Hey guys! Today we’re going to make a new video all about practicing and- Special delivery! *Thump* Special delivery! Eddy: This is from, uh FED-ED Delivery Brett: What is this? Eddy: Special delivery for the greatest Brett: WE THE BEST! Hello TwoSetters, Welcome back, to another episode of, You already know what it is Lets get it! Here we go Waiting music! (Mii theme) Oh! Brett: What is this?! So it’s just a black box of mysteries OHHHHHH!!!! Thanks YouTube! I guess this is uh… all the music sheets we haven’t practiced yet. Dude, that felt epic. *Dramatic music* Opening up *Dramatic music again* Dear TwoSetViolin, We’ve taken all your revenue For a copyright because You used 5 seconds of You’ve just done something very few YouTube creators accomplish, you’ve had an astonishing 100,000 people subscribe to your channel! We know that numbers blah blah blah blah You’re the very first classical musicians to get 100k subscribers. REALLY? Brett whispering: fake media Fake news We’re not the best, but Who cares? Let’s just be the first We know that you don’t do this for rewards. Yeah we do! We need money. You do it because your drive is to create and share And because you found an audience who cares. Believe us when we say that we can’t wait to see who next, A million subscribers, they seem a long way off right now, but you’re closer then you think. We’re rooting for you! Congratulations! Okay, first of all apologies, because when this arrived in the mail, we were overseas. But we’re just saying sorry for the delay We’re late like violas. OHHHHHH! All right guys, YouTube awards. This is the cover, Woahhh WOAHHH (Violin drum roll) (chicken joins in) Congratulations on passing 100,000 subscribers. Eddy: It’s so much smaller than I expected. I thought it was going to be like this But I think that’s the gold one Yeah, that’s a gold one, no then there’s like the ruby one. What’s the 10 million one ? The gold- No (Windows error) There’s 10 million. Eddy: Well I was thinking of the platinum one One day we’re gonna hit 10 million subscribers! Brett: YEAH Let’s make classical music great again! I’m actually serious guys I’m not joking We’re pretty serious. 10 mil subs for Classical Music! It’s totally possible with you support. Anyway… We just want to say, thank you so much Because, it’s been crazy. Yeah, it’s been a crazy 3 years, 2 years, whatever 4 years on youtube. Without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible. This sounds so cheesy… But it’s a format, the formality would get through this. Um Hope you guys– they understand. And we love making videos and content, you guys make it funnier. we hope one day that classical music will become, more accessible, and just more people start learning instruments– that’s really happened. So yeah, a lot of Ling Ling’s have joined the group, so. FOR LING LING! FOR LING LING!


  1. Congrats you guys, I would never get that far! Mostly because all my videos r private and I never knew. Btw I played the end song( pomp and circumstance) at my 8th grade graduation. I totally didn’t cry😬🤧😭

  2. you know this is a great video and all but it's almost june and we're all musicians did you really have to play pomp and circumstance in the background

  3. The 5 downvoters were obviously robots with no true appreciation for the humor and music that is TwoSetViolin. Nice job guys! I'm rooting for you!

  4. People say, that Brett is better than Ling Ling at opening boxes, he has practised for infinite years, just to open a box, better than ling ling

  5. Heh, almost to 500k now! Soon enough it'll double and you guys'll be at a million.
    I'm so happy I found you guys maybe a week ago, and since then I've been watching your videos everyday.
    I've actually been inspired by you two to practice more even though I used to be a brat that never practiced and committed sacrilege to sheet music by ripping and scribbling all over it. (I sing, though, not play violin…but I play piano too!)
    I want to pick up the violin or cello someday!

  6. You're over halfway to 1 million subscribers now, can't wait to see you guys get the Gold Play Button we know you deserve!
    Cheers, from Canada ♥

  7. It is not even one year ago, and now they are soon going to have one million subs ❤

  8. Thinking that now you are at 1 million subscribers makes me smile. You deserve the best guys, keep going and continue to inspire the entire Internet with your funny attitude and determination towards classical music. Brett and Eddy, you are two different type of person but together you make TwoSetViolin and I'm so grateful for both of you. To the infinity and beyond, getting more and more higher! Tons of love❤❤❤🇮🇹

  9. Within a year, you gained 900,000 more subs. dats very interesting
    No but for real, I'm so proud of you guys 💖🙌

  10. The most beautiful part of this was not the joy, the violin, nor the play button. But the chicken. I think for an instrument, I'm gonna take up the chicken.

  11. watched the gold one before this. but i'm backtracking 'cause i love you guys! 🤩

    Brett's kissing face. Too cute. 😂

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