YouTube GOLD – Gold will be a SLAVE or a MASTER: Tipping the Scale (s2 e15) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – Gold will be a SLAVE or a MASTER: Tipping the Scale  (s2 e15) | RC ADVENTURES

– Everyone. Gather around. Come around. Safety meeting, I guess. – [Man] Safety? – I know. – [Man] What do you mean safety? – [Man] Safety, what? (hip hop music) – [RC] Okay, here’s the problem. Normally safety is our
21st priority, correct? – Yeah. – [RC] And we thought we took care of the safety issue
with Everett last time, paying him off. – Lost his fortune. (smooth hip hop music) – [RC] Now there’s a guy
that’s right behind you that’s investigating Everett. – [Mikal] Don’t look. – Don’t what? I already looked. What are you talking, earlier. (laughing) – [RC] He’s here taking
pictures of the mine site ’cause apparently there’s been some issues that I’ve been overlooking. Scaletown, thanks for coming to help. (hip hop music) – No problem. – [RC] I like your YouTube channel. – [Chris] Thank you. – [RC] What’s your name? – My name’s Will. The safety inspector. (smooth hip hop music) – [RC] I know. That’s a
great handshake you got. – Yep. – [RC] So is it gonna be a
bustin’ or a (bleep) today or what?
– Maybe just a little bit. You know, we’ll see what happens. – [RC] Everything here has been up to code for an RC mine site. We haven’t been pretending. This isn’t some sort of joke. – I’ll have to check with the union about the safety and stuff, but you know. Well, there’s one now. – [RC] Get this whole thing moving. – [Rookie] It’s probably
dead as a door nail. – [RC] What’s wrong?
– This was left in there. – [Rookie] This battery’s fresh. I just put it in. – [RC] ‘Kay. Listen, everyone doesn’t’
need to be so nervous. Just pretend he isn’t here. – [Mikal] Who? – [Kevin] Damn straight. – [RC] Exactly, that’s right. (motor humming) – [Will] Hey, you know
this is unsafe right? – [RC] Why?
– It could drive right off. It could drive right off. That could majorly hurt someone if they were standing right here. That could break a shin. You know, look at this. – I’m not wearing my back brace. – [Will] That’s evil, that’s evil. – I’m not wearing my back brace. – [Will] Well, you should be, okay? Let me take a photo of that. Just one second. I need (mumbles) your back brace, okay? – [Mikal] Don’t use that, it’s dead.
– [Will] Hey slow poker wait. Photo of the back brace. – [RC] Great flow, Mik. – A little uneven here. – [RC] It’s too bad about Sluice and Joe sluggin’ it out at the bar. Both of them taking the day off, yeah. Well, everyone wants to be foreman, man. Few people can do it. I’m glad you’re here. – Rookie said he put these mats in here. I think they’re backwards. – [RC] You know good
check on double checking, these are actually correct. – [Mikal] Are they? – [RC] Yeah. – [Mikal] They’re sliding though. – [RC] Yeah. So what we need to do is take
a small stick or something. Just stick it in the side.
‘Cause that’s how we do here. – Hey Kevin. – [Kevin] What? – In the shop, there’s a pole cleaner. Want to go get that? – Yeah. (bulldozer humming) – [RC] All these rocks are from mud hole down the tarp that cover the mine site from weather every week. Well, you’re just everywhere. – Yeah, yeah. Making sure this is up to code. – [RC] A little bit of
help from the loader. (machines humming) Everybody’s gettin’ on site. The only time we’re making any money is when we’re gettin’ it. – I see a safety violation, okay? I think we need some pylons along the pond and along this ledge here. I don’t know if the workers
know there’s a large drop there. You know, could damage
equipment and people, okay? – [RC] Come here. – Oh, take pylons. Good idea. Hey, I have a complaint.
– [RC] No, not you too. – I know. There was a fire (mumbles) in once and unfortunately I know what the inside of a cow smells like. Don’t ask. It smells like the inside
of a cow here today. It’s horrible. It’s nasty. – You know what? It’s from all the bull (beeps)
of the safety inspector. – Good call. – Yeah, that’s what it is. Foreman, why are you doing that? Needs to be spaced every 12 inches. – Well, got Kevin working on it. – [RC] That is a nice clean pool, Kev. Good job. – Yeah, gotta keep the crap out. Seeing as somebody blew
all this weeds in there. – [RC] That’s legal here, you know that? – Wrong kind of weed. – [RC] Oh. You’re supposed to space ’em with a stick. – Yeah, I got him goin’ on it now. – [RC] We also have to have the pylons up the side he said. – [Rookie] Up the side? – [RC] Yeah, a few of them up on the edge. Figures, same with the last safety guy. They took over the rock truck. It works fine. We just got it! I don’t know if it’s more about safety or they actually just wanna play here. – [Kevin] I’d say they wanna play. – [RC] I think that’s what it is. (truck humming)
(truck beeping) How much loader experience do you have? This is the most important
piece of equipment here is to get the pay from
the pile into the plant. – I watched a YouTube video so I’m good. (machine humming) – [RC] So those that are just joining us, we actually have a full
functioning gold wash site here. He’s gonna be filling up the hopper, which’ll slowly allow that pay to come out to this long conveyor here, which drops it onto old faithful, that takes it over the road, into the trammel, which better be turned on. (machine powering) There we go. Auger on the inside as you can see. (dirt falling) (belt humming) (water running) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Rookie] What’s going on?
– [RC] We need the back mats. We’re losing pay in the back. So they are over, remember those chutes that we made? They’re over on the wash table. Stop the load. Stop loading. Hit the shut down. You’re also losing pay
on the back here, Chris. (car humming) Yeah. Even if we want to hook it right here just so we can drag it
back a little bit more. I think that looks
completely code and safe. Yeah, a little more! Good, right there! Didn’t even have to shut ’em down. (machine roaring) – What’s up boss? – [RC] Kevin. – Yo! – [RC] You’re on rock patrol right now. Mikal’s doing the road over there. – Yep. – [RC] Get all these boulders out from the tarp that normally
holds all the weather out. – ‘Kay. – [RC] Thank you. – [Kevin] Sounds good. – [RC] Same with that one over
there and those random rocks. – [Kevin] Yep, will do. We’ll get her done. – [RC] Thank you. (machine humming) (bulldozer humming) – Can I see that controller please? All right, now your
busted down a rock truck. Okay, I need to touch this machine. – [Mikal] All righty. (machine buzzing) – [RC] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen, have you ever
driven one of these before? – No, not really. I watched a YouTube video though. – [RC] What is it with you
guys and YouTube videos thinking you know what you’re doing? – It was a tutorial, okay? – [RC] No, as owner– – No, no, no. I’m safety man. ‘Kay, I’m inspecting the machine. – [RC] Give me the controller, man. – Okay, you want me to
shut this place down? I’ll shut this place down. – [RC] Hey, hey, hey. – What do you call that? That was Kevin’s move down there. (machine humming) – [RC] What is this? No! No one noticed? – [Rookie] No. – [RC] Oh my God. Dude, do not touch it. We’re gonna have to get that out and no wonder. This whole time we’ve been burning ma and not processing. – What happened? – [RC] You’re the foreman. – [Mikal] That’s all
the foreman’s pay too. – I got nothing. I got nothing. – [RC] That is foreman’s pay.
You know who’s foreman now? Yep, Bob. (smooth hip hop music) Oh yeah, that came right off. Yeah, right here. – [Mikal] There was probably a rock stuck in there somewhere. (machine running) Yeah, it’s right, watch your fingers. Pulling further off. – [RC] Yeah, it’s gonna come off. We just need to pull a
pin then and get it done. So it’s a messy job, Mik. Good luck, sir. Do it on this table if you want. – [Chris] What you want me driving? – [RC] ‘Kay, so if we’re moving dirt, we can at least get the gold for today. – I see an issue. – [RC] You’re always around.
– I know, I should be. That’s my job. But we got some thistles over there, okay, and they could poke someone. – [RC] Are you (bleeps) kidding me? – No, no, I’m really not. – ‘Kay, they can hurt someone. – Thistles? – [Will] Yeah, they
can hurt someone, okay? – [RC] You’re the one in shorts. – I know, I know. I’m injury prone. – [RC] Chris has never
gonna run a dozer before. Goodbye thistle. Lift the blade and go forward. Yeah, lift the blade. There you go, keep going. Keep lifting! There you go. There, beautiful. (machine humming) This belt has quit, right here. It’s gotta get dried off
or replaced at least. The belt is slipping on the inside. – Safety guys got a clipboard and thinks they know everything. – [RC] What happened? – [Rookie] It was just
absolutely packed full of rocks and mud. Just jammed.
– [RC] Great. This whole time we’ve been down. And did you see what he did to your road? – Yeah, it’s a bunch of
bull (bleeps) over there. Look at that. It’s going like this now. – [RC] Just make it wider. If you can. Once we get it back together. – [Rookie] Stay together. (machines humming) – Rookie’s excavator is done. Take his conveyor, swap it out with the broken one. Keep all the plants running. We’ll just heat it with the loader. – ‘Kay, sounds good, boss. We got a shaker over there. (machine roaring) – [RC] Too wet. It’s too wet. – [Mikal] (mumbles). – [RC] We’re gonna have
to shut her down, man. Nice! What? – We need a pylon here. All right, someone could run into this– – [RC] The neck? It’s fine. No one’s run into it. – It blends into the dirt. – [RC] A pylon. I don’t have any small pylons left. – Get a big pylon. – [RC] Kevin! – Yeah? – [RC] I need you to run to the track and grab the pylon. – ‘Kay, (mumbles). – [RC] Does he need more than one? – Yeah, probably. – [RC] Bring more than one. (machine humming) Are you kidding me? – All right, put one right here, okay? I don’t like it. – Is that one big enough? – No, no, no. Another one over here. – [RC] I think this is ludicrous. – [Will] No. – [RC] I can’t even work around them. – [Will] Put one right in the middle. We need one right here. – [RC] This is (bleeps) retarded. – [Will] One right over here too. – [Rookie] I know. – [RC] Nobody works there. – [Will] We need one more
right here on the corner. Okay? Can you come right over, we need it over on the
other side over there. We need one over on the other side. – [RC] Is this many pylons
really that necessary? – No! – [RC] This looks ridiculous! (machines humming) – (muffled speaking). That’s because I didn’t have it centered when I turned it on. – [Chris] Temperamental? – [RC] Uh huh, always these machines. They all look so easy. Everybody can go do gold mining right? – [Chris] Yeah. – That’s exactly it. They don’t understand how
hard this actually is. Look at all the oil. This is where all the oil’s leaking out. We didn’t even see that until now. This is where the hydro fluid’s going. We’re gonna need another spill kit. (machine roaring) What are you doing man? – Well, my conveyor’s down so I’m helping. I don’t know what you don’t see. – [Mikal] It’s like you’re
packing it in there. – [RC] Dude, the safety
guy is right there. It is too wet. – [Rookie] It’s like playing with mud. – [RC] ‘Kay, shut her down.
We’re just filling it. Shut her down! – Safety dick has to
come and ruin everything. – [RC] He did! There’s way too many pylons. I can’t even walk around here. Stupid. (machine humming) They’re cleaning all the pay
that was at Rookie’s site, until it was basically shut down as a safety issue and we had an issue with the conveyor. (machine humming) I woulda’ asked you to turn that off but I already know what
the answer woulda’ been. – Nope. (machine stopping) – [RC] These safety
cones are too much, man. – They’re safe. – [RC] I can barely walk around here. – [Will] That’s why it’s safe. – [RC] Does this look safe to you? – [Will] Now you won’t fall in. – [RC] What are you pointing out? – [Mikal] Look at this
little collection here. – [RC] Oh nice! – [Mikal] Look at that. Niceness. – [RC] Gold, gold, gold. Look at that. That’s a nice piece there. There’s two pieces there. – [Mikal] See what we can
accomplish without Joe? – [RC] Oh my God. Oh.
(laughing) The Sluice Box clean out. That’s where all the gold comes from. – [Rookie] Oh, look at
that chunk right there. Look at that pool, geez. – [RC] Yeah, I’m bringing
it out so it’s sideways. – [Rookie] It’s just
one side at a time. Yep. – [RC] Yeah, exactly. Just one side. Okay, Rook. Fire up the concentration table. Water! – [Rookie] Table. – [RC] Shaker table on. Kevin, this is a big day for you dude. – Yep. – [RC] You are going to have
to catch the gold today. – Oh, I will. – [RC] Gold! – [Both] Gold, gold, gold, gold! – [RC] Does it seem, does it look good? I don’t see any gold on top. – [Rookie] I don’t see any on top. – [RC] Where? Oh, nice. It is nice. Bring that out so we can, oh yeah. Oh, one piece right there. Turn up the speed of the shaker. Where is it? There it is. I’m interested in seeing where
it goes on the table, yeah. ‘Cause that is possibly the
biggest piece we’ve seen yet. (water running) – [Rookie] More than I had hoped. – [RC] Yeah, there it is. Yeah, it’s getting
washed away quite a bit. – [Rookie] I got it, I got it, I got it. – [RC] Oh, I’m pointing
it out for the viewer. – [Rookie] There we go! – [RC] There it goes, good job. – [Kevin] That one’s going well. I don’t like that. – [RC] It is, yeah. Look how far it’s going. We must need to adjust
the table a little bit. – [Kevin] But I still caught her. (water running) – [RC] It must be pitched
forward a little bit too much, but I love that it’s still
carrying everything away. The shaking is so hard to focus on. – [Mikal] More right here too. – [RC] Holy cow. Yeah, there’s a flake there, there, there, there. (water running) – [Rookie] At least that
can start here still. Still coming. (water running) – [RC] It’s a river of gold, gentlemen. – [Kevin] Whoo! – [RC] Next up, wheel of gold! Which fortune am I gonna get today? Wow. That’s amazing. – [Mikal] Yep, I’m
catching all that black. – [RC] Everyone’s watching this video saying they don’t see anything but dirt. It’s incredibly hard to focus in on those small gold particles
that are going through. – [Mikal] Well, yeah. It’s shiny on shiny. – [RC] Exactly. The holes are starting to get plugged. – I’ve said this before, I think, at least in my head. – It’s interrupting the flow. – See the dirt we’re gettin’? We need some pantyhose for the pump ’cause the filter– – That’s what it is. It’s dirt coming out. – It’s dirt coming out. That’s what this is, ’cause once we get through a whole bunch– – You need what? – The water, pantyhose. Just as a pre-filter. – Yeah, goes into my private collection? – [Rookie] Oh! No! – What? Just put it on the pump, Kev. – [Rookie] No! – I push the gold. – [Rookie] Kevin, pump is
your job, we all know this. Oh! – What? – [Rookie] Oh! – [Kevin] I’m too excited. – [RC] Kevin, final process brother. Let’s do it.
– [Kevin] All right. – [RC] No, no, no, no. You don’t use that spoon, right? Everyone online’s been telling us that we needed to use another spoon. The gold spoon. The golden spoon. – [Rookie] That’s gonna take forever. – [RC] Well, come on now. We are good luck, that’s my son’s baby spoon. – [Kevin] We need all the luck. – [RC] There you go. This will take forever. Biggest scoop ever, four
o’clock on the wheel. Actually eight o’clock. (mumbles). – [Rookie] Could’ve been eastern time. – [RC] Oh, nice, well said. (water running) Beautiful guys. Those are nice pieces of
gold that just went in there. Yeah, I see it. – [Rookie] Work on up. – [RC] We installed a
new no peeking bucket. You can’t see through it anymore. – I’m tall enough. I can see straight down in the bucket and this contrasting bucket
actually works better. I can see more in there. – [RC] You’re right. – You can totally see it now. – [RC] I like this smaller spoon. You can kind of constantly
feed it all the time. We don’t have to wait. – [Kevin] Yep. – [RC] Oh! – [All] Oh! – [RC] That is a nice piece. Oh, it got stuck. – [Rookie] It’ll go, it’ll go. – [RC] Nice. – [Rookie] Around, yeah!
– [RC] Yeah, I heard it. That was a nice piece. – [Rookie] Actually hear that one go. – [RC] Very good. Keep going, Kev. More gold, more gold. You got awfully quiet once
the gold came out, by the way. Your a lot like Everett. – Most gold I’ve ever seen. – [RC] What?
– Most gold I’ve ever seen. – [RC] And you’re a mine site inspector? – Yeah. – [RC] That’s embarrassing. How old are you, 14? – No, I’m 15. – [Rookie] Good for us. – [RC] Look at who they’re
sending out to us these days. – Kids. – [RC] Dumping the gold
so we can reprocess it now that we got most of
the stuff out (laughs). – [Rookie] Watch this. Now you’ll see some gold. – [RC] Hopefully it doesn’t
all get washed out the bottom. – [All] Oh!
– [RC] Nice! Nice. Holy cow. Holy cow. – [Rookie] That’s more than I thought. – [RC] That chunk is getting stuck. Wow. – [Rookie] It’ll go. – [RC] Yeah, there’s
still more coming there. – [Rookie] Third time’s a charm. – [RC] That was amazing. – [Kevin] Leave it! – [RC] Yeah, there it goes. Very well done, boys. That looked like a great clean up so far. – That looked good. – [RC] That looked good, that looked good. We needed four more grams, yeah? – Yep. – [RC] Sweet deal. Dump it out pal. – [Kevin] I wonder what
another lead’s just alone. – [RC] Yeah, it looked like a nice one. Bring it to me, Rook. What do we got? – [Kevin] Oh ho! – [RC] Oh nice. Thought it was gonna be more than that. It’s still good. That is a big one. – [Kevin] That’s a huge nugget. – [RC] That’s a nug for sure. – [Kevin] Drop it into the pan. Oh! – [RC] Yeah, that’s a good sound, eh? I’d love to hand you a
bag of magnets, Rook, but I lost ’em. – [Rookie] Somebody lost my magnets so I gotta use a motor in a bag. – [RC] I think that’s bad (bleeps) though. You should be using a
motor magnet for this. This is an RC show. (dryer blowing) Everyone’s still waiting
for me to get a hot plate. We haven’t got enough gold yet to cover the cost of the beer, let alone a hot plate. (plate shaking) That looks pretty nice. – Yeah, it does. – It’s my gold. It’s all mine, mine. (finger tapping) It’s so beautiful. All that hard work. Just a little bit dirty. We’re gonna have to smelt that down. All that, eh? I don’t know if that’s 4G guys. – [Kevin] I don’t know. Weigh the nugget. – You wanna know what the nugget is? – [Kevin] Yeah. – [RC] Here’s the nugget that we have. It’s all zeroed out in grams. Point nine. – [Rookie] Holy!
– [RC] Almost a gram. That’s nice. Okay, boys. – [Rookie] We’re gonna be close. – [RC] Here’s to all our hard work today. – [Rookie] I don’t think we’re there, but I think we’re close. – [RC] I don’t think we’re there. Oh, nice, one point six. – [Rookie] Point six. – [RC] One point eight, two. – [Rookie] Halfway. – [RC] Come on, two one,
two three, two four. – [Rookie] Two four, two
five, two six, three. – [RC] Oh! – [Rookie] We might get there. Three two. – Four. (men yelling) Four point five maybe,
yeah, with the dirt. Gold dance guys! (men singing) – [All] Gold! – [RC] ‘Kay, bring your hats in. On the count of 23, we did gold. One, two, three, four, five, six, this is way too stupid. Great, you want to be
able to see the number without a shine, without a shine. Yeah. ‘Kay, full weigh in boys. Do we got it? Four point eight. It is a little dirty so
if it was four point five, there’s that nice one. Six point two, holy cow. It’s chunking out, eight point eight. Aaron, call it out buddy. I can’t see. – [Rookie] 10.8. 11.7, 12, 13. – [RC] Holy cow. – [Rookie] 15. – [RC] It just keeps coming out. – [Rookie] 16, 17, 19.
– [RC] Nice. – [Rookie] 21, 22. 24. – [RC] 24.3. Nice! 24 grams. – [Rookie] We need 23.32
for our season goal. – [RC] Dude, we did it. – We’re done. – [Kevin] Yeah! – We’re done. – [RC] We totally did it. All right, we did it. Good job, Kev. Thanks for coming in all
those times to achieve it and everything. Now we could quit. We could quit or we could keep going. – Keep going! – [RC] Well, we only got
so much pay dirt left in those cuts, right? Do we want to keep going? – We still got time in the year, yeah. – Let’s beat the Hoffman’s. – [RC] (laughs) I think we already did.


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