– [RCSparks] Joe! – [Joe] Hey, boss. – [RCSparks] YouTube Gold, baby. – [Joe] YouTube Gold, baby. – [RCSparks] We got everything
ready to rock and roll? – We’re just getting set up. Yeah, I think we’re… – [RCSparks] Do you think
the pond is full enough? – [Joe] Oh hey. – [Rookie] It’s good. – [RCSparks] Good? – [Joe] I think we got enough water. – [RCSparks] Ready to rock and roll? – Yeah, ready. – [RCSparks] Let’s start up the machines and fire up the pumps! – [Everyone] Whew, YouTube Gold! – Hey, safety check,
get away from my wife! So apparently, this guy got fired from the safety commissioner, yeah? – Yeah. – Shouldn’t have been taking the bribes. – Someone ratted me out. – Yeah, well, that’s YouTube for ya. – I heard it was some new young guy. – He needs a dozer! That’s what you get safety
guy, get on the dozer. – Okay. – [RCSparks] Firing up the Sluice pumps. I hope. (RCSparks rolls tongue) Darn these darn pumps. I got the other pump still on the way, it should be here this week. Everett, I’m gonna need
you to blow on the hose. Oh no, you’re lucky. (Everett laughs) Firing up the big generator. Hold on Ev’. (generator rumbles) Good to go! Okay, new guy. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] There are
rocks everywhere still. – [Everett] Where do you want ’em? – [RCSparks] We’re
basically going backwards in the episodes. – I pretty much need my hand held, so I don’t know where they go. – [RCSparks] Okay, if
you don’t know to do, you go sit on the corner there and you think about it
until you figure it out. – All right. – [RCSparks] I need the rocks moved. – That doesn’t look very
safe to sit on though. – [RCSparks] Listen,
you don’t have to worry about safety anymore.
– It’s not a worry, it’s about a full collapse. – [RCSparks] Don’t worry
about that, just get these. There’s nails. Quit, listen, stop
worrying about the safety. These rocks are in the way. – [Everett] I’ll figure it out. I’ll figure it out.
– That can be your safety concern. – [Everett] I’ll figure it out. – [RCSparks] We put them there, because we knew you were coming today. You’re crushing? – Yeah, I’m crushed.
– You’re crushing it. – [Joe] I’m crushing as I make
my way over to the new site. – [RCSparks] But there’s
barely any rock in there. Oh, there’s plenty. – [Joe] I gotta go back. (engine hums) – [RCSparks] Shakers looking good. – [Rookie] It’s beautiful. – [RCSparks] I’m surprised this
motor hasn’t given out yet. And I’m still waiting on
this belt to blow, nothin’. Looks good, everybody’s
ready to rock and roll. All the conveyors are going, – Everything fired up
first try, unbelievable. Everything fired up first try. I can’t believe it. – [RCSparks] Yeah, we heard you. – Oh, I didn’t think you did. (engine hums) – [Everett] Is that enough? – You’re good man, hey. You just dump it, and let her crush the rock
and gold all over the road? What are you doing? – I thought this was waste. – No, we’re planning on washing it. It seems like an odd thing to do. – Okay, well I’ll stop doing that then. – [Rookie] Well, it’s not the first time we’ve paved the roads with gold. – [RCSparks] I feel like we’re doing all the episodes over again already. – Are we repeating? – What? – We’re not in rerun season
yet, so we should be good. – [Kevin] We should be fine. – [RCSparks] Good, Everett
falling into place here getting the rocks out
of the way for the guys. These dozers are exceptionally powerful, I love showing them off. (engine hums) The first bucket, well kind of a bucket. Looks like he’s just leaning into it until we get some pay up from the cut. Ah, speak of the devil. In it goes, beautiful. People always saying I
should shut this even more. But if I do it anymore, there’s no more pay gonna be able to feed through there at all. Run on. Now last week we had the dump truck loading
right into the hopper, but we had a huge jam up in the machine. These machines can process a lot of yardage or micro yardage. But I gotta tell you,
there are limitations, so back to the loader. It’s such an amazing sight. These machines doing their
job, washing the dirt, dozer behind them, trying to
get those rocks out of the way. Meteorites hitting the gold mine site conveniently for people to
move them out of the way. – [Rookie] Ron, just push it off the edge. – [RCSparks] Yeah, you
can’t back blade it, you’re gonna dig a hole. – [Rookie] Just shove it. – [Ron] Shove it where? – [RCSparks] Forward. – [Rookie] There’s an
empty spot right behind the brigade.
– Right here. – [Rookie] Fill it. – [RCSparks] Yep, it’s not
easy to run these machines, oh. So go up beside it with your blade and push sideways with it, there you go. Everett learning a bit of
skill here on the dozer. Always looks easy from behind the screen. Yeah buddy, good job. (engine hums) These guys are buckling down. They know we’re getting
towards the end of the season. We wanna get as much pay run as we can. Beautiful. Over in the new cut, we’re
starting to make our way through. Looking good man. You’re moving to it boys. – [Man] Woo-hoo! – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Joe] Yeah. – [Rookie] Get that gold. – [RCSparks] Move as much as you can. I don’t wanna see these
machines stop moving today. Nice. Joe giving his hand at the excavator, the one piece of equipment
he does not usually use. – [Joe] Ha-ha, there’s a reason. – [RCSparks] (laughs) Hey,
we don’t call you Crazy Joe ’cause you’re normal. – [Everett] Go. – [RCSparks] Gives it a
try at anything, yeah. Watch your nut sack there Ev (laughs). You don’t wanna get a
bucket with this claw on it. – [Everett] You know, I’m just trying to make sure everybody’s
still safe around here. – [RCSparks] You don’t
need to worry about that. – You don’t do that here. You run the dozer, get going. – Okay, safety. – [Rookie] There’s
still rocks on the road, clear ’em.
– Safety. – [RCSparks] It’s like
it’s stuck in his head. Safety, safety. Man, look at that beauty. Curl it in buddy. Oh, look it, look it. You got a huge hydro leak bro. You’re drippin’ fluid like crazy. – [Joe] That’s gonna contaminate our dirt. We can’t do that. – [RCSparks] Yeah, you’re
dripping it right there. – [Joe] We gotta shut this machine down. – [RCSparks] Well, we can try
to change the piston, Rookie. – I don’t know if that’s the thing you wanna do.
– Where’s our radios? We need our radios. Everett, inside on the
table are two green radios, please go grab them. – [Everett] Will do. – [RCSparks] Thank you. – We had a severe ram leak.
– What’s the hold up down here? – [RCSparks] I know, I know. – We’re all waiting for pay. – [RCSparks] I’m very
aware your waiting for pay. – It’s still empty. – [RCSparks] I’ve got a leaking excavator. I’ve got the new guy running
as fast as he can go. There’s a power button on either one. Hey, Rookie, here. (radio beeps) We got a problem with the excavator. It’s leaking in the top ram, and Joe’s not gonna be
able to move pay that way. (radio beeps)
– Over. – [RCSparks] Over. (radio beeps) I give the orders around here. – [Rookie] Okay, so. – [Everett] Safety. – What do you want me to do about it? – [RCSparks] We’re gonna have to look at taking that top ram off. I’ve got another ram, but
it might leak as well. But it won’t be leaking that bad. – Yeah, this one’s pouring. We’re gonna need a
spoke head too, I think. (radio beeps) – I got shop towels in the garage. (radio beeps) Get Kev over here and put
him on your excavator, so he can bring the
excavator down and load pay. – All right, will do. (radio beeps) – [RCSparks] Okay, back
with Rook’s excavator. We’re gonna have to shut down the one side of the plant for now. The shaker can keep going, it’ll be washing what Kev’s loading in that gets cast off from the Trommel. Once he’s done loading up, Ev, we’ll get you to take the rock truck up and dump it for Kev. – Sounds like a plan. – [RCSparks] Plant is still
pushing all that dirt through, washing it as we go. (water flows)
(engine hums) Beautiful day today. Looks like Ev’s ready to rock. Overflowing with pay. (engine hums) Good job dude. – [Rookie] Get this last scoop in. (voice drowned out by engine humming) – [Everett] No drag brake. – [RCSparks] Oh, this
is for professionals. Start dumping and pull out. – [Everett] That’s what she said. – [RCSparks] Ha-ha. – [Everett] Whew. – [RCSparks] Right on. Keep the gold rockin’. The gold and the beautiful. I’m in a good mood. I’m ahead of my season
goal, what can I say? – [Everett] Heck ya. – [RCSparks] Crushin’ it. What a nice scoop full dude. Nice and slow dude. Lift it up, there it is. Well done. Good job. Away it goes. Feeding, feeding. (engine hums) Nice. (RCSparks screams) Right there bro. It must’ve fallen out. Look at it. Right there. Yeah. Nice job. – [Joe] Where you want the next load? – [RCSparks] Kevin’s going
through it pretty quick. Rookie’s working on the excavator, I’ll go check it out. Give it to Kevin right now. – [Everett] Okay. – [RCSparks] And then
I’ll go see where we’re at with the fix. – Sounds good. – [RCSparks] Rookie? – [Rookie] Yes sir. – [RCSparks] Verdict? – [Rookie] Seems good. – [RCSparks] Replaced? – [Rookie] Replaced. – [RCSparks] Thank you sir. – [Rookie] I think we need a
little hydraulic fluid though, just from swapping. – [RCSparks] Sure, K. – [Rookie] We might be down just a hair. – [RCSparks] Kev did find a nugget. – Already? – [RCSparks] Yeah, it went
through right in front of us. – It came from an excavator, right? – [RCSparks] It (laughs). Yeah, new controls. – [Rookie] Totally new. – [Joe] Damn it. – [Rookie] There you go, all fixed. – [Joe] Okay, here you go. – [RCSparks] Good job, more pay. – [Joe] Hey thanks okay. – [RCSparks] Up to Kevin. – [Rookie] No worries J. – At least I got a load out.
– Good job. Here, thank you. – [Joe] Oh boy. – [RCSparks] Good job. Kevin sure has come a long way
since he’s started with Gold. – [Kevin] Oh yeah. – [RCSparks] He even
shaved and grew a new one. – Yep, gotta. – [RCSparks] It’s like play off season. – Heck ya. – [RCSparks] Yeah, shave at the beginning and grow it as long as you can by the end. – [Kevin] Well, hockey
season’s about to start. – [RCSparks] Exactly, beautiful. Dirt gets caught in these areas. You can see. If you don’t catch it,
it doesn’t process it. It just gets all stuck up inside. – [Kevin] Yeah? – [RCSparks] We’ve learned every episode, to get in there. You’re great at fingering Kevin. – Whew. – [RCSparks] Bringing it,
another one for Rookie. Crazy Joe, I’m plugging
in the trailer buddy. – [Joe] Radio on? – [RCSparks] Radio on? – [Joe] Radio’s on. – [RCSparks] Good to go. So this is a special Trommel
trailer that I ordered. We’ve been running this for awhile. All switches, there you go sir. So this helps us sort
pay to get finer stuff up to where Kevin is, and to get the coarser
stuff up to the shaker. Man, everyone’s workin’ like crazy today. Good job boys. – [Man] Woo-hoo. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Joe] Hey? – [RCSparks] What’s wrong? – You’d think when a mechanic
fixes your hole for ya, he’d throw some more fluid in it. – [RCSparks] Hey. – I’ve got one. – [RCSparks] What? (RCSparks screams) Another one. – [Rookie] Like the one that
was found on the excavator. – [RCSparks] There’s that one. – [Rookie] Yeah that was mine. – [RCSparks] Told ya. Nice job. – Hey at least we’re gettin’ it. – [RCSparks] At least we’re getting it. Okay, hey, we still
need his machine fixed. – Let me empty my bucket. – Okay, can’t really say anything to that. – [Everett] I can’t argue with them both. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Man] It works. – I just noticed we had pay piles up here. Find some on here and
I saw a nugget go in. – [RCSparks] No way. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] (laughs) I love that look. – Whew. – [RCSparks] (laughs) Gold fever baby. Did it get kicked out? – [Kevin] I don’t think so, I
think it’ll be in the sluices. It wasn’t too big, but
it was still noticeable. – [RCSparks] There’s one, there’s one. – [Kevin] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Nice job, nice job. – [Joe] Find some gold and stagger out. – [RCSparks] Hey, hey, hey. You two ladies finished
talking back to each other? Go back to work. – You better get that
pay up to that loader. – Telling me what to do
and always standing around. – [RCSparks] He’s got seniority on you. Get the pay up there Rock Jockey. Crazy Joe is still hammering away at it. Keep mixing it, keep
flowing it through bro. Big shout out to Wes. If you’re watching right now man, we love this bucket. It’s one of the gnarliest
buckets we’ve ever seen. Thank you for putting it
together for us on the show. Look at that. The fangs rip in to the
ground processing away. Right on, good job Joe. – [Joe] Whew. – [RCSparks] It just keeps arriving. It keeps getting processed. Rookie, pick up the pace brother. We got a lot to move. – [Rookie] All right. – [RCSparks] Is that a
good spot for you still? – [Rookie] Oh, yeah. – [RCSparks] Good man. Good job Ev, becoming a
pro on that rock truck. (engine hums) – [Kevin] Why you even hire a
(voice drowned out by engine). – You stole my wire. – [RCSparks] Hey, pay
attention to what your doing. – [Everett] Sometimes, why? – [RCSparks] With your full buckets. You’re spilling pay (laughs). Get it in there nice and easy, good job. Very good Kevin. – [Everett] You call that good? – [RCSparks] Yeah, look at
how it’s feeding out, perfect. ♪ Money, money, money ♪ ♪ Money ♪ (guys scream) – [RCSparks] Oh, oh. – [Man] Shut it down, the conveyor. – [RCSparks] Shut down
the conveyor, nice job. – What do I do? – [RCSparks] Nothing, just
put the controller down. – It’s his fault. – [RCSparks] Just put the controller down. – [Man] What did you do Walt? – [RCSparks] Nice job, nice job, great. – [Everett] Not even my, I
didn’t, Kevin was talking, – Holy (horn beeps). – [Rookie] Oh my God. – [RCSparks] Shut her down. Shut her down. Listen, just shut the pumps
off, unplug the battery. Just save whatever is in the box. It’s okay, just get over
there and help them. – [Everett] I don’t know what to do. – [RCSparks] Shut her down. Just don’t worry about it. Everybody put your hard hats back on, including me I guess. – [Joe] Yeah, it’s not safe. – [RCSparks] Joe, shut her down. You’re making some sort of weird noise. That’s getting backed up with dirt too. Well heidi-ho. Who’s got their friggin’ pump on still? – You know, I blame that
it was the edge caved. It wasn’t safe. – [RCSparks] You hit the tongue. – [Everett] Well it’s Kevin. – [RCSparks] Right here. – [Everett] Distracted me. – [RCSparks] Okay, so maybe we shoulda had a cone on the end. Maybe we shoulda had a cone on the end. – [Everett] That’s right,
you know, you’re right. – [RCSparks] Hey, just shut up. – If there was a cone there.
– Just shush, just shut up. Everybody, let’s just pick up the Trommel and let’s get her done. – [Everett] There was a cone. – [RCSparks] Days over
boys, shut her down. Lift up the Trommel. Joe, can you muscle it in here man? Watch the. – [Everett] Unplug it first, like that. – [Joe] Nope, just unplug it. – [RCSparks] Yep, good job guys. Ah, nice. – Good job Ev.
– Watch out. Watch the gold, watch the gold. – [Rookie] Watch the gold. The gold is still there. – [RCSparks] Careful. – [Rookie] It didn’t go anywhere. – [RCSparks] Just start unhooking it. Good job new guy, I can
see why they fired you. – There should’ve been a cone. – [RCSparks] Should’ve been, you shut up. – [Rookie] For a safety
guy, you’re really unsafe. – [Everett] Ah, very unsafe. – [RCSparks] You need to be
looking where you’re going bro. We can’t just have you on
the show wrecking everything. – [Everett] My mistake,
what’s gonna happen? – [RCSparks] People are gonna think that we set you up to do this. – But you did. – [RCSparks] Just make
sure you’re watching where you’re going when you
take the battery inside. Take this one too. – [Rookie] Don’t trip over
anything, there’s no cones. – [Everett] There’s no cones (laughs). – [Joe] Careful, there’s no cones. – [RCSparks] Maybe you
should be shouting out where you’re walking,
so people can avoid you. – [Everett] I can’t hear you. – [RCSparks] Let’s just start
hauling all this stuff in. Joe, grab a pan, grab the tailings please. We’ll start carrying everything over. Great, so we have all
this pay on here too. – [Joe] Yeah, we gotta pick
all that (horn beeps) up. – [RCSparks] What we’ll do,
is we’ll put a bucket here and we’ll just turn it on. – Hey Joe, can I get you
to turn those two on? – [Joe] I got it, I got it, I got it. – [Rookie] All right. – [RCSparks] Just at the top Joe. Good job. Get it all through and we
can get it in the bucket. It’s no big deal boys. It’s not like it’s a season ender, as long as it’s not busted. – [Everett] You know, mistakes happen. – You (horn honks) up too. – [Rookie] Not that badly.
– Nice, you got ’em all. – [Rookie] I hope. – [Joe] At least I didn’t
hit anybody with my jet boat. – [Everett] I don’t have a jet boat. – [RCSparks] Oh my (horn honks)! Holy (horn honks)! Look at that (laughs). – [Joe] Here, let me do that again. – [RCSparks] Holy (horn honks) Kevin. – [Kevin] What? – [Joe] Just hold on. Just hold on. – [Kevin] I wanna see. – [Joe] Oh my God. – [Rookie] Too late, he’s too far away. – [Kevin] What? – [Rookie] What? (Rookie laughs) – [RCSparks] Was that from your side? – What, that’s definitely excavator. – [RCSparks] That’s definitely excavator. Holy shit, oh. – [Man] Holy. (RCSparks laughs) – [RCSparks] No you don’t. – [Joe] Great try though. – [RCSparks] Holy (horn honks) boy. Holy (horn honks). Nice job. – [Kevin] Hey, don’t let him touch it. – [RCSparks] Holy frick. That’s the biggest. – [Joe] Now are you
sad that you broke her? – It’s already ready for jewelry. – [RCSparks] Listen, you
freaked up our Trommel man. Don’t even start touchin’ this stuff. Look at that, holy cow, I’m shaking. Whew. Please tell me you got the other ones. – [Joe] Oh yeah. – [RCSparks] Dude, what the freak? – [Joe] That was sitting right at the top. – [RCSparks] (horn honks) gorgeous. – [Rookie] Of course it was,
it came from an excavator. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah. – That definitely didn’t
go through the loader side. There’s not way it’d fit. Rookie come here. – Coming boss. – Yeah boss. – Hey. – [RCSparks] Listen, he
pushed over the Trommel. – Yeah he did. He really did. – [RCSparks] It could be
a season ender right there and he busted the axles on
the back of the trailer. – Blew a tire out, snapped
an axle, know what? – [RCSparks] So listen, are
we gonna keep him or what? – [Joe] We can’t keep him. – We can’t keep him. – We can’t keep him.
– We can’t keep him. There’s no way. – [RCSparks] So we let him count the gold, and he’s moving on or what? Oh, you playing I Spy? – [Rookie] There’s a shit ton right there and then over there. It’s way down at the bottom. It’s literally from the top to the bottom. – [RCSparks] That means there’s
some in the recovery place. – [Man] There’s some even before the mat. – [Rookie] That probably got
down here during an accident. – I think it just helped. It just made it so that you made sure that you didn’t go wash it out too much. – [RCSparks] Let’s see the gold. Bring me the gold. – [Everett] We’re bringing it. – [RCSparks] Oh, you
got your vest back on. Very safety like of you, I’m surprised you didn’t have it on. – Well I was gonna leave at one point, but then you guys were nice again. – [Joe] Hey Everett, you’re
still gonna need a hard hat bud. – Oh, hard hat dude. – But they’re not wearing hard hats. – I don’t have a hard hat. – [RCSparks] I have a hard hat. – Next, come on. – I’m playing by the rules here, okay? – Kevin’s getting my hard hat. – [RCSparks] Fire it down. Look at that beautiful gold, nice. – [Rookie] I think, well I know obviously, this is gonna be our sluice ever. – [RCSparks] Double sluice mats, right? That’s the way you get the gold boys. – [Rookie] Even our smalls
today looked amazing. – [RCSparks] Yep, I’m glad to hear that. – [Rookie] We’re freaking
rich or freaking less poor. – [RCSparks] Aye, you keep forgetting it’s called a mine dude. – Yeah, I know. Like I said, we’re less poor. Okay good, next. – [RCSparks] Oh, a hard hat dude. – Oh, a hard hat. – [RCSparks] I thought
you weren’t a hat guy. All season you didn’t do a hat thing, ’cause you’re not a hat guy. – I’m caving to pressure, and now I gotta put a hard hat back on. – I tell you what, this
is the part of the job that I love the most. – I think Rookie’s probably
the best foreman out here. He has nice things to say. – You’re sucking up now, are you? – Everybody thinks
Rookie’s the best foreman. I’m calm, I’m cool, I’m collected. – [Everett] Dump her in. – [RCSparks] I think that
why he has the best fan. – [Rookie] Squish that around a bit. – [RCSparks] Swish, swirl, swish. – [Rookie] Man, that’s amazing. That’s the biggest one.
– Oh, look at that. – [RCSparks] Look at that one. – [Everett] Yeah, there’s two more. – Look at that one, that one.
– Beautiful. – [Rookie] Holy smokes man. – [RCSparks] This will
be our biggest clean out. – [Rookie] Even without that,
I think it’s our biggest. – [RCSparks] Yeah well, you gotta be here. – [Everett] That’s freaking amazing. – [RCSparks] Bad back and all. We’re thinking he’s loose. – [Rookie] You can grab
some of these Kevin. Give ’em a quick look over and toss ’em. – [RCSparks] Nothing, nothing, I don’t want anything stuck to it though. Gold cleaning time. – [Rookie] All I got is a paintbrush. – [RCSparks] Shaker table. It’s been paying out so
well over the whole season. Got from 911 Metalurgist. I think the nugget is so bright, that Rookie’s wearing his sunglasses. – It is. I’m just gonna. – [RCSparks] Let’s see it,
let’s see what it does. That’s it? Dude, it’s huge. – [Rookie] I don’t even need a spoon. – [Joe] You can hear it
shaking down the table. – [Rookie] I just dropped
gold on the table. – [RCSparks] Holy cow. I’m interested to see what
the table does with that. – [Man] Heck yeah. – [Rookie] We definitely gotta
catch this as it comes down. – [RCSparks] Yeah, don’t let it drop. – [Rookie] Don’t let that go please. – [Everett] I’ll really try not to. – [Rookie] Come on. – [RCSparks] So everyone’s gonna be like, what’s the point of you doing this, ’cause they’ve never seen the show before. This actually would normally
be in all the light stuff that we’ll be washing in a few minutes. But what happens, is all the heavier material
stays near the top of the table, while all the light
stuff gets washed away. Hence, we’re able to clean
the gold more effectively. It looks like a brain from my side. Like a walnut. It’s like walnut size. – [Rookie] You can hear it rattling. That’s awesome. Awesome! – [RCSparks] Look at what
we’re noticing though. It’s coming down. That’s very interesting. – [Rookie] Can I do an experiment here? – [RCSparks] Go ahead,
yeah, experiment away. – [Everett] I think we’re gonna be rich. – [RCSparks] This is your first day, and you broke the Trommel. – It’s a minor setback. – [Rookie] There it is, that
did float up there, yeah. – [Joe] No I pushed it up. – [Rookie] Oh did ya, okay. Lots coming down. – [Everett] Tons, woo-hoo. – [Rookie] I say that a lot, but there’s a lot of gold today. – [Everett] It might not climb up though. – [RCSparks] I don’t see that much though. These are definitely bigger pieces again. – [Rookie] These are good pieces. It’s just now we’re mesmerized by the giant meteor right there. (everyone laughs) – [Everett] Space gold. – [RCSparks] Space gold,
it’s all space gold guys. – [Rookie] Next week on
YouTube Gold, they go to space. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that would be awesome. – [Rookie] Actually, I’d
be totally up for that. – [RCSparks] I would be up for that, yeah, I would be up for that. – [Joe] See if you can redeem yourself by spooning gold today. – Wheel of gold boys. – Here it is. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s time. I wanna see what the heck’s going on. On, where’s the on switch? – [Rookie] I got it. – [RCSparks] Thank you. – [Joe] It’s over there. Here we go. – [RCSparks] Wheel of gold boys, you gotta feed it over here on this side. Yeah, load it right here sir. Bring me the gold. – [Rookie] Come on gold. – [RCSparks] Are you telling
me the nugget is in there Joe? – [Everett] I don’t see it. – [RCSparks] I don’t see a nugget. – [Everett] Oh, found the nugget. – Yes. – [RCSparks] Yes it is in there. – The nugget is in there. – [Rookie] Of course there’s gold. It’s all gold today. It’s freaking amazing. – [Everett] Bring us the nugget. – [Joe] I wanna see more. I got gold fever boys. I can see the nugget peeking out. – [Rookie] Ha, no peeking. – [Everett] I see it. – [Joe] It’s not time for the nugget yet. – [Rookie] I wonder if it’s
even gonna be able to ride up? – [RCSparks] It’s not gonna
go through the center hole. – [Everett] Maybe. – [RCSparks] Look it, there it goes. Look at you fiends around the table. – It’s awesome man. Look at that gold. – [RCSparks] I know you
keep talking about it, but I don’t see as much gold as I thought there was
gonna be, to be honest. – [Rookie] No, I’m seeing tons. Once it gets to the top it all clears out. – [Everett] I don’t know, it might’ve been how Joe was
trying to catch the gold. – [RCSparks] Are you trying
to blame Joe for something? – A lot of blaming today here. – [RCSparks] Trying to deflect? Nice, that was a big piece. – [Everett] Let’s see what it does. – [RCSparks] Oh there
it is, it’s in there. Whoa, nice. Yeah, yeah, riffle rider. Right at the top, round and round. – [Rookie] That is so awesome. Whoa, there it goes. Look at this one. – [RCSparks] The nugget. (everyone yells) – [Rookie] What a sight. – [Joe] YouTube Gold baby. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s a ton. That nugget doesn’t wanna ride at all. – [Rookie] No, it’s just
to big for the wheel. That’s a good problem to have. – [Everett] ‘Cause that’s one
you’re supposed to pick out if you ever find it. – [RCSparks] I would
say people are shouting take it out of there. No problem, no problem. – [Rookie] I’ll hold that. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I bet. – [Everett] Yeah, I bet (laughs). – [RCSparks] Okay, swirl her
around, pop her back in there. Let’s rewash it. I won’t put it back until
the cup is in there. Yeah, take that nugget out. Take the nugget out. – [Everett] I’ll just grab
a little bit of water here. – [RCSparks] Yeah, just try and get out as much black sand as possible. And, bucket on. Water on. The second clean. Oh my God, look at that guys. (everyone screams) – [Joe] That’s amazing. – [Everett] Holy cow. – [RCSparks] It just keeps giving. – I think it’s our best.
– Holy cow. – [Rookie] I really do. Even without this one,
I think it’s our best. – [RCSparks] That’s definitely. – [Rookie] That’s our best right there. – That is our best.
– That’s our best right there. – [RCSparks] That is amazing. – [Everett] And like Rookie said, I think I’m the good luck charm. – [RCSparks] Okay boys,
got us a special pan to dump the gold in. – [Man] Purple. – [RCSparks] For something like that, we should use a special pan, yeah? Dump her in there buddy. Swirl her around man. Yeah, let’s see what we got. Bring it to us. – [Joe] You ready? – [RCSparks] Three,
two, one, let’s see it. – [Everett] That’s a lot of black sand. – [Joe] That’s a lot of black sand. – [RCSparks] That is a lot of black sand. Dude, look at all the little gold. – [Rookie] Look, I got a
piece of the gold coming off. – [RCSparks] Holy cow. – [Everett] That gold’s
coming off the gold. – [Joe] That is freaking amazing. – Where’s our magnets?
– That’s awesome. – [Rookie] Right here, you got them? – [Joe] I got ’em. – [Rookie] Oh my. – [RCSparks] That’s so much better. – [Rookie] I’m scared
I got some on the rag. – [Joe] Yeah, you did. – [RCSparks] Dudes, come on now. Be more careful with the gold. That’s the whole reason we’re out digging. It’s not to just throw it away. – [Everett] Yeah, stop
throwing our money away. – [Rookie] It’s all still in the pan. – [RCSparks] Okay, so gold. ♪ Gold ♪ ♪ Gold ♪ ♪ Gold ♪ ♪ Gold ♪ – [RCSparks] Let’s weigh it in. ♪ Gold ♪ ♪ Gold ♪ ♪ Gold ♪ ♪ Gold ♪ – [Rookie] That’s last season right there. – [RCSparks] You say that’s 11? – [Rookie] That’s 11. That’s last season. – [Everett] That’s crazy talk. – I’d say that’s the nugget eight.
– Seven easy. Seven easy. – [RCSparks] Are you
just judging the nugget, or the whole thing? – Just the nugget.
– Just the nugget. – [RCSparks] You wanna see it right now? – [Rookie] I say 13 1/2
for the whole thing. – [Joe] We’re 15 today. – [Kevin] Five, four. – [Joe] You’re definitely gonna
need a bigger cup than that. – [RCSparks] Let’s just do the nug. Put the nug on there instead. This is in grams. – [Rookie] Everybody’s got there bet in? This is last season. (everyone yells) – [RCSparks] Oh man (laughs). – He told us. – [RCSparks] Dude 11.8 grams. You (horn honks) with me? – [Rookie] That’s last season. – [RCSparks] That’s entire last season. – I said that. – [RCSparks] I’m sorry,
I thought it was my idea. Wow, that’s amazing. – [Joe] Zero it out. – [RCSparks] What, I just
put it in a safe spot. – I don’t like your spot. – [RCSparks] If you don’t like it, you can reach in and grab it. – [Kevin] He’s the boss. You better listen to him. – You know, it’s almost worth it. There’s so much water in there. – [RCSparks] There is, it’s sticky today. – [Rookie] I can’t get the pan to dry. – [RCSparks] It looks
like a constellation, an entire universe right there. Careful, don’t shrink the gold. – [Rookie] Honey, I shrunk the gold. – [RCSparks] That’s amazing. All right, here we go. Ready boys? You wanna do it? Here, you do it. I’ll count it out. We got some nugs in there. There’s 2., oh, what? Seven right away? Nine, 10. Careful, careful, careful. Careful there’s getting gold. 13? – [Rookie] Come on, get outta that riffle. Get outta the riffle. – [RCSparks] Dudes? [Kevin] We smashed this last year. – [RCSparks] Dude? – [Kevin] We smashed our gold. – [Rookie] The nugget beat last year. – [RCSparks] There’s so
much stuck to it still. – [Kevin] You know, I think this clean out will be our season total for this year. – [Joe] 13.5. – [RCSparks] 13.5 plus 11.8. – [Rookie] Oh plus. – [RCSparks] Pop it on. – [Rookie] Boom. (everyone yells) – [RCSparks] 25 grams. – [Rookie] And there’s
still a little more in here. I can’t get out.
– There is. (Kevin yells) 25 grams. Dude, 25 grams in one clean out. Dude, we’re on the vain. – Unbelievable. – [RCSparks] Are you kidding me? – [Rookie] That is freaking amazing. – [RCSparks] You know we
have to figure out exactly how much gold we have, yeah? Come on, season weigh in right now. Why don’t you start dumping in there. 25.4 grams, one cleanup,
are you kidding me? – [Rookie] Wow. – [RCSparks] Keep bringing it on, 27. There is an ounce. That’s an ounce right there. – [Rookie] We’re over an ounce. – [RCSparks] There it is. Holy, 45, 49, 53 grams. 59 grams. – Oh, we’re over two ounces.
– Two ounces. – [RCSparks] Keep going, my God. – [Rookie] What the what? – [RCSparks] 70 grams, 79, 80 grams, 85. – [Kevin] Over three ounces. – 90.
– 94. – [Kevin] Three ounces. – [RCSparks] Oh my God. (everyone yells) – 100 grams. – [Everett] How much is mine? – [RCSparks] Wow, wow. – Hey Everett.
– You’re fired. – [Kevin] You’re fired. – You gonna pay me first? – [Joe] You’re bill’s in the mail. – Why am I the one that’s fired? Why am I the one that fired? – [Joe] You’re bill’s
in the mail, I’m sorry. – Why am I the one that’s fired. I wanna hear a reason. – [RCSparks] You knocked over the Trommel. – You know what, you know what? I’ve had enough of you guys anyways. I don’t wanna be here anymore. – [Joe] Leave your vest,
and hard hat, and go. – You know what, take the vest. – [Joe] Hey, hard hat too. It’s not yours. – [RCSparks] Well that went south quickly. Hats in boys, YouTube Gold. – [Joe] YouTube Gold. – [RCSparks] Yeah, 100 grams. We got 100 grams. That’s what 100 grams of gold looks like. – [Joe] Almost 101. – [RCSparks] Helen of Troy ounces. Everett, Everett, Everett. – What? – [RCSparks] You know we’re
just playing around right? – What do you mean? – [RCSparks] This is all
just for fun (laughs).


  1. From the creator of RC Adventures and the crazy mind that bought the world Loading Wars, RCSparks Studio brings to you one of the craziest RC themed YouTube shows ever devised "YouTube Gold". Utilizing the limited perhaps non existent gold mining skills and knowledge of his Loading Wars cast and crew and the fact that they all enjoy the world of RC and they will all be given the chance to play with some rather expensive new toys, DJMedic and the boys are attempting to at least cover the cost of their new toys by mining for GOLD in his backyard. Come along and enjoy the many many ups and very few downs as the team strive to reach their goal in the harsh unforgiving Canadian prairies.

    You will never find a better show on YouTube than YouTube GOLD! It truly is the show that keeps getting better with every episode.

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