YouTube GOLD – ROAD TRIP: A Storm is BREWING (s2 e13) Miniature Gold Mining

YouTube GOLD – ROAD TRIP: A Storm is BREWING (s2 e13)  Miniature Gold Mining

(wind blowing) (engine rumbling) (grunts) – [RCSparks] How heavy is it? – It’s heavy, it’s really
awkward to try and put in there. – All right so it’s another episode of Gold Mining YouTube Gold baby. – YouTube Gold.
– YouTube Gold. – It is way too wet out there,
it’s been raining for weeks. So we’re gonna head down
in about an hour and a half to Indian Graves, that’s right Joe? – Oh yeah. – Sluice box, you got all the boxes loaded up and ready to rock and roll? – We’re loaded, ready to go. – Too many conveyors as always? – Yes.
– Yeah as always. – Let’s go gold mining. (guys cheering) – [RCSparks] Let’s do this. (engine rumbling) (wind blowing) – [RCSparks] YouTube Gold baby! – YouTube Gold baby. (guys cheering)
(RCSparks laughs) – So we don’t really have a choice, we gotta head out on the road here. TRCSparksfully Canada just got season two of one of the most exciting gold shows we’ve seen before and it
looks like the Hoffman crew or whoever it is, is heading off the land to a different place, and
that’s exactly what we wanna do. We know they gotta go for
the gold, so do we baby. YouTube Gold and we got a two-hour drive ahead of us with all the equipment. So it’s either make-it or
break-it for the season, we gotta stay on our gold goal. (engine rumbling) – Been in the car for what
feels like three days already. – It’s been four minutes Joe. (engine rumbling) – Hey, you sure we know where
we’re going or are we lost? – I thought he was following us. – Well it doesn’t really look like it ’cause I can see him right there! (engine rumbling) Hey. (guys laughing) – [RCSparks] Here’s a
hat collection fence, every single fence post has a hat on it. All the way up the road. (RCSparks laughs) (car tires rumbling) (engine roaring) Dirt road! Look at the view guys, look
at the mountains over there. Bumpy road but it’s gorgeous. (engine rumbling) – No it’s further. – First Gallon RCSparks. – The GPS just told me we
gotta go 13 more kilometers. – 13K on this rough road? – 13K on this gravel road. (engine rumbling) – [RCSparks] Texas Gate? I’m in Canada. (engine roaring) Cattle crossing gate. (tires rattling) – It’s been pretty wet here
the last couple of weeks. – Well I guess we’re about to find out. – Look at that guy man, that makes me jealous.
– 12 more K. – Buddy’s sitting out on
the lake there. (laughs) – [Joe] I can’t even see a lake. Are you hallucinating? – [Steve] It’s behind that berm. – [Joe] Ah, you’re old.
(Steve laughs) (engine rumbling) (car keys jingle) – [RCSparks] We made it boys.
– [Joe] Ah. – [RCSparks] Too bad the
rookie couldn’t come out. It’s a beautiful day today. – He was afraid to get
his hair wet, wasn’t he? – [RCSparks] I know, it’s supposed
to rain today but nothing. – [Steve] Yeah, no rain. – No rain. Safety gear on gentlemen. Everything but hard hats today. Make sure you don’t want to
get hit by anything out here. – Hey, I’m wearing my prospecting hat. – [RCSparks] TRCSparkss hard enough. – Make it easier for bears to see us. Coming on this little
road trip today adventure. I don’t think there’s any gold here. Maybe the boss is losing it a little bit. I don’t think there’s any gold here. (water running)
– [RCSparks] Yeah, look at this. This is awesome, right here. This is perfect, this
is exactly what I want to be looking for right here. Bring the shovel. – I’m coming. – [RCSparks] Give me a scoop
full of this stuff right here. – My safety gear is falling off. – [RCSparks] Don’t dig until it’s on. – I know. (water running)
– What you wanna do when you’re panning, make sure
to get down below the rock. Don’t worry about the pan. Your buddy’s probably with you anyway. Get yourself aggregate in there. TRCSparkss guys. What you wanna do is
really slosh it around to get those heavy rocks out, which will leave you with a very small amount of sand at the bottom. – [Joe] Oh that looks about right, eh. – You want to get it in there. That’s what these ridges are for, really to hold that finer stuff. And then if you bring it
back, have a good look. I don’t see anything in there. – [Joe] Not a damn thing.
– But it is Alberta. It’s Alberta, and the
stuff here is pretty small. – [Steve] Well we don’t expect to get it on the first shovel full either. – Well that’s the whole point right? – [Joe] What do you mean? We want it in every shovel full. – We got to prospect a little,
get all that heavy stuff out. Nothing. – [Steve] There’s not much left in there. – Nothing. We’ll keep looking. – If we can get a road in here. – [RCSparks] This was an old creek before. – That’s right, I think that’s all pay-ish, runnable material there. – [RCSparks] ‘Cause we had a big flood and it changed the course of the creek. – That’s right.
– [RCSparks] And all this, here’s some of the
water that’s here still, which is like nothing for mining. – [Joe] But look at this stuff. – [Steve] Look at all this
sentiment, this is awesome. – [Joe] Look at this stuff. – [RCSparks] Oh, that’s mint. – [Joe] What do you think? You want to run some of that?
– [RCSparks] This is so much better of an idea. So what we gotta do is pick it up. We’ll cut a road over there if we can.
– We can just truck it over there so we can wash it, get it through. Right?
– [RCSparks] And get it to the water, 10-4 let’s do it. (water running)
– [RCSparks] Joe. I asked you before but I’ll ask you now. How heavy is the dozer? – Very F- (car horn) heavy. – [RCSparks] (laughs)
People just don’t understand it’s all steel, it’s heavy. – Oh my god, it’s gotta be 160 pounds. – [RCSparks] (laughs) Minus 100. – Plus 360 pounds.
(RCSparks laughs) Why do you make me walk half a kilometer? – [RCSparks] ‘Cause (laughs)
if we drove it, it would be out of batteries, it’s heavy. (water running) Crazy old miner Joe. Do, de, do, do, do. – I think I found something over here. – [RCSparks] Heavy dozer. Here comes the loader. 45 pounds? – Yeah, I’d say. (Joe laughs)
– [RCSparks] (laughs) That’s the gold mining laugh I love to hear. (water running) (birds chirping) – Just to slow down the
flow so we’re not getting the stream so muddy. Hey, how’s it going? (laughs)
– A natural filter. Okay, we’re getting serious here. (machine running) – [RCSparks] Way to push that dirt buddy, way to push that dirt, yeah! (machine running) – [Steve] There it is, there it is, oh! – [RCSparks] There, there, yeah! – [Steve] There it is, there it is. Come on baby! – [RCSparks] Nice push. (machine running) – [Steve] Come on beauty, there we are. Dig you bugger, there we go. (machine running) – [RCSparks] That looks
absolutely beautiful. Old creek sand, man. That’s going to be rich! These new silent
excavators, you can barely hear them coming, but they are powerful. (machine running) – [Steve] We just about got
the spot for the truck done, the pad for the hose done. We got a little bit of
pay pushed up for you. – [RCSparks] Nice job, man. – [Steve] Soon as I get the bottom pad for the truck done, I’ll come
push some more pay for you. – [RCSparks] What do you
the think of these silent excavators man, all electric, eh? – [Steve] Awesome. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (machine running)
– [Steve] Well, you wouldn’t hear that thing sneaking up on you.
– [RCSparks] No, that’s why you gotta wear your vest man. Everybody laughs at
us, but it’s important. – [Steve] Well you know, you got hit by a 1/14th scale equivalent, you get 1/14th the pain. – [RCSparks] Exactly. Beautiful. – [Steve] Out here gold mining, you gotta take the good with the bad. – [RCSparks] You certainly do, my brother. – [Steve] Damn black flies. – [RCSparks] I got a rock in my track. – [Steve] I had one up there too, kinda where you’re at. Man, is this ground ever nice. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s beautiful. Oh, sorry man, didn’t
mean to slap you there. – [Steve] It’s okay,
it’s all your equipment. (RCSparks laughs) – [RCSparks] Oh.
(machine squeals) It’s the lack of control with these two side winds are terrible. – [Steve] Doesn’t it suck? – [RCSparks] Yeah, it sucks, it sucks. (Joe laughs)
– [Steve] I wouldn’t complain, it’s the way it was set up. – [Joe] Nicely done.
– [RCSparks] TRCSparks you very much, oh ye of little faith, wa-ha-ha-ha-ha. Here comes the Volvo, sweet rock truck. Six by six, one of my favorite
pieces of machine here. (truck rumbling) There is some thick bush here. (truck honking) Bring it in, buddy. (truck rumbling) Yes, perfect right there. It’s a little bit, could
you back it in for me? – [Joe] I could try that. It will be easier coming up with the load. – [RCSparks] Exactly. (machine running)
The devil’s fangs finally get to bite. Look at that beauty.
– [Joe] Nice. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s a nice… Whoa, I’m stuck on some roots. – [Joe] Uh oh. – [RCSparks] There it is, I got it. Okay, back up a bit. – [Joe] We need a chainsaw in there. (machines running and rumbling) Gonna get the gold today, man. – [Steve] If you’re steady,
she sure picks up a lot. – [RCSparks] Well when we
find someone who’s steady on the controls, we’ll find out. (guys laugh)
Truth be known, not me. (RCSparks laughs) – [Steve] Boss, I think we found that guy. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (laughs) – [Joe] It’s very rich looking. – Yeah, rich.
(machine running) And there’s just copious
amounts of it too. Hold on, I don’t like too
many roots in my pay dirt. (truck rumbling) First load to the pay wash plant! (truck rumbling) How’s it handle? – [Joe] Not too bad. – [RCSparks] Good, good. – [Joe] Road’s a bit rough. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s
on a bit of a slant. – [Joe] Bolders sticking out. – [RCSparks] That dozer
did a good job though. (truck rumbling) – [Steve] It’s a little makeshift but I think we’ll make it work. – [RCSparks] Yeah, this is great, man. (truck beeping)
– [Joe] That good there? – [Steve] Back a little touch more. Perfect right there, let her go. (machine noises) Maybe we wanna stock one more truckload before we get washing? – [RCSparks] Yeah we
wanna fill up the hopper. (machines running) – [Joe] It keeps bugging me up. I think I got it centered and it’s not. It keeps going up. (machines running) – [RCSparks] Whoa! Oh be careful, dude. – [Steve] Good thing
we brought this truck. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I’d
hate to have been hiking back and forth with a shovel or something. – [Steve] We couldn’t have gotten through there with the mine truck. – [RCSparks] That’s a very good call. – [Steve] It would’ve been a lot more work clearing road. – [Joe] Yeah, we’d have
need a lot more road. All right!
(truck rumbling) (water running)
– [RCSparks] Okay, so we’re not getting enough flow. I got an 800 gallon on
there, shoulda put 1,000. But I extended the hose too long. So we’re gonna cut it in half and then we should get more volume here. Just a bit more would be helpful. (water running) – [Steve] There, you can hold his hose. Just kidding.
(RCSparks laughs) Hey, you’re doing a great
job holding that hose. – [RCSparks] Hose holder.
– [Steve] And close. Hold in there and close, good job. – [RCSparks] TRCSparks
you, appreciate that. – [Steve] You’re doing an excellent job. And Joe.
– [Joe] Yes – [Steve] You’re doing a great job watching him hold my hose. – [Joe] He was holding the hose before me. – [RCSparks] He’s an observer. – [Steve] An observer
of hold hosing watching. (RCSparks laughs) (water running)
– [Joe] Looks like it’s flowing better to me. – [RCSparks] Yeah, sure is. That’s good, just like that. – [Joe] All right.
– [RCSparks] Fire up the plant. – [Steve] Getting dark, buddy. – [RCSparks] It is getting dark. (water running)
(Joe calls out) Let’s fire them all up. – [Steve] That’s definitely wet coming over that ridge there.
– [RCSparks] Boom, boom. – [Steve] Over there. All right.
– [RCSparks] Got a little left over there, we finally get it. – [Steve] Here we go. – [RCSparks] YouTube Gold.
(machine noises) First scoop, up on the
new pad that you built. Looking good. That hopper looking fantastic. First load! Bringing home the gold, baby. Out at the stream, facing
certain weather peril. (guys laugh) It’s incoming and doomsday. I’m gonna move it a little bit here. There you go, centered it up. (water running) Here we go, all getting caught right here. We’re not mixing it back into the creek. (Steve talking) (machine noises) (truck rumbling and honking) All this work to set everything up. Good job on the loader, bro. – [Joe] Nevermind the
four-day drive out here. – [RCSparks] (laughs) Exactly, it did- – [Steve] And 20 pounds of dirt. – [RCSparks] Exactly. (machine running)
Nice scoopful Joe! Oh, almost, there it is. Just filling that rock bucket right up. (machine and truck noises) (water running and dirt
falling into water) Getting dark with the rain. Sluice box holding all of its tailings here in our tailings pond. (machine noises) – [Joe] Sluice box (car horn)! – [RCSparks] That pay
dirt’s in constant flow. I love it! But I can see that we’re getting dirt stuck to the bottom side. Getting a little bit on the damp side. – [Joe] Starting to get a little sticky. – [RCSparks] Yeah, starting
to get a little sticky. – [Joe] Oh well, we go
until we can’t, right? (water running) (machines running)
(truck beeping and honking) – [RCSparks] There you go sir. I got a huge bolder right here. – [Joe] TRCSparks you. – [RCSparks] You’re welcome, sir. The flow is much better now. Haven’t installed a shaker on here. We’re gonna do that though. – [Joe] Well we didn’t really know what we were gonna be up
against today to be honest. – [RCSparks] That’s true. – [Joe] And actually I think
we’re fairing pretty good. – [RCSparks] Here comes
a little heavier rain. (dirt falling) (machine running)
Such a crazy machine and everything getting a wet. Harder to push the pay now. I just got hailed on.
(Joe agreeing) Oh, it’s hailing! – [Joe] It’s time to get…
– [RCSparks] Here come the pebbles! Ow, ow, ow, ow!
– [Steve] Geez! – [RCSparks] Ah, ow!
– [Joe] We go until we can’t! – [RCSparks] Keep mining!
– [Steve] Keep mining? (Steve laughs)
– [RCSparks] Don’t stop! Keep going! This is the only way we get to our gold. This separates the real
miners from the fake miners. (Steve laughs)
– Maybe there’s some gold in that hail, run it down that sluice box. – [RCSparks] There you go. Just needs to be turned up a bit. Ow, ow, ow, ow! (water running)
Ow! – [Joe] Let’s save these controllers. (water running)
(hail falling) – [RCSparks] Steve doesn’t know
we’ve taken refuge under the… – [Joe] Shh, don’t say anything. (hail falling) (machine running) (truck beeping) – [RCSparks] Did you get all of that rainwater out of there, Steve? Good job! – [Steve] She caught a bit of hail, eh? – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s okay. It’s tough, it can take it. Still black clouds again on the horizon. (machine noises) I can’t think of a better hobby, Joe. – [Joe] (laughs) This is so awesome. The material doesn’t look bad. – [RCSparks] It’s running out. – [Joe] The material itself
doesn’t look terrible. But I’m not seeing anything for shining. – [RCSparks] There’s
not much sun right now. That’s no good. – [Steve] What’s going on? – [RCSparks] Just having a
look, seeing what we can see. If there’s anything in the pan. I don’t really see too much. – [Joe] I’m not seeing any,
any shimmer whatsoever here. – [RCSparks] I wish we had some sunlight. – [Joe] I could turn the
light on my phone on. – [RCSparks] That’s a
good … Oh, oh my god! (RCSparks and Joe screaming) oh my god! – [Steve] No way.
– [RCSparks] Right there buddy. – [Joe] There’s one right there too buddy. – [RCSparks] Right there
buddy, right there! – [Joe] One right here, one right here. – [RCSparks] Oh my god,
there is one right there. – [Joe] Holy (car horn)! – [RCSparks] Oh, oh!! I told you!
– There’s no (car horn) way. – [RCSparks] I told you, I told you. – There’s a possibility of something from in there from before. – [RCSparks] Dude, it was clean. It was clean
– It is right on the top of it. – [RCSparks] No one was around
it, told you so, told you so. Told you so!
– [Joe] Wow, I can’t believe there’s something in there. – [RCSparks] Told you so.
– [Joe] Two spots. That’s a big one right there too. – [Steve] No, I don’t buy it. – Maybe the boss is
losing it a little bit. I don’t think there’s any gold here. (guys laughing)
– [RCSparks] Okay, so it is what it is man, get it out. I don’t know why you’re not
looking at it right now. I was with you the entire freaking time. (Steve talking)
You watched everything that happened. – Oh, wow man. I’m gonna get you that one.
– [RCSparks] Hold on. Hold it in our hand.
– [Joe] And I’m gonna grab the other one that I saw.
– [RCSparks] Look at that. (water running)
I told us so. – [Steve] That’s crazy, man. (water running)
– [RCSparks] No way. – The old creek ready. (Steve talking and laughing) – [RCSparks] Let’s put it in the pan. Right there. (truck rumbling)
(Joe talking) Yes! Yeah, that was in the way, we moved it. Nice job. (machine running) (water running) (Joe talking) Before the rain starts
to hail down on us again, we wanna get out of here. Now we know we might wanna come back. (machine noises) Sluice! – [Steve] Yeah? – [RCSparks] Start walking
the dozer back over here, drive it back, let’s get packed up. Such a beast machine.
(machine noises) It cut that road for us so well today. (water running)
(Steve talking) Yeah, just getting the
tracks clear of mud. Beautiful, that’s working great. Oh, where did it go? – I don’t know, somebody
stepped on the pan or something. – [RCSparks] Someone
stepped on it? (laughs) That’s not the story I had a second ago. (Steve laughs)
You picked up the pan and it disappeared, yes. – Where’d it go? It’s gotta be right here. – [RCSparks] Did you
put it in your pocket? Where is it?
– [Steve] No, I did not touch it dude. – [RCSparks] Oh bro.
– [Steve] I picked up the pan. – [RCSparks] I can’t believe the gold is gone.
– [Joe] If you grab it up and put it in your pocket. – [RCSparks] No, I…
– [Steve] I know, I know. – And it’s rolling camera
right now so go over there, face the sun, make sure your head’s up so they can see your face. – So we had a flash rainstorm. I grabbed the gold pan
to cover up two radios so they weren’t getting soaked, and our one flake of gold is lost. We just spent 20 minutes looking for it. No dice. (machine rumbling)
I feel absolutely terrible dude. – [RCSparks] It is what it is, man. – [Steve] I was just in a panic man. Radios were getting wet,
it was coming down fast. Thought I was being smart, I was not. Okay, there’s only one thing to do. – [Joe] Hey, look right
in front of the dozer, two inches in front of
blade, just off center. – I don’t see anything. – [Joe] Closer to me, two
inches, get in front of it. – Get over here. – [Joe] What’s that?
– [RCSparks] Nothing, nothing. – [Steve] I guess I owe you eight bucks. – [RCSparks] Hey, don’t worry about it. Let’s get the gold wheel out. Let’s process what we got,
see if we got anything else. We knew we had one piece anyway and we know there’s more to be had. – We know where to find it. – [RCSparks] Exactly. – It’s right there somewhere. – So next time we’ll just
dig out a 20 by 20 chunk. – [RCSparks] And process this. – [Joe] And process it all. – [RCSparks] Yeah, agreed. – We’ll get our chunk back. So we have this still, the one that was under here, right here. It should be right there still. – [RCSparks] I hope. – Haven’t seen it.
– [RCSparks] Look at that. – And then this one I just saw. – [RCSparks] Right there.
– [Joe] And I was just pushing the big gravel down. – [RCSparks] My oh my.
– [Joe] Just like so. – [RCSparks] Okay, be careful then, eh. – [Joe] Yeah. – The gold wheel. Wheel of gold! (water running) – This, this is it.
(RCSparks laughs) – [RCSparks] Okay, wheel of gold going on. (quiet engine running)
Pump comes on. See the water coming in the back there? And put this on right. This is like a sluice box
but like an active sluice box that basically takes the heavy gold and brings it up to the top, while leaving all the lighter stuff washed below and kinda purged. Come on baby.
(engine running) (Joe talking)
It is. I don’t see no gold though. Don’t F-(car horn) move. – [Joe] Don’t F-(car
horn) move, I can see it. – [RCSparks] Don’t move. – [Joe] I see it. – [RCSparks] Do you see it too? – [Joe] I see it right
there beside his boot. – [RCSparks] Lift your foot. – [Joe] Don’t move! – [RCSparks] It’s right
there, dude look at that. – [Steve] There it is.
(RCSparks laughs) – [Joe] Is that the one? – [RCSparks] Redemption, buddy. – [Joe] Is that the one? Well, I’ll let you pick that up. That’s the one yep. – [RCSparks] Why wouldn’t it be the one? Look at that. – [Joe] All right! – So there are way too many rocks because we did not have a flat
surface for the gold wheel. – Hey, I’d just like to point out that I did not drop any gold. (RCSparks calls out)
Hey, there’s gold right there. – Look at that! Okay, while there’s way too many rocks, I could run this through the table. That one, that is the flake guys. – [Steve] That is it.
– [RCSparks] That is the flake. Is there any more in there? Ah, there is a piece.
– [Joe] Oh, there’s another one, yeah. – [RCSparks] Okay, so not as lucri… Oh! (guys hollering)
– [Joe] All three! – [RCSparks] Three!
– [Joe] All three, all three. – [RCSparks] Please be four. (laughs) Good, okay, so we did recover it at least. Three pieces, one, two, three. The potential is there.
– [Joe] All pickers. – So if there was three
pieces in the bucket, that means the piece we did find was his. I didn’t lose any and… – Of course you know I
didn’t lose any. (laughs) – Yeah, hats together boys on three. – [Joe] Yeah!
– One, two, three. – [All] YouTube Gold!
(RCSparks laughs)


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