YSU’s Penguin Productions ready to party at 9-hour festival this weekend

YSU’s Penguin Productions ready to party at 9-hour festival this weekend

The Federal Frenzy begins at 2pm and runs until 11. 24 bands, six venues — as a YSU student organization closes down four block of the downtown — for one big nine hour party. It’s promoted as being family friendly — and it’s free to get in. By three o’clock this afternoon the main stage on Federal Street was up — all that was left was covering the cables — and securing the plastic drums with water — which for one man proved to be as wet as the weather. “THE WEATHER REALLY GOT US THIS MORNING. WE HAD TO KEEP WORKING IN THE POURING RAIN AND THE COLD. BUT WE JUST KEEP GOING..” The setup was for tomorrow’s Federal Frenzy — a product of Penguin Productions — a group of 17 Youngstown State students who organize the on campus music programs — including Federal Frenzy. Carolyn Jesko was involved with Penguin Productions as a student — and is now the advisor. “SO I THINK THE FIRST YEAR THERE WERE ABOUT 3500 THAT WERE DOWNTOWN AND LAST YEAR WE HAD 6000.” Jake Capezzuto and Brandon Fisher are the two original members of the Youngstown based band Northern Whale — which will be playing at Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts starting at 5pm. They’ve played Federal Frenzy three times. “I MEAN THE YOUNGSTOWN MUSIC SCENE IS INCREDIBLE. SO IT’S DEFINITELY COOL TO GET THAT ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE FOR A REAL COOL FESTIVAL.” IT’S GOOD BECAUSE A LOT OF THE YOUNGSTOWN BANDS ARE I THINK REALLY GOING PLACES BUT THEY’RE ALL KIND OF DOING THEIR OWN THINGS. SO TO GET THEM TOGETHER SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM ALL IN ONE DAY. IT’S SUPER FUN. The Whistle and Keg bar will be right in the middle of the Frenzy. It’ll have 10 local beers on tap, five collaborative beers, plus Penguin City Beer and Jameson Irish Whiskey will be pairing on an event. “PENGUIN CITY WILL ALSO BE DOING A SCREEN PRINTING EVENT WITH GORILLA JOES’S WHICH IS KIND OF COOL. YOU CAN SEE HOW SCREEN PRINTING IS DONE LIVE AND OF COURSE BUY THE SHIRTS AS WELL.” And it’s not all music. At the Lemon Grove above the Federal — there’s also an art show. There will also be six food trucks lined up along North Phelps Street. Getting around might be a challenge. Federal will be closed from Central Square to Hazel — and Phelps will be shutdown from Boardman to Front.

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