YouTube GOLD – the Bold Road Forward: Crush, Dump, Spread, Repeat (S2, E1) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – the Bold Road Forward: Crush, Dump, Spread, Repeat (S2, E1) | RC ADVENTURES

– [RCSparks] Alrighty boys! Lift the tarp up. What do we got? – [Blue Hardhat Worker] We got ice. – [RCSparks] Ice? Of course it’s icy.
That’s the time of year – Looks we’re gonna be busting ice cubes for the first couple hours boys. (laughing) – [RCSparks] If you can get the tarp off. Ugh that’s a north wind. It’s cold. – [Yellow Hardhat Worker] It’s frozen in. – [RCSparks] It’s frozen. – [Blue Hardhat Worker] It’s frozen? – [RCSparks] Perfect time
of the year to start. – [Yellow Hardhat Worker]
We might be early. – [RCSparks] A little early. Nice. Welcome back. Very good. Oh yeah. Ice everywhere. – [Blue Hardhat Worker] That
looks like pay dirt to me. – [RCSparks ] Is it pay?
I think it’s been washed. – [Yellow Hardhat Worker]
Looks like that dirt’s loose. – [RCSparks] Yeah. I bet
you that’s, that’s not pay. It’s all been cleaned all
the gold’s gone from there. Did you wanna reprocess it? – Yes. – [RCSparks] Do you want to? – Yeah… – [RCSparks] We’re gonna
have to let it dry out. – [Yellow Hardhat Worker]
It should be reprocessed. – [RCSparks] Okay, well
that’s on you guys. I want you to get a
shovel and start busting out the ice that’s in the corner. – [Blue Hardhat Worker] Shovel? We have heavy equipment. – [RCSparks] Well you’re
gonna reach down in there to get out the
ice with your excavator? It’s gonna be a little slippery, yeah? – [Blue Hardhat Worker] Maybe. – [RCSparks] So, (chuckling) Okay so what I wanna see done Kevin, welcome. Good luck to you today. I want you to jump on
a dozer with Michael. Michael’s gonna come over here with you. I wanna expand the mine
site right here, right? We’re gonna take and cut all the way up here so we have a road
going from the bottom mine site to the top. Ahhh, and then we’re gonna start crushing some rocks so we can
get the road laid down. Understood? – [Kevin] Yep. – [Michael] Awesome. – [RCSparks] Good, good. Get to work. Sluice– – [Sluice] Yes. – [RCSparks] You know I put
a shaker into the trommel. – [Sluice] Yes sir. – [RCSparks] I want you to go in and put a potentiometer on there so
we can change the power that is going to here,
so we can slow it down. I’ve got one in the shop. Can you take that to the shop and do it? – You bet – [RCSparks] Yeah? Excellent. – [Sluice] I’ll get on that – [RCSparks] That’s the right attitude. Nice. We should definitely
have used the crane for that. – It’s a good thing stuff
around here is tiny. – [RCSparks] I don’t pay
Workman’s Compensation you know that right? So be careful. – You don’t pay anything. – [RCSparks] That gold is just being here. The gold is in being here. Okay so Sluice has decided to stay back and actually get the Sluice boxes ready; that makes sense to me. Rook carried in the trummel. It’s got the potentiometer. Just spray some conformal
coating on it right here, so it’s drying right now so it’ll be some what waterproof overall. What are you thinking man?
What do you want to do with it? – Well, it’s critical so we
need to really protect it – [RCSparks] Yeah? – So I’m just gonna, you
know we want it solid, I’m gonna Velcro it or tape
it to the inside of this door. – [RCSparks] Yeah so then we can close it and it won’t be exposed. – We’ll close the door it
goes away and you know, nothing says professional
like mounting electronics with Velcro. (roaring bulldozer engine) (roaring thunder) – [RCSparks] Nice job What’s the verdict Sluice? – I think frostys might have
moved this up over the winter. – [RCSparks] The frost has moved it, hey? We’ll have to re-level it? – Yeah I’ve gotta pull this all out again. I’ve gotta get underneath that frame. – [RCSparks] I’ll get the hammer, man. – Thank you. – [RCSparks] Perfect. Here you go buddy. – Thanks man. – [RCSparks] You’re welcome. – That’s a big hammer buddy. I don’t know if that’s gonna work. – [RCSparks] What do you mean? – Not a chance. – [RCSparks] You can borrow mine. – There we go. Thank you. – [RCSparks] You’re welcome. – I’m leaving more of my DNA here. – [RCSparks] What? Don’t be
bleeding on the Sluices already. Last year it was the
conveyor if I remember. – Was it the conveyor? – [RCSparks] I believe you
pinched some of your finger off in the conveyor belt. – When we were fixing the roller. – [RCSparks] That’s right. Looking good. So right now what they’re
doing is they’re pilling up a bunch of dirt, and they’re
trying to make this more level so it’s not so steep. (roaring bulldozer engine) – [RCSparks] That was an
authentic squeak of the gears. Very good. (roaring bulldozer engine) – [Sluice] Nice job guys. – [RCSparks] Well done. That’s looking great. Aha! You’re using the ball
peen to beat on it with, yeah? – Yeah, to reach through so
I’m not crushing the hose. – [RCSparks] Brilliant. Here is the crusher. I’m going to put this 7000
mAh, you heard me right, three cell lypo into this
crusher and it is gonna be able to power it for most of the day. Next is the shaker plant; it’s looking pretty beat
down from last year. So, we’re gonna have to clean up. – [Rook] It’s got a rough winter. – [RCSparks] Yeah. We’re
gonna have to clean up all the crap that’s on it. This obviously goes to
show how important it is to clean up the equipment
before this season is out. Rooky. – [Sluice] Who’s job was that? – [Rook] Yeah who had? – [RCSparks] That’s right?
We all had our gold payout and then you guys. – [Rook] Wasn’t that about
the time we didn’t get paid? – [RCSparks] That’s your bill. – [Rook] Bill? I’m not paying that bill. – [RCSparks] So, we are
going to be shaking out new stuff but we’ve gotta
make sure the water lines are purged first. Sluice almost has the angles
of the sluice box right and we’re gonna have to give
some grease to that dozer. And then, this kind of slides up and out. Yeah, like that. No, no. You’re going to be underneath and, done. Let’s clean up all the pay that’s still there from last year. What’s up? What’s the matter? – [Michael] No, just
need to lube the tracks. – [RCSparks] Yeah? – [Kevin] Get this sweet gold. – [RCSparks] How much experience
have you had on a dozer? – [Kevin] Not a lot. – [RCSparks] Well you were
doing pretty darn good when you were out there. Let’s get those tracks, make
sure that they’re tight enough and lubed and then we don’t
have anything pop off, yeah? – Yep. – [RCSparks] What’s going on, man? What do you think? Did
you find anything good? – I was looking for a
little sandbox shovel to help scoop up some of that dry pay that’s kicking around over there. – [RCSparks] Yeah, smart. What do you think? Will the
track loader work with the scraper bucket or what? You think? Or too hard? – Might be a little risky in there, it’s all around that water. – [RCSparks] That’s true but,
risk is the name of the game when you’re gold mining, dude. You know that. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] Let’s do that. – We gotta spend a lot of
money to make a little. – [RCSparks] Oh man, tell me about it. (roaring wind) – [RCSparks] What’s the problem? – We have frozen into the
ground our intake pipe. – [RCSparks] For the pump. So, for those that don’t know
this is the recovery pond, we’re gonna be expanding
it; but not today. We wanted to start getting
some gold right away but- – [Sluice] It’s all just
one solid block of ice. – [RCSparks] That’s ice. – [Sluice] It’s like I’m going boating. – [Rook] That’s the
hose, this is the mesh. – [Sluice] Yeah that’s the mesh. – [RCSparks] It’s getting looser. – [Rook] That is a very
interesting way it’s in there. – [Sluice] Oh yeah, it’s laying down and frozen under the ice. – [RCSparks] Here’s a pump,
it’s 1000 gallon per hour. Seriously. – [Rook] What? – [RCSparks] I’m not
kidding man, this is 1100 I used this to pump out my back. – [Rook] It’s a bilge pump – [RCSparks] Yeah it’s a bilge pump. – [Rook] There’s still an issue here. – [RCSparks] No, there isn’t
we just have to get a battery. Come on, man you’re a professional. Put that in the water, hook
it up to the end of the hose and, we’ll get the battery. Okay, so we’re pumping right now. (running water) – [RCSparks] Getting rid of all the water out of the mine site;
letting it just do a run off down the side. There’s quite a bit. (bulldozer motor rumbling) – [RCSparks] Perfect, look at the road Mike has cut out here; nice and flat. (bulldozer motor rumbling) You never know who you can
pick up on Cash Corner. I had no idea that this
guy ran dozers so well. Slow and methodical. Good job, Mike. Gonna have to bring him back. Takes a lot of machines and operators to make a gold mine come together. And being Canadian, a lot of
us are caught up on gold now, on the season two being released, and as Todd always said,
‘the more equipment you have, the more gold you’re gonna get.’ So, we’ve really sunk a lot of the resources into it this year to make sure we have as
much equipment as possible. (bulldozer motor rumbling) – [RCSparks] Here’s a brooder conversion. Nicely done, with a good
cutting blade on the front. (bulldozer motor rumbling) – [RCSparks] Rooky at the controls. (roaring bulldozer engine) – [RCSparks] Yep, quite the machine. Okay, so pump is out. We have slurped the
last of it out of here. (rumbling pump engine) – [RCSparks] Almost done on the water but, check out the massive ice blocked in here. This is crazy. These pumps were not left in here; we did install them here today
they’re just a little bit on the dirty side. We’re gonna be able to dig
all this out and reprocess it from last year; who knows what
we can skimp out of there. Oh, that’s thick ice. You brought out the electric heat gun. Is everybody wearing rubber boots? Don’t step in the pond. Okay, step in the pond. It’s a full moon out tonight. Steve is predicting everyone
will be a crack addict by noon. (chuckling) – [RCSparks] I’m right behind you. What? We’re trying to get
a nice side ways smile – [Sluice] There’s gold down there. – [RCSparks] There’s gold in there. – [Sluice] Don’t let
your employer see this. (laughing) – [Rook] He’s standing right there! (chucking) (roaring bulldozer engine) – [RCSparks] I’m going to
fire up the gravel machine, the jawcrusher, and start getting ready so we can start dumping
some rocks down these roads. (machine beeping) – [RCSparks] System, models,
model one, model two. (machine beeping) Beautiful. Center everything, and we can move it. We can. What a machine. (machine engine rumbling) – [RCSparks] These are the
upgraded track loader motors aren’t they? – [Rook] They are. Look at it go. – [RCSparks] Yeah, nice. – [Rook] People think that’s slow- – [RCSparks] Excavator, yes. – [Rook] That is
lightning speed for those. – [RCSparks] That is lightning speed we’re gonna have to have some excavator races again this year, Rook. (excavator buzzes) – [RCSparks] Okay gravel, crush gravel. Let’s make some magic. That was not magic. – [Rook] That was not. That was practice. – [RCSparks] That was practice. There you go. First scoop
of the year; good job, dude. I’ll fire up the crusher. (crusher engine rumbling) (wind roaring) (crusher engine turning) – [RCSparks] Yes, this is what we need. We’ll get this all
filled up into the truck and we’ll start dumping it down the road. (crusher engine rumbling) – [Sluice] Do you almost think we should fill it up with water? – [RCSparks] Yeah? – [Sluice] And let it help melt the ice because your water is going
to be quite a bit warmer than this ice. – [RCSparks] Yeah, you
wanna fill it up, hey? Okay, let’s get some of
this soil out of here, and it almost looks like
the entire structure is starting to break apart. – [Sluice] It’s starting to collapse. – [RCSparks] I’m wondering
if we’re gonna be able to keep the trummel here. But, let’s do what you say,
let’s fill it up but first let’s get some of this muck out of here and then, frig the pumping, man. (crusher conveyor rumbling) – [RCSparks] Oh, careful man. – [Rook] Okay, it’s okay. I got this. – [RCSparks] It’s expensive. (machine rumbling) – [Rook] Hold on, hey, hey. – [RCSparks] What? What? What? – [Rook] You’ve gotta be safe, man. – [RCSparks] Oh, come
on. It’s a mine site. There’s no one around. Mirrors? For what? Okay, the roads coming in very nice. You got enough gravel? – [Rook] It’s good. We’re almost there. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah. The truck looks like
it’s getting it in there. Oh yeah, man. That’s plenty. For the first dump at least. I love that it’s chomping
away, it looks like we might have a hard spot in there; I
don’t see anything coming out. – [Rook] Yeah, this big bit right here. – [RCSparks] Oh, it’s blocking it. – [Rook] Hey? – [RCSparks] Yeah? – Bad news though. – [RCSparks] What? – You took some paint off the dump truck. – [RCSparks] Oh, that’s what
it’s for. It’s a rock truck. Should’ve had it a little
bit higher I guess. – [Rook] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Oh well. – [Rook] It needs to be on a pad. – [RCSparks] It does need to be on a pad. (truck beeping) – [RCSparks] Okay, let’s
take it to the road. (truck engine rumbling) – [RCSparks] So Kevin’s going
to try and spread the gravel. Start packing it down. (roaring dozer engine) – [RCSparks] There’s no
way the giant boulder’s gonna be able to stay there. – Oh, what? We’re gonna
have to get it out of there or what? – [RCSparks] Well, you’ve
been shocking me today with the amount of skill you’ve had for picking you up on the corner so, if you could try and
push some rock for me; that would be great. You’re probably use to
doing that anyway, right? – Yeah. – [RCSparks] Right on. (machine engines rumble) – [RCSparks] Beautiful.
Here’s the brooder conversion. Oh. Just a good way to get it started. That’s right, its not
because it’s facing downwards it doesn’t lift it as high. So he is going to be backing down. It allows you to dump it
a little bit at a time and you can kind of spread it as you go. He said half way. There’s a bald spot on the road. – [Steve] I’ll take care of that. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Yeah, about there. (truck engine roaring) – [Steve] Uh oh. – [RCSparks] Higher Steve, higher. There you go, buddy. First
time on a rock truck; higher. Keep her going, there you go. There, now you spread it; perfect. Nice job. Nice job – [Rook] With the money
we spent on this equipment you’d think it came with training. – [RCSparks] That’s what
loading mores was for. (dozer tracks squeaking) – [RCSparks] So the wind is howling but the jaw crusher continues
to eat through the stone. There’s a jaw in there that
crushes back and forth. I did a video and unboxed
this for you guys to show you. This is spinning, it chews
it all up, spits it out the conveyor and, as you can
see, this is a very slow job. Load after load of stone continues to make it’s way to the road. Long into the afternoon. Come on, boys. If we’re not moving dirt, we’re not making pay. So let’s get this road done. Faster we’ve got the road
done, the faster we can start moving stuff around. – [Rook] Where do want this load, Kev? – [Kevin] Middle again, please. (truck beeping) – [RCSparks] Beautiful. (bulldozer engine roaring) – [RCSparks] Whoa, he’s stuck. He’s stuck. You’re gonna have to push him. You’ve got it. Get some traction, brother. – [Rook] Keep pushing. – [RCSparks] Oh, he’s stuck. – [Rook] Road’s still pretty loose. We need a packer. The traction lifted your
tires off the ground. – [Kevin] Yeah, it’s probably not helping. (water running) (hose rapidly spraying) – [RCSparks] It’s not set up evenly yet. A little caulk-eyed at the end. Yeah, I should rinse all this through. End of the day all of
the mine site vehicles are coming down off the cut. The road’s starting to come together. You know, it’s a Motley Crew but I gotta tell you, it’s a great group of guys. Well, all of the equipment is out of the mine site for today. I think we did a pretty good job, guys. – Oh yeah! – YouTube Gold, Mike. Thanks
for coming over and pushing the dozer. You too, Kevin. That was an excellent job. Of course, you too. Wow, you guys always kick butt, hey? We got the road in. – [Rook] We didn’t get any
gold but we made progress, we were working on stuff,
we got a bit of a road in, we got some equipment in. – [RCSparks] Hey? Hey? Hat’s in, boys. YouTube Gold!


  1. To be honest I don't think the site is running efficiently I don't know if your experiencing breakdowns due to lack of maintenance or what but there seem to be machine's standing around idle maybe you can't get enough drivers I wish I lived nearby I would come and help out

  2. IMO, a lot of the Bruder conversions I have seen strike me to be a lot lighter and not as well made as the other RC equipment shown here.

  3. You should hire someone specifically for a camera man I know it's up to you but ya seem like a busy guy also doing work ya need someone who's main job is camera man then you can be Todd or Parker lol anyways love the vids man keep it up

  4. I drove a quad axle dump truck for 4 years and before that I have driven tri axle dump truck and tractor and trailer and pulled a tanker. And out of my 12 years of driving I love the dump truck the most. This is just a thought. If you add chains to the back of the bed and on the door on each side attack a bracket to were you can slide the chains on each side through the bracket to were you can tailgate your rock. It only allows the tailgate to open so far and as you lift up the bed and drive forward or backwards it lays down a layer of gravel. It takes some practice and if you tailgate backwards make sure you hang your mud flaps bc if you dont the tire's will rip your mud flaps off. I've tailgated I don't know how many driveways and once I'm done it looks like it had been done with a grader. All smooth and just good looking. Idk how hard it would be to tailgate on a rc truck. But Google dump truck tailgate gravel or sand. And it will/should give you a better idea on how it works. Just a thought for you. Love your videos!

  5. The pump (red side down) would work better if you put rocks underneath it to keep it out of the mud and allow free flowing water to be pumped out. This would also allow you to get more water out of the ditch. Nice way to stay out of trouble on the weekends–go out back and play in the dirt with RC vehicles. Have Fun!

  6. ok….. so i thought this was a joke until the third minute . Now i am so into it going to bigne watch both seasons 🙂

    this is a dream come true from me

  7. Love the crusher as i work in a rock quarry running a Cat 966H loading tailing while our crusher is fed by a Cat 329

  8. Where has this been all my life… Grown men literally playing with rc toys and role playing… Holy crap this is the life to live haha

  9. You guy this is sssoooooo amazing I almost can't believe it it's so cool your actually gold mining with rc vehicles keep it up having a great time watching thanx so much

  10. Good job .great show. I notice [ old reliable ] your home made conveyor is always UP for the job. My conveyor a problem also at my mine site. The Hay Chihuahua Mine, Rich ,Nano Mining Co.

  11. @ 1:29 I’m already loosing it!! This is freakin awesome! Hahaha, Sounds like the for real daily tool box every morning hahaha where do I sign up ? Most my experience is in the real units. Hire me for both? :p

  12. Meu sonho.. mas moro no Brasil.. um exemplar desses chega a custa 40 mil reis, convertido em dólares em média 10 mil dólares… 😢😢😢da para comprar um carro zero

  13. The spreading he was doing as he was dumping is called Tail gating I do it all the time in my big dump truck with 304 i have to say this is pretty awesome that machine that is grinding up the material..badass

  14. Great start on season 2 guys todays haul will just about cover the brand new hauler going off the road, two sluice boxes being destoryed, Joes emergency parsmedics and hospital costs.
    But I had a super great time watching #YouTubeGOLD . YEA YOUTUBEGOLD BABY!
    This season though I am doing something different too the woman said I had to or else. Hahaha. Going to get all my business done with emails and such before I turn in. LOL!

    EDIT: Woops had to come back while watching Ep. 2 just remembered this is Alberta, Canada and Health care is free, Yeah?

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