YouTube GOLD – MAN DOWN!! Rescue Mission at the GOLD MINE (s2 e24) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – MAN DOWN!! Rescue Mission at the GOLD MINE (s2 e24) | RC ADVENTURES

– [RCSparks] Rookie, how’s
that hard hat coming together? – [Rookie] It’s good,
I’m just zap strapping it back together, it’ll be totally fine. – [RCSparks] That meets
our safety standards? – Of course it does. – [RCSparks] Thank you to the viewers that said we should have a
flag on the end of the trommel so we don’t have any kind
of issue like last week. (motor chugging) (men exclaiming) – [Man] Shut it down, shut it down! – [RCSparks] Let’s have a
good day, boys, YouTube Gold. – [Crew] YouTube Gold. – Yeah!
(whooping) – [RCSparks] You can see
the big difference here between the two sizes of pumps. One’s like baby, and then the other one. Any luck, Rook? – No, unh-unh. – [RCSparks] No, nothing? – Every time I’ve (horn
honks) put the marette on, it cuts the wire.
– Oh. – [Rookie] It’s twice it’s done that. – [RCSparks] First pump down. (water gurgling) First water, new pump. Second. And, we stopped it. – Yup.
– What’s goin’ on? Communicate with me, team. – Our rather inadequate
speaker wire is awfully old and very brittle and it keeps breaking. – [RCSparks] I’ve got of speaker wire, if you’d like new speaker wire. – I would like proper wire. – [RCSparks] This is the proper wire. This is YouTube Gold. What, do you think you’re
at your normal job? ‘Kay, so you know Matt. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] I want you to
give him the ropes around here. – ‘Kay. – [RCSparks] He’s got a
little bit of team training that he’s done before. – ‘Kay. – [RCSparks] But very little, so I figured since you were line for the
foreman position last time, that you’d be able to give him some helpful tips and tricks–
– ‘Kay – [RCSparks] To train him in the position you’re supposed to have. – ‘Kay, sounds good.
– Thank you. (man speaking away from mic) – [RCSparks] Look at the flow on the end of the recovery pan, that is just perfect now. (motor chugging) (man speaking away from mic) Wonderful. – We got water!
– Here we go, big gen on. Shaker on! No action from the shaker! There it is, there’s pay in there! – [Rookie] That’s that pay from last time. – [RCSparks] Good! (motor chugging) It almost needs to be slid, yeah. – This needs to go that way.
– Hold on, hold on, hold on. – [RCSparks] This needs, this
whole thing needs to move. – [Rookie] Well, the shakers good shaker, this needs to go that way. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – So.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I don’t want
you to put your back out. You know as well as I do
at this point in the game, there’s no insurance for you. We need to deal with the dozers. – I was counting on insurance,
I needed some dental work. (RCSparks groans) You’re killing me here, Rookie. (motor chugging) I told you we shoulda done this. We shoulda done this with RC. – [Rookie] When did our water stop? (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] Great, what did you do? – [Rookie] All I did was touch it, ha. (motor chugging) (Rookie speaking away from mic) – [RCSparks] Turn it back on, please, we’ll try to get the air out of the line. – [Rookie] Yeah, but it was working. – [RCSparks] Generator on! Listen. – It was working? – [RCSparks] Generator on. – [Rookie] Okay. – [Man] And when you’re running. (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] It’s moving. – There you go. Working. (low rumbling) (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] Got the new
guy up on the loader. Gives Kevin a little bit more practice being a foreman himself. (motor chugging) One day, Kevin. – [Kevin] I wanna see some dirt washed and some gold in the pans within an hour. – [SluiceBox Steve]
We’ve got all these rocks in the way still. – [Kevin] What the (horn
honks) is with these rocks? Why is there always rocks in the way? – Every goddamned day. – I don’t know. – [RCSparks] Joe, a lot of the viewers have noticed that you’ve been working off to the side on your own here. What’s your strategy? – Well, I’m pretty sure those huge nuggets are out of this hole. – [RCSparks] The glory hole? – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] I don’t even
know if we’re allowed to say glory hole on YouTube anymore, that seems to be the wrong website. – I don’t care if we’re allowed to or not, this is the glory hole. (machines whirring) – [RCSparks] Full bucket of pay. (machine whirring drowns out speaker) Starting the day early here, the shadows are starting to get long. The seasons are changing. One thing that doesn’t
change is the color of gold. (machines whirring) – Kevin, bucket.
– Yup? What?
– Bucket. – [Kevin] Whoa, bucket came off. – Bucket.
– What’s going on? – The bucket came off again. – [Kevin] Think our luck’s failing us. – [RCSparks] No, it’s the way he’s dragging the bucket, Kevin. He’s got to stop dragging the bucket so it stops letting it loose. Hey, little dude. Here we go, we’re washing dirt. (excavator whirring) Joe, learning quicker and
quicker on this excavator. – [Rookie] There you go. – [RCSparks] How do you find this bucket ripping into the soil? – Oh, it’s great. – [RCSparks] Yeah, not bad at all? – It crunches right through. We can get down to the pay real quick. It’s that’s an awesome bucket. (machines chugging) – [RCSparks] Okay, you, what
do you got in your hand? – Okay.
– Go back to the rock truck. We don’t need a whole bunch of guys standing around here
questioning each other. – Follow me, I’ll show you something you gotta keep an eye out. – [RCSparks] Down there. – You gotta come down here
every other bucket, pretty much, and knock it loose. – Right. – That way, you don’t
get dirt spilling out and clogging the (machine
whirring drowns out speech). Okay. Also it helps, ’cause then
you can monitor the auger and make sure it’s not jammed up and you’re building up a
(horn honks) ton of pay. – Right.
– Okay. There. – [RCSparks] Hell yeah! – [Kevin] Heck yeah, first nug. – [RCSparks] We’re getting gold, boys. (men talking over each other) What are you doing? – Come on. – I need this loader for
that machine down there. – I don’t know how to run this. – [RCSparks] That’s okay. Kevin!
– Yo. – [RCSparks] Come start giving
up lessons on the excavator. – Huh? – [RCSparks] Come start giving
him lessons on the excavator. – You want me to do that? Joe’s the pro.
– Yeah. No, he’s gotta use the loader. I thought you wanted to be foreman? – Give her a whirl. – [RCSparks] You should know
how to run the equipment if you’re foreman, right? – Yeah. – Can’t use an excavator? – [RCSparks] They don’t know,
they’re both just learning. – The Rookie can use an excavator. What the hell is wrong with you guys? – [RCSparks] That’s a good point. If The Rookie can do it,
the foreman can do it. And why is your vest so new? – Roll around in the dirt.
– Roll around in the dirt. Dirty it up. (motor chugging) – [Krazy Joe] Of course,
the most difficult bucket for Kevin ever to use
with these giant teeth. This is the efficiency that we’re used to, here at YouTube Gold. Not necessarily about the gold. (chuckling) – [RCSparks] It’s almost painful to watch. A nice big scoop here, Kev. Reach out and claw in, there you go. Down, claw towards, there you go. Oh, stretch out, a little close. That’s okay, whoa, whoa.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [RCSparks] Whoa, it’s
all right, start curling. – [Rookie] You’re not
trying to dig to China. – [RCSparks] There you go, oh, don’t take out the foundation. – [Rookie] Stick out, stick out. – [RCSparks] Everybody’s
giving him advice. – [Rookie] Everybody yell at him. All at the same time. – [RCSparks] Good job, Kevin, good job. – Slow.
– Boys, we’re gonna need some more pay over here for Kev. Damn, Sluice. Good job on the road, man. – Thanks man. – [RCSparks] You’re becoming
a boss on the dozer. – I’m learning.
(RCSparks laughs) – [RCSparks] This might
be your machine, man. – [Mikal] Yeah? – [RCSparks] Well, I’m sorry, Mikal, it’s kind of like your machine. – I see how it is now. (RCSparks laughs) – [RCSparks] So, Sluice will jump back on the excavator there, keep loading pay. The road looking fantastic, Joe works on. Mikal running back and forth, getting pay. New guy on rock crusher. (motor chugging)
(machines whirring) (Sluice speaking away from mic) (motor chugging) Rookie’s showing how a
true professional does it. Everybody’s so concerned about us operating heavy-duty
equipment, drinking beer, but even though these look huge, it’s much lighter than you think. Kevin.
– Hey. – [RCSparks] what are you doing? – Well, as I have a background
in mineral exploration. – Yes.
– Figured we’d crush some rock up, see if we can find some gold and if there’s a quartz in here. – [RCSparks] Nice, nice,
what kind of rock is this? – [Kevin] I’d say river stone, granite, a little bit of quartz but– – Limestone.
– Yeah, some limestone. – [RCSparks] You think
there’s gold in there? – We’ll see, there’s a chance. – There’s always a chance,
you just never know. (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s way too– (rock crusher rattling) Yeah, it shouldn’t be like that. – [Rookie] Yeah, I wonder if the motor or the belt’s come loose. – [RCSparks] Something. (rock crusher rattling) – [Rookie] There we go. – Oh yeah, that’s busted.
– Yeah, that’s not right. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s not right. – That’s not right.
– Something’s come loose. – Broken down.
– Okay, so new guy broke the rock machine. – [Rookie] New guy broke it. Come on, new guy. All you gotta do, literally is push a button.
– Should we put him on the dozer, those aren’t easy to break? – [RCSparks] No way, did you
see what happened last episode? – True, freaking safety guy. – [RCSparks] Sluice,
running the excavator. How’s it going? – A little rusty, man. – [RCSparks] Like being
with an old friend or what? – [SluiceBox Steve]
(chuckling) Yeah, maybe. – [RCSparks] I see it’s a
little bit on the wet side. – [SluiceBox Steve] It
is, it’s not sliding through the grizzly bars very well. (motor chugging) – [Krazy Joe] (motor chugging
drowns out speech) for Steve. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Mikal, clearing it out. The last little area of
pay that we have left. The cut’s looking amazing though. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, I don’t
know how much left in there, but we’re trying to get it all. (machines whirring) (men exclaiming) – Easy, easy.
– Whoa, man. – [RCSparks] Holy cow,
over exaggerated accident. – Oh my God.
– You guys gotta be more careful about this. – That was some good–
– You need to pull ahead a little bit.
– Old demolition derby. – [RCSparks] Now I have to
write an incident report. – We’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay, no, no, nothing happened. – [RCSparks] Okay, did he hook it? – [Krazy Joe] Nothing
happened here, it’s okay. (machines whirring) – [Rookie] Sluice, come on. – Hey, I got something for you to do here. I see one, two, three, four, five thirsty gentlemen here. You know the best motivation?
(men exclaiming) – Beer. – [RCSparks] Oh, what happened? – [Kevin] Road gave away on the side. – Who’s driving?
– The road didn’t give away. – Yes it did.
– Who’s driving? – You didn’t watch where you were going.
– Oh come on. – Who’s driving.
– I was. – [RCSparks] You were driving? – Yeah and it gave away,
you can see the side bar. – [Rookie] It didn’t give away. – [RCSparks] Dude, you drove off the side. – [Krazy Joe] Dozer and chain. – [Rookie] You can’t
blame the road for that. – [Kevin] It gave away, seriously. – [RCSparks] I don’t see how it gave way, you’re not even on the tracks, man. – [Rookie] Not even close. – Dozer and chain, dozer and chain. And why were you transporting
a half empty load? It’s barely full. Dozer incoming. – [Rookie] Is it gonna get past? – [RCSparks] Yup, he’ll get
past, I got a single chain. (motor chugging) Nice. Okay, before we hook up anything. Rookie, behind you. Stop the bulldozer.
– Careful. – Who wants cold ones?
– Don’t step in my pay. – [RCSparks] Just pass them out. – Yeah, just hand me whatever, man. – Step up.
– What kinda foreman is this? – YouTube Gold, baby, and beer. – Beer, hey, I like beer. (whooping) – [RCSparks] Okay, there you go. – That’s the longest piece you could give? – [RCSparks] That one is a total parity, so I want it to be an
adequate chain and only one. – [Rookie] Now I do it,
while drinking a beer. – [RCSparks] Yes, there you go. – [Mikal] We already got the end pulling. – [Rookie] Back up like
another inch, good. Straighten it up, straighten it up. No, just drive forward, there you go. (men exclaiming) (RCSparks screaming) Man down!
– Mike, are you all right? No.
– Shut it down. – [Mikal] Shut it off, shut it off. (horn honks) – Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? (grunting) – Get out of there.
– Oh my God. – Oh my God, are you okay? – Oh no.
– Shut it down. – You need to wash the wound. (machines whirring) – [Rookie] Woo, just got quiet. – I don’t need it. (table clatters) Great, thank you, fine, fine,
fine, thank you very much. That’s fine I said, I’m fine. – [Krazy Joe] Everyone grab a corner. (grunting) – [RCSparks] I’m glad
I’m wearing my hard hat. – [Matt] Safety first. – [RCSparks] Oh my God. – [Kevin] Isn’t safety the 21st priority? – [RCSparks] Somebody bring me the bong. – [Rookie] How’s it going? – It hurts. Conveyor. – Wasn’t it the other leg?
– Heavy, heavy conveyor. – [Kevin] Yeah, wasn’t it the other leg? – [RCSparks] Okay boys, I’m
gonna need another dozer and some sort of chain to help pull this rock truck over. – Where’s your chain? – [RCSparks] I already used
the chain on that dozer, someone pulled off the shoelace. – [Krazy Joe] Moving the sticks. – [RCSparks] I think as
long as he is hooked up to an anchor point,
he’ll be able to pull out and he’ll be able to drive and it’ll right itself as he drives out. – I think so, it’s gotta be.
– If you want that level, how you go. – Okay.
– I think the box got wrecked, it may have–
– It fell right in the pond with power on.
– We’ll have to figure it out. Okay, boys, just pull
forward on the dozer. Yeah, there excavator,
don’t pull, don’t pull. There you go, keep going,
keep going, keep going. Yeah, nice job, boys. Yeah keep pulling,
dozer, swing over, Rook. – Nice job, Rookie.
– Nice job, boys. The electrical box to one of the conveyors went down plugged in, we may be another conveyor down. – [Rookie] We’re running
out of boxes too– – We are.
– We really needed ’em all. – [RCSparks] Yeah, we
really needed them all. – [Rookie] It’s kind of a big deal. – [RCSparks] Kevin, help me unwrap it. – 10-4.
– It’s too tight and I want the wound to breathe. – [Kevin] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Okay, careful, careful. (wincing) Careful, thank you. Yup, there’s two of them
there, yeah, oh, there it is. (wincing) (groaning) Look at that. (exclaims) – [Rookie] Wait, look at what? – [RCSparks] Look at it, look at it. It’s all the way through the first layer. – You got a boo-boo.
– Need to run to the clinic Aaron?
– That’s– (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] These
machines have been working weekend after weekend after weekend. We keep doing side maintenance but these machines really
haven’t asked for a lot. The occasional issue, you don’t see the track
loaders that we ended up having ’cause those were actually terrible. We’ll end up fixing those
probably during the wintertime but these other machines
they just keep on going. – [Krazy Joe] YouTube Gold, baby. – Yeah, YouTube Gold, baby.
(whooping) So, we’ll get the excavator out of there, get it to pivot around. This hopper continues to
load the pay, non-stop. All the way up. (machines whirring) Into the grizzly bars,
down into the auger. Auger right there, round and
round processing the gold. Nice, there’s a piece there. – [Kevin] Here, here you go. – [RCSparks] Nice, oh, look at
this one, there it is there. There it is, nice. (low rumbling) Someone took your machines? – Yup.
– You’re gonna have to sit back and just drink
some beer for a while. – Okay.
(laughing) (whooping) (motor chugging drowns out speaker) – [RCSparks] Nice. (motor chugging) You got to turn up the conveyor, open the door just a little bit more. Is it going through okay? Perfect.
– Yeah. Yeah, we got a little pile
under the hopper of pay. – [RCSparks] Good job. (motor chugging) – Just need two people here
to keep it flowing properly. – [RCSparks] So how’s the new guy doing? – He’s doing the loader pretty good. Hey. – [RCSparks] Oh, you put
pay right on the ground. – [Kevin] Rock of shame. – [RCSparks] Do you know
how hard we have to work to get that out of the ground? – [Krazy Joe] New guy’s just
throwing pay on the ground. Throwing pay away. Well, it’s not the first time
we paved the ground with pay. – [RCSparks] No, that’s true. – You’re just dumping
the crushed rock and gold all over the road, bud? What are you doing?
– I thought this was waste. – No, we’re planning on washing it. It seems like (rattling drowns
out speech) thing to do. – Okay, well, I’ll stop doing that then. – I take back what I said about him being good at the loader. (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] Going deep, look at this, still working the glory hole. – [Rookie] Stop calling it that. – [RCSparks] Back and forth. Pay comes in, pay goes
out, pay gets washed. It’s quite an operation, now
that we have this many people. – [Rookie] YouTube Gold efficiency. – [RCSparks] Yeah, YouTube Gold efficiency is what it’s turned out to be. Now he’s back at it, Kevin, trying out what it’s like to be sleeveless right at the end of summer. – [Kevin] Heck yeah. – [RCSparks] Showing off the
farmer’s tan like no one can. Nice job, into the hopper. Nice big scoopfuls, hey? – Yeah.
– Get all that pay in. Finish up what you got for pay. Finish up.
– 10-4. – [RCSparks] Run the rest of your pay and we’re going to shut her down. Guys, last bucketful. – Last bucket?
– Last, yeah, get the last one up
there to whoever gets it. – [Rookie] It’s okay,
’cause I’m almost at LiPo. – [RCSparks] Yeah, LiPos are running low. (motor chugging) There’s one, that’s a
good one, look at that. Washed it right through. – [Rookie] Looks like another
one from the excavator. – [RCSparks] (laughing) Yeah. Joe’s running the excavator. – That’s okay, it’s my excavator. (laughing) – Look at that one.
– Oh, my swing motor. (whooping) – [Rookie] Yeah, buddy. – [RCSparks] That’s the way, man. – [Krazy Joe] Hey, that’s from me. – That’s a nice piece.
– I put that there. – That’s a nice piece.
– From the excavator. – [RCSparks] That’s awesome. – [Rookie] Did you say
your swing motor quit? – Swing motor.
– That’s LiPo, it quits first. – [RCSparks] Okay, so we’re done. Okay, put ’em in your pocket. – Hey, hey.
– Shut her down. Shut her down.
– Shut her down. – [Rookie] Shutting her down. – [RCSparks] Time to wash
the pans, get out the wedges. We’ll get everything cleaned up and see what we got for the day. YouTube Gold.
– Yeah. – Hey Matt.
– Looks like we got some swamp gas going into the settling pond.
– Every piece of equipment you take in, take the battery out of it, don’t just unplug it. Yeah, we’ll set ’em all on the table once we get ’em in, so they– – [RCSparks] What the hell
is bubbling in the pond? Look at that. – [Rookie] Maybe we got natural
gas, we could start oiling. – [RCSparks] Oh, working with you guys, there’s plenty of natural gas around here. – That’s mostly Sluice. – Come on. – [RCSparks] Let’s wash the
gold, boys, let’s get her done. Lots of gold in the pan. Beautiful. No, no, no. I fired you, you. – Yeah, weren’t you fired?
– You were fired last week, bud.
– Hey, man, I need my gold. – [SluiceBox Steve] There’s not gold here for you.
– No gold for you. – [RCSparks] You only worked a day. – I still need to be paid. – Nah.
– You don’t get paid. – [RCSparks] Does anybody
got five bucks for the day? – Nope.
– Nope. – I got toonie in my truck. – I got a–
– We got some change. – [Everett] That’ll do. (metal squeaking) – [RCSparks] I can’t read your shirt. Now I can (laughs). – [Krazy Joe] YouTube Gold, boys. – [Rookie] I mean, if you
don’t put the effort in. – [RCSparks] I’m beginning to think you’re just some friend
that randomly shows up here and plays any character
that suits the day. (laughing) Let’s wash the gold! (whooping) First pan, let’s go boys, right here. Oh, watch it at the end, I just had a piece of gold fall off. – I see it.
– Oh you did too. – [RCSparks] Right there. (exclaims)
– You know it’s a good day when you’re losing gold. – [RCSparks] Come on,
lift up the end there. Perfect, boys, get in there. (water sloshing) (Krazy Joe speaking away from mic) – [SluiceBox Steve] I’m
telling you, nobody handles a hose better than Rookie. – Rookie’s the–
– Well, he’s a hoe operator. Yeah, he’s had many hoes. – He’s not. – [RCSparks] That was empty, Joe. That was supposed to
be a great, great line and there was nothing. – Yeah, it was nothing.
– Fool proof. (laughing) – Picking ’em out, right out of the pan. – [RCSparks] Nice find,
that is a nice one. – [Rookie] That actually came out of the shaker.
– Excellent. – [RCSparks] Of course, it did. Good, yeah. – [Rookie] That’s ’cause
that’s the excavator side. (laughing) – [Matt] Hey, we got gold
first from the loader. – [Rookie] No, there was an excavator over there for a while. – [RCSparks] Why is
Everett holding the pan? Oh.
– Who? – [RCSparks] Sorry, no
you guys, I’m sorry, getting confused which– – [Everett] I mean I know
I didn’t really comb– – [RCSparks] Sorry, Everett, Kevin. – You know that’s two gingers here now. – [RCSparks] Yeah, what’s going on? Men of distinction right there. The lucky leprechauns that bring us gold. – Yup. – He’s got nicer freckles than me. (laughing) – [RCSparks] He’s like a giraffe. There’s the one that Rookie had. – One of the ones.
– Yeah. – [Rookie] There’s the other one. – Wow.
– Neither one fits through. – Yeah, no, oh that one did.
– Oh look it did. – [RCSparks] Fire up the table. – [Rookie] She’s firing up. – [RCSparks] Firing up
shake, shake, shake, shake. (water gurgling) – [Crew] Gold, gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold, gold, gold. – Hey where’s the gold?
– Wait. – Gold, gold, gold.
– That’s the wrong gold. – [Rookie] That was y’all. (Krazy Joe speaking away from mic) – [RCSparks] Here we go. – [Rookie] Now this is just the coarse, we’ve already kind of clean this, so it’s not gonna be a lot. – [RCSparks] We’ve always done
this, we’ve got 24 episodes of explaining how this works. If you don’t know how it works by now, there is a whole season
of discovery for you. Isn’t it going to be fun, guys? – Absolutely.
(whooping) – [RCSparks] Yeah, it was a great season of the YouTube Gold so far. – Epic.
– There’s one. – [RCSparks] Look at that beauty. – [Kevin] That one looks like
it came from the the trommel. – [Rookie] I can see an
excavator tooth buried in it. – Wow.
– From the excavator. – [RCSparks] One straight up here, right there, getting washed. – [Rookie] Oh, there’s some coming behind it too.
– I see it, yeah, one right behind it.
– I don’t really care where it came from.
– More here. She’s all starting to come out. – [Matt] I still can’t get over– – [RCSparks] It’s all lining
up behind the big piece. Last week.
– That was crazy, ey. (laughing)
I wasn’t here for that. – [Krazy Joe] I just love the smell of gold filled dirt.
– Wow, look at this gold. – [RCSparks] It’s amazing. – Season total is one million.
– One million. – [Rookie] I called that, I totally called that.
– Wow, underneath. – [Rookie] Look! – Yeah.
– It’s just ridiculous. – [Krazy Joe] Wow, river of gold. – Holy shit.
– Oh, that’s wild. – [Rookie] That’s wild,
the way it’s doing that. – Sliver of gold.
– It’s just chilling there. – Wow.
– You guys are– – [Rookie] Every piece of gold just– – Comes there.
– Look at that. – [RCSparks] There,
that nug is on the move. Oh, there goes the gold. – Oh yeah.
– Gold is on the move, the gold is on the move. – Everything, ey. – [RCSparks] Yeah, away
it goes there’s a piece. – That’s awesome.
– Right there. – At least a couple layers.
– All down here even. Right here, Joe. (water gurgling) – [Everett] That is just nuts. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Matt] Lots of black sand. – [RCSparks] Oh that’s nothing, man. – That’s nothing.
– You’re gonna see a ton of black sand. – In the bottom.
– Then it’ll be black. – [RCSparks] Nice, boys. I’m glad, I was getting worried that cut was starting to not pay out anymore. – Yeah.
– We should play with the speed of the table.
– We’ve been doing super well. – [RCSparks] Yeah, well,
we could turn it up. – To see what’s happening.
– Where is it at? – [Matt] It’s at 70 right now. – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s normally at 65. – [RCSparks] Okay, so now 76. – [Mikal] I think we got
(speaking away from mic) – [SluiceBox Steve] Oh definitely. – [RCSparks] What time is it, Joe? – It’s gold wheel time. – [RCSparks] Yeah,
let’s fire this baby up. – [Rookie] Bucket in there,
your bucket’s in there? – [RCSparks] Bucket’s
ready to go, wheel of gold. – [Crew] Gold, gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold, gold. – [RCSparks] Bring me the gold. – [Everett] Gold, gold, gold. – [RCSparks] You’re too
late, you missed it. – [Krazy Joe] Oh, there’s
gold going up already. – Little, little flakes.
– There’s always gold going up.
(whistling) (whooping) – Oh, that’s a nice one.
– Oh yeah, it’s payday, boys. – [RCSparks] That’s a nice amount. Good we got a riffle rider.
– Riffle rider. – [RCSparks] Yeah, those
are my favorite pieces. Look at how many there are. – [SluiceBox Steve] There’s
a lot there, isn’t there? – [Krazy Joe] (humming) We got some gold. – Okay.
– So much gold. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Yeah, kinda do that with it. There you go, so none flips in there. There, that’s a nice piece. (exclaims in awe)
Yeah, ’round it goes. – Round and round it goes,
– If I can see it, they’re all nice pieces.
– When it stops, nobody knows. – [RCSparks] Oh, I totally agree. – [Krazy Joe] I don’t get
bored of the wheel of gold – No.
– I’m telling you, right now. – It’s mesmerizing.
– The wheel of gold, it is mesmerizing.
– It’s my favorite part. – [RCSparks] I wanna see
that big piece pop up. Look at those little ones. You must be getting quite a bit of black sand back there, hey? – Not terrible.
– Not so bad. – Okay, good.
– We will have to reprocess like we always do.
– Looks like it’s starting to pile up now though.
– But not as bad as you think. – [RCSparks] Oh, look at this,
it’s avalanching right there. – [Krazy Joe] Oh my, look at that. (men exclaiming) – [RCSparks] There it is. I saw it, I saw it, oh,
there it is, there it is. – Oh my.
– Come on, come on. – Come on.
– Oh man. – [Matt] Get in there. – [RCSparks] Man I hope– (men exclaiming excitedly) – [Everett] That one’s ready
to be a necklace already. – [RCSparks] I think if we
turned off the video on this and just listened to it, it would sound like it was on a website that no video was allowed to be on. (laughing) – There you go.
(exclaiming) Those are totally getting away. (men exclaiming) – [RCSparks] Shoved it in there. – All right, are we ready?
– Yeah, yeah. Roll it in, throw it in, let’s get the black sand outta there. (gold clattering) (pan clanking) Yup, nice. – Plug these back.
– Plug it in. – [Rookie] Plug this back,
we are back on and live. – [RCSparks] Back to panning. – Gold, gold, gold.
– Gold, here we go. Climbing the ladder.
– Gold, gold, gold, gold. – [RCSparks] Look at that
piece, it’s just phenomenal – [Krazy Joe] That’s a tooth, right there. – Dude.
– Pay day, payday. – [RCSparks] Wow – [Kevin] Holy crap. – [RCSparks] That is a lot of gold. – [Rookie] Yeah, it is. – [RCSparks] Three, two, one, go. (men whooping) For a day.
– Yeah. – After falling in the pond. – Flakes left in the wheel–
– Look at that. – Damn decent.
– That’s just coarse. – Damn decent.
– That’s decent. That’s starting to, that’s great payday. – [Krazy Joe] That’s damn decent. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s a good payday. – [Krazy Joe] We’ve
killed our season goal. – Yeah, a long time ago.
– By a long way, so. – [RCSparks] Rook, let’s dry this out so we can get it weighed, I’m like eager. – [Rookie] Mark putting another piece that was still in the wheel.
– You mean Matt. – [RCSparks] Nice, Mark. – Matt.
– Hey, if Rookie wants to call you Mark that’s —
– He’s new. – The way it’s gonna go.
– Matt, Mark, Mike, same thing. – [Rookie] Want you, back
up a bit, back up a bit, so you don’t–
– Yeah don’t blow it away. – [SluiceBox Steve] Or melt the gold. – [RCSparks] Nice and dry
gentlemen, looking good. (pan thudding) Look at that.
– What do think? – [RCSparks] Wow. – Fantastic.
– Holy cow. – Great, great clean out.
– Pretty good clean out, for sure.
– I’m saying five. – Five.
– Five? – Five, ey?
– Five grams, ey. – 9.5.
– Well, I want some of whatever you’re smoking.
– I’m going 11. – I’ll say seven.
– Well, I was gonna say 7.2. – Mikal, eight.
– Eight. – [RCSparks] Okay, where’s the purple pan? Purple pan, please. – Hold on.
– Purple pan. – [RCSparks] Purple pan, please. (pan thuds loudly) Does this even fit in here, it does. Look at that. Zero it out, zero in grams. Rookie. – [Rookie] Sir, boss. – [RCSparks] Let’s do this. – [Rookie] Start pouring the gold? – Yeah.
– Let’s pour some gold. (gold clattering) – [RCSparks] (exclaims) Right away. – 6.6, seven.
– Right away. – Eight.
– Eight. (exclaims excitedly)
(gold clattering) – [Krazy Joe] Nine, 10– – Wow, 14.
– What the hell? – You know what?
– 14. – [Rookie] I honestly didn’t expect that. – Nice job, 16, three.
– 16, three. – 16, four.
– And there’s some in the purple pan.
– A whole day. That’s why we use the
purple pan, to capture it. – Payday, fellas, payday.
– 16, dude. Get paid.
– Wow, wow. You get a day’s pay for last time. – Oh.
– And you broke the trommel, you shouldn’t get any pay. – Didn’t he have to pay the weld against towing fees for that? – They’re too dry.
– No. – Wow.
– Yup, you can see a difference.
– Wow. – [SluiceBox Steve] Gold
there, there’s gold there. – [RCSparks] It’s all right, that’s why we use the an, right.
– It’s okay, it’s in the pan. – [RCSparks] 16.5 and (container thuds). (men exclaiming) This is it, hey. (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Everything to date. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] Here we go. – [RCSparks] The ultimate weigh-in. – Hold on.
– 16.6 grams. – [Rookie] You just have to, just ’cause. – [RCSparks] You’re taking the brain out? – [Krazy Joe] It’s gonna double it. – [RCSparks] Look at that. – Boom.
– Whoa, yeah. – Nug, wow.
– Man, that’s huge. (gold shuffling) – [RCSparks] There it is, there it is. – 35.9.
– That’s an ounce. – [Men] 43. 49, 54. 58. 64.
– Two ounces. – Nice, nice job.
– 70, 74. 81. 84. 89, 92.
(whistling) 96.
– Oh, three ounces. – Three ounces.
– Keep going, we got a 100– – 100 grams.
– We got 100. We got 100 last time.
– 117.2. – [RCSparks] 117.2, guys. – Wow.
– Wow. (whooping) Wow, look at that. 3.77 ounces.
– 3.77 ounces. – Ounces.
(whooping) – Yeah. – [RCSparks] That’s a good show, boys. – Yeah.
– Good job, Kevin. – We’re only eight grams
short of four ounces. – [RCSparks] I know, I
know, the snow is coming and we’re running out of
cut, that’s the problem. I don’t know if we’re gonna
actually get to four ounces. – Glory hole is, I was
scraping the sides of it today. – I know, I know.
– We’re getting there. – [RCSparks] We’re almost out. – It keeps giving.
– We’ll get it. – We’re almost out.
– We’ll get the four. – Hats in, boys, on three. One, two three. – [Crew] YouTube Gold. – [RCSparks] What was that? (men exclaiming) – Kevin! – Kevin!
– Where’s your hat? – [Rookie] Where’s your hat? – [RCSparks] Go sit on the rock. Next time wear your hat. (chuckling)


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