up. I would love to see more each week if possible.

  6. whare do you get you rc veacales from plz menchinet in the next video plz i whant to do the same as you plz

  7. I'd like to see the capo tatra make a return. If you still got it. Maybe even the wrecker if it's strong enough to do rollover recovery. Just thoughts lol. Also Raven Lee is the best foreman so far πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€£

  8. If Gold Rush has anything close to you guys' personalities, I'll bet it's a good show. But I don't have room for another Gold show, yours cuts the mustard just fine for me. Another great episode!!!

  9. Oh man kj had a good one there sayin juice boxπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i absolutly love this show man, keep it up

  10. How many beers does Crazy"foreman"Joe consume during the day on minesite? Does that correlate with the income of the day?

    Excellent entertainment, you guys sure have good thing going on there.

  11. There's a rumor that youtube gold might be heading for the South American rain forest next season much like the Hoffmans did,any truth to that?

  12. YOU TUBE GOLD BABY!!’ Love your show. I’ve seen some crazy rc excavators lately on the web. A lot bigger than yours . I didn’t think they could get much bigger than yours. A big shout out Wilmington, NC. Right on the east coast of US. Keep the videos coming !!

  13. I seen a safety violation on your site, running over the power line and and water line with heavy equipment,

  14. what you should do is get the big yellow dump truck and fill it up with rocks and then take it to the rock crusher and make more roads and it would not be so bumpy and lose any of the gold

  15. You should stop wasting with putting random rocks in the way and what is the go with the mangled excavator bucket like if you agree.

  16. Where do you get the equipment. I am looking for it everywhere and cannot find it. If anyone can tell me that would be great, thanks.

  17. Love this show! So glad it's not scripted like that other fake gold show! Thanks for putting the reality back into videos! Keep up the outstanding work boys!

  18. Like your "…feel important"-speech !
    I'm just sitting on my porcellan-throne, watching YT-GOLD and making some space for dinner…
    and you know what ??!
    I still feel very much important !! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. Definitely appreciate the longer vids when I'm on my 12 hours shifts. TY! Wont be long until you guys hit the discovery channel! Cheers!

  20. This is so cool man, takes me back to being a kid with my Tonka trucks, only this is way more kick-ass. Nicely done!

  21. Yo Medic! Love youtube gold! Extremely entertaining, makes me wanna head north to be a part of it. Lol any way I have a suggestion, All of the drivers should have hard hats plus fluorescent vests. I believe it would make it more realistic. Just a suggestion. Keep up with good work. You and your crew are doing a damn fine job sir!!!

  22. What happens if there is a big piece of gold they won’t find it it just goes in the rock pile to get covered up

  23. I really like your video's and the awesome rc mining equipments, I see that part of the video 31:47 with shot gun pellet it's that scam properties agent's what put gold in a shotgun shell and shoot it in to the ground and sell the ground that it's has gold for big price buhahahaha.

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