– [RCSparks] Alrighty boys, it is, what 7:30 this morning? – Yep, roughly.
– [RCSparks] 7:30? – [RCSparks] Krazy Joe welcome back. – Hey! – [RCSparks] Good to see you man. – Good to see you.
– [RCSparks] Glad to, – [RCSparks] Glad to
are you feeling better? – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Excellent. Rookie, good to see you.
– Hey. – [RCSparks] I see you’re
looking very visible today. – Extra visible.
– [] Coppish. – [RCSparks] Extra visible,
yes he does look quite coppish. (surprised exclamation) Nice, that is a perfect segway
into what we’re saying today. – So these guys are working, behind me to put up the retaining wall, to where our road was or is going to be in the future. We don’t want a rain to bring in all that, all the mud and a landslide
down onto the road after we worked so hard to put it in. We gotta have a nice stable
platform for the trucks to be able to move up and down; without have to worry
about a slick of mud. And, yeah, cedar – it’s the way to go. – [RCSparks] Yeah! – I did agree, to wear. – [RCSparks] Thank you! – Stripes of some sort
– [RCSparks] Thank you. – [RCSparks] Applause, thank you. High-vis, now you’re not gonna get hurt. – It’s a little chilly out today. – [RCSparks] It is a little chilly – And, ah so, for today
I’ll wear this one. (surprised exclamation) – [RCSparks] What! Finally buckled to the pressure, good job. – It was a pretty big fine. – [RCSparks] I don’t want you
getting hit by a bulldozer or an excavator.
– Oh yeah, – Cause it might hurt my toe. – [RCSparks] What, are you wearing steel? Where’s your steel toes?
(laughter) Ah man you gotta wear steel toes! – Come on! (light tapping) – [Krazy Joe] The semi
pull one of these in? – [RCSparks] Oh absolutely man. – [] I’ve got the truck – [RCSparks] If we had
a nice rolled down road, we’d be able to do that. We’re gonna have to get Morris
in here with his roller. (wood clanking) – Okay so if you want to cut one. – [RCSparks] ‘Kay so, what I’d like to see is that this is cut off at
completely unsafe levels. So, we can have any kind
of appropriate accidents we need to have on the mine
site, does that make sense. – Yes.
– [Worker] Yep. – [RCSparks] This is for
entertainment purposes of course. – Absolutely. (laughter) – [RCSparks] I’m here to see fun man! – If you’re taking this serious, there’s something wrong with you. (laughter) Even more so than us. – [RCSparks] That’s true,
I think we’re taking this too seriously. (laughter) So this is Little Red, it’s our trommel. It’s all electric so two
pumps down, in the pond, where we’re gonna fill
this up here pretty soon. Two pumps actually
circulate water in there and bring it down the sluice boxes. Now I do have a plan to redesign and expand the mine this year. But, right now, boys
if we ain’t moving dirt we ain’t making in money would agree? – [Rookie] Absolutely. (water splashing) YouTube gold is a parody of Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold and Yukon Gold and all the gold shows that we all love and since we’re… Wanted to try our gold hobby we might as well do it
in small scale yeah? – We did. (light chuckles) – [RCSparks] Rook!
– [Rookie] Aye? – [RCSparks] Lower the pumps man. (mechanical whirring)
– [Rookie] I shall do that – [RCSparks] It’s too tall, it’s too safe. (mechanical whirring)
(rattle) – Hold on. I don’t want a safety wall. – (inaudible) then she don’t vibrate. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Watch your fingers. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Beautiful, nice curl. (mechanical whirring)
(laughter) – [RCSparks] What you’re looking at is a one 14th scale,one 12th
scale, one 14th scale. RC four wheel-drive, Earth digger. Two, the 42 hundred XL. – [Rookie] This is the
early version actually. – [RCSparks] This is the 1st version. – [Rookie] This is the first
– [RCSparks] That’s right – [RCSparks] I forgot,
it is the first version. (mechanical whirring) Give her a bit of a push brother (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Nice. (mechanical whirring) – [Rookie] I’ll get it
a little better yet. – [RCSparks] Yeah? (mechanical whirring) – [Rookie] It’s early in the year and I used the excavator again. – [RCSparks] No excuses. Why do you think they call you rookie? – ‘Cause I have no idea-
– [RCSparks] Whoa. – What I’m doing
– [RCSparks] What a second. (inaudible) (rattling) – [RCSparks] This is our shaker plant that we have, sluice box on the bottom- Rookie’s setting it up there. We have four sprayers
to go along the bottom and help propel that
water down, if necessary, with a shutoff valve but
we find the down-flow of the water from the
top is almost good enough to help get that sand down
the gold mats themselves. This is a GoldHog mat,
all of my sluice boxes are rocking GoldHog mats. So Little Red here is,
ah, the top drum screener has two different sizes of aggregate that drop down into the sluice boxes, run down their separate
mats, hit this top rubber mat and is forced to go that way into the top of the third sluice box
and expelling everything that’s been washed out through the bottom. – [RCSparks] Bet you’re wishing Steve was here now, aren’t ya? – Oh my goodness, – [RCSparks] (laughter)
it’s not easy putting in the final sluice box
and leveling it out. – [Krazy Joe] There’s a reason
they call him Sluicebox. – [RCSparks] Yep. – [] Just put in a thin layer of dirt and then you can gravel over
it (inaudible mumbling). – [RCSparks] Good idea. It’s good for the strength of the loader. (mechanical whirring) Perfect. – [RCSparks] Kevin, I’m
gonna get you to start opening up a new cut
right in this area now, that we’ve stripped the top.
– [Kevin] Okay. – [RCSparks] Just try
to get down a few inches and see if you can cut out a big square and we’ll start getting pay outta here. – [Kevin] Can for. – [RCSparks] Thank you. (mechanical whirring) I picked up this new
dozer up at a discount. It’s pretty old, ah… Broken, worn out. But, ah, we can see that’ll
definitely help out on the mine. You’re gonna have to rip it first man, just ’cause we came outta the thaw. – [Kevin] Yep. – [RCSparks] What’s in there? – [Krazy Joe] There’s a track issue. – [RCSparks] Oh! What happened? Look at this, whoa. Dude, track’s snapped,
– [Krazy Joe] Oh. – [RCSparks] You got one
little rock in there hey. – [Krazy Joe] Wow. – [RCSparks] Okay, well
I’ve got a spare track but you’re gonna have to fix it then. Where’s the piece? Did you see it even fall out?
– [Krazy Joe] No. – [RCSparks] You-
– [Krazy Joe] I guessed he was – [Krazy Joe] Driving by
and I just like, whoa. – [RCSparks] Just run it
till it falls off then, – [Krazy Joe] Yeah that’s.
– [RCSparks] pretty much. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Okay, Rook’s coming
up here wit his excavator, running soil into
Industry’s motors in this, this is not the stock motor setup; much faster if you can believe it. Wait
– [Rookie] I think- – [Rookie] Four times faster. – [RCSparks] Four times faster? I would agree. ‘Kay so this is the slowest machine we could come up with to load the trommel because efficiency is
our number 22 priority. (chuckles) Ah what was that? – [RCSparks] Ah yeah this has to be down, choke is yeah. (engine roar) Ah that’s way to high. It’s like it’s sucking but not getting it. (engine roar) I wonder if there’s ice along here. – [Rookie] I think there is.
– [RCSparks] Yeah. (inaudible) Yeah, it’s not drawing
– [Rookie] I think we gotta. – [RCSparks] What’s wrong? – Can’t blow through it at all this is plugged solid inside. – [RCSparks] The filter right
– The filter – [RCSparks] At the beginning hey. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] That’s why could go into higher RPMs right away. – This pad. Got the pad all done.
– [RCSparks] It’s brew time. – Well if a man can’t take
a break and have a beer, what the hell is gold mining? – [RCSparks] It’s 8:30 in the morning! – [Rookie] Hey, work in the morning! – [RCSparks] It’s 8:30! – Still, bit early. (engine roar) – [RCSparks] Very good. Now we can get some action. (engine roar) – [RCSparks] Look who fricking’ walked in. – Yeah it took forever to
hot-wire that vehicle this morning to get here you know. – [RCSparks] That was
the most scripted line I’ve ever heard, this
isn’t Scripted Gold is it? – Nope. – [RCSparks] Yes it is
– Yeah it’s totally is. – [RCSparks] We talk about
everything here first. (laughter) – [RCSparks] The winds of
gold are starting to blow, let’s fire it up. (engine roar) We got mostly proper pressure. That’s pretty good. We gotta level the sluice box. Anyone got a stick? – [Krazy Joe] That’s way better – [RCSparks] That’s way better. – [Krazy Joe] Get the stick! – [RCSparks] I got a rock Joe! We’re all professional here buddy. – [Krazy Joe] Excellent. – [RCSparks] That’s good flow
coming off the end, kinda, little bit too high. (mechanical whirring) Mike, I want you to go
start ripping on the dozer, where Kevin was. Kevin’s gonna start filling up or you’re gonna go on rock truck actually. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] Bring pay
down to the whole minesite. (mechanical whirring) Here’s a Gens Ace (surprised
shout) three cell 22 hundred. – [Krazy Joe] All right. – [RCSparks] It’ll pop in the back, no plug it in first, take the leads, plug it in and it’ll just
slide in the back there. We’re gonna use this one
because I got this equipped with the smooth-edge blade or smooth-edge bucket on the front. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Nice! Our first load of pay. Kevin bringing it in nice and slow. Volvo. AG or A40G. (mechanical whirring) Looks just right at home on the… On the mine site. Great job Kev. Rook it’s your first load of pay bud! – [Workers] Cheering! – [RCSparks] YoutubeGold, yeah baby. (mechanical whirring) There’s gold there boys. You’re all millionaires! All you gotta do is dig it out the ground! (laughter) Good luck! (mechanical whirring) You look a bit close to it brother. – [Rookie] I do. (mechanical whirring) (mumbling) – [RCSparks] Aw man this is exciting. (mechanical whirring) Good job. (mechanical whirring) So it begins. (mechanical whirring) – [Krazy Joe] Yeah! – [RCSparks] Ah the shaker’s not on! – [Worker] Shaker! (inaudible) (triumphant chuckle) – [RCSparks] There it goes, wanna see some gold boys! (cheering) – [Krazy Joe] We made it boys! (cheering) – [RCSparks] Yeah! (mechanical whirring) Woohoo! So this is shaking,
bringing all the material and rough stuff down to the end. Where it’s gonna pile up
and all the fine stuff goes down the box. (mechanical whirring) – [Krazy Joe] The waters running nicely, we got that all figured
out now at the bottom. (mechanical whirring) Haha, we’re mining boys! – [RCSparks] We’re doing it guys. Good job. It’s a good feeling knowing
we’re making some money finally. – [Krazy Joe] See that,
here comes my bucket of pay. (chuckle) (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Aw man, I hope
there’s a lot of gold in there. – [Krazy Joe] Geez that rock
truck sure is nice isn’t it. – [RCSparks] We’re going
for 3/4 of an ounce boys. – Oh I think-
– [RCSparks] More than- – [RCSparks] Last year!
– Aha! – That’s realist.
– [RCSparks] Hey! 3/4 of an ounce I know we
– With the equipment we got, – We can do it – [RCSparks] I think
we can, I think we can. (chuckle) – [Krazy Joe] We got this boys! (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Whoa that’s
way to fast, slow down. (mechanical whirring) This isn’t shaking enough. Here shut her down. I hate shutting down the plant
but I think this rubber one is warped, let’s try this one instead. (mechanical whirring) Kevin’s got a load of the drier stuff now that we’re getting
past into the bedrock. (mechanical whirring) Gonna be able to mine, start washing it. (mechanical whirring) Oh, Joe looking like he’s
having a little bit of trouble. (mechanical whirring) Gathering it in there, perfect job! (mechanical whirring)
(rattling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Krazy Joe] What?
– [RCSparks] Whoa! – [RCSparks] We gotta water problem. (mechanical whirring) – [Krazy Joe] Whoa! One pump’s not going. ‘Kay we either got a pump that’s plugged or we have an electrical problem. – Oh that was
– [RCSparks] Oh! – right in the ground
– [RCSparks] It’s plugged. – [RCSparks] Oh (laughter). – ‘Kay we should be okay now
let’s just try the water first. – [RCSparks] I hate
starting it up again man, look at all this, we’re
gonna be losing gold. – [Krazy Joe] Oh my,
– [RCSparks] Wow not cool man – [Krazy Joe] well we’ve got no choice. – [RCSparks] Dude I’ve got no water. Is it moving at all? I wonder if I’ve got a power issue? I doubt it, this is charged battery. Nothing? – [Krazy Joe] Nothing
– [RCSparks] No water, – [RCSparks] At all? Then we definitely have
a connection issue. Check where they’re together. (mechanical whirring) Are they running? I got an actual complaint
that people were worried we weren’t being safe. – All right well let’s put out some cones and make things safe. – [RCSparks] (chuckles)
Make things proper, everyone’s complaining. It was a battery problem! – Guys! I got some more stuff so you can be safe! – [Rookie] Yeah that’ll work. – [Krazy Joe] Take the cover
off and pick the rocks out and she works perfectly. – [RCSparks] Guys! – [Krazy Joe] Oh, that’s so much safer. – [RCSparks] Don’t fall in the pond. – [Rookie] Don’t drive
into the pond either! – [Krazy Joe] Oh, I need, two
more, three more on this side. – [RCSparks] Don’t,
don’t fall in the pond. Mike! Don’t fall in the pond! This indicates the safety of it. (mechanical whirring) Waters flowing well,
everything’s looking good. Here comes rook. Payday right there. Down it goes, gets washed
down that sluice box. New pay coming in, beautiful. (mechanical whirring) (mechanical whirring)
(rattling) Getting washed nice. Got a good flow. (mechanical whirring)
(rattling) Beautiful day today, a little bit cloudy, got some wind but everybody
is working together as a team. (mechanical whirring) Nice. (mechanical whirring)
(rattling) (loud honk)
(mechanical whirring) Alrighty boys Let’s shut here down. (shouting) – Last bucket! – [RCSparks] One bucket more! Shut her down! (mechanical whirring) We’re gonna shake out all the equipment, let it run all that final pay through. Then we get to process,
see what we got for today. (mechanical whirring) – [Krazy Joe] Let’s slow down! – [RCSparks] Way to fast! (mechanical whirring) You’re being dangerous! – [Krazy Joe] Five miles an hour bro! – [RCSparks] Dude watch out! (mechanical whirring) – I can only go like, a snails pace.
– Yeah. – At best. And pushing won’t help. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Rinse off all the pay, that’s good pressure too. (running water)
(mechanical whirring) – [Krazy Joe] Hey how’s
your slosh guiding been? (inaudible) – [RCSparks] Gold! ‘Kay Rook shut her down buddy! – Yeah! – [RCSparks] Here too! (mechanical whirring) – [Rookie] Waters going ah ah. – [RCSparks] Done. Done. Shaker done. Oh! I see a piece of gold! Oh, I might see 2! Not very much man, here hold
the camera for a second, I gotta unplug this. ‘Kay so what we gotta do is, let’s actually just pull
the sluice mats and. – [Rookie] Just the Mats? – [RCSparks] Just, well do you
wanna take the whole thing? Maybe we should take the whole box hey
– [Rookie] We should take – [Rookie] The whole thing. – [RCSparks] Just in case
some slid underneath. So I’ve got the pan
inside a bucket basically, very windy right now and we’re gonna rinse all the gold mats into this pan to get the concentrate. Krazy Joe brings the first one. – This is just the – [RCSparks] Ah, just to rinse off? – [Krazy Joe] Older mat. – [RCSparks] Okay, yeah – [Krazy Joe] Just to make- – – [Krazy Joe] Sure we
don’t miss any right? – [RCSparks] Right in there. Yeah and rinse up into it. There you go, you do remember. – [Rookie] We need to.
– [RCSparks] Everything – – [RCSparks] Into the pan. – [Rookie] Gonna take that
one, give me that one. (running water) – [Rookie] Right here.
– [RCSparks] Oh nice. – [RCSparks] Let’s actually
rinse it first, yeah, here, I’ll get you to- There, perfect
– [Rookie] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Get all that
goodness under the mat. – [Rookie] Get up here as we go. – [RCSparks] Yeah but I
wanna get it in the pan so I don’t wanna push it –
– [Rookie] Yeah yeah. – [RCSparks] Up the side.
(inaudible) – [Rookie] I’m directly over the pan. – [RCSparks] ‘Kay, yeah. ‘Kay lift it out. Okay check it.
– [Rookie] Oh I see it! – [Rookie] Gold, right there!
(shouts of surprise) – [RCSparks] It’s a nugget – [Rookie] Oh my gosh! Ah, that’s a beauty little picker man. Very nice, I hope there’s
many friends with it to. – [Worker] Nice find.
– [RCSparks] Yes, nice find. – [RCSparks] Mike! Come look at the gold in
the last sluice box dude. – [Rookie] I know you don’t
get excited about anything. – [RCSparks] Gold, gold, gold
– [Rookie] Look at this. – [RCSparks] There’s a
big chunk right there. – [Rookie] Yeah.
– [Mike] You’re kidding. – [Rookie] Yeah, no
there’s there and there. – [RCSparks] Holy shaz-what
look at all the gold in there. Oh it’s gonna be a good year. – Ah there’s gold in there. (laughter) – [RCSparks] Joe? – I’m working on it, I’m working on it. – [RCSparks] What? I was gonna say, this is my
favorite part of the show when we get to do the gold. – Gold! (inaudible) – Yeah! – [RCSparks] All right
so, this is the Goldwheel. You guys may have seen
this on YoutubeGold before. It’s basically a panning,
it’s like an automatic panner. So water’s going to be pumped
up from down here below, we’re gonna put the aggregate in here, the, whatever we want to get the. What is that called? What’s this called? – [Group] Concentrate.
– [RCSparks] Concentrate. – [RCSparks] I’m having a hard time, concentrating, that’s right.
– [Group] Concentrate. – [Krazy Joe] Concentrate
on what you’re doing. – [RCSparks] It’s gonna push it all. (laughter) Let’s just turn it the frick on. (mechanical whirring) Gold, let’s get it pumping! (mechanical whirring) Very good. Already got some jet dry in here so we don’t have any gold floating around. Oh it’s shiny boys. – [Worker] Ah yeah. – [RCSparks] One spoon at a time. – [Worker] It looks great
– [RCSparks] Yah it does. – [RCSparks] Lot’s of black sand. – [Rookie] I feel one 14th richer. (laughter) (scraping) – [Rookie] Black sand is a good sign. – [RCSparks] Shall we?
– [Group] Absolutely. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Wash, wash, wash. So what it’s gonna is, the heavy gold stays in these crevices
and works its way up, towards the middle and then
it dumps into a plastic cap; right back here, where
it will start collecting in the back. If there’s any gold.
– [Rookie] Oh! – [Rookie] There’s
something in there already. (chuckle) (mechanical whirring) – Come on baby! Got something,
– [Krazy Joe] Come on gold! – There’s one, there’s one, there’s one – [Group] Yeah!
– There’s one. – Oh yeah nice size. – [RCSparks] Look it, it’s
starting to come up bro’s, right there! (cheering) More! Ah it’s separating! – [Rookie] Bottom too. – [RCSparks] Nice. I see a lot of flakes in here. (scraping) – [RCSparks] Yeah, gold,
right up there on the pan. – [Krazy Joe] Oh like three at once! There’s another good one – [Group] Oh, right there.
– [RCSparks] Oh look at it. – [Krazy Joe] Aw that’s a stick. (laughter) – [RCSparks] Okay I see in the back, there is a lot of black
sand in the bucket. So I’m thinking that we
should shut this off. Let’s actually reprocess
what’s in the bucket. – [Krazy Joe] (inaudible)
what’re you doing? – [RCSparks] Hold on, just be careful. – [Rookie] Careful! – [RCSparks] Careful. We’re just gonna dump it back in. That way we get as much
black sand out as possible. Okay Rook. Three, two, one.
– [Group] Gold! (mechanical whirring) Let’s see it. Reprocessing, hopefully we’ll be able to- – [Group] Oh! Oh my god here it comes. Oh my god! – [Krazy Joe] Look at it all! (cheer) – [RCSparks] Oh. My. Wowness. Look at it all.
– [Worker] Yeah there is goes. – [Rookie] It’s just
nonstop all the way up here. – [RCSparks] Oh my god – This could be our best cleanup ever! Ever! – [RCSparks] Hold on, I don’t know man – We are getting McDonald’s next week. (laughter)
(cheer) – [RCSparks] Oh, that’s nice. – [Krazy Joe] Very nice! – [RCSparks] A little bit
more just to make sure. It’s got a stick in it. – [Rookie] What’s with that stick? – [RCSparks] I know it keeps- – [Krazy Joe] That stick
must be really heavy. – [RCSparks] That’s pretty good. – [Rookie] That stick’s
gotta be petrified. – [RCSparks] Oh, that is nice guys. (sounds of agreement) – [Krazy Joe] Pretty darn fair isn’t it. – [RCSparks] That’s quite a bit. – [Rookie] Look at that one. – [Worker] That’s huge piece. – [Krazy Joe] This is our
first cleanout of the season. – [RCSparks] Yes, I need to
add more jet dry in there. I wonder how much was floating around, in there.
– [Rookie] Yeah I could see- – [Rookie] That when you
touched it, it dropped. – [RCSparks] Didn’t put in
enough, it’s okay though. Man that is a beautiful piece
(inaudible). – [RCSparks] Nah, well we’ll reprocess it at the end of season once it’s dried out but that’s amazing boys. Everyone’s gonna think
it’s our old gold hey? – [Worker] That’s all brand new gold- – It is from today
– [Kevin] All new. – [Kevin] Fresh haul. – [RCSparks] Shall we show them? Like right here, gentleman. You guys remember I have the gold? – [Group] Oh yeah. – [RCSparks] Yes, there’s
the big chunk in there, Joe; that we wanted to use for your tooth. – [Krazy Joe] I’m not gonna
forget that anytime soon. – [RCSparks] People didn’t
think that this was real gold, it was Pyrite but indeed.
– It is – [RCSparks] It is gold. – 100% gold. (chuckle) – [RCSparks] If we get enough
one day I’ll be able to pay you instead of giving you a bill.
(laughter) – That would be nice. I’m still coming out, getting paid in ice. – [RCSparks] Yeah yeah,
well there we go guys; look at that beautiful
line of gold right there. That is a lot actually. Look at that. – [Rookie] That’s huge.
– [Worker] That’s awesome. – [RCSparks] Ey. – [Krazy Joe] Is that our-
– [Worker] What a- – [Krazy Joe] Best cleanout?
– [Worker] Cleantout. – [Krazy Joe] Do you think? – [RCSparks] No, I don’t know; we’re gonna have to
start weighing cleanouts, one of these days. That’s what the big-wigs do hey? – [Krazy Joe] That’s a great
– [RCSparks] Now, now. – [RCSparks] Now that we’re
playing with the big boys, we’re gonna have to start weight it up. – [Krazy Joe] Yep. – [RCSparks] We finally got it in there, let me focus in. It’s a start boys, okay
bring the other vial in here. Okay so – [Krazy Joe] That’s last years. – [RCSparks] I know.
That’s last year. – [RCSparks] Well that’s
not going towards this year’s count, right? – [Rookie] Hell no. – [Krazy Joe] No, only this year. – [RCSparks] We’re gonna start
with a new 3/4 of an ounce. I think that’s a pretty
good start after today. Michael what do you think buddy? – [Mike] Ah, yeah that’s
a pretty good start? – [RCSparks] Enough to get
yourself a cup of coffee? – [Mike] Yep
– [Rookie] That’s one Day. – [Rookie] This is a while
season, that’s one day. (laughter)
– [Mike] That’s pretty good. – [Rookie] That’s a good start – [RCSparks] I think that’s a good start. – [Krazy Joe] That’s a really good start.


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  8. Love the series!! ⚡️parks did you get the tank back up and running friend? I hope y’all have a good and productive weekend brother! Thanks for the video

  9. Where do you get your paydirt from?
    Enjoy RC content since it not something I can't indulge in myself, I play with my full size toys instead. At some point I'd like to get me a RC Crawler .

  10. i haven't watched to see if you already did this.. but would be efficient to run a conveyor moving the rocks coming off the shaker to the rock crusher and have a dump filling on the fly. frees up manpower from having to load the rock crusher

  11. Hey buddy , what type of oil does the dozer and excavator state of the hydraulics. I was just wondering . I only get to see these things on you tube. Didn't realize how many people has gotten into these things. Hope you can guys have good luck. Pop a top . 😁👍🍺

  12. I love these videos. Thank you for making and posting them. I wish there were more people like this and rc groups where I'm from. Most of the R.C. shops and the only R.C. tracks around have been shutting down over the years.

    We still have two rc airfields but they seem to be against R.C. helicopters and not verry welcoming to those with them.

    I use to have an R.C. losi-110-desert-truck and a hpi wheely king but sold them to help a friend out who was having problems. But over the years I was able to save up and get a ESKY Honey Bee CP2 6-Channel Radio Remote Controlled RC Helicopter w/ Collective Pitch that was RTR.

    But apparently the online store I bought it from took advantage of the fact that I was autistic and disabled and lied about the fact that it was never opened and I ended up with a used one that had the rotor blades worn down and were painted then it did not have the battery pack that came with it.

    Over the few years some people have helped me save up $65 to put into upgrade parts to make it a version two but some parts I can't find online. So I have yet to fly it and have had it now for about two or three years.

    I should of known something was not right when they personally hand delivered it to me, and after the fact the guy said he knew nothing of RC's and only started selling them.

    So I guess now all I can do is once more sell what I have and look into getting another rc truck and have been looking at the new water proof HPI wheely king rtr with the fact that I love designing my own rc's and upgrading them .

  13. NICE! Just discovered you channel, fantastic. Always knew about RC cars and buggies, but Construction machinery, that's what I'm talking about!!
    Love your vids. Thanks heaps for showing. Love that your not taking yourselves too seriously and havin' a ball by the look of it. ENJOY(i'm sure you will!!)

  14. you guys should have little men like action figures as you guys ans make one of the action figures fall into the pond

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