You’ve Been Storing Ice Cream Wrong Your Entire Life

You’ve Been Storing Ice Cream Wrong Your Entire Life

Let’s say that you’ve got a brand spanking
new carton of ice cream in your freezer, and by some miracle, you don’t actually polish
the entire thing off in one sitting. Stranger things have happened, right? So you stick it back in the freezer, and to
your utter disappointment, the next time you peel the lid off that carton you’re faced
with an unappealing layer of ice crystals. Where did you go wrong? “Look under the protective ice.” “The protective ice? You’ve actually named the clear hard crap
that sits on the top?” Surprisingly enough, there’s a right way to
store your ice cream to prevent freezer burn, and you’re probably not doing it. And no — gobbling up the entire carton at
once isn’t the solution, as good as it may taste. Like anything you throw into the freezer,
you likely put that carton of ice cream in right-side-up. That’s the logical thing to do, after all,
but that’s precisely the point at which things start to go wrong. That’s because during the time that the ice
cream is spent out of the freezer, it starts to melt. The top of the container becomes the most
melty since it’s the most exposed to air, and that top layer of melted ice cream equals
freezer burn once it’s spent some time back in the freezer. Why does that happen? Real Simple has the answer. It’s because when the evaporated water in
the melty ice cream refreezes, it forms those undesirable ice crystals, and when it does
so in a carton of right-side-up ice cream, that top layer becomes freezer burned. Now, freezer burned food is perfectly safe
to eat, but it definitely doesn’t taste as good. “Oh my God almighty!” That’s why, to circumvent freezer burn, you
need to turn those pints of ice cream upside down. By storing the cartons upside down in the
freezer, you allow any melty ice cream to drip down onto the lid where it can refreeze
into ice crystals ’til the cows come home without affecting the taste and texture of
your frozen dessert. Genius, right? Next time you’re in the mood for ice cream,
either scrape the lid clean or ignore it — the unadulterated ice cream in the carton is all
you care about anyway. Storage position aside, you also want to make
sure you’re mitigating the time the ice cream is out of the freezer. The Kitchn recommends that rather than eating
from the carton, you take a scoop and get that thing back into the deep-freeze for the
ice cream’s sake. The less time it has to warm up, the less
time it has to melt, and less melting means less freezer burn in the long run. It’s also important to check that your freezer’s
temperature is at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, as proper freezing is essential to preventing
the dreaded burn. If you’re not buying the upside-down storage
trick, there is one more thing you can do to prevent freezer burn on your half-eaten
ice cream: Place plastic wrap or wax paper against it — not across the rim of the carton,
but directly onto the ice cream itself — to prevent air from evaporating the moisture
inside. And if you’re transferring homemade ice cream
from machine to storage container? Serious Eats suggests you use the smallest
vessel possible, because a quicker freeze staves off the formation of those evil ice
crystals. The upside-down container trick works for
natural peanut butter, too. You know the mess you typically make trying
to stir the oil that floats to the top of the nut butter? That’s a thing of the past when you flip the
jar upside down and let gravity do the work for you — your natural peanut butter will
be ready to spread on a PB&J at a moment’s notice. Who knew the solution to so many of life’s
annoyances was simply turning a container upside down? Your ice cream game and your natural peanut
butter game has never been more on point. You’re welcome. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I've never had my Skippy™ Peaunut Butter go oilly on me. That would freak me out. I think that only happens to people who eat snot double dip and contaminate it… I take it out of the fridge , make a sandwich and it goes right back in the fridge and it never goes bad

  2. Nothing but Breyers Ice Cream for me Been eatin it my whole life All those Fancy Designer Ice Cream Brands are nothing but LARD

  3. I will never forgive Blue Bunny for killing those elderly people in retirement homes who were just trying to enjoy something sweet and cool. Instead they DIED because if Blue Bunnies’ DISGUSTING hygiene practices at their manufacturing facilities!!!

  4. Well I don’t have to worry about freezer burn but a half pint of ben and jerry is not safe around me. Especially mint or coffee toffee

  5. I've never had those ice crystals in my ice cream, I've been storing the tub upside down my entire life there for your statement is false. I'm calling the police

  6. Put it in the microwave at 50% power for 69 minutes then run hot water all over it (straight out of the kettle if you can) for 30 seconds, then and only then can you put it in the freezer!! 100% no ice shards appearing when you next get it out 🙂

  7. Why does Mashed tell me ive been doing something wrong my whole life? Am I that much of a screw up? Guide me please o great ones of Mashed

  8. Shouldn't I just turn my whole fridge and all the cabinets in my house upside down? Fuck it imma just flip my house upside down because every thing was supposed to be stored upside down! Like litteraly, what are you gonna tell me next? I should poop upside down and pee in the air

  9. Funny how they make a video about keeping your ice cream the best it can be yet kept showing Breyers. Breyers can’t even be called ice cream, its frozen dairy dessert cause that would mean it would have to be made with cream to be called ice cream.

  10. Or you can shove the remainder of the carton up your ass and when your ready for your next serving just shit it out cold and creamy and delicious 👍👍👍

  11. Upside down. It's upside down. You store your ice cream upside down. I just saved you 3 minutes and 14 seconds. You're welcome.

  12. I lay a piece of plastic wrap on top and press it down with whatever cloth I have handy to push out the air. Only takes a couple of seconds and works 100%.

  13. The first question is, “ What is left over ice cream?” It does make sense though. The peanut butter trick is one that I have used for maybe fifteen years. It still needs to be stirred, but does not splash the oil all over your hand and the counter. Thank you for the great tips.

  14. Why doesn't this video try to prove this "food hack" with actual evidence? Depending how long you had the carton out the lid could get super messy.

  15. Mashed should spend 3 minutes on how it's ok to eat your burgers anywhere you want. The bun s doesn't have to be upside down either. Ha.

  16. Melted ice cream? Oh for goodness sakes – Haagen-Dazs has solved it – by having a plastic sheet on top. For other brands, ust put plastic wrap on before the lid and you will never have crystalized ice cream. Who doesn't know this? You spend 3/4 of a video talking about putting ice cream upside down, then negate the whole nonsense by putting the traditional solution at the end. Wow.

  17. Horrible idea.. that leaves the last part, best part of the ice cream freezer burn.. no.. I’ll just finish the ice cream before it gets a chance to go “bad”

  18. That's great and all but instead of endless stock photos and videos of happy people how about at the very least a picture of an actual comparison?

  19. Or you could not be incompetent and just get a separate container to get the ice cream you are going to eat and the one in the tub will never have to melt and therefore freeze because you don’t have to take out 💁‍♀️

  20. Too keep ice cream frozen when your bringing it home from store , slip about 8 to 10 plastic shopping bags over ice cream container , it acts like a cooler !

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