Wanna say something nice about mom? Yeah, Everybody loves you Yadda, Yadda mom’s great (Upbeat Music Plays) All right so hello and welcome to my 100k Silver Play Button Party I am like beyond excited for tonight. I really can’t believe it’s here. You only get to celebrate this once and you only get one first meet up and this is it and I feel like it’s gonna be the most epic first way to do a meet-up ever and I’m so Excited to meet All of you Um so people are like starting to come in but i’m in a Green Room So you can See it’s like This it’s like a Set Where People can film at The YouTube space in toronto Cuz That’s where i’m Having My event and i can’t wait so i’m gonna do like a Little Speech and a cute live q&A and then We Have like? a photo setup So I can Take Photos with you guys and i Just can’t believe This is happening thank you guys so much and i hope you Enjoy coming Along With me i’m so sorry That Like Obviously Not all of You could Make It cuz a Lot of You are from far away but a lot of You Requested for me To either film it or livestream it so That’s what i’m Doing and i know it’s not the same as Actually Being Here but Hopefully you Guys Still Get To have fun with me and there’s some Really cool stuff They Really made it like? The YouTube Space Really Put a Lot of effort into making The event like Reflect My personality So they Have my favorite Things They Have David’s to you with Braille labels so people who are blind Know What’s up We’ve got sushi Barks That’s My favorite Food we have like Glittery desserts we have a Purple Chair it’s my favorite color So it’s like all these little me things Which is really Cool and They’ve sunshine Donuts so if you Saw My doughnut taste test you Can Try Them Here today i don’t know it’s Just Really cool now i have to feed Gallup cuz we got to get going All right so we’re still in the Green Room People are like Filing in to the event and i want to introduce you Guys to my manager Ruben he is like the king behind everything he is amazing so Curious the Real important One of The teams right Well i mean You’re the brains in the Beauty Blue in the back Kind of behind the edifice of the man he does a Lot he’s being Humble You Guys are getting so stressed i’m like oh Wow are people showing Up i’m gonna i was like Supposed to do a Little Speech Which i still have but Like i didn’t write anything Because i’ve had no time or like i wrote like a Little quick Blurb But I haven’t had time to even like? Remember Eyes It so I’m Just gonna go up and Kind of like Talk from my heart Which means Tears might Come because That Always happens When i talk from my Heart so i’m stressed Mom Stop moving the light My mother’s all obsessed Because She’s like so into vlogging me now that she bought this little light Today Now She’s Like Taking It on and off and i can See that She’s moving the light or nothing Much Of a difference Please Join me we Allowed Random across quarter Muhlenberg to manager All The applause is probably Drink a Lot Molly and i are the Window dressing but um Thank you all for Joining Molly is real Obviously cause for Celebration As is YouTube YouTube Space YouTube community All the Friends Family Everyone else is here and I am Kind of opening The opening act and I’m going to be doing 25 Minutes of Stand-Up Comedy and Mostly about Areola airplane Food and Elevator Music it Does and Yeah all Joking aside molly is Really Excited This is gonna be a one Hundred Thousand Celebration and We Just Checked outside and something Like 192 Thousand Somebody Number Is nine and Then also we’re doing Stay Tuned to your YouTube Channel Because upon the 22nd were filming with another you Tuber and It’s very Exciting It Now Molly’s gonna Use them the tree Goes come on Guys i Am i am so Excited for This this is Amazing I had This like Big Plan to like write a Nice Speech and everything and Then life Got in the way so I’m Just going to talk it’s a video Good Thing i did like 10 Years of Improv Classes Another Happening Right Now tonight so In Classic male Fashion I Feel like for any of My fellow blind Peeps in the room i should start This out with an outfit of The day I’ll start from the bottom Up why not i’m Wearing These Crazy Glittery Shoes Are too Big for me because i have a Child-size Feet and They don’t make Five-inch Heels in Child size and? They were actually fun fact My Prom shoes Got to wear them and then i am Wearing a Full Glitter Like Silver Shiny Pleated Skirt I’m Very YouTube Silver Play Button Branded I promise they did not tell me to wear this i am Wearing a Nice Red plunging Neckline Exposing a Lot of chest bone And i have My Nice Red lips Silver Eyes were like we’re all YouTubed Out so i’m so Excited for this night I want to first off Say Thank you all so so much for being Here you have all Been a Part of My Journey in One Way or another and hitting This milestone This is not My milestone This is our milestone Because You’ve all Played a Role Whether It be as a Friend a Family member a Subscriber Somebody I’ve Worked with in some capacity Every single One of You who have Been a Part of me reaching This gold i could Have never Imagined When starting my Channel? so thank you to all of you this is celebrating all of us not Just me you Know you had told me you Know Nine Years Ago When i was Losing My Vision and i was stealing with Depression and Bullying That i would be in this Position tonight Definitely Who Would not have Believed you It’s Just Incredible to be sitting Here in this Room Filled with all of My favorite Things the color purple my favorite Sushi My favorite We Got sunshine Donuts We Have David’s tea We have we Have all of My favorite Things YouTube Nails It This is Amazing? and you know When i you know my life When i post videos online it’s Not for me it’s not about me it’s really about building a community of People That Supports each Other That learns and grows Together That Shares With each Other and i really Feel Like This night is the epitome of That all coming here together To be able to hang out in real life and Spend time Together cuz i can you know i like stream Almost Every single day and i chat with you guys on all these platforms but Actually getting To hug you and take Photos with you and hang out with you like Every time i run into a Subscriber out in public i’m Usually The first One is that can We take a Photo Together Because It Makes me so happy to meet you guys Because i share my life with you but a lot of you also share your life with me and That’s That’s Really Special to me and i Really i know i’ve said it so many Times already but i Just i can’t thank you enough for That It’s really Special and i know that When When i found YouTube as a Viewer back in 2009 i didn’t Just find videos That Entertained me i didn’t Just Find content i Found Myself Through These Videos Through These Creators and After Going Through something so devastating in my life That Just Flipped My Whole World Upside down To find something online That Brought me so much Joy Was Life-Changing as Well and to know that i can Possibly do that for some of you in this Room means the world to me It Gives all That Pain That i went through so much purpose with so much Meaning Thank you for letting me be a part of Your life and thank you for being a Part of mine When People Ask me like When they find out that i make YouTube videos and They Asked me what my Channel is about you know Most People Be like oh me Lifestyle Fitness gaming You imagine the Other Gaming Channels That i know maybe We Should Start That Um You Know i don’t really i never know what to say Because i don’t really Feel like i fit into any specific Category Necessarily I Feel Like My Channel is Just an Expression of Myself But my life My interests my Journey Things That i’ve Learned and want to share things that i’m curious about want. To ask you about passions and Hobbies It’s Just about Things like care about and to think That Now What Was Supposed to be a 100,000 subscriber party and is almost a Two Hundred Thousand Subscriber Party That Almost Two Hundred Thousand People Around The World Actually care about those Things too and Actually like care to watch and be a part of These like super Rambly 20 minute videos that i make is is crazy to me and It like i Said three Years Ago This month I started My Channel and i Just never Expected that it Would Leave me here this wasn’t Necessarily my Goal When i started i’m so Glad It became my Goal and it’s where we all are now And Like i Said cheers to all of you because This is not my way this is our night this is our night to spend Together and celebrate and to be with each Other i could not imagine like a More epic first to meet Up i could Possibly Have then Like Here in my home where i am from? Hanging out you guys and like i Said this Space That’s like so me And a Huge thank you to the YouTube space For Throwing This and putting This all Together you Just Nailed it Now Every Meetup might Have It like a Starbucks it’S gonna like Palin They want Glitter What is this We’re at the theater like This is starbucks? So thank you thank you to my manager Ruben You Guys met he is the most Amazing Amazing Human and We Haven’t even Known each Other a Year we met in this space and He’s like right in that Vicinity over there? Last October we’re coming up on our year Anniversary So he’s a Such an Amazing Part of What i do and i Certainly Wouldn’t be here without Him as well Thank you to my editor Scott he is my fifth editor fifth time the charm Thank you to my gal up who was also YouTubed out with His Red and White Polka dot Bow time As he takes a nap There’s Still Many People Like to thank talia Zach Julia There’s so many People and i’m gonna forget But Thank you to all of you you all Know that youR cheer because you’ve Played a Role so thank you thank you to my brother Who could not Fly out from dublin for This Which i don’t hold Against Him at All and you Know he inspires me to keep reaching My Goals and to keep Working hard And to my parents who i literally Would not be here without You Guys are Pretty Great You’re the most Amazing Humans i know and i’m so blessed that you’re mine and then I’m Yours And yes again thank you to you Too Because you have provided this platform? That has not Just Changed My life But That has Changed a Lot of People’s Lives and I’m sure some of you in this Room It Was it Was the world to me i am who i am and where i am today in part Because of YouTube and part Because of All of You and That’s Kind of a Weird Thing to say that i am who i am because of People i Haven’t Necessarily ever met in person and because an online content Platform But but it’s true so thank you we Brought you something and it’s a Little Special Just for you So Marks Holding It Next to you if you want. To grab that and they already Kind of Like It might be Ok because on my Channel They Say you’re Supposed To have This Thing That like to tells you When you’re eligible to apply and we Haven’t Been Able to find it we sometimes Make That intersections here at the space and we also Get You riled There’s a Braille Letter ‘cuz i know they always did the letter for the Play button and it’s real – God that’s amazing I’m not gonna read it or no but it is rails oh my God it’s it’s something back imprint and then it’s the real – Real Words about The braille One is like back Try another page Plastic Braille I have Like 70 Binders of My Math Textbook in high school Every other kid i was like a 1 inch Folder okay and This is my button (inhale) oh my God okay, the button’s not braille so then we can’t Get Too Excited But You did your best I appreciate that. oh my God Oh my God, it’s here you guys. It’s real! (awww) We did it! (Claps) Yay! It’s yours, too! Literally 2 days ago, I emailed somebody and YouTube was like: Hi, how are you doing with that play button? we’ll have Somebody be in touch about that Sneaky people, you! thank you so much for doing this this is amazing i cannot Wait and Silver.even Goes with The theme of My stomach Room So this Will Be Perfect you Guys Will be seeing this in the background soon oh my god thank you so much Oh wait what am i doing there we go yes photographer Master of Molly Burke official – excellent So we’ve Just Gotten home it’s almost 2:00 in the morning i look like a Mess i am sure i haven’t touched out my lips Since Literally When They went on it four o’clock in the afternoon My hair is like all down Now and i my Makeup is probably a Mess and We i haven’t Eaten Since Lunch Which Was that noon and it’s 2 a.m. And i’d soup so i really need Food So we stopping off Burgers Which is another Usual thing but i Just need food And I want to show you my button up close and personal Still Just in shock and Awe That They like i had to spray oh dad can You stop with the print link I still did shock and Awe But They like had this braille for me i was reading a Bit of It in the car Oh my god I’m so excited with the Crinkling Minion is starving. Minion is hungry I get it – no dinner and Here There’s i think a Doggie nose smudge Cuz When i got it i showed gallop i don’t know if you Guys Saw It in the Video but he smudge his nose against it he was Poking It with his Snout There’s probably a nose smudge What it say mom? Let me see It says Molly Burke congratulations for Surpassing 100,000 Subscribers YouTube and there’s that beautiful silver [whisper] and It Will Go Perfectly I see the smudge – in my Filming room yeah my dog little smudge – right there – yeah that’s the Gallop nose coopering Yeah Listen it’S 2:00 a.m. We’re all tired it’s Been a long day but. Oh my god you guys i can’t even Express this Was Just Such an Amazing night i couldn’t Have Imagined a Better first ever meet up So many of You came and it Was Just i stood there for like Three hours taking Photos With You Guys and talking and getting to know you and it’s amazing like How much we have in common Like so many of You we Just you know got each Other and that Was so cool for me and A lot of You like share Your stories Experiences or how you found my Channel and it Was Just Such a humbling Experience It Was Amazing I’M Just Filled With so much gratitude Right Now and had my big box of Doughnuts Here a lot of you Guys Really Loved the Doughnuts So we have a couple that They Saved for me oh? Yeah They Saved me some cuz i didn’t get to try anything When i was at the event So i’m Excited to get to snack on these Yummy YumMy Hopefully i’ll get to do Meetups in other parts of the country and other and and other countries in the future but for Those of You Who travelled like Those Ones guy Ryan Who travelled all the Way from california Just for one night To see me and there Was this couple cassie and Andrew Shoutouts Who drove out from buffalo and There Was oh my god there’s People from all Over north Carolina and It Was a guy from Yeah from norway It was Just amazing Meeting all of You It Was like Crazy Just for me i just Not that important or special It was so crazy Um so thank you i’m appreciative Very Very appreciative it was Very cool Experience It was the best Way to possibly Celebrate 100k and do My first Meetup ever It’s definitely Very memorable so thank you i love you Guys all so much Thank you for those Who’ve become I’m sorry for those who couldn’t i hope you enjoyed this little video to be a bit a part of the experience but I’m sorry I’m good now it’s I’m the adrenaline is gone and I’m like hitting a wall so I’m gonna go eat and go to bed. I love you so much, have a good night!


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