– [RCSparks] Boys, I see you’ve
met the new guy to the team. – Yeah, whoo, whoop! – [RCSparks] Joe, Little Giants
Construction on YouTube, welcome, bro, drove six hours this morning
to be here for YouTube Gold. Thank you, you brought
equipment with you today, we’re gonna get gold, boys. We can’t find Sluicebox
Steve, but I can tell ya, we got him here, and now we
got no issues with the team, we’ve got a full– Dude! – Homeboy! – [RCSparks] We thought you quit. – [Krazy Joe] Hey, where you been! – I was on holidays, I was in PEI. – Oh snap, dude, you told me that. Oh, sorry guys. – Aw, you didn’t tell us that. – Your big career today. – [RCSparks] Oh, am I bad, oh! – Might as well put him to work. – Good to meet you, Steve. – [RCSparks] This is the Gold Mine Foreman. – Foreman? – Yeah, he’s the foreman. He’s the foreman, he was here, just ’cause he was on holiday, it would be wrong of
me to fire him, right?. – You were going to fire me? He’s back now. – And then I get to notify him off? – [RCSparks] Hey, let’s get to work. YouTube Gold, baby. – YouTube Gold! – [RCSparks] Yeah! (dramatic music) – [RCSparks] Well, a lot’s changed since you’ve been here, Sluice. – It’s very much different. – [RCSparks] Yeah. It’s going to take me a day or two to get onto this new process. – [RCSparks] I’m sure you’ve been keeping up on your vacation. – A little bit, yeah. – [RCSparks] Better be working
when you’re on your vacation, else you’re not really
putting in the effort the rest of us are. – I put a few hours in, yes. – He’s still on vacation.
– [RCSparks] What’s that? – So here we’ll have the mine truck. We’re a Little Giant construction company. He brought his gear today. Joe, can you tell us a little
bit about your gear, please? – It’s made by helicopter and comes from Germany. – Right on. – Track here is called 2010 and – Back your (honks) truck in there. – And 2015. – Wow. – [Joe] 4S and structure on. – [Host] 4S LiPo for this. Look at the size of this bucket. It’s gonna help clear
away all this overburden. We’re gonna have his trucks actually dump into back of the mining truck
and be able to haul it away. (motor running) – It’s gonna be another great day. – Hey, you wanna call for
a dozer there, foreman? – Yeah, we need a bulldozer,
hey, where’s Kevin? We need radio. – I lost my power as foreman, I can’t call for a dozer anymore. – You got the radio, Joe? – I’m not the foreman anymore. – Okay, okay, we got a
dozer coming up right now. Nobody knows where he’s going. He’s driving around, where’s he going? – Right in here, behind the haul truck. – I’m not foreman no more. – We gotta make a platform. – [Host] Kevin, you’re not even asking, you’re not even asking what to do. – I just know they want it
over here, once I’m here, they can tell me what to do. – [Host] So you wanted it over here. – I’m out of there. – It’s kind of somebody’s due today. – Hey, hey! – What happened? – Don’t know what happened, Somebody got the wrong
radio in their hand, and it just rolled in that. – You! Where’s the radio? – I don’t know. – Aren’t you the foreman? – I can’t know everything. – Hey, hey, if I was the foreman– – Yeah, you’d know, right? – Find the radio. – But I’m not the foreman. – This feels like a setup, man. – Hey, foreman, all that happy hauling, get this thing hauled out, let’s go. – That’s what I just said. – He just started going on like. – Hey! Sorry, man, I can’t be
everywhere all the time. – It’s okay, I get it. – Come on. (motor straining) – [Host] This is gonna suck. This is 200 pounds of truck,
that just went in here. No one wants to take
responsibility for the radio. So we’re gonna stock it up as a glitch. Listen, this ain’t gonna
be easy to get out of here. – We need a truck. – Now’s your chance, you’re gonna redeem? – Here we go, here we go. – Let’s see it. – Let’s do it. – You bring the power, we’ll
try to drive it all backwards. This stupid swamp, man. (laughs) I know. – Whoa! What the f–! Hi safety inspector. – What’s going on here? – How did you just show up out of nowhere? – Sneaking in. – Listen, this was a, this was, well, it is what it is. – I think we gotta try and
get as low as we possibly can, to take the stuck side out. If I can just help him, he should be able to get on his own power. – Reverse. – But I mean, we’re
glued in here right now. – Yup. – This is one heck of a mistake. (motor revving) – Wow. – It is, man. – We might have to try and winch him. – [Host] 200 pounds and in mud. – Need a dozer? – Oh yeah, we need a dozer. – Yeah, put the video on. – Joe, how heavy is that excavator? – 85 pounds. – 85 pounds. Exactly what we need to pull. – Yeah, so let’s do a quick dig, and then you’ll come around and pull up. – Good. (excavator running) – [Host] I see a whole
lot of rescuing going on, I don’t see a whole lot of gold mining. Everyone’s standing around. Come on, fire up the plant,
let’s go, get some pay moving. YouTube Gold, baby. (motors revving) – There you go, pull. – Yes! Just wants to slide. It’s like we need a guide. We need a dozer. Oh, frick, broken chain. (excavator running) So Betsy here is 63 pounds. Got new tracks on, and all steel tracks. (motors revving) – There’s no way. Turn your tire. More! Oh! Kevin’s got it. – Yeah! Redemption! – Woohoo! – Oh my god! Oh man! – Never give up. – With the dozer. – Never surrender. – Quiet, dude, your truck failed, man. Hey, good job, man. – Hey, quiet! – No! (machinery running) – How much water? – How much? – How much water do you want? – All right, I thought you’re
asking for more money again. – Later. – What a beautiful day, gentlemen. – It is a beautiful day. – We finally got a nice day. Nice day to run some pay. Here, let me help you out
with the grass there, sir. Try to keep the grass out of the shaker. All the castoff from the trommel now we’ve got rolling into the shaker. I’m gonna turn up the speed a little bit, get this puppy moving. This is where we found
our big nug last time. There we go, that looks much better. – We need to clean some
nozzles next time we’re down. – I see that. Pop them out, get them done. Good eye on that. (shaker running) Look at that shaker plant, holding itself together. Belt driven. Look at that sluice box washing
all the pay, catching gold. I love this job. Kevin finishing up the ramp here so the dumps can get
on to the mining truck. It’s a big haul truck to
truck everything away. Joe’s making sure his stuff is good to go. Safety, stupid safety inspector. Hey, haven’t you seen
enough already, or what? – Technical difficulties. You guys are lucky I
just haven’t complained about no barricade around
the open excavated water pit over there. – What do you mean, we
already paid you for that. That’s why you were here last time. – I’m gonna need more because – [Host] I thought you’re not supposed to stay all day. – Hopefully they’re getting
that stuff sorted out there, they’re not charging me
by the hour for this, ’cause I’m certainly not paying for a fix in their spare time. – Steve, Steve. You need to come here, Steve. I’m not backing down. I’m not not being the foreman no more. I’ll fight you for it. I’ll fight you for it. We need to have a cause before I fight. – Louder doesn’t mean you’re right. – I’m coming over there. – Hey, I’m not afraid. – Just stop, just stop, stop! – Okay, listen, I understand both of you must feel a little bit bummed out. But I understand where Joe’s coming from, because Joe has been foreman
while you’ve been gone. – Yes, he has. – I forgot that you were leaving, right, and so that’s basically my fault, so I’m kinda stuck in
the middle, all right? – I’ll call foreman with Steve, because we need the mine to
run smoothly above all else. – Dude, is that what you
would say on any mine site? You wanna come together
as a family that way? – We’re here to get gold and make money. – We are a family. – Hats in, boys. YouTube Gold. – YouTube Gold! – YouTube Gold! – [Host] Why are you always here? – [Team Member] These new
tracks seem to be working out pretty good, eh? – [Host] Oh yeah. – I love that they empty themselves out. – Yeah! – [Host] This machine
just bites into the cut, no problem at all. Three cell LiPo power in there, basically a 12 volt. Incredible. So here is the second plant. Krazy brought us a conveyor
and a hopper right here. Pour in, go up this conveyor, drop in to the main
conveyor over the road, ’cause safety is our
number 23, 21st priority? Well, 23, it’s been sliding down. Might have to change the slogan. You see any gold in here, yet? Barely moved anything today. I don’t see any twinkling. Or maybe right there. That is a heavy machine,
look at him claw his way up. (excavator whirring) – That looks like Jack’s excavator. – [Host] Yeah, this one’s a
tiny one I have right here. Next to this Goliath. Safety guy has to do
something around here. Basically he’s put me in a spot where if I don’t let him run
equipment on the gold mine, I’ve gotta pay out even more. So here he is, rock truck. (machinery running) – Nice, nice fingers. – I have strong fingers. – Start her up. – Everything’s fine? – Beautiful. – Thank you, rookie. – No worries. – Good job. – I built a little water dam
to try and keep that dry. – [Host] Nice job. – Yeah. – [Host] Very good. – That’s amazing. – Thank you. – [Host] That’s huge, dude. Nice job. – Good job, eh? – [Host] Yeah, very good job. – I like that. – [Host] Yeah, right into
the back of the mine truck. – You better get it loaded. – [Host] Everett never actually operating an articulating rock truck here. Basically telling me that either he got to run equipment
here and has some fun too, or else we’re just gonna
have to pay extra today. And we don’t need him shutting us down. Look at that, right into
the back of the mine truck. (motor running) Full load of pay right here. Money, money, money, money! – [Team Member] How
many have you just said? – [Host] Money! – [Team Member] Conveyor’s
going pretty slow, eh? – [Host] That’s just
the speed I set it at. I want it so I can filter
enough, through enough material without getting overburdened. – [Team Member] Right without
throwing it off the end. – [Host] Exactly. (dramatic music) – We got to keep this conveyor going. He’s honking at me, I’m trying to load, I’m trying to get things done, I got Joe over here
barking orders on the side, I got Steve coming through on this side, what are we doing here? – You’re dumping pay to
him, that’s his site, this is my site. – You guys got me waiting. – I’m on the next truck, so
you’re gonna bring me pay next. – Who’s taking orders, which one’s yours? – Don’t worry, don’t worry. Just wait for your pay, run it through. – It’s 30 degrees– – We’re gonna get fine. – [Host] I’m glad
someone has control here. – We’re just fine, get out
of the way, man, come on. – [Host] What happened? – I don’t know if the battery’s dead. Probably. – [Host] Not an 8400. That’s not dead, no, – Pretty warm though. – [Host] Dude, plug it in. We’re gonna replace it. Don’t worry, just unplug it. – Shut it down. – Can’t believe this
stir’s still perfect, man. – Yeah, I know. – Hey, we ran some pretty
good dirt today so far. – [Host] Yes, we have. – Steve! – [Host] Ohhh, look at this! – We tried a million times. – [Host] Look at that, man. – That’s a nice nug. (triumphant grunts) Nug, nug, one now, one now, one now. – You can have that nug. – You get paid, it’s called
the RC Sparks experience. You don’t get this pay, you get paid. – When was this? I was in the safety meeting
right at the beginning. – Eventually. – [Host] No you weren’t. You weren’t in the safety meeting. I was there, I gave the safety meeting. – Shh! – Once all the bills are paid. – [Host] Let’s do some lunchtime, let’s load up some batteries, get it charged. Hey, hey, break it up, guys. – I had to spend about as
much as we’ve earned this year on lunch, but it should be worth it. What’re you laughing about? – We’ve definitely earned
more than that this year. – [Host] Dude, you haven’t
even been here, we. They, huh? – Steve! (machinery running) – [Host] 7000 milliamp hour. – That should work for a while. – [Host] No, yeah yeah,
you got it perfect. – Some truck driver left a truck
parked on a hill in my way. – It’s a big deal, that’s
a parking ticket for that. – [Host] Nice, he knows what’s going on. Whoa, ohhh! (laughing) No parking brake. – No parking brake. – [Host] Well, he’s out of the way. – What’s your plan? – [Host] Dude, I wanted
to move forward a bit, start driving forward, man. Whoa whoa, don’t tip, don’t tip! There you go, ohh! Great. Just great, safety guy, you’d think you’d have
known better than that. Hey, hoe guy, can you
bring over the excavator and tip the rock truck back, please? Now how about I report
this back to your office? – No, no. – [Host] How about I report this? – No no no, we can work this out. – [Host] I’m sure we can, how about you– (laughing) – I’m just trying to
make that money for you. – [Host] Yeah, yeah, yeah. How about this, how about
this, no more payments, come on, let’s tip this back over. Watch out for the track hoe. – How depressing. – [Host] Just watch out. You’re gonna have to
shake down someone else. (machinery running) Drive forward, Everett, there you go. Nice save! Dude, that thing weighs so much right now. – That’s a lot of earth. – [Host] That is. Right there. Ho ho ho ho, some weight! – Round two. – [Host] Fresh pay going into the hopper, feathering it in. Sluice box, what’s going on, Sluice? – Looks like I’ve got to tilt
the conveyor over here again. – [Host] Good day, Gold. Here it comes. – Why you guys being so
mean to my buddy Steve? – [Host] Hey, can I get my
plant back up and running? – We’re mining it out of the ground just for him to spill
it all over the ground. He doesn’t know he could be spilling– – I don’t spill it on the ground. – He could be spilling a nugget. – I thought mistakes were
okay, we’re supposed to learn. – On the job? This is no (honks) school. Go to school. This is no school, this is a mine site. We’re making money here. This is costing me, why don’t you just open
up my wallet, right? Be like this, here, here is my money, just throw it on the ground. Right, washing all over
your arm, now clean it up. – I’m hurt. – Steve, he thinks he’s hurt. – [Host] Are you done yet, Steve? – No. – Right, Joe, everything’s running. – Okay, we’ll fire it up. – [Host] Great! Another one. – Oh my god! – [Host] Right in front, I
thought you were a heavy hauler, don’t you know how to do this? – Heavy hauler, not heavy driver. – Come on in here. – Push in, back up. Joe, come back in. And hold up, while he pulls in. – No, no, you don’t have me sideways, you need to go that way. – [Host] Oh, we just snapped a track. – This isn’t looking good. – We need the dozer to grab and
have another line over here. Whoo! – I got nothing on my– – Oh, just, track! Ahh! Look at track, track. We’re done for the day. Major triple fail. Sometimes it’s like we
can’t win during the day, we can have as many people as we want, but when it comes down
to equipment failure, you know, you really get
what you pay for, right? So that’s what we kind of
expected from this stuff. What can we say? Opened a huge area here. At least we can move
some back and forth now, we got an area to cart it out. (loader running) Nice, that’s the way it should be done. Full trucks. Now lot of people say we should have bigger scoopfuls in here, and I would agree, but at the same time, we’re still able to control
the amount that’s in the hopper with the controller
door for the conveyors. We don’t overburden the
conveyors or the trommel. – [Team Member] We feed
it fairly slowly anyway. – [Host] Exactly. – [Rookie] Now is that because
of choice or just skill? – [Host] You don’t wanna
overpower this thing, right? Conveyor? Conveyor’s down. (trommel running) – You okay with that thing now? – Here you go. – All right. – [Host] Joe, your
excavator’s creeping away. You’re dropping a track. It was creeping away
though, that’s not safe. – How dangerous, I think we gotta do something about it. – [Host] That’s incredible. Safety officer! – Huh? – [Host] Into the shop, please. – Oh, yes, will do. – [Host] This is what the
mining truck is really good for. Transport. Look at that right there. – Wow. – [Host] Gold, okay, keep it going. Keep it going, baby. – Whoa! Gold, gold in there. I see it. – Oh there’s a big one right there, holy! – Four big ones right there. – Wow, nice, look at this one. – Awesome. – Nice. – Look at this. – Let’s turn that mat up sideways, right? – Don’t touch it, don’t touch it. – I was gonna. – [Host] Okay, gentlemen,
I simplified this. It’s not like we’re
getting huge gold nuggets on the top trough, I put all three troughs into one bucket. We got the runoff going into this bucket, the pump working in this
very small container. Now we can walk around sort
out the gold a whole lot better on the Pavestone Creations
tremor table, yeah? – Awesome. – So we start washing some gold? – Whoo! – [Host] So right now we’re
using a concentration table basically to shake all of the concentrate that came off the sluice box mats, it separates a lot of
the lighter material, the rocks and so forth, and starts to leave all the
gold and the heavier stuff near the top. – Oh, my god, look at that. – Yeah! – Dude! – That was out of the tailings? – [Host] Dude, that was
out of the tailings, right. Don’t, yeah, let’s just put
it right into the bucket. Joe, right there, dude. Wow. – A little bit of gravel
with that, I tell you what. – Right there, look at this. That must be the piece we’re
talking about, take it out. Look at this, little picker right here. – This one’s near as big
as the one we found now. – [Host] Dudes, look at that. Put it on the table, make sure you watch it
come all the way through, I’ll catch it. What do you think? – Not bad at all. Couple more and we’ll call it good. – We’re doing great, great cleanup, boys. – When are we gonna make the gold? – [Host] So I don’t want to
be the bearer of bad news, or anything, I saw, hey Steve, I know we all got gold fever here, but I gotta say, I wasn’t
really too happy with what I saw between you and Joe today. And I really think we should
let the viewers comment below to see who should be foreman. Right, I’ll put a poll, we’re gonna put a poll up
maybe people can answer. (clears throat) What’s that? Rookie? You should be foreman? (laughing) – You cannot be a foreman or anything. – [Host] How can I make
a rookie a foreman? – That’s right. – [Host] So out of the three of them. – Excludes him. – [Host] Out of the three of them, hey, Rookie, Sluice or Joe. – Sure I’ll go against both of them. – Are we getting gold, boys? – Yeah, looks good. – You do go, babyyy! – Oh yeah. – There shouldn’t be any
gold in any of this, right? – Nope. – [Host] Good luck, look at this, we start to clean the gold. There’s some immediately
going right up to the middle. Beautiful. Let’s see what we got. Gentlemen, we worked hard today. Appreciate all the efforts. Three, two, one. – Oh yeah! (cheering) – Look at that! – Holy cow! – Dude, go ahead. – Magnet! – Where did my magnet go? – Yeah, we do need a magnet in there. – Look, there’s still gold in the bucket. Better rinse it a little bit again. – There is a little bit in there. – [Host] Come on, Rook, let’s
get that all that done, man. – I think you’re on about 10k
in repairs and new equipment. – [Host] Yeah, man, you
rolled the truck loader today. – It happens, it happens. – [Host] It happens, and busted a track and we busted a track on the excavator, trying to do that. – I think I should be thanked for finding the weakest points. (laughing) – Maybe. – That’s huge. – That’s huge. – That is awesome. – Hey, where’s that gold
glass, let’s check it out. – That’s a good idea, you wanna see it? – Who’s gonna buy it? – [Host] There it is, right, hold on. We can, almost right there. (whistles) – Awesome. – [Host] For all those
that question if it’s gold, you can see darn right it is. – Absolutely. – Give a pair of glasses to
Joe here, let him have a peek. It’s incredible, hey? Is that the first time you’ve
ever seen gold up that close? – Yep. – It’s the scattering. – Captain Destruction. – Here we go. – Let’s just look at the nug, the big one. Okay, whoo! – Okay, that’s on ounces right now, let’s change it over to grams. – [Host] Dude, 1.3 grams. – Wow! – Think that’s the most clean out. – [Host] Yeah, I agree. And our first few were, I’m so glad we’re going
through that heavier stuff. 1.9 2.5 2.6 2.7 – Is that what we did last time? – 2.6 last time, I think. – 2.6, okay. Let’s bring it all together and
see what our total count is. – Oh, we’re getting after it, boys. – Oh man, I remember back
when I was in college, I used to do a lot of raving, this reminds me a lot of those days. (laughing) – Dumping tiny items out of a small jar? – I mean just getting
together with friends, having a good time. – Ah, I see. – So here it goes. 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.7, 2.8, 3.1. 4.4, 6.3, 7.0, come on! 7.4! (cheering) – Diggitty diggity diggitty goldie! – Whoo! – What did you say? – It’s June 1st. – We’re in June, And we’re only a third of the way. – [Host] Yeah, that’s great though. – Depends where you look at it, we got– – Still three more months. – There’s some ugly
weather coming through. – NTTC. – Is this your foreman’s speech? – [Host] Yeah, is this
your foreman speech? (laughing) – Hey, I’m as optimistic
as the next guy, but– – Hey, listen, I don’t
want to be that guy, right, hey, I don’t want to be that guy, but we do have some
business to take care of, obviously we have too many people here, and I was watching this
guy on the excavator today, and I already got a
silent guy on the crew, and I already got a guy named Joe here, and I appreciate you driving out here, but we don’t really need you anymore. And you were sitting on a
bucket for most of the day, so I gotta let you go. So I got you, can you
hold this for a second? Don’t want to joke about it or anything, but here’s your payout for the day, I appreciate your coming out. – Thanks buddy, thanks a lot. – That’ll cover the GST on your fuel. (laughing) – [Host] Hey, I don’t want to be that guy, but running a business is tough, right? – He seems pretty happy for being let go. – Yeah, I don’t know if I would be. – I came out here today, it was supposed to be about the equipment, instead I got a bunch of drama. I’m getting the (honk) outta here. (helmet falling) (car honking)


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  19. If ONLY the thumbs down would Post why they put a THUMBS DOWN…I love these videos,,, it relaxes me after a long hard day at work….!!!! I'm JUST curious what makes the content deserve a thumb down…!!!!!

  20. If you aren’t smiling the whole time you’re watching this you suck!

    Side note: those haul roads need some work! Motor grader next?

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